Mulberry Cracked Leather Mitzy Hobo

We’ve covered the Mulberry Mitzy Hobo before, and we generally try not to repeat bags, but I can’t help but be totally obsessed with the ultra-deep blue cracked finish that Mulberry has debuted for Fall 2009.

I wear so much black that I’ve sort of shied away from navy blue accessories, even though the combination of the two can be super glam when done correctly. As with anything, it’s hard to find exactly the right bag.

But I think that the steely, silvery undertones on this bag make it a perfect option to pair with black and dark grey. In fact, the handle itself is black, which should make the color combination a fairly obvious way to style it. The shiny finish makes the color all the more vibrant, which is the perfect way to incorporate navy into an already dark outfit. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $895.

Perfectly Pink

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