The first thing that struck me about the Jimmy Choo Lucy Hobo was the name – Lucy! My parents have a seven-month-old English Bulldog puppy named Lucy that is just about the most adorable and aggravating little thing in the world, and whenever I hear the name I think of her. That’s neither here nor there, but everyone loves a puppy, right?

Jimmy Choo Lucy Hobo

As far as the bag goes, I find it a little aggravating as well. I like the idea, and I like the theory behind the leather’s finish – what I don’t like is the execution. The stamped pattern and shininess seem a little too glam for the color, shape and hardware that were used. When I think about a brown bag, I want something casual with a soft, maybe even slightly rugged, finish. I want the leather too look like it’s been worn in and worked like a baseball glove, and what Jimmy Choo has done here just doesn’t seem quite right to me. Keep the hardware, keep the color, keep the hobo shape, maybe make the body of the bag a little larger, and lose the stamping and shiny finish. The flap is a little big and triangular, but that’s kind of a minor point. Follow that prescription, and they’d have a mighty fine bag indeed. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1495.

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    I love the bags

  • Emily

    yikes! For that price it looks cheap!!! I think brown leather bags should have more of a lived in appearance too. The idea was there though.

  • Cherie L.

    what is that? is that honeycomb embossing??? i love it. and the oversized hook hardware too. however, the overall effect is the cheap vinyl look of a urban outfitters creation.

    why why why

  • Jen

    I don’t know – I kind of like it. I’m getting tired of brown leather bags that all look like Coach bags circa 1985 (e.g. thick saddle leather). Sometimes you want to wear brown and look glam rather than boho. But what is up with all of the huge hardware and other gratuitous accoutrements on Choo bags? They make the bags unbelievably heavy and look equally torturous to carry. Can you imagine those hooks swinging around and hitting you in the elbow? Maybe Choo wants his bags to convert to weapons for would-be purse snatchers.

  • janis

    I am a big Choo fan…but this bag is not the best. I love all the hardware, but not a fan of the embossed look. I agree it makes it look kinda cheap.
    As to Choo bags being heavy…not at all! I have quite a few and they are all pretty light weight.

  • Merve

    Change the leather and call it a JoJo (my old pup) and you have yourself a great bag.

  • caren

    I love this bag. It’s simple, elegant and a little dressy. It broadens the range of a brown bag beyond the standard leather look. I think the size is consistent with the material. The embossed leather would pop too much if it were larger, IMO.