Salar Juni Woven Leather Shoulder Bag, $810 via Luisa Via Roma

By the very nature of this job, I end up writing about a lot of bags that couldn’t be further from my personal style. And that’s ok, because it’s part of being successful in the fashion industry: The ability to see the value in things beyond your own narrow point of view. But sometimes, a bag like the Salar Juni Woven Shoulder Bag pops up and presents itself as exactly the type of bag that I’d love to carry, and those are always exciting days for me. You have to take pleasure in the little things, people.

Although I’m generally drawn to brightly colored bags, my love for black is deep and abiding. Particularly black leather, which appeals to the teenage punk who lives inside of my head and the Rick Owens lover that I’ve turned into as an adult. And despite the fact that it’s difficult to do things that are new and exciting with a black hobo, this design seems fresh and edgy. It’s the kind of bag that I wish Alexander Wang made more often. The soft leather gives the bag a ton of texture when it’s woven into a loose crosshatch, but the shape and color ensure that it stays functional and neutral. If the leather’s as nice in person as it looks in photos, the bag is well worth the price. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $810

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  • alice

    it looks very comfortable and practice but not elegant and too expensive for every punk out there…sorry amanda (taste is personal), I trust in London you could find much more for less…

  • babe

    as a punk of the first hour I´d totally prefer Jane Birkin´s “Birkin Bag” which you featured lately!

  • annabelle

    gorgeous!!! by the way is there something wrong with purseblog? how come i only see 2 articles? :(

  • somethingbags

    reminds me of the alexander wang jess shopper. i hope they make it again.

  • nappy

    i’d rather buy the Alexander Wang Kirsten bag… i feel it’s got the same punk influence but wid a bit more polish..

  • mochababe73

    I actually think that it looks a little cheap. Like Forever 21 cheap. Maybe it’s the picture because the leather actually looks fake.

  • Rashida

    I like ir

  • Bag novice

    I like the bag, but a bit steep. The crosshatch is unique, however, will def stand out.

  • Hal |

    I think the studs really bring out the crosshatch. Not sure how much better it is than your typical hobo bag, however. Seen some nice ones with Michael Kors.

  • Bsbrown145

    Basket weaving 101?