Isabella Fiore Large Knit HoboThings that make you go humm. Paging Isabella Fiore, paging Isabella Fiore, what the hell is this?? Someone please enlighten me on this knit mess. It looks more like some sort of ugly poncho you might wear to your enemy’s wedding just to piss her off on her special day. The fugly Isabella Fiore Large Knit Hobo does nothing other than make me want to look the other way. I’m having a hard time with some of the facts I am about to reveal though.

First of all, let me tell you the specifics on this bag, just in case you really care. The wool knit hobo is available in your choice of cool hues (turquoise/pink/cream/black, shown) or in warm hues (orange/brown/olive/purple/hot pink/cream, see below). Then you can also find some dark brown leather trim in this mess somewhere, cream stitching, golden hardware, and studded straps on both the base and corners of the bag. The part where I would like to find the nearest match or wood eater truck is when I see the shoulder strap area. This area which is all just awfully wrong has the shoulder strap with rings, all sorts of huge out of place pom-poms, a logo tag, and some non-sensical beads. The dimensions are 15 1/2″H x 16″W x 5″D. Part one of my real confusion is that this bag was positively featured in InStyle magazine (October 2005 issue, p268). P.S. If anyone can find this let me know; my InStyle was used for ultimate spider killing a few weeks back! And secondly, where I’m lost beyond lost, is to hear that this bag is on back order. Yikes. Either Neiman Marcus only ordered 2 bags, or some people are really in disagreement with me. For $630 through Neiman Marcus this bag can make you the talk of the town (you choose whether it be good or bad).

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