Chloe Heloise HoboChloe always sticks out in my mind as a brand that takes a hit handbag and makes as many variations to cash in as humanly possible. Not that I blame them – if you’ve created something good, you have every right to reap the benefits of that. Let the haters hate – It Bags don’t design themselves, after all.

Another reason that I sometimes like when Chloe does this is that occasionally I like the derivative bags better than I like the original. I think that’s the case with the Chloe Heloise Hobo. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original Heloise satchel, but this? This I kinda like. I’m partial to hobos in the first place, the the knotted strap and pieced body give it just enough visual interest to not be boring, and it seems more functional in this configuration than as a satchel. I’m a little meh on the color, but we all know how I feel about neutrals. This is a fairly interesting shade for a beige, though – it’s a little grey, a little cream, it’s kinda nice. Look at me, liking neutrals. I guess there’s a first time for everything. Buy through Saks for $1595.

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  • Markyswifey

    I got this bag in Nutmeg. I was hesistant at first but now that I see it more often I’m loving it. I’m usually an LV collector so this is my very first Chloe.

  • pippa

    Just ordered this in Moka from Nordstrom. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Prefer Chloe over any other bag. This will be number 3 for me…

  • RC

    I have this bag in light blue, its gorgeous (was on sale) and will be my key summer bag

  • Adrienne Zedella

    handsome bag (fb)

  • BeautifulBasics

    Love the Chloe Heloise Bag! This style wears beautifully and the leather is luxurious; I have two; one is blue and the other is dark brown.

  • KM Pool

    Gorgeous bag! I just bought it in the Honey (golden yellow) color. The leather is lovely and soft and everything is easily accessible. It’s definitely a “2 thumbs up”, must-have bag!