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  • gpc

    I am begging PB, please, no Birkin posts for a while, ok?

    • grace


  • Oudi

    I Love Kyle and love her bags <3

  • Joshua

    Yeah, it looks like it’s the Chanel Paris Biarritz Tote.

  • kemilia

    This site makes me feel that I am the only one in the world that does NOT have a Birkin sometimes.

    And I don’t want one either, but I do love Kyle and the rest of the BH wives, so I will tolerate the Birkin pics.

  • sara

    I love Birkins and never get tired of hearing of/seeing them!

  • Yeranikm

    I love a good Hermes but there is nothing interesting about the women carrying them so please in the name of finely tanned leather can we put a moratorium on Birkins for a while! Love you all at PB btw…

    • We really try to vary things up, but sometimes the stars don’t cooperate! It can be hard to find them carrying something other than Birkins at times. But we will definitely try to find as many non-Birkins as we can if you guys want. (And it does seem like that’s what y’all want.)

  • Miki

    You guys used to have better/more interesting/different angles pictures on Bagthatstyle. What happened?

    • We use the same photo agency now as we did with BTS, so perhaps they’ve changed their main photographers? We also used to use more pictures per post, which we’ll be doing at PB soon when our new slideshow structure is ready. (It’s really cool, much better than what we use now – I think you guys will enjoy it!)

  • Emily, it’s the Chanel Paris Biarritz tote!

  • Queenesq

    Warning: Congress has passed legislation banning discussion of Birkin bags for 2013. Violators face 90 days incarceration.

  • Ebby

    Wats d name of her sunglasses? Love it?

  • handbag lover

    I love the Birkin!!! Keep them coming!!

  • MasNY

    The sunglasses are by Reed Krakoff. They are amazing!!

  • sable

    She could either wear her earrings or the necklace, not both with her outfit, sunglass, handbag with gold hardware and gold tip booties. It’s just too much going on!

  • If you google “PETA Wilson”from the “La Femme Nikita” TV series..you will find a pic of her carrying her “Birkin” as well!!