Victoria Beckham Hermes Kelly

For all of our Hermes lovers out there and people who want to be lovers of Hermes, an important part of acquiring all the knowledge humanly possibly is learning the sizes. It is time to start a new game which our experts will always weigh in on and let us know the specifics! Victoria Beckham is one of the queen Hermes bag carriers and she is known to carry an array of colors, leathers, exotics, and sizes. Let’s play, can you name the size of Victoria Beckham’s Hermes Kelly??

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Margaret

    Definetly 35 cm!!

  • Karma

    She still scares me! I think your right though, the bag is a 35 cm.

  • Elana

    I was guessing 28cm, but I think it’s a 32cm. It’s def. NOT a 35cm. I have a 35cm and the 35cm is huge and would be way bigger on her.

  • Margaret

    I have a 35 cm too and even though i am not as thin as Mrs Beckham i am quit tiny and the bag looks like the same size as mine!

    • molly

      Hi Margaret! I am a huge fan of Hermes birkin bags. I finally wanna buy one but im confused with the size. I love the birkin 30cm alot. I love that it looks smaller, but i also love the birkin 35cm. Im 5’6 and i weigh 180. In your opinion which one do you think would be better for my height and weigh. I want both sizes, but all i can afford for now is one. But my gut tells me to get the 30cm. I would really appreciate your input. Thank you so much.

  • Julia

    I have to say that i really like Victoria.
    I find her beautiful,fabulous and forever stylish.She must be the only famous woman that constantly looks like she stepped down from Vogues pages.
    Too bad i know nothing about her though,but i know that i love her style.

  • ejs

    Looks like a 32cm to me. Comparing the bag’s width with the width of her hips. Lovely, lovely bag.

  • crystelle

    my goodness this lady freaks me out
    her style is usually fabulous
    but she’s the scariest person ever
    anyway the bag’s a 32
    i’m pretty sure

  • Hmmm it’s hard to tell because she is SO skinny. The Kelly seems to be the bag to carry again, Nicky Hilton has been seen toting that around lately.

    I can’t decide if I like the Chanel Coco Cabas, thoughts?

  • HermesLover

    This looks like a 28cm to me. It is such a lovely bag.

    • lila don

      Hello. My name is Lila Don. I have a Hermes Kelly 35cm in Gris Perle. I am looking for a buyer. If u or someone u know is interested, call me at 310-9032279.

  • theresa steffney

    My brother bought me the cutest bag ever! U have to see them. everyone in philly is talkin about them. They have interchangeable charms sooo cute. Check them out at

  • Lucy Cheung

    I had bought one pink Kelly last Saturday. I am sure the size of the Kelly bag that Victoria has is 28 cm. It is the same size that I have.

    Victoria is really fabulous.

  • robsa

    either 28 or 32. Distance from handle to end suggests to me the 28.

  • jade –

    her face is discusting. and she has micheal jacksons nose.

  • Augusta

    She has a sadistic face , that looks scary!

  • alisa

    This woman is such trash. No money in the world will buy her class. She is so unoriginal as far as style goes…wait, what style??

  • Karen Kitonaka

    My mom owns quite a few birkins and kellys. But she’s so crazy over this japanese made birkins and kellys, brand name is Ochitako. Its a rare brand, VERY rare to be exact cause the maker doesnt have a shop, she and a few of her sisters just make these bags at home in Okinawa, Japan. Price range is kinda affordable as well. US$3,000 – US$9,500.

  • cawaii

    I dare bet 32!!!

  • cindcum

    For anyone who has the kelly 32cm, can u tell me how much is it?? please tell me..and how much is the birkin 35cm?.. and which one is more faboulus? anyway thank you for ur appreciate..GBU

  • MC

    how much is the price for that bag? $10,000?

  • patricia

    i dont really know the answer but can i know what size is the size of the kelly bag?

  • LRC

    I believe it’s a 25cm Kelly.

  • molly

    Im 5’6 and my weight is 180. Does anyone know which Hermes birkin bag would look better on my arm with my height and weight? 30cm or 35cm? Im crazy about the Hermes birkin 30cm bag. I really like the look of the 30cm cause it looks smaller, but i also love the 35cm. Help? I would really appreciate anyone input in this? Thank you… Molly

  • Naggy

    I love her outfit, not the bag. (ipad)

  • mira

    It’s definitely Kelly size 32, Black with epsom leather and sellier (outside stitching)

  • zintya

    Hermes Kelly Black Box Calf Leather in 32