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  • Cati

    Its her bag, she got it probably for free or discount and even if- she can afford it. Whats the problem for her?

  • AshleyG

    I dunno…I think Lindsey looks pretty great in these pics, and I’m glad her bag is kinda worn. I personally think they look better a bit broken in rather than all stiff.

  • ingrid

    I think she deserves credit for finding work. Don’t bag on her for carrying around a purse she has well-loved either!

  • Wilma

    Perhaps a knock-off???—she has hit the hard times and booze, drugs and rock and roll cost big money.

    • anouk

      on second thought, i might be with you on this one, luv! another olivia palermo perhaps?

  • dnfl

    i don’t really enjoy the posts that this new author writes… i’m not trying to criticize but i just find that the writing has a cynical or negative tone to it.. it just differs from the original writers’ posts. anyway regarding this post .. i don’t see what’s wrong with lindsay or her bag. she uses it and loves it. what’s the problem. people need to seriously give her some slack

    • Eli

      I agree. I wonder why we have to be sarcastic? We only judge the bags, not the people :(

      • thefashionslayer

        Agreed. And who cares if the bag is a bit worn in. Judgey!

    • Thanks for the feedback – it is all in jest, but we hear your concerns and will def keep them in mind for all future celeb posts!

    • Mya

      THANK GOD im not alone!!! i made a comment about the writers negativity on a post on Hilary Duff not too long ago. Emily, why so much venom? your writing style doesnt suit purse blog at all! and its just a damn bag!

  • Crystal

    Yikes! what a catty post… Between this and the Miranda Kerr post, I’d think I was scrolling through Perez Hilton circa 2007.

    As much as I like TPB’s critical approach to accessories, this mindlessly sneery, Mean Girls “editorializing” is the stuff that trashier blogs are made of. There *is* a way to talk smack artfully (see the NYT’s scathing review of Guy Fieri’s new restaurant); then there’s the lowbrow way. My hope is that TPB continues to improve its level of content without relying on the latter to boost its SEO or click-through rates… you can do better than this, girls!

    • Sandy


  • Jayge

    I would agree with all of the comments below–no point in being smarmy, catty, and downright mean. No value-added whatsoever.

  • Cat

    I didn’t mind the above post. I hate it when people, regardless of their financial status, treat expensive items like trash. However, I didn’t find her look awful or anything. I guess it is a matter of opinion and I respect everyone’s opinion.

  • Wilma

    I read purseBlog for its clever and, yes, delicious gossip! It’s a virtual lunch with the girls, sharing our lives, laughter and juicy tidbits. And, lets face it, we can’t trash Lindsey Lohan any more than she has trashed herself. Keep up the great posts ladies!

  • Natasha

    I thought bags were supposed to be used? Stop the Hermes worshipping. It’s just a bag. I hope Lindsay gets back on track.

    • anouk

      amen to that! Hermés aren’t babies for crying out loud!

  • Love bags

    You either read the blog… Or you don’t… This is want the writer of this post wanted to say… Their opinion!! Leave it alone. Too many darn opinions. Annoying…

  • Chris

    I have to agree with others, in particular Crystal. I used to find Purseblog great infotainment – I learned something about fashion and design and was greatly entertained at the same time. But the recent development – I do not know. It is too much about gossip and celebrities and less and less about fashion. However, there are already enough celebrity blogs/mags. Perhaps you get more readers that way – then it might be worthwhile.

    About this article: I actually find the Birkin nicer when it is a bit worn in, when it is brand new, it often looks too stiff. And Ms. Lohan – just for a change, she looks good in these pics.

  • BooWinn

    I think it’s a copy because there’s no Hermes logo on top of the bag.

    • John

      The logo is hidden because the flap is out. Most people carry their birkins with the flap tucked in (which is why the logo is exposed.)

  • Brandon

    I’m a long time reader of this blog and I rarely ever comment and state my opinion but I do have to agree with what the other are saying about this post. It is a very negative blog entry and thats not what I read this blog for. I like to read this blog for the quirky posts and the charming sense of humour that the writers display. This post feel very tabloid like, in my opinion, and that not what I’ve come to know and respect about purse blog. That is just my opinon though.

  • John

    I wish PurseBlog would go back to being a bag blog. I don’t really get why you have to review RHOBH or the Kardashians or some other reality show. Not everyone watches them, so not everyone can relate. BAGS we can relate to. Please, more bag reviews!

  • ReneeO

    Lindsey looks good here. Really good. And that’s nice to see as she has struggled. I love that she’s using up and enjoying her bag. As that’s what they are for. We all make the mistake of saving and coddling our nice bags. How many pristine things have you good willed? Love her new “old” hair. Hope she gets her groove back!

  • Tt

    She looks great in the pix!! What’s wrong with that??

  • 8lackie

    I love she uses the bag with irreverence -as it was intended. It shows the bag off as being as tough as it needs to be. Personally I load mine up with whiskey.

  • Eddie

    I love the look of her well used birkin. I wonder what it would say if it could speak.

  • Niki

    What an ugly person wrote this? Disgusting to read.