We’re sure to bring out the haters with this news, but hey, it’s Friday!

Above is a picture of Kim Kardashian (you may have heard of her, yes?) exiting the Paris Hermes store, a trail of signature orange shopping bags behind her (and carrying a $1795 Christian Louboutin Kathena Leopard Clutch, in case anyone was wondering). According to Gawker and TMZ, rumor has it that she dropped in, bought six regular leather Birkins at around $10,000 each, and then bought another handbag (although the article does not stipulate which one) in crocodile to the tune of $30,000.

Depending on sizes and leathers (and on what we know about Ms. Kardashian’s sometime extravagant taste), the prices sound approximately accurate to me. I guess we’ll find out if this is true in the coming weeks, since Kim loves to parade around a particularly good purchase for all to see (not that I can blame her, certainly – I used to make my roommate sit and look at all of my new stuff when I would come home from the mall).

What’s perhaps most interesting about this item, though, is that Hermes Paris had six Birkins in stock to sell and they were willing to sell them all to the same person. I don’t know the ins and outs of that particular location, but it looks as though the days of the year-long waiting lists really are over for good, as Hermes had announced previously. The Birkins may not always be sitting on the shelves at your local boutique, but odds are that they’re in the back. For the right customer, of course.

If money wasn’t an object and you had a hundred grand to spend on bags, which ones would you buy?

Via Gawker and TMZ.

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  • edoardo

    I don’t like the style of Kim…However I would buy an old green bag of Bottega Veneta in crocodile that appears on Net-a-porter that’s amazing!!


    p.s.: unfortunately, for me, the price was 30000

  • Jo Marie

    Does Kim actually pay for her handbags? I’m thinking she’s gifted for the brand exposure her celebrity brings.

    • merve

      I dont think Hermes need brand exposure especially from someone like Kim

      • stephanie

        i agree.

    • Most brands probably do gift her because so many people talk about her outfits, but Hermes doesn’t gift.

  • Chicky

    Ugh I am green with envy! I would beg, borrow and/or steal for one berkin…let alone 6! She must have been on cloud 9 walking out of there. SOmething’s wrong with our world when a reality star like this can drop $100K on handbags in 30 minutes.

    When I was in Paris a stop to this Hermes store was near the top of my list and of course, I got there just as they were closing. As we all know, they don’t even hold the store open for the likes of Oprah, let alone lil ole me.

  • mochababe73

    It was also on the Huffington Post. The article was about the $30,000.
    As far as waitlists go, from what I read quite a few months ago, Hermes had stated that there would be no more waitlists.
    I really like Kim and her style. Because I am a curvy girl as well, I use her as inspiration.
    With that being said, I don’t think that Hermes would use any Kardashian as brand exposure.
    If I had $100,000 in expendable cash, I would buy a classic Chanel flap bag, a Birkin, and a Range Rover. It’s not a handbag, but my sons are getting big, and I need a huge ride for them and the football equipment.

    • JenG

      co-sign on Range Rover!

    • Harry

      I doubt there are waitlists anymore either! When I was at the Hermes in King of Prussia the only Birkin that was out was the 50cm and then when i started to ask i saw 5 more variations, “from the back”. Hermes is a plenty everywhere, don’t let anyone lie to you!

  • PhotoGirl

    I’m not a fan of the Kim Kardashian, but, as a small business owner, I do have to say that I admire her business acumen. Clearly, she works very hard for her money, so let her spend it as she pleases. I don’t envy her life or her purses, but I sure do wish I could attain that level of success.

    If I had 100 grand to spend on bags? I’d head straight to Hermes Paris, too! But I wouldn’t spend it all there. One Birkin apiece for my mom, my sister, and myself. One large Chanel flap bag because I’ve wanted one since I was sixteen. Everything probably in black because I’m Midwestern and, at the end of the day, fairly practical. The rest would go right into savings for exactly the same reason.

    • NCGal

      Works hard? Are you freakin’ kidding me? If that’s what you call work, I want to live on YOUR planet.
      Give me a break!

      • PhotoGirl

        How do you do, NCGal? Pleased to meet you. Thanks for the southern hospitality! :)
        No doubt we live on the same planet. I probably couldn’t do Miss Kardashian’s job, or yours, for that matter, so I don’t judge. I’m not much of a hater — I find it much too stressful. I’m so sorry if my comment upset you — I’m not here for that — but I’m going to stand by it all the same.

        Have a nice day!

      • CTGirl

        I am not a Kardashian fan but I agree with PhotoGirl regarding their business acumen. It takes a lot of hard work and planning to market a business and that is exactly what they do. I think you fail to see the Marketing Machine behind this family.

  • 19yearslater

    It’s kind of Kim’s job to shop, isn’t it? If I had that much to spend I wouldn’t get six copies of the same bag. Maybe two. I wouldn’t get a Birkin at all; not my style.

  • Kellyx

    I would buy every single color and skin of the Birkin if I could..and I can’t sigh.. Consider that KK does not appear to be someone who works hard for money.. can only conclud that life isn’t fair :(

  • Laura

    Wow, no doubt Kim’s having a good year. If I had 100 grand I wouldn’t spend it all at Hermes though. I’d love to have a Birkin but not 6 of them, and the crocodile does not impress me that much, not for me. I would probably buy from all brands: Chanel, Chloe, Balenciaga, LV, etc. It would be a dream come true for many of us.

  • Perry

    There is already a photo released of her carrying her new Hermes bag.


    Kim looks trendy in the photo and her Hermes bag looks like it’s just there for the ride.


    • Ha, my prediction was right! I wrote this yesterday afternoon, and already this morning she has been spotted with one. Thanks for the link!

    • Sher77

      The bag Kim is carrying is a big Kelly bag.

    • Kimberly Marney

      WOW! That bag is ENORMOUS! Much too big! Luv the color though!

      • Lori

        I was going to say the same thing. It looks ridiculous on her…which I didn’t know was possible with an Hermes..

  • Staci

    Good for Kim! I look forward to seeing her new Hermes bags in the upcoming weeks! If I had a $100k to spend on bags….I wouldn’t know which to buy first, second, third..! ;-)

  • Linda

    I love to dream but spending $1k on bags is over the top unless I was buying gifts for everyone. A few Bottega Venetas and an Hermes but not sure I would pick the classic heavy Birkin.

  • ciara

    I am only wondering abt the 6 birkin at one go.
    I had to wait for 3-10 month for one, let alone 6 (I’m in london).
    So the rumours about birkin sitting in paris shops are ture then?
    Has anyone ever seen a birkin in paris shop for sale?

  • Lynne

    Good for Herms, if they did not give bags to Kim for free or less $, and they got free advertisement all the time from Kim. Although, the picture Kim carrying that gigantic orange slouchy, may turn some Hermes fans off.

    Another thought, if Kim did not get bags for free, at least she can deduct part this 100k as expenses in tax return.

  • Handbag Lover

    Kim loves attention and she needs to sit down. She is a fly dresser and all but please sit down, gosh. I would buy one but like most of the comments here, I could not spend it all there. There are so many other bags I would want that it would be hard. I think that she is buying these bags because of the status they hold. You won’t find too many women with these bags and the ones that do have them CAN afford them, so again I think that is why she bought so many, again ATTENTION. Lord.

  • swati

    6 !!! whats the point of buying the same bag 6 times over ? certainly not what i would do …………………………………… Ah! never mind me, thats the green monster speaking. I’ll take one in ostrich leather please.

    About the 6 bags sitting and just waiting to be bought, i read a book on this – Bringing Home the Birkin. apparently even during those days of year long wait lists, getting the birkin was no big trouble. They were always available – for the right customer. Those mythical lists were nothing but a way to make the bag more exclusive and elusive :)

  • e.j.

    speaking of gifts, i hope she’s planning to give some of these away. a birkin shouldn’t be treated like a pair of socks – one in every color. how vulgar!

  • Edric

    If I have $100,000 to spend on purses then I would definitely buy 2 Birkins (one for me and one for my mom), Proenza PS1, Mulberry Bayswater and Alexa, an LV speedy 35 and Delightful, and a Fendi Peek-ka-boo bag. :) but then again if only I have such money hehe :)

  • Jessi Lou

    Good grief! Sweet life.


  • JenG

    I not hating on Kim, I’m glad someone has that luxury. Even if I had the money I couldn’t spend that much money on a handbag and sleep at night.

  • rfisher

    Good for her…..too bad she didn’t purchase those in the states…..boost the economy. I have 3 birkins and I won’t get another. I like my Chanel bags alot more. Birkins can be difficult to carry and Chanel just seems a little less…”hey look at me”! I must admit I really feel pretty when I carry my Chanel. LV is nice too, but seems like everyone has them….so if I went on a shopping spree Chanel would get most of my money.

    • Jackie

      Seriously? Really? I’m pretty sure everyone and their mothers have the Chanel 2.55. Where have you been? For someone who has 3 Birkins, I’d assume that you know just how much hype there is around Chanel bags… as much as there is with LV and Hermes.

  • Tee

    Everyone who thinks you have to wait for a Berkin should really read “Bringing Home Berkin”. For the right customer they ALWAYS have some in stock.

  • Kim

    Maybe she bought a few as gifts? I love Kim Kardashian, and I think she’s a great business woman. She doesn’t use her fame/beauty to party and coast through life; she uses it to make money. She was definitely blessed with her looks and family money, but there are plenty of beautiful girls born into well-to-do families who do nothing with their lives.

    Anyway, if I had $100,000 to waste…definitely a Chanel over a Birkin (like rfisher said, it’s much less “hey look at me”), a Jimmy Choo bag, an Alexander McQueen clutch just for fun…and maybe a few pairs of Louboutins…and I’d put the rest in the bank for future splurges!

  • P.Pierce

    When it comes to something that is handmade you can never go wrong with an Hermes birkin and that is why I own seventeen 40cm birkins and other large HAC’s.

    • rfisher

      WOW!!! Seventeen!!!!!

    • .

      Just for the record, your beloved Birkins have not been “handmade” for many years now. Yes, a portion of them is, but parts of the bag are now (unfortunately) machine made.

  • Bex

    I would buy a Black croc Birkin with diamonds!!!!!

  • mynewbag

    A] a Birkin comes in a great big box. No way are those small paper bags holding even one Birkin.
    B} who care? I would do the same if I had that much money.

  • michelle ( another one)

    why is everybody saying kim kim kim. I mean i don’t know the girl but how come nobody is mentioning victoria Beckham who is rumored to have purchase around 100 hermes bags at around 1-2 millions. Nobody says anything when she comes out with a new one. Is it because it is expected?

  • Roe

    Wow what having sex on camera can do for a girl. Soooo jealous.

    • michelle ( another one)

      This is the day and age we live in. I finish college can’t even get a job. This girl shows her butt on camera and she is famous. Makes you wonder what is society’s priority.

      • mochababe73

        From what I understand, she and Ray J settled for seven figures on the sex tape. The two of them did file a lawsuit.
        So, along with her perfume, stores, Bebe, television show, and line with QVC, this woman is not hurting for money.

  • andjaidy

    yes why not, if i have that much as an excess. what bag will i spend on? hermes birkin – all colors! :D

  • Bagolicious

    Even if they did gift, she’s still well over her $800. duty free limit and customs doesn’t play. She’s going to get hit with a whopper tax bill. But, then again, she’ll get the 12% detaxe if she feels like filling out the paperwork.

    Even if she were gifted, she’d still have to declare them and pay tax on them. But, I’m sure she doesn’t care about those things. It’s only us regular folks who have to sweat at customs after coming back from shopping in Paris. LOL!

  • ingrid

    isn’t there devastation in pakistan right now? isn’t haiti still in desperate need? i can think of 100,000 better places to spend that money. but people will be people making extragavant purchases when there are so many in need :(

  • Purseslinger

    IF I had that kind of money to spare, I wouldn’t buy 6 Birkins. I don’t really like the bag. I’d buy Ferragamo, Bottega, LV, Chanel, and look around to see what else hit my eye.

  • Anonymous

    IMHO, it’s her money and she’s free to buy whatever she wants with it. That’s not my issue.

    What I don’t care for is the fact that she rose to fame on the basis of a sex tape. Just like Paris Hilton. I have no desire to emulate either of them in any way. In ANY way. Including choice of handbag.

    It’s kind of like when JLo, Jessica Simpson, and Kimora all had everything Vuitton ever made – it killed the LV cache for me.

    Now between Heidi from The Hills and Kim K., my desire for a Birkin is totally gone.

    • mochababe73

      AMEN! I dislike it when people besmirch those that can afford it by saying that they should give their money to charity. None of us know what celebs do and do not do with their money. It’s really none of our business.

    • .

      wonderfully said…

  • .

    Yeah, those Birkin’s must be really RARE if she could walk in and buy 6 all at once. This company has been lying to people for a very long time about this bag. If I owned a Birkin I’d return it to Hermes for a full refund, citing that it was sold to me under false pretenses.

  • Mara

    Trash is trash whether in Hermes or Target.

  • Demi

    She has an amazing style, in my opinion! Plus, she’s curvy, which I really like, because I’m a bit curvy too! I don’t think we should judge her so hard because she bought so many bags! It’s her money, after all, and she can do whatever she wants with them!!!
    Now, IF I had that much money to spend on bags, I’d buy some Birkins, some classic Chanel flaps, some LV, some Balenciaga and also some Burberry…

  • Nola

    Why are people knocking her for this, when Victoria Beckham is IDOLIZED on this very same blog for her H collection?

    • Elly

      I can’t speak for people but I personally am “knocking” her due to her reasons, or what I assume are her reasons, for wanting Hermes bags. The Kardashians, while they may have style, are very flashy and shallow, not to mention materialistic in the worst way (e.g. in one episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kris makes a comment that they should paint a room “Hermes blue.” What exactly is Hermes blue? The color is Blue Jean but of course they have to throw a high end label in front of it). I presume that Kim buys Birkins to impress/show off to others as opposed to buying them for the quality and legacy of Hermes. It also proves that anyone can acquire a Birkin.

      Lastly, Victoria Beckham is an actual celebrity, the Kardashians are not celebrities (although they try so hard to weasel their way into that world).

  • Bagolicious

    Ingrid: Kim is providing an economic stimulus to France. LOL! And it’s keeping workers employed.

  • Sample Sale Sites

    I think its funny that Beyond the Rack is paying Kim K. to do sponsored tweets about buying 1/2 off Prada bags, when meanwhile she could care less about a sale, she’s dropping $100K at Hermes…lol.

  • Fiona-Brasil

    As a marketing estrategy this was huge!!!She got more exposure than a president while visiting France and promoting wathever she was selling (herself, make up,clothes, etc).
    On the other hand, for Hermès , I believe it was a very bad publicity for them to be envolved with anything to do with these family…Not so long ago those two Juice women did the same, showing off their faces everywhere carrying the most expensive crocodile bags and the brand survived to the ” bad publicity”…And look at them now, they built an empire…

  • white berries

    “extravagant taste”.. good call Amanda! she definately has with the HUGE orange Hermes!!
    and back to your question, if i had 100k to spend on handbags, and money wasn’t an issue, i’d by chanel flaps in different colours and sizes!, to ysl muses, to lv speedys, balenciaga citys ANS of course Hermes’ too etc etc.. itd be soooo much fun!!

  • woofer

    Yawnzzzz….. What’s the big deal?? If I’m Hermes I also don’t mind having some weirdo who can pay me to grab six bags in one go …… wooohooo fat money you know!!

    Can by Hermes does not equal to have good style, vice versa.

  • Demi

    I don’t think that Kim’s buys were bad publicity for H. Besides H is just a company! It cares about profit, and having customers who can spend $100,000 on a shopping spree is every company’s dream! I don’t get why people are judging this woman so hard… I live in Europe so I don’t really know what’s her celebrity status in the US. I’ve only been reading about her here, on purseblog. She looks really stylish, in my opinion.

  • Fiona-Brasil

    I hate to be jugded , therefore I don´t judge people.Maybe I expressed myself the wrong way.The truth is , I wouldn´t buy anything endorsed by this entire family the Kardashians ( not just Kim) or the Hiltons, because I am entitled of buying from whom I choose or/and like.Although Hermes is just a company and must be happy to sell $100,000, I am sure they would rather have their products associated to Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin, to name a few…The intrinsic value of a Birkin is suposed to be associated to their rarity, the fact of them producing a certain amount of units per year.If is not rare, and you can buy it by dozen , what is the point of paying 10 k for a bag?It is just nonsense.

  • humtheeno

    I can understand that some of the concerns expressed here re charity, the cache of a company after certian celebrities are publicized carrying it- but I always felt accessories were a way to express ourselves and how we want the world to view ourselves. How can we knock anyone for that?

    My $100K dream list- four Chanel jumbo flap bags – white & nude (caviar leather, gold hardware) and gray & black (in calf skin, silver hardware) for me and for my mom (8 altogether). It’s embarrassing how obvious it is that I’ve put a lot of thought into this. The rest in savings and charity.

  • madeline

    She seems like a nice enough person, albeit a very naive, airhead of a person. One or two bags would have sufficed. Buying that many signifies a problem. Like she is trying to fill a void. Not just because she’s rich mind you or even because the bags were expensive, but buying so many of anything… it just seems like the act of a typical hoarder or shopaholic.

    She’s a very beautiful, but very empty person. Her eyes are always so dead and blank.
    No amount of money in the entire world will buy her happiness or a soul for that matter. It’s kind of sad actually.



  • venska

    when my sister was in paris she was not having so much free time so she just drop in one hermes store, with the plan (to buy some birkin n others)and with the cash..but she was very dissapointed coz she got nothing! they said all sold out… is is possibly?? i mean, paris is the home for this brand, but how can it be like that? really dissapointed… much more dissapointment if this is true that their always have stock for some”right people”dont u think?

  • Bettye

    If I could afford that I would by some hermes. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    seriously, if i have 100k, i’d spend them all on hermes too!! PERIOD! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    ridiculous (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    i hope we see less of them in 2011 (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    im sorry but she doesnt look that great wearing hermes (ipad)

    • kayley

      your comment is so funny, you’re obviously jealous! i think she looks great wearing about anything. i mean, what does not look great when u’re carrying 10000 worth of handbag? even clothes? get a life tracey

  • Tracey G

    LOVE hermes (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    LOVE hermes!! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    i have such a passion for hermes (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    i would love to have seen everything she purchased (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    would love a shopping spree in hermes (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    love love hermes (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    wow, lucky lady (ipad)

  • Emma G

    If I had the money, I’d splurge in Hermes too (ipad)

  • Leda

    I agree, she doesn´t look so great ,
    Here in Brazil we´d call the way she looks like a “periguete”..or, let me see if I can pick some word nearly to what I meant to say…i´d say in english, she´s to much “dangerously” or something, I woman that is as cheap as one can be, no matter how qualify is her clothes or bags, and everything…
    for me shpe ugly
    One person could not be more wrong to use hermès products, for me she´s the opposite of the spirit of the name Hermès

    • c

      brega brega brega bregaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  • matahari

    Gotta agree about PERIGUETE–no amount of Hermes can give her style,class or elegance. Hopefully she’ll have had her 15 minutes of fame and we’ll be spared anymore of her and her 2 pseudo celeb sisters.

  • mikel chanel hermes beckham

    i would buy chares in the hermes flagship stores xxx and wear a different birkin everuyday of my life o and i wouldnt just put 100,000 on the bags it will be millions

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  • Carolevf

    Hermes at the Faubourg shop sells to celebrities or the sales people ask for money from the clients or gifts then they give a birkin……….the man who is head of PR does that a lot…if you are famous he will kiss your ass……it used to be very different…but hey different times …different ways

  • greedy person

    if money wasn’t an object, gucci, pucci,louis,burberry etc.

  • Reina Evangelista

    Omg!! Splurged again for Kim ????????????????????