We’re sure to bring out the haters with this news, but hey, it’s Friday!

Above is a picture of Kim Kardashian (you may have heard of her, yes?) exiting the Paris Hermes store, a trail of signature orange shopping bags behind her (and carrying a $1795 Christian Louboutin Kathena Leopard Clutch, in case anyone was wondering). According to Gawker and TMZ, rumor has it that she dropped in, bought six regular leather Birkins at around $10,000 each, and then bought another handbag (although the article does not stipulate which one) in crocodile to the tune of $30,000.

Depending on sizes and leathers (and on what we know about Ms. Kardashian’s sometime extravagant taste), the prices sound approximately accurate to me. I guess we’ll find out if this is true in the coming weeks, since Kim loves to parade around a particularly good purchase for all to see (not that I can blame her, certainly – I used to make my roommate sit and look at all of my new stuff when I would come home from the mall).

What’s perhaps most interesting about this item, though, is that Hermes Paris had six Birkins in stock to sell and they were willing to sell them all to the same person. I don’t know the ins and outs of that particular location, but it looks as though the days of the year-long waiting lists really are over for good, as Hermes had announced previously. The Birkins may not always be sitting on the shelves at your local boutique, but odds are that they’re in the back. For the right customer, of course.

If money wasn’t an object and you had a hundred grand to spend on bags, which ones would you buy?

Via Gawker and TMZ.

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