Hermes to Open in HamptonsIn a very pointed reminder that, yes, there are still people out there with plenty of cash to spend on handbags, luxury giant Hermes has decided to open a temporary outpost on Easthampton to cater to the elite that can still afford the kind of house that gives them the ability to use “summer” as a verb.

Well, if this CraigsList ad for temporary sales associates is to be believed, anyway. Women’s Wear Daily seems to confirm it, although I’m cheap and don’t have a subscription, so I can’t see the entire article.

What does this tell us? Well, it tells us that the Hamptons are still a little annoying, in a Real Housewives of New York, fabulously awful way. It also tells us that there’s hope for our economy yet – keep spending, obscenely rich people! And keep going on vacation! Hermes wants to give you a way to do both, simultaneously, and if that isn’t the American way, then I don’t know what is.

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  • PhotoGirl

    It’s nice to know that some people are still doing well. Makes me feel hopeful.
    And I absolutely loved Meg’s gorgeous Hermes wedding bag. Even though it’s way beyond anything that I can ever hope to purchase, I still thought it was fabulous and I loved how happy it made her.

    I hope the store does well. I own a small business and that makes me hate to see any enterprise fail. But for the grace of G-d, you know?

  • Thanks PhotoGirl! That Hermes clutch is amazing, means so much to me :)

    Would love to check out the store in the Hamptons, rather the shoppers!

  • ping

    Amen sister. I hope people who can afford things keep on pumping money into the economy. This is probably the best time to get “hard to get bags” from Hermes if you have the cash. My SA’s have all being busy calling b/c all of sudden, birkins are available. PHOTOGIRL, good luck with your business! I’m also a small business owner who works 24/7 and I hope we will all make through this time!

  • Sherpani

    I hope they enjoy being out of touch. They can afford too be.


  • Kaytey

    This blog has an excellent angle on the obscenely rich:

    I agree with her 100%. People that rich don’t help the economy, they import everything from overseas anyway! Divide that money up amidst thousands of working-class Americans and THEN you will see the economy lifting. Hermes is a brand I will never buy from simply because they refuse to cater to the public. I like well-made bags with an eye for style, not shallow snob appeal.

  • Carolyn

    Nothing can stop hermes

  • me

    Is there really an orange box Christmas tree there? That is awesome!

  • chloehandbags

    It is a fatal mistake to rely on the super-rich to spend us out of recession/depression.

    Even if they hadn’t lost huge swathes of their own wealth and watched some of their friends lose even more, they would still be very hard-pushed to do it; even if they cared enough to do so.

    The thing is, that the more polarised an economy (i.e. the larger the gap between the rich and the poor), the more fragile it is – as when a small number of people own a VAST proportion of the wealth, naturally, FAR less of that money is recirculated into the economy (in general, but especially during recessions/depressions).

    Even in, supposedly, ‘good times’ the super-rich will never need, or want, to spend anywhere near as much of their money, proportionately speaking, as the rest of the population; but in this type of economy, that is even more the case.

    Whereas, if most, or even some, of that same money had been in the hands of the low and middle incomed (as opposed to them having to survive on credit, for years), FAR more of it would now be finding its way back into the real economy; as poorer people simply HAVE to spend a far greater proportion of their capital to obtain everything they need, let alone want.

    Not to mention the fact that many richer people (both rich and super-rich) are wealthy because they; a) REALLY like the idea of being rich (far more than the average person does) and even feel they HAVE to be rich, to maintain their own self esteem and standing in their social circle and so, have done everything within their power (usually legal, but not always) to become it and remain it, b) are very careful with their money (even a relatively modest income can create a multi-millionaire, if the person rarely spends anything and invests cleverly, after all) and c) tighten their belts and make sage personal financial decisions when the sh*t, inevitably, hits the fan.

    Therefore, this assumption that some people seem to have that all rich people are very extravagant and altruistic and will happily sacrifice, or put at risk, or even just reduce their own personal financial security, willingly, in order to save the world is a pretty shaky one, IMO.

    Especially as a sizeable proporton of these super-rich are the ones who got us into this situation in the first place…

    Big, big mistakes have been made and continue to be made, sadly; it is, indeed, the perfect storm. :(

  • me

    This isn’t a financial plan, its a post about a Hermes store. The people who are still spending their money vacationing in the Hamptons are probably pretty likely to buy an upscale bag too.

  • Kaytey

    True, but they don’t deserved to be thanked for it. I agree with chloehandbags, but I’m also taking aim at Hermes, who simply are not worth the price. And people who buy them SIMPLY because they are Hermes. Sorry, but that’s just shallow consumerism. In these times, that kind of attitude needs to stop.

    …But it won’t.

  • hazel

    Chloehandbags comment pretty much agrees with what I think and explains why I hate trickle down economics, it just doesn’t work.

  • Otter

    Ha ha. Glad they opened it. Now Alex, with her bad teeth and odd husband, the Discountess, Margarita Bethany, Big Eyes Ramona (love her a little bit) and my favorite of all time, — Jill (she is the best of the NYC Housewomen) can find a place to spend their cash. Sprinke that wealth ladies. Stimulate the economy please.

    LUV YA B*tches!!!!!!