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It must be difficult to take over a storied and iconic brand like Hermes, particularly for a designer like Christophe Lemaire, whose most high-profile gig before taking the reins of the French luxury giant was the top spot at Lacoste. Those are two very different posts, but Lemaire has managed to incorporate his own brand of crisp sportswear into the Hermes identity reasonably well. He’s not a showman like Jean Paul Gaultier, but if that’s what Hermes had wanted, they probably would have stuck with him.

If I could make one little request, though, it would be to see Birkins and Kellys on the runway. Hermes Spring 2012 didn’t have any, and with handbags playing such an integral role in the brand’s success, it would be nice to have a more public look at what Lemaire can do with the Hermes’ most iconic products. As Gaultier showed us for all those years, they make an excellent canvas for invention.

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  • rose60610

    #1 and 7 appeal to me most.

  • Edoardo

    where is JPG?? i miss him so much, Lemaire is just a retard!

  • Bir

    I can not relate to tis man and his sense of style,volume, and general conception as I have said before this notion of taking hermes to the almost organic nondescript bothers me and truly is a major dissapointment one of many from this brand in the last year I love Hermes beyond words and find it a shame that This person just does not understand it what ever the argument he is lost in a world he clearly does not understand weather you agree with me or not this is not HERMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Erik

      i TOTALLY understand what you mean …! this does NOT feel like Hermès!

  • Lori

    I just looked at the spring 2011 collection and its far superior to this one. This collection is so boring. Makes me happy I bought my Hermes bag last year…


    I like the simplicity!

    And maybe the fact they are so small might mean they are more affordable.

  • ninjaninja

    I DIE!

  • Jennie

    I’ve noticed that all across the board that handbags have made a dramatic drop in size….Its like there force feeding us small satchels and cross bodies….I think collection is beautiful but the bags are too small for my taste. There isn’t much variation in size.

  • Stephen

    These are the ugliest bags I have seen!

  • Grace

    Oh no! This is Not Hermes. I thought this was a Celine collection when i saw the tan and white sling bags. I have an almost exact Celine bag from 18 years ago…

  • Sil

    i think you’re right. the only one i kind of like is the one you see in the preview, and even that one doesn’t excite me at all

  • J Umm

    every single shoulder bag is perfect, the shape the cut the colour, absolutely perfect.

  • Fiona-Brasil

    I hate these bags, and can bet they are as expensive as the icon bags.The only new Hermes I liked was the one on their website, the mini Illico.
    I just bought a bag I am in love with : the Tom Ford – Carine black bag, just beautiful …By the way , Hermes at Madison Ave only have Garden Parties and Picotin bags.A total disapointment, what do they do with their bags, sell to the people to resell on ebay, I wonder…

  • elice

    Small bag is my love . So when i see these bags ,my heart is very hot ! I like #8

  • Sandra Rowley

    I completely agree with the Ebay comment. It is amazing to me that you cannot purchase a Birkin in the store, but on Ebay they are plentiful. Kind of takes away to stigma that Hermes is trying to build. The bags above are nothing special, but I am sure they want crazy money for all of them.

  • Ping

    I have not commented for a while but just cannot hold this in. This is not HERMES, the bags and the clothes belong somewhere else. H needs to fire this designer and bring back JPG asap. Some of these messengers bags remind me of my very first coach messenger bag from over 22 years ago and I still prefer that coach bag over these!
    It is one thing to veer away from the iconic bags if you have some originality, but these bags are simply ugly and expensive.

  • MizzJ

    Hmm they’re a bit dull, but give the guy one more season to break himself in no? That first pic is promising!

  • Abbi

    i much prefer hermes now to JPG vision. It’s more simple and classic and getting back to a more equestrian theme

  • double_king


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