It’s only been one collection for new Hermes creative director Christophe Lemaire, but I already miss ousted designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Hermes is a house of rich tradition and history, and mining those archives should provide more than enough inspiration to avoid gimmickry on the runway. Sadly, Hermes Fall 2011 fell into that trap from time to time. Having a model parade down a catwalk with a falcon on her arm didn’t distract me from the fact that the collection featured few of the brand’s bread-and-butter handbags, and I doubt it fooled anyone else, either.

Although Hermes’ ready-to-wear absolutely has a customer base, it’s a company built on the luxury world’s love for leather goods. You wouldn’t know it from the show, though; the accessories didn’t include a single Birkin or Kelly that I was able to find among the available pictures, and except for a few nice hand-held bags and one luscious dark chocolate duffle, the emphasis was on odd, tasseled canteens worn around the neck. Hermes shows almost always rise to the level of handbag pornography, but there was relatively little after which to lust this season.

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  • Lulugurl

    Number 2 & 3 are nice, but i really don’t get the neck bags. When would you wear that?

  • adrienne z

    what’s with the necklace? Too weird.

  • Mochababe73

    Is that a flask around the model’s neck. Maybe she needed a drink after having to model this collection.
    I know that this may be harsh, but the handbags look PEDESTRIAN.

  • M

    im missing jpg!!!!

  • ninjaninja

    I love the masculine feel of it.

  • Krista

    The necklace bags look heavy.

  • Graciella

    I love the clothing, and I have to disagree on the bags: the ones shown are lovely, and I really see no need to show Birkins and Kellys every season, H has many more equally lovely other bags.

  • edoardo

    boring, stupid and the worst show of Hermès I’ve ever seen!

  • This collection as far as the accessories go is a major letdown for me at least. I usually am so excited by the Hermes line, and this one seems very lackluster.

  • Lorie

    Dismally sad.

  • Lori

    What is up with all the “clutches” that are the size of a small briefcase? Does anyone really want to have to hold their bag like that? Seems a lot of brands are doing this now…but why?

    And seriously, are those neck things a joke?

    I love Hermes and just bought my first bag over the holidays. But if this is the direction the company is heading, I will stick with a less expensive but more fashionable brand. So sad.

    • cathy tan

      think you are right lori..

  • Stacy


  • KaylaNiche

    Are the leather gloves a requirement?

  • Cathy Fitz

    Sad. The “canteen” necklaces are awful and the clutches are the size of a briefcase.

  • MizzJ

    What the heck is up with those neck bags?! Those are even tinier and more impractical than the itsy bitsy clutches we’ve been offered by other designers. Ridiculous.

  • 19yearslater

    Boring without the status symbol perk.

  • nappy

    even when he introduced the collapsible kelly (if it aint broke, don’t fix it) the translucent alligator birkin (totally lust worthy and extravagant but durability is a concern), the sueded crocodile gypsiere, Jean Paul Gaultier made one thing that is totally Hermes: LUXURY. You don’t need a ton of Birkins and Kellys but JPG made you WANT them! and i think that is the true meaning of luxury. wanting something that you already have. And this collection by the new designer makes me want to say to Hermes: “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU LET JPG LEAVE YOU!!!!” campy and stupid looking canteen! you ain’t in a mountain trail for crying out loud! well, i guess the Hermes people can fill it up with whiskey while lamenting on their gross mistake of letting JPG go.

  • Oxana

    Was ready to get my first h bag over weekend but this show make me think again:) do I want to put so much money? They got really wrong guy :) I wish Hermes luck!

  • oxx

    i feel those bags are urgly and i suggest you to visit this website where you can find more beautiful fashion handbags

  • yeh-yeh

    can anyone tell about that diamond-shaped ‘H’-logo stamped on the leather flasks? is it from the archives or Lemaire’s invention?

  • Vivki

    love it

  • yen campomanes

    wow beautiful