Christie Brinkley Hermes Kelly Bag

Although the goal was to go to court to figure out custody issues, Christie Brinkley also fulfilled the goal of going to court looking fabulous. Seeing that I am a handbag stalker of sorts, I only gawked at her beautiful Hermes Kelly Bag. A black Kelly says, “I’m sophisticated, smart, and put together. Don’t mess with me, or my kids!” Brinkley and Peter Cook reached a temporary custody agreement. Good for them, but really, that bag, DROOL.

Via People

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  • MarieG

    Love it!

  • Karen

    Me, too. Sucha classic IT BAG.

  • Oh, it’s the holy grail of bags!



  • mademoiselle G

    is the black kelly that christie brinkley is wearing supple or rigid?

  • Ioana

    :shock: is the world as brainwashed as Jane Birkin or christie brinkley?!! hm…
    I categorically refuse to by a Birkin or a Kelly for the one and only reason that are so….ugly. plain and simply uglyness. for real stlyle and fine craftmanship I will always recomand L.Vuitton bags(suhali line for instance), Fendi bags ( any selleria grand borghese, sporty, etc), not to mention the fact that in the past few years brands like Celine, Al.McQueen and others have issued some splendid bags, from fine materials that any woman with some( not even much) sense of style would love to wear.
    Really ladies, wouldn’t you rather wear a different bag every day or at least every week and have 5 different Fendi’s and 6-7 LV’s in different colors, materials and design(prefferably beautiful!!) insteand of some ugly kelly or birkins?
    I understand the need(or dream) of some brainwashed blondes to be considered classy and rich, but for that a wonderful cut stylish diamond or an expensive timepiece is enough. Of course, they are a little more expensive, but this is what real style and money are about.
    Otherwise, instead of purchasing and kelly or birkin, why not wear a tag with”I’m a rich girl” or “I have a rich sponsor” on your forehead?! It’s as ugly as those Hermes bags but much less expensive! That, of course, if you really are rich…Are you? Or you just want to appear as a rich girl? Poor little brains…Hermes really got you…. Hi! Hi! :mrgreen:

  • Ioana

    :razz: sorry for the spelling/typing mistakes; I was in a great hurry. I still don’t buy any kelly or birkin bag. Hi!Hi!:mrgreen: By!!

  • Val

    That is the Sellier (rigid) Kelly. Much nicer than the Retourne.

  • Mary

    Really girl, I don’t understand how you can find ugly either Kelly or Birkin. Beyond that noone can say that Hermes quality is less than the one of LV, Fendi, or any other brands in fashion. Hermes is a brand which the quality is beyond the in fashion and very respectful brands such as Fendi, Gucci, LV etc. and the craftsmanship itself. Besides the brand does not compete with all the above mentioned to present new designs and new lines but it keeps the new launching in low profile terms this way the “classic” to its brand. What I think is that among the several brands, there are some that are of highest quality, in terms of designing and crafting and these are Hermes, Celine, Lancel, Lowe, Prada & Miu Miu. Check on Christian Audigier as well ! What I want to tell is that tere are some brands, not as known as Fendi or Gucci that they have better designs (as they don’t have the pressure of having new shows every now and then in front of the fashion globe) and better crafting (see Lancel or even some unknown but high qualified snakeskin bags in Rome which I prefer instead of an Hysteria, really what is the hysteria for?) .
    Anyway the Hermes products, like most of similar products that are of a high quality and thus of a high price, follow their faith, this is to be the object of exaggerations and eccentric attitudes of bad taste and nouveau richeness ( new word I just created) which influence them.
    Anyway I think that we must respect some brands which are the leaders of the luxurius goods and, if we prefer the less classy but more funky brands, to recognize that it is a matter of mood, thus, subjective.

  • Naggy

    I do not understand why this bag is such a holy grail, even the Birkin is a heck lot better. (ipad)

  • Claudia Sandknop

    Pre-owned ” authentic” Hermes Kelly or Birken bag .
    Thank you!