Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Bow BagSpending this entire month in Europe has been amazing. I’ve seen so many things, gone so many places, understood new cultures, not understood new cultures, spent time with the one I love, and I’ve shopped. Ha. Thought I was going to sound philosophical for a minute didn’t ya? Well as much as the first parts are true, the shopping has been amazing. A few things I have noticed about European women (correct me if I’m wrong or if you see it differently- this is just what I have observed); first of all they portray more elegance in their style than trendy (NONE of them look Boho chic), they seriously wear more Chanel and Dior than I could imagine (I mean elegant suits), they take their dogs into every store (Hermés, Chloé, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dior), and they carry themselves so eloquently that sometimes it was actually overwhelming and made me crouch a little at the feeling of wealth and high-class they portrayed. Now- this is not every European woman. This is when I have been shopping (at the high end designer stores) in the big cities. This is from Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Prague, Rome etc. But these women just knocked me right out of my American socks.

If any of you have not realized, I sometimes tend to lead into a handbag with a story. This is no different. The elegant aura surrounding the women that I have been by when shopping remind me of this bag. The Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Bow Bag is a stunning sophisticated bag that implements bow detail to add the perfect touch. The bag is made of soft metallic leather (I do believe they have had other colors previously – a cream color which was also divine). Along with the bow detailing there is also detachable acorn bead detail-which I think the bag would look good with or without it. The inside is lined in satin and has a small zipper pocket. The overall dimensions are 7″H X 8″L X 2″W. Now, what I found to be amusing was the disclaimer on the website: “DUE TO HIGH DEMAND, A CUSTOMER MAY ORDER NO MORE THAN THREE UNITS OF THIS ITEM EVERY THIRTY DAYS.” If I had that much money I might need to see a note like that, but coming in at $845.00 via Saks, I’d be more than lucky if I could afford one.

Edit: Here’s a picture of two of the same bags off YSL’s online site, in beige and light bronze (???)

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  • Noriko

    For some reason I didn’t like that bag until I noticed the acron accents lol.

  • Roy

    I don’t like that bag at all. I mean, just because it’s got YSL’s seal of approval, doesn’t (in my mind) make it a fab bag…it’s just a gaudy bag with a huge bow…and for me, bows on bags or dresses are never a good thing. But you got it totally right about European women and their level of sophistication…They are heads above the rest…


    Hope you’re having fun on your vaca! Sounds fab!

  • billyjoe

    the perfect fall handbag!

  • muniera

    i have to agree with Roy: it doesnt do it for me. it appears VERY gaudy and very over the top. totally NOT like european women.

    keep up the great site! :)

  • Many of the women I have seen are WAY over the top! But I think the cream one would be more suiting for what I said– Let me find the picture for you all and see what you think :-)

  • dahat!

    it looks like a giant christmas present. horrific.

  • Christie

    yeah, i have to say i’m not really feeling it either =/

  • pinkmink

    I love it!! But then again, I tend to go for things that are slightly over the top… and I love bows… I don’t think I would get it in any of the colors on here, though. The kind I wanted to get was suede and I believe it was $995. I think the suede ones are less over the top.

  • fizzle

    i really like this bag, it looks so cute and its exactly what im lookngfor right now!

  • noele

    i love the tan one. i just bought one, was able to get hold of it at a discount. i think it’s the perfect size, perfect texture, and the colour makes the details a bit more subtle and understated. i adore this bag!

  • Jane

    Hi, there. I DID like this bag. THought it would be great for evening, with a little femininity (sp?). I purchased it on e-bay, but did not get the acorn accessories. Is there anyone out there who hates them and wants to give (sell?) them to me? I bought the bronze one. Thanks!!

  • Laura

    I think the bag is absolutely stunning! It’s feminine, bold, and uber chic. It’s one of those where you have to be careful that YOU are wearing the bag and not the other way around.
    I love it in metallic and don’t care for the acorn details. It’s a bag not meant for everyone – like most purses – they suit everyone differently.
    I think it’s fabulous – I’m looking for one right now in gold metallic with the bow actually replaced on the side of the purse (under the armpit for lack of better explanation) and all I can find is a Valentino! When I’m rich and successful maybe but not suited for a college student.

  • Naggy

    That bow puts any Valentino bow to shame; it’s huuuge! (ipad)

  • KY

    I love the bag in beige! (ipad)