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When I board an airplane for a long flight, the last thing on my mind is which heels and tight dress I will be wearing. I fully understand that Victoria Beckham is in the spotlight, followed by a hoard of paparazzi at all times, and wants to keep a great stoic image, but come on! Flights over 10 hours have me beyond tired and smelling like re-filtered airplane air, which we all know is not a pleasant smell. Yet, time after time on her way to the airport, Victoria Beckham is impeccably put together from head to toe, with each strand of hair in perfect place, make up on, fashionable tight outfit on, 4″+ heels on, and a designer handbag to boot. And her son, Cruz, is absolutely adorable carrying his roll on luggage with a white Lacoste shirt, with a half popped collar of course. Victoria’s Giambattista Valli Handbag has been her go to bag before, and she loves it so much she also owns it in white. This handbag defines the look of the season, showcasing patent leather, a structured shape, and only small top handles to be hand held. Completely riveting! How does she do it though? You should see me getting on an overseas flight (and even worse getting off!).

Giambattista Valli Handbag
Giambattista Valli Handbag

More pictures of Victoria with son Cruz and two bonus pictures from her photo shoot at the Louvre in Paris!

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victoria beckham giambattista valli handbag2

victoria beckham giambattista valli handbag3

victoria beckham fashion shoot

victoria beckham fashion shoot1

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  • Vicky

    She has a lot of nice bags, great hair and money to buy those highend clothes but I don’t know why I don’t like her at all. She doesn’t look that good. :roll:

    • Julie

      I use to like her. But then I watched her reality show. The way she acted was a total turn off for me. She’s cute from far away. Up close…not so much.

      • janet

        She’s trying too hard. really really sad.

    • purseloco

      She looks great and you know it! Don’t be :oops: jealous!

  • Julia

    I bet she has her on flight clothes stashed in Cruz’ suitcase! :grin: I love her fashion sense, but at times she does come off as too perfect. Great bag!

  • Lily

    Victoria Beckham is the only famous woman,who lives by the old fashioned rule of always looking presentable.Airports,skiing trips,shopping.etc for her,style is the way of life,she incorperetes it in every aspect of her life.And i think that is so refreshing to see,specially in todays Hollywood where jeans is the status quo.

    This bag is truly beautiful,i like it alot the same for her dress.As for her looks,i think she is a beautiful woman with a very unique face features,it might be uncoventional beauty for some,but i find her 1000 times more interesting than lets say,perfect/classic beautiful stars like CZJ,J.Lo.etc

    Beauty is in the eye of beholder!

    ps>Her son,an absoloute cutie pie. :oops:

    • Jahpson

      agreed 100%. makes me want to look done up anytime i go anywhere.

      my mother always told me to never leave the house without lipstick, and my aunt told me to never be seen in public without powder on my face!

      however, im a lipgloss and jeans kind of girl. lol, but looking @ VB makes me want to really take my families advice

      • janet

        i grew up being told never to get out the door without combing my hair, put some powder on my face and a little gloss or light lipstick even when going to the grocery store. i don’t have to apologize cuz that’s how my sisters and i are raised by my mother and we saw this on our late maternal grandmother, as well.

  • Alexia

    She HAS to wear that red lipstick more!! She looks divine.. i admire her so much. I hate it that people want to be HER. She is the one and only Posh, and no one can take her place!
    PS. Cruz is such a cuuuuteeeey!!

  • anita k

    She always looks great, no taking that away from her. I love to see what she’s wearing next and what great bag she’s carring. Definately best dressed.

  • littlefab

    I love her dress and her son!

  • HS

    I love all the things she wears and her son is as cute as a button. But I just don’t like HER.

  • shoenut

    ooooof those red soles of the Christian louboutin shoes are just unbelieveably sexy

  • Jo

    How does she stay looking so damn perfect? I have 3 sons and there is no way I could even make it to the front door wearing a black outfit without some smear / sticky fingers ruining it! :roll:

  • prsgdss

    Does anyone know where to purchase this bag?? I searched online and had no luck :sad:

    any ideas??

  • MichelleO

    @jo look behind her she’s got a million and one assistants to do most of the mum’s job/chores…am sure she doesn’t see the children until they are ready make a public appearance in other words they are taken care of by the assistants.. I feel you girl..have two kids as well and it’s not possible without a last minute hitch before you are out of the door..

    God!! this is so unfair she’s always darn good…

  • Gorgeous bag but she needs to put on some pounds

  • Kim

    I love Victoria’s Giambattista Valli Handbag, both black and white. My question is, do you know when this handbag will be available in the U.S.?
    Thank you,

  • Zara

    Get Roberto Cavalli Corset Victoria wore!

  • RUTH

    giambattista valli gives her all thhe bags shoes dress jeans hats everything because she is his presentor he even called the new shoes collection summer 2008 “victoria shoes”
    she doesnt buy anything everybody gives her and it was written in a newspaper in paris this week that one designer is givig her clothes and she mends it and give him it all back after meding she is a great bitch she does it because there are a lot of designer who want toi give her things


    vicky is great, shes got a classic style that no one else could pull off. :]

  • MissLoveChanel

    For some reason Posh comes off as an insecure fashion victim to me and I’m not sure why that is. I’m not a jealous person and have many nice things of my own and most movie stars or pop singers don’t draw this reaction from me. Maybe she always looks just a bit uncomfortable or remote. I’m not sure she appreciates fashion herself so much as she is working very very very (too) hard to portray a particular image. But I could be wrong, perhaps she’s just shy…
    The bag is lovely and a great size for traveling.

    • janet

      It’s known here in Europe….SHE is INSECURE and has very low self-esteem.

  • Daphne in ATL

    Love the bag, love the Posh. That outfit is gorgeous. I like her classic glamour. True David is kind of low class with that cockney accent and all, but I hear Vic is from a well-to-do family so she has some innate style characteristics that could have only been learned from a sharp mom or aunt. I own exactly one Hermes bag, a 28 cm Kelly I bought new in 1990. I would KILL for 100+ birkins, kellys and “merkins”! I like her just for all the cool Hermes she owns (and really uses!).

  • Nicole

    I completely agree with Lily on this one. Being in an airport, to us, is usually a place we don’t go very often. Everytime I go to the Airport, I dress nice. It’s not like you’re standing on the airplane, so wearing heels isn’t a big deal… and to be honest, I find dresses to be quite comfortable. You don’t want to be a celebrity and arrive at your destination looking like a slob. 50 years ago EVERYONE dressed up to go everywhere… but now we have all just given in to the lower class. I wish I lived in that time because every woman wore a dress and men took their hats off when they entered a building. Now it is so different.. Who says you only wear a dress when you’re going some place nice? In every other modern Hollywood picture you see, the celebrity looks awful. It’s nice to know there are still some people out there who appreciate the old fashion ways of life. I believe Victoria Beckham is a great example of a LADY with lots of class.

  • Nicole

    And I’d like to add another thing. Let it be a reminder to you that Victoria Beckham has lots of money. When she travels by plane she doesn’t sit next to some old fat man who has a really gross cough and talks to himself. She rides in class where everything on the plane is made clean, convenient and comfortable for her.

  • Nicole

    haha.. one more thing. It came to my attention that it’s actually quite smart to wear a dress and heels. Going through the security and metal detectors is a hassle. Wearing a dress like that means you have no pockets. Going through security, you have to remove everything. This means shoes, bags, sweaters and belts. Security must have been easy for Posh. All she had to do was take off her shoes, which may I add, heels are easier to remove and put back on than a tennis shoe, especially when you’re trying to catch a plane.

  • hhb

    I love Victoria – her style is awesome, and she always looks great. Aww even Cruz has his collar popped! :wink: So cute! She should wear that red lipstick more, she looks great in it!!

  • Ben

    honey shes so hot her style is so edgy and shes such a
    modern fashion icon

  • teilaweila

    i’m sure you don’t go first class on your 10 hour flights and if you’ve ever even been on a 10 hour flight, even the coach seats are wayy nice but they have the private rooms in first class for celebrities such as herself so she can wear whatever she wants and she can change once on the plane…..just something to think about.

  • besy

    she is beautiful woman,i like the style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ‘e molto bellissima!

  • Kuba

    Leah likes to be annoying all the time like oh my god! Like lets just go to the shops man! wtf? ill get you back on time i promise! i really do! we can like go get ice cream and shit. Who cares about the hazards test? im not a faggot. your a man.

  • vanessa azar


  • aley

    hii vanessaaa