Thomas Wylde Oxford Circus Handbag

Typically if you are going to attempt to sell an expensive handbag, you will also attempt to take a decent picture. This way the potential buyer will understand and be able to visualize the bag more. Barney’s, I love you, but this picture is that of deplorable quality. The Thomas Wylde Oxford Circus Handbag may very well be rocker-chick meets sophisticated chic but we will never know because of the picture. Thomas Wylde handbags are a growing hit with their skull detailing and rebellious touch, yet a picture truly is worth 1,000 words. Whether or not this was Barney’s idea or Wylde’s herself (doubtable), this is a major bag turn-off. Either way the Thomas Wylde Oxford Circus Bag is designed with Oxford Circus supple leather, skull rivet and zipper pull details, and thick grungy chain double handles. Measuring 14″x9″x12.5″, the size is great, the materials seem great, and the bag unbeknownst to all may truly be great- but the attempt at an artistic touch with shadowing and a bag hanger needs to go when advertising an expensive hot bag to an online crowd. Via Barney’s for $2,360.

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  • myriam graham

    I have this bag I am still in love w/ it a year later and the more I carry it the cooler it looks! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: It was very expensive but I would do it all over again. I live in Az and I have NEVER seen anyone else w/ one here, but everywhere i go I get complements, older ladies, rocker chicks, hip hop girls. When I’m in Ny fashionista types are always pawing over it…….. I give this bag two laced gloves thumbs up..LOL

  • Harolyn

    Yes you are right sista, i have this bag in grey and it’s to die for. I get a lot of Compliments from Fashionista’s as well. :grin:

    • jen

      i just bought it in grey on ebay – it was a bit of an impulse buy but i am now so glad to see that its making others just as happy as i hope it will make me

  • tyfans

    Thomas Wylde Handbag


    have fun!

  • brody

    i ve been looking for the skull hobo in brown, anybody sale authentic used one? sick of people try to sale me the fake one, ughh..

  • donna Castellano

    Does anyone know how you can spot a fake thomas wylde oxford handbag. I have heard there is something about the zipper but am not sure and want to check.

  • Naggy

    This is too formless. (ipad)