Roberta di Camerino BagonghiTime for a little history lesson. Grace Patricia Brendon was born in 1929 as the daughter to a successful business man. In 1949, she gave her Broadway debut and in ’51 she had her first movie air in the cinemas. In 1955, she met His Serene Highness Rainier III, Sovereign Prince of Monaco and married him in a pomptuous ceremony on April 19th, 1956. Grace was better known as Princess Gracia Patricia of Monaco. Ringing a bell? Thought so. Despite her early and tragic death over 20 years ago, Grace Kelly’s influence of the fashion world is undeniable. Not only thanks to the iconic Hermes Kelly bag, her name is still very apparent. Today’s highlight, the emerald & turquoise Roberta di Camerino Bagonghi Bag, is a timeless precious piece that has always been a fashion symbol for women of the high society, just like Princess Grace of Monaco. Created in 1949, the form, function and elegance have not lost its touch over the years. The handbag is made in a special type of velvet with a unique sheen and feel. The velvet is so rare that they manufacture only about 30 feet per month. For this season, Roberta di Camerino revisited this model by using a new mix of colors with the classic Meridiana design in the center. You can own a piece of history for $963.00 via Forzieri of Florence, It. Also available in brown & salmon.

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  • billyjoe


  • I’m so excited…I just found an authentic Roberta di Camerino bag in a Salavation Army here in Chicago for only $4.00!!!
    It is the Bagonghi style and the colors are brown, black and cream!

    Whooo Hoo!

    • Bitsey

      I also found very nice purse in Salvation Army (5C$)that resembles a lot Roberta di Camerino, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a signature. I am not familiar with this line at all and I try to find somebody who would be able to help me identify what I have.
      Can anybody help, please.

      • Ann

        Hold on to it. Often the older bags lost their inside Roberta Di Camerino label.

  • Hope

    My mother recently gave me a green and red bag in perfect condition she purchased from Italy in the 60’s. However, I know nothing about these bags. I have been able to find little information on this particular color bag. Any help or details on this bag is greatly appreciated.

  • Naggy

    This is a nice one; I’d use it to go clubbing with. (ipad)

  • KY

    Not my cup of tea. (ipad)