Rebecca Minkoff Mini Morning After Bag

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the fabulous Rebecca Minkoff and after getting to see more of her handbags in person I can not get enough! I ordered three bags from the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale and while I wait for those to arrive I will continue to lust after her designs until I can ease my addiction. The Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag has been a huge hit, and many people are yearning for the mini version. Neiman Marcus is carrying an exclusive brown suede with espresso leather trim Rebecca Minkoff Mini Morning After Bag which is perfect for the season! This mini bag uses brown Italian suede which is trimmed with glazed leather and offset with brass plated hardware. The top handle has rings and a detachable shoulder strap. Rebecca’s bags are made to be used, hence are highly practical. There is an easy to reach zip pocket with flap detail on the front and inside there are three open pockets and one zip pocket. The mini’s dimensions are 6 1/2″H x 12 1/2″W x 7″D. Buy this color exclusively at Saks for $585 to nab one of the hottest bags right now!

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  • MissTiss

    Cute! I don’t do suede though. It’s too hard for me to keep up.

    I thought her hardware was solid brass? Oh well. Still love the bags. What is the silver hardware made of, I wonder.

    Can’t wait to get in on the new season of bags. :mrgreen:

  • Jahpson

    That is a really ugly bag. I can get the same looking thing at Target for $40.

    • MissTiss

      Ew, you are so cheap arent you? You spend $5000 on shoes but cant spend a dime on this bag. No wonder your handbag collection consists of cheap PVC garbage from Target. LOL!

  • Lindsey

    Couldn’t agree more with Jahpson. There are many designer bags I would love out there but I have absolutely no desire to own any of Rebecca Minkoff’s.

    • MissTiss

      You have horrible taste. I can assume yuo only like garbage brands like Betsey and Coach. Grow up.

  • Natalia

    While I agree that the shape isn’t that original (I’d even argue that it’s Balenciaga-like), I couldn’t disagree more with the last two posters. I got a Morning After Bag from the sample sale and it’s far from ugly! The leather is divine and I’m sure that you couldn’t find a bag like that in Target. I did enjoy the Devi Kroell for Target line though.

    • meow

      how much did you pay for morning after bag @ sample sales?

  • brenda

    I must say I own a rebecca minkoff mini morning after bag and it is worth the $ . The inside is lined better than any bag at H&M and it will last WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY longer, and I am talking years!

  • madison

    Her bags are absolutely goreous! i owned two morning after bags but sold one and returned the other because they are so heavy itself. once you put stuff in it, your arm will fall off~!!!!…and you will have shoulder pain! and you cant find a bag that looks like this at target :evil:

    • MissTiss

      whoa your arm actually falls off? did u go to the doctor and have it sewn back on? that sounds sooooooo painful.lololololol.

      • blahblahblah

        MissTiss, you are an immature moron. What are you 13? Get a life.

        Shutup… all of you.

  • blahblahblah

    I’m such an immature pig. After all, my name explains it all. I’m such a stupid spoiled little 13 year old, who lives with mommy and daddy and rely on their spendings for my purses. heeeheee. Miss Tissu sorry for beatin you up, I’m such a dumass. I’ll shutup now. :)
    btw I have this bag, it’s awesome. :)