Recognize her? No? Look a little closer. Isn’t there something just a teeny bit familiar? That boxy shape, those front pockets…ah, you get it now. Yes, our girl Roxanne has gone punk. I almost said goth, but those studs are definitely punk rock. What happened to her, you ask? Well, Ms. Mulberry here has been hanging out with Giles Deacon, who decided to give her a little makeover. He got his hands on some of her friends too, and come springtime, there will be a whole gaggle of Giles-influenced Mulberry girls. Now, do we like Roxy’s new look? Let’s see. The initial shock is none too pleasant, I suppose. Is that patent leather the Mulberry Roxanne by Giles is wearing all over her body? And studs placed right on the nipples? And gold AND silver hardware? Why this is madness, I say, what were her parents doing? But then the shock dies down. Okay, she certainly isn’t her old self and this look is anything but classic – but it’s a phase! Can’t she go through a rebellious phase? It’s even a little refreshing to see her dressed up like this, even a little…cute. This Roxanne can play with a whole new crowd of girls, a crowd that will be almost entirely distinct from the crowd she used to play with. But maybe some of her old friends will stay royal. After all, blue jeans and a simple tee don’t clash with her new style at all. Sure she’s over the top, but let the girl have some fun! Pre-order her to take for a spin at Luisaviaroma for 1150 Euros. She may not be your BFF, but hanging out with her will make you feel dangerous – and for us four-figure-purse-toting gals, that feeling sure is fun

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  • mia

    I hate to say it but this looks like a faked Mulberry Roxanne. That won’t be on my 2007 wishlist.

  • lipvixen

    Looks cheap and ugly.

  • Naggy

    It is ugly but kinda in a cool way. (ipad)