Cuffz Bags by Lindz
Good morning America, rise and shine! I wish you all a wonderful, absolutely splendid day, with lots of luck, love and all that jazz. For today, I’ll be covering what the hardcore fashionistas among you certainly know, but the lesser knowledgable handbag lovers still will appreciate. And with a little cherry on top, our fave fashion trend setter, Ms Hitlon herself will sport this bag creation, drawing even more attention to herself and the bag. You gotta give her that, she does what she does best, stand in the spotlight and just be. There is not a whole lot more that her repertoire allows her to do, and even upcoming lousy movies won’t add much to the stock. Sorry Paris, nice try. Just please stand around like a stuffed pretty doll (disclaimer: I don’t even consider her as a good looking woman) and blow your daddy’s dough on parties, drugs and booze.

The bags in focus for today are the Cuffz by Linz line of bags. You guys may or may not remember the Peacekeeper handbag we featured a while back – this handcuff creation ranks right up there in terms of novelty. The bags are made of lambskin and cowhides and individually cut and assembled by hand in L.A., California. The handcuffs are nickel-plated steel cop-grade and fully functional. The cuff key is attached to the zipper, you have it with you at all times and it keep the bag fully functional, without the hassles of locking you bag to your wrist and misplacing the key. That is right ladies, no more wild party nights out and getting so hammered that you forget your bag in the ladies’ room! I am not kidding, this was the exact inspiration of designer Linz Shelton when she designed this bag. Exploring the chic London club scene, she quickly realized that it was somewhat of a challenge to keep total control of a full drink and a fashionable clutch on crowded premises. Thus the idea to incorporate handcuffs into an evening bag. Brilliant!

Among celebs like Cameron Diaz, Courtney Love, Pam Anderson, Britney Murphy, Kelly Hu, Mischa Barton, our very own Paris Hilton was spotted multiple times sporting Cuffz bags by Linz. If you click on More…, I’ve included a few snapshots of Paris wearing several shades of Cuffz. The smaller Cuffz Barfly Handbag goes for about 145 bucks, and is available in many colors (many metallic, too) through several online vendors, such as Regencies, About Attitude or Chic Icon.

These bags are a guaranteed ice breaker when you are trying to start a convo with a gorgeous man, and who knows, perhaps you might even end up cuffin’ him to your wrist later, too. :)

Paris Hilton and Cuffz Bag

Paris Hilton and Cuffz Bag

Paris Hilton and Cuffz Bag

Paris Hilton and Cuffz Bag

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  • Jenna Woolsey

    I just wanted to know the prize for a pink cuffz by linz purse?

  • that bag is cute. it shows people that you dont carry plain solid colored purses w/ no accesories whatsoever. it is a fashion statement i will be looking for on ebay…

  • rubberduck

    i like the colours, and the handdcuff, is very creative, paris hilton’s got style!

  • Lindsay

    I got the silver barfly purse for Valentines day. I absolutely love it. Ive had so many comments on it. I actually just checked out the cuffzbylinz website and they have alot of new styles. Who knows maybe Ill be spoilt this february 14th.

  • paris

    This bag is so hottt

  • Francesca

    I am so getting one! They are so hot, Paris is my role model. Rock on!!

  • Katherine

    That bag is so savage. Every time I go to LA I see some hot little fashionista wearing them. Even when I was in Paris, random kids would come up to me and beg to know where I got it.

  • Erin M.

    OMG- i love that purse, it’s so0o0o0o0 cute, but fairly expensive. well , i’ll keep hopin l8ter erin

  • DeCIL

    I LoVe My PuRse !!

    Its So FaShIoNisTA EVery One Asks Me WheRE I BauGhT It !

    And paRis That bag FiTS YOu So WeLl !!

    And i have The SAme onE ! :O


  • SurrealCocktail

    I`m loving it!
    Love at first sight :))))

  • Katie

    i went to the cuffz by linz website and i can’t find the pink one!! only in white, black or silver…deciding between the white and silver though!! lolz i LOVE IT!!

  • lindz steals

    The person who made these bags stole the designs from me a i did in a class at otis…….if you notice her designs have not changed at all through the years,,,,shows no creativity just a thief….

    • Kris

      Haha, what makes you think she stole the idea from you. Was she in one of your classes? What year was this?

  • purse hook

    Nice purse! The cuffs are very cool.

  • Naggy

    That handcuff is the only cool part of this bag. (ipad)

  • KY

    This is such an ugly bag imo.. (ipad)

  • waqar

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