Sundae Best Peacekeeper Handbag

Everything about James Piatt’s work screams out kickass, from his Dr. Strangelove themed site, his provocative Pillory Dinette table, to his odd lightning piece.

However, what strikes me the most is the vinyl Peacekeeper Handbag. Bizarrely, it integrates a set of aluminum brass knuckles for a handle. It sure is not everyone’s thing to carry what is usually considered a concealed weapon out in public, but the detachable handle may come in handy sometime on a heated Saturday night. Absolutely fabulous and literally, kickass.

You can order the $75 masterpiece in vinyl by ordering from James directly. His works are produced under the the brand name Sundae Best and will feature more fashionably provocative items in near future. Can’t wait!

via [Core 77]

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  • It might be important to note that in certain states it is illegal to possess metal knuckles.

  • Megs

    Very true Beanie, hence James’ disclaimer below:

  • kitty

    I want this bag so badly, but unfortunately it’s not available in the UK, does anyone know when it will be available, please email me,

  • Kate

    I bought this bag and was heartbroken & disappointed to all hell when I got it. The craftsmanship is extremely shoddy. The vinyl is unlined. The stitching is uneven and loose. The vertical stitching where the panels meet on the front of the bag is almost 1/8″ apart — the vinyl doesn’t even touch and you can see light through it! AWFUL. It’s a shame that such an innovative and friendly-to-the-urban-girl design is completely ruined by terrible execution.

  • billyjoe

    i like the black one….
    i wonder what vlad and megs prefer…

  • Judy

    I bought the black “peacekeeper” bag because it was such a novel idea. It is way overpriced considering the fact that it is vinyl and not leather and is very tiny… but I still think it’s a great conversation peice ! I replaced the plastic handle with real chrome knuckles and now it really looks cute… and I feel somewhat safer…lol

  • K

    i want this, lol, where do i purchase it

  • kja

    As novel of an idea as this may be, don’t even attempt to bring this onboard an airplane.

  • angie

    Were and How do i Purchase one?

  • sonshyne32

    I looked at it and I read what you said about it. I have come to look and buy. Now that a feew were disappointed in it I am going to make one it is not that hard. I do alot or boat seats and I should have stuff laying around. I am going to make mine bigger and different. Girls you can do it it is easy.

  • Jessica

    I bought one from his web site and i love the quality. It is now made in leather and is silk screened printed on the inside. It was a good deal at $85. The stitching, material and fit and finish is really nice. It is a great bag and handy for going out. I get a lot of comments.

  • Naggy

    I see a poor attempt at creativity; I mean I like the idea of rings and all, but it falls flat in execution. (ipad)

  • KY

    It looks funny. (ipad)

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