Amanda got me thinking about the Christian Louboutin Layered Leather Hobo. I already ran into this bag and was feeling a bit stumped. It reminded me of my childhood, in the form of a Rollie-Pollie, which is known to some adults (I say some because I still call them Rollie-Pollies) as Pill Bugs or Sow Bugs. This is one of my favorite bugs, the act of rolling up when feeling threatened is entirely intriguing. But is this Christian Louboutin bag taking after my childhood bug friend or the animal of the desert, an armadillo? Then again, you may just find it to be a work of art, which is most likely what Louboutin was going for.

You be the judge!

Buy through Saks for $1,195.

Photo via Pbase

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  • william

    Clearly, it’s not for everyone, but the design is intriguing. I think the statement pleating would work better on a clutch.

    • ben

      hello i know a site which sell christian louboutin at low price do u want to check it out

  • I would love to see it on a clutch!!

    I am not saying that I do not like the bag, but it is definitely not for everyone. I have yet to see it in person, so when I can do that, I can make a better assessment

  • Pill bug! I always called them roley-poleys, but that’s probably a Southern thing. But the resemblance is striking.

    I LOVE the idea of the pintucked leather, and I think it looks beautiful on both the d’Orsay pump and the bootie that Louboutin did it in this season, but I just think that the hobo is poorly executed. I’d probably love a clutch in it, though.

  • Kaytey

    I vote pill bug. I also like the bag, but it is channeling pill bug.
    …I’ve never heard of them as “roley-poleys” before.

  • bvbirdygirl

    EEEW. a roly poly.

    i used to love those guys until I flipped it over one day and saw its legs! :shock:

  • LOL!! Megs, those are exactly the two images that came to mind when I saw this bag.
    I definitely appreciate the workmanship, but it is creepy!!!!!

  • Jaclyn Renee

    I AM SAYING THAT I DON’T LIKE THIS BAG! I’m not going to censor myself, this bag is horrific. I mean, anyone who thinks of designing a rolly-polly/armadillo line, is SERIOUSLY disturbed. I cringe when I see them, and I certainly don’t want to see people wearing them on their body…..GROSSSSSS!!!

  • spoiled_brat

    Thanks for posting a picture of that bug, Megs… eeeeeekkk

    • I like that bug!! :wink:

  • justified

    my mom got this bag last week in Burgundy (NM has it and sells it $150 less!!if they didn’t realise their mistake)

    I like it…it’s little bit big but nice and different among others…but it might be hard to maintain it

  • photomj

    OMG – those bug comparison photos are hilarious! :lol:

  • suzana

    I must admit I have several Louboutins in my closet, but will never ever buy one of his purses. He should stick to what he is good at, but then again I have been a bit disappointed with his current collections..

  • Jennifer

    I absolutely LOVE this bag and I’m actually glad that so many people don’t. But then again going along with the crowd has never been my forte :mrgreen: :lol:

  • LOL – the likeness is striking indeed. Too funny, Megs!

  • Clarkson

    The first photo looks disgusting!

  • springblossoms

    This bag makes me smile!Tee hee! :razz:

  • Lynda

    The bug I like — the bag, not so much!

  • bob

    I think this is a great bag and that Purseblog and American taste in general is very conservative. I couldn’t believe you guys were so hard on some young who tries new things like Corto Moltedo.

  • Bug purse means for keeping bugs in d purse :lol:

  • Looks like created for bugs :lol:

  • joan

    Agree with Suzana. The shoes and bags have been disappointing lately. The same styles rehashed over and over again. And they are opening more stores so it’s not that exclusive anymore. :sad:

  • eorchid

    megs, I love that you call it a rollie pollie! That is what I grew up calling them and I feel like no one else knows what I’m talking about when I mention it. Thank you!

  • mihal

    Love Louboutin – shoes and bags – as for the “hobo” style, fashion blog Snaps and Daps has some fantastic musings: http://snapsanddaps.blogspot.com/2008/12/im-sorry-did-you-say-hobo.html

  • Cheerie

    um? no words! (ipad)

  • Red sole shoes

    The bug I like — It look very well!