Carlos Falchi Large Doctors Bag I always enjoy seeing a designer range in the spectrum of bags: from good to the hideous. Carlos Falchi, you have already done hideous. Finally redemption for Mr. Falchi, at least in my opinion. Here comes some glitz in a nice sized and shape bag. The Carlos Falchi Large Doctor’s Bag is able to make up for his lack of beauty previously. This showy bag is made of soft grained metallic leather and shows off chunky topstitching and decorative tassels. I really like how the overall shape of the bag comes together to only lure me in a little more. For your shoulder, there are topstitched leather shoulder straps which will drop down about 9″. This should be ample space to tote this bag around under your arm. While many of us ponder if metallics are still in, I want you to realize that not only are they in, but this bag is quite a hit in the metallic department. I like to see a metallic that is not too over the top but still glam. Point for Mr. Falchi. On the inside you will find satin floral lining and a three-compartment interior. So when you open this bag up or let someone peek in, they will see a beautiful inside too. I really dig the size and shape of this bag- not too big, not too small, but just right (15″ x 7″ x 5.5″). If you are in the market for a metallic bag, I think you should check this beauty out (or if you are in the market to fill my metallic bag void- either or ;-) ). Available via eLuxury for $665.


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