Two bags, one dark, one tan/brown shade, two styles, two brands, same name? What motivates established fashion companies to rip each other’s names is beyond me.

On the top row, the Juicy Couture Stella in Dark Neutral and Black ($360 via eLuxury), on the bottom row the well liked Kooba Stella Tote in Brown and Black ($595 via eLuxury).

Which one do you prefer?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Lisa

    I actually prefer the Marc Jacobs Stella above the two you posted. :)

  • Kristine

    Of the two, definitely the Kooba.

  • kemilia

    The Koobas, definitely.

  • Margarita

    I actually like the JC better… :mrgreen:

  • luce

    i like the juicy.

  • Emily1215

    the Kooba, hands down!

  • purseloco


  • Otter

    If I had to pick one that would be given to me for free — I’d say the Kooba. You couldn’t give me that Juicy bag for free. As a brand, they have over-extended themselves. Now they are just another nasty mall bag.

  • suzannah

    kooba, it’s stylish and practical but look like chanel late 70′ rip off… :roll:

  • Sofieshopaholic

    Kooba Stella Tote, defently ;)

  • Dill

    Definitely the kooba, is it me or do most JC bags look super cheap?

  • Michelleyk

    I love Kooba, but this isn’t my favorite bag by them.

    The juicy is just not my taste. I think I like things with cleaner lines and simple ornamentation.

  • Chi

    i actually think the juicy one looks far better designed & much less cheap than the Kooba. Which reminds me of some old thrown around box you could find at a garage sale that has now transformed into a bad because of all the thrashing. no shape, horrid colour & the leather looks too worn. Nothing ‘designerish’ about it, just like som kind of cheap polyester bag from target :???: