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  • Meristem

    Good tips – a lot it really comes down to common sense and trusting your instincts! Surprised you didn’t mention online consignment stores like Fashionphile or Yoogi’s – typically, the best option if you want a worry-free, hands off transaction (though you may get less $$ due to fees compared to sites like ebay).

    A few additional tips:
    1. It’s worth it (when selling on sites like ebay or Tradesy) to pay the additional $20-$40 etc. for insurance and signature confirmation – you never know what might go wrong in shipping (though hopefully, nothing!).
    2. In the same vein, if you don’t have an UPS employee package the purse for you, use your iPhone to take a video of you packing the purse (and showing that it is as described, no additional scratches etc). While most buyers can be trusted, you never know when you might run into someone who tries to game the ebay system (which is very sympathetic towards buyers, not so much sellers) by claiming the item was faulty, and then returns a fake / damaged item back to you, especially if it’s a popular style/color combination.

    That being said – I just sold a Celine bag on ebay this past month, and everything transacted smoothly!

    • Smithy

      Right….also important to specify that you won’t sell to anyone with less than 10 positive feedback ratings.

    • I mentioned Vestiaire! They were just the first of the bunch that came to mind in that category. And thanks for the detailed tips on shipping–very useful.

    • Natalie K.

      I totally agree about taking video – for expensive items it’s better to overdo than be out of $$. I also take several shots of the bag with packaging materials and shipping label. and I do screenshots of tracking (especially when something is out for delivery, then recipient is not at home, notice left – stuff like that). I know it looks like OCD but when things go wrong you are backed up with evidence.

      • Kimberly3652874

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  • Smithy

    I am a seasoned eBay bag re-seller. Because I do this a lot, what’s most important when buying yourself a new bag is to consider the brand. If you’re going to buy an unknown designer bag, you may have a tough time selling it if there’s not enough of a niche interest.

    Also, you better disclose every little detail if there’s anything wrong with the bag. eBay always sides with the buyer and many buyers will disguise their remorse with a claim of something not being as advertised with the bag so they want a full refund.

    If you have an iPhone and can download the eBay app, it’s very user friendly. I would never use the other sites since they take too much of your money.

  • lavinia

    Thanks Amanda, I’m right now re-selling a brand new black Prada bag (I bought two and kept one for me) and all this info is really important to me. :)

  • Great tips!

  • Rick Nunes

    Without question very good tips .
    And good re-seller as well if you are in Europe is http://www.vintageclecticeye.com .
    They take only 40 % in fees from the final price and having already a good base of clients it helps more and more to have a fast cleaning :) . I sold lots of pieces with this website and everything was clean and very professional ,love the experience with the company .
    Lovely weekend ;) to everyone

  • Great tips, does anyone have a good recommendation on the best resale website to use if you would just like to go through a consignment website? (yoogi’s, fashionphile, tradesy, etc.)?


  • Sara

    I wanna sell Faure le pagedaily battle tote bag.. Completly new? I bought it in Paris and my boyfriend knowing I wanna the bag, bought me birthday suprise. So its completely new. I went to vestiaire site, but they take quite a lot for fee 40% thus, I should put quite a huge final price not go for losses:( . And I do not wanna put astronomic price for bag. Can somebody advice site with less fee for service? As I am doing it first time.