This past weekend I went to my friend’s baby shower, which is the first of many to come in the next few months. I’ve hit that stage in life where many of my friends are pregnant, so I find myself checking out baby bags and accessories often. In 2005, I wrote about the Gucci Baby Carrier, and that post still gets tons of comments to this day.

I want to revisit the idea of a designer baby carrier, and I want to know where you stand. Many moms and dads use baby carriers for their kids regularly, but I’ve never had a real-life sighting of a designer baby carrier in action. I’ve seen plenty of moms with everything from designer duds to designer diaper bags, but the designer baby carrier remains elusive.

The point of the carrier is the same as all others: to transport the baby on your person. There are a few options from Gucci, but I am sharing the classic GG print along with a zoo patch, because I think it’s cute. This carrier is meant for a baby between 7 and 20 lbs, which won’t last that long. What do you think: would you carry your baby in a designer baby carrier? Shop this one via Gucci for $850.

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  • Guest

    No, I would not. By the time one decides to become a mother, a bit less self-absorption is in order, IMO. And then of course there’s the small but annoying fact that babies pee, puke, and poop on everything. $850 for what will essentially become toilet paper seems a bit vulgar.

  • twoturntables

    I’m not a fan of the Gucci pictured, but if I have the funds when (and if) I have a child I would totally consider having a designer baby carrier.

  • laura

    No. It’s simply too much. Not that a baby doesn’t deserve designer goods but there’s no need to buy something that expensive when you’ll only be able to use it for a short period of time. Even if you are Rachel Zoe and have tons of extra money, a (logoed) designer baby carrier is just tacky and unnecessary, IMO.

  • Jen

    Regardless of the obscene price of this carrier, it hardly looks comfy for the baby. My son hates his baby bjorn, but loves his moby wrap…. Comfort is most important to this mommy…

  • Karly

    No, that is way too much money for something that will last under a year and will be subjected to all of the bodily fluids that babies eject out of themselves.

  • kindled

    Hahaha no way, but I’m glad this exists.

  • guest

    [when do we find out about the boy bag? :) ]

  • Chris

    Well, if you have too much money on you bank account, why not? This is indeed cute.
    However, for normal people I have some advice: From the picture, this does not look very comfortable – neither for the mom, nor for the baby. Baby carriers are great, I loved mine, but you need one with a strong support on the back because a) you may want to carry your baby for more than an hour, and b) the baby grows and gets heavier. And I somehow doubt that designer baby carrier are that thought through. Why not buy a carrier from a company that knows their stuff, and instead buy a cute designer diaper bag?

  • barbara

    I saw this a few days ago on the gucci website and thought it was cute but I wouldn’t spend that much on a baby carrier.I thought it was interesting that they don’t ship to certain states. I wonder why? Maybe it’s not safe enough? I will gladly spend a small fortune on a diaper bag though.

  • Tiffany

    No I wouldn’t – I agree that you’re better off getting a cute (yet functional) designer baby bag. My daughter’s been in the Baby Bjorn about 3 times, and even though it’s designed to be as ergonomic as possible it’s still not that comfortable for us. And besides the comfort level, the messiness of a baby, and the fact that it would make me feel self-conscious…there’s the unjustifiable (to me) cost-per-wear.

  • shueaddict

    my son is almost 10 now and I have been toying with the idea of having another baby … the second time around I’d actually splurge on a super designer bag (and use it as a diaper bag …) but I would not splurge on or wear the Gucci logo carrier … for some reason it scream logo victim to me.


    I’d rather put one in a normal baby carrier. And for $850 dollars?! Who designed this any way?

  • Cassandra Smith

    If I was filthy rich, I would take on anything that offers comfort and fashion. A GUCCI baby carrier wouldn’t hurt.

  • Milena

    I did and would do it again ! It’s fabulous, it’s comfortable for both baby and mother.