Everyone I know has been enjoying watching the Olympic Games. My twitter feed, which is typically filled with fashion world updates, has been non-stop overflowing with tweets about the different countries and their respective Olympians and I’m so happy to see it. Olympic Spirit binds us all in a special way.

Many of our favorite designers have jumped on the bandwagon as well, showing their spirit and support for their home countries. Now you should include Gucci on that list because they’ve recently released their GG Flag Collection, and while it coincides with the Olympic games, this collection also celebrates the launch of UNICEF’s “Schools for Asia” initiative. This program aims to provide access to quality education for disadvantaged children in China, and 25 percent of the price of each item sold will be donated to the program.

When on the US version of the site there is only USA and Italy versions available, the international site shows options for Great Britain, China, and Germany as well. At first I wasn’t sure what I thought about these bags, the design is in your face, but it is also fun in a quirky way. I guess with all the country pride I’ve been feeling and seeing others feel, this line drops at the right time. I’d be proud to carry the USA GG Flag Boston bag and the fact that 25% of the proceeds go to charity, well that is just icing on top of the Gucci cake. Browse all and purchase via Gucci.com.

What do you think of the Gucci GG Flag Collection?

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  • ericdevlin

    its horrifying

  • kendal

    the asians will love it

    • van dine

      “The asians?” Love the generalization. BTW, the Japanese I know WON’T love it. Like European races, “the asians’ are distinct groups.

    • Jenn

      It is disposable fashion for those who can afford it.

    • excuse me racist, we have better taste than that. NOT ALL asians love monograms like some of the thrash I have seen in Europe and Miami

  • Sellers Decor

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  • Sandra

    If I were in London at the Olympics I would carry the Boston Bag, great show of support for your country and kind of fun. In every day life, only the travel bag.

  • Elegant Tomatoe


  • fuchsiafury

    I doubt that there’ll be throngs of people buying this line. It’s an improvement on the flags line that Fendi did several years ago too. This is the Japanese one.

  • bir

    hmmmm Gucci keeps sinking !!!!!

  • ilovesatchels

    don’t like it….unfortunately, I am Asian, and I don’t like it :)

  • its UGLY and there are better ways to contribute. Don’t buy these ugly shite…it just tells them to continue doing this

  • FashionableLena

    I would like it if the paint job didn’t look messy. But, I’m most certain that’s the look that Gucci was going for.

  • Celina

    Love it! People who don’t like monogram bags are just boring. I’m all for some Gucci or Fendi or Louis print. It’s young, cute, but at the same time classic. Flags are cute and I like the stamped on look.

  • Celina

    Also why so many comments from guys? It’s not like they will be wearing the bags, or will they? :-O either way, much love to all handbag lovers both female and male. :-*

  • witty1515

    not impressed

  • Eleanor

    Jingoism in the form of a blatant logo. Ugh. Two things I loathe in one overpriced bag. If I had a few thousand lying around, then I would rather spend a portion on a Fullum & Holt bag (a Montreal leather-goods line that I love) and donate the rest to UNICEF. That way I would be contributing to a charity without having to lug around a hideous tote. And Gucci was doing so well, imo. I’ve seen some of their recent bags and I loved them.

  • Miu

    Oh god it feels like shopping at urban outfitter

  • dnfl
  • Olga

    I love it. Just ordered one (USA). Can’t wait to get it!