The Givenchy HDG Tote debuts for Pre-Fall 2013

Just when you thought that Givenchy might be the only brand not to hop on the Celine-inspired flared gusset bandwagon, the brand new Givenchy HDG Tote pops up, brand new for Pre-Fall 2013. Although we’ve seen a lot of these types of totes in the past two years, I must say that the nail-head handle attachments on this one are pretty fabulous. Every bag needs its defining detail, and for this HDG, that hardware is it.

Givenchy aficionados have likely already picked up on the fact that the bag is named for Givenchy founder and famed couturier Hubert de Givenchy, who started the house in 1952. It’s always nice when a company pays homage to its foundation, and the use of Givenchy’s initials in this design probably indicate the the brand is heavily bought in to making this bag a success for years to come. Given that, it seems odd that they’d go with a shape that’s so heavily associated with a competitor, but the bag itself is still quite attractive.

If well-received by customers, it’s likely the design’s simplicity that’ll set it apart from much of the flared-gusset pack. Other than the handle hardware and the small monogram at the bottom right, the bag is all smooth, flat leather. Although the Bergdorf Goodman website lists both the bag above and the one below as being the same size, it’s pretty clear that they’re not – the all black version shows the larger standard bag, while the bicolor version is the “small” tote that the description fits. Notice how the handles have a completely different proportion on both bags?

With that in mind, I’m not entirely sure which bag you’ll actually get if you order either of these options, but I can pass along the price information that BG has provided for each:

Givenchy HDG Small Tote
$2,595 via Bergdorf Goodman

Givenchy HDG Small Tote

Givenchy HDG Tote
$2,655 via Bergdorf Goodman

Givenchy HDG Tote


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