Although menswear’s reach is expanding rapidly, I rarely find myself wishing I could hop to the other side of the gender aisle to experiment; women’s fashion is just a lot more fun. The Givenchy L.C. 24H Bag is the rare piece that makes its women’s equivalent, the Givenchy Lucrezia Bag, look bad by comparison.

I like the Lucrezia, but it’s never felt quite right to me. So many companies make bags of exactly that same shape, and Givenchy’s only tweak was the front trim extending down from the handle attachments. This bag isn’t much different, but the folded top corners and slightly domed top make it feel slightly different than bags like the Gucci Boston or the Louis Vuitton SC. It’s just enough of a change from the expected shape to make the bag feel distinct.

Those changes are likely the result of the Lucrezia being refashioned as men’s overnight bag, and the domed top gives the interior some extra roominess. Ladies like a little extra room too, though, and I can’t help but wish that the Lucrezia more closely resembled the L.C. Buy thorugh Mr. Porter for $2,625. (Also worth noting: this bag is far larger than the medium Lucrezia and $30 less expensive. Dudes be gettin’ all the good fashion deals.)

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  • JJp

    Love this, just wish it came in any other clot besides black

  • Sandra

    Now, don’t be talking smack on the Lucrezia! I love my Luc and there are additional differences when you are comparing bags of similar shape. The biggest difference to me is the construction of the bag. The luc is very well made of the best materials and it holds its shape, it does not slouch and become a different looking bag when you put your things in it.

  • FashionableLena

    When I look at a man’s bag, I always think of my husband who commutes by bus and train to work. It is a gorgeous bag, but it’s huge and has no shoulder strap. I just think that, for men at least, there needs to be more function to go with the fashion.
    Besides, it doesn’t look as if it would survive a plane or train trip for that matter. It looks as though it would look beat up in a matter of a couple of uses.