Givenchy’s Latest Runway Bag is Giving Me Major Balenciaga Vibes

Do you see it too?


Givenchy presented its spring 2023 runway earlier this month during Paris Fashion Week, and the collection itself was ultra-feminine with pops of grunge. Drapey fabrics and silk dresses were juxtaposed with oversized denim and cargo pants.

Designer Matthew Williams has found his groove with this collection, which was a little bit haute couture and a little bit streetwear, which makes sense given William’s background in streetwear. Somehow the whole thing just worked.

Givenchy’s Got a Brand New Bag

As for the bags, there were some carry-over styles and bags that were less commercial, but the true standout was a brand-new shoulder bag shown in multiple sizes and colors. At first glance, the bag feels like a hit. Relatively simple in shape, the roomy shoulder bag is crafted from soft, smooshy leather featuring moto-style leather straps and buckles adorning the bag’s corners.

Givenchy Spring Summer 2023

The bag signifies a new direction for Givenchy’s leather goods, moving beyond the oversized, chunky hardware that Williams became known for when he joined the House.

I like the look of this bag overall and think it will resonate as it’s very consumer friendly. And while I feel excited about this new direction, at the same time, I can’t stop making comparisons to the Balenciaga City Bag.

Do you see it too?


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  1. Antonia Avatar

    Not a fan of these-they don’t look like a high end bag to me…something is missing. Maybe it’s the basic strap?? Needs something more substantial.

    1. Aspen Avatar

      Can’t make everyone happy. It’s either too basic or too much lol

  2. Suze Avatar

    I have never been a fan of the modern version of Givenchy… and this bag won’t change that. Doesn’t look luxe at all.

  3. FashionableLena Avatar

    Looks like a bag from Aldo.

    1. psny15 Avatar


  4. Kim Avatar


  5. Yazi Avatar

    I don’t see the Balenciaga connection. It’s a nice bag though and can actually be practical.

  6. Simbadog8 Avatar

    l absolutely love it!!! I do see the balenciaga vibe for sure. I love everything about it and will probably grab one as soon as I can.

    1. Vince Avatar

      You’ll probably be able to get it for 75% off on eBay a year from now.

      1. Simbadog8 Avatar

        i would love that. I want the silver one.

  7. Cate Avatar

    I like it! It looks more put together then the Chanel 22, for example.