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  • Rada

    Beautiful collection. I like the new Pandora and also the little changes they did on the Pandora box. The use of exotics are beautiful, absolutely covetable. I’m eyeing that colorblock gray and blue snake new Pandora and that moth’s wing print pouch! Oh my.

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      • SamDuhigiyn

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  • Khaya

    I LOVE the Bordeaux Ostrich Pandora!!! It’s beautiful!!!

  • shueaddict

    I love the large Obsedia … have been obssesing over it since seeing it 2 months ago

  • kindled

    ooooh that bordeaux antigona.

  • Jamie

    Does anyone know when they’ll be available?

  • asd

    Purseblog: it would be great if you could change the layout of your website so that i don’t have to click 5 times to get to the “view all” part of the post. i assure you its what would be best for everyone. its tiring having to click through 20+ pages to read one or two articles

    • kindled

      I think we allllll want this and so many people have commented asking about it. Is it just a way to get more clicks? It is amazingly annoying.

      • The gallery feature is used on majority of sites and helps with load time of pages that are content heavy. However, we know that so many find it tedious and we are working hard on a new feature that should really help this… on both desktop and mobile!! Hang tight!

      • kindled

        Sounds great, :)

    • laura

      I agree. Please change the format, I don’t like the too many clicks either.

    • Marni

      There is another way ! You can click on ‘continue to gallery’ but instead on clicking next for 20 times, you should click on ‘view all’ in blue atop of the page. Then you only have to click two times, and you see all the pictures in one page

      • asd

        thank you! but thats what i did. i think it should just automatically go to “view all” with only one click. who doesn’t want to see all of the lovely purses at once!

    • Toyzi

      Here Here! I use the view all link though there’s still too many licks. Needs to be avail from the outset. I often give up and move on

    • Vlad Dusil

      We’re changing the site to a much easier and user-friendly format very soon, stay tuned!

  • AshleyG

    I die at the cover pic. That Antigona is EVERYTHING.

  • jen

    These are beautiful handbags!