Givenchy Pandora in yellow for $1924, in purple for $2155 or in green for $1744 via Luisa Via Roma

If you’re a fan of Givenchy mastermind Riccardo Tisci, you know that he’s remade the brand’s image into that of a luxe-goth powerhouse, complete with references to Catholicism and more black leather than you can shake a stick at. (Side note: What does that saying even mean?) It’s easy to look at a garment and tell whether or not it’s Givenchy.

Except, wait…are these pastel Givenchy Pandora Satchels that I see? That appears to be the case, even though they’re some of the prettiest and brightest shades that can really be referred to by that awful word. “Pastel.” Yick. These colors are anything but cringe-worthy, though, even if they’re not immediately recognizable as part of the Givenchy palette.

First, I have to make my gripes with the Pandora design known. Whenever I see this design in public, it always looks to me like one of the top handles has fallen off and made the square-ish body of the bag hang at an angle from the only remaining stap. (If you can’t tell what I’m talking about from these pictures, click through and look at the angle shot that Luisa Via Roma provides.) It really bothers me, even though I love Givenchy and would really like an Antigona satchel. The Pandora, however, inspires less enthusiasm. Perhaps it’s just too advanced for me.

These colors, on the other hand, are an interesting change from the Givenchy bags I’m used to seeing. The purple in particular appeals to me, but as I’ve mentioned before, I actually have bright purple panels in my hair – I’m somewhat attached to the color. Also, it’s the least pastel shade of the bunch, which is another vote in purple’s favor. Any of these colors, textures and sizes would be a winner, though, even if they’re not as gothic as one might expect from the brilliant Mr. Tisci. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $1924 in yellow, $2155 in purple or $1744 in green.

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  • jennesia

    they are all beautiful! but my preference for the greenish-teal is extraordinary!

  • Pixiejenna

    I’ve been eyeing the purple for a while but I want to see it IRL before taking the plunge. As far as the style goes it’s one of those you either love it or hate it. I used to hate it but after I tried it out I love it! It looks ugly in the stock pictures but once you take out all the stuffing it totally changes the shape and no longer looks boxy. I love the one handle you no longer have the second strap falling off your shoulder problem and is great to carry in the nook of your arm. The long strap is great to wear cross body. I also love the bottom pocket for my cell phone and keys. Easy access with out having to dig threw my bag to find them.

  • Doran

    These are perfect. I am totally in love with the yellow. A favorite color of mine that look horrible on me!

  • chelf

    they are cute non-basic bags.

  • sg

    i have the purple and its anything but pastel — more of a fall purple. its the most comfortable bag i’ve ever carried. i was not drawn to the style until i tried it on — and once i did — wow — best bag ever!

  • Livia1

    Givenchy doing pastel, what has the world come to?!

  • Regina

    I love these bags, just magnificent, would take purple or teal green!


  • Sandra Rowley

    Is the leather the wrinkled look or is it a pattern/color variation in the leather? Not sure I like that…maybe better IRL.

  • roberto

    I’m not sure about the structure of this bag maybe i will like it more IRL but can anyone tell me what is wrong with “pastel” (i admit i don’t like them as an art medium but i love the colors because they remind me a frosted cake)

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