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  • GoanLit

    Totally agree. The profile shots in exotics looked gorgeous. These leather versions straight on are, meh.

  • C

    I like the bulging side of the belt, oddly enough. If it’s not very heavy, I think it’ll be good competition against the Sac De Jour.

  • Sandy

    I love Givenchy and was hopeful this bag would be amazing. How does it open, do the side bands expand? Hmm, I want to see one IRL…

    • Rada

      Did a quick search online and saw more pictures, looks like the bag expands by unsnapping two snap buttons on the belt on the back of the bag.

  • FashionableLena

    Not a fan. Givenchy is known for unusual, edgy shaped bags. This looks like another version of the Sac du Jour, Saffiano Lux Tote, Birkin, et cetera. I would also need to see it in person because that opening doesn’t look very functional.

  • It looks like a bag with a band-aid around it. I know Givenchy can do better.

    • Betty Sisson

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    • Afa Gi

      I am so sorry to the givenchy fans and i am one of them, i agree with you. Why the bandaid ;)

  • Sara

    The belt looks like it doesn’t belong. I want totals it off.

  • psny15

    not a fan of that added belt

  • chae

    and someone will pay for $2500 for this ugly bag…

  • Rada

    I kind of dig it! it’s like a bondage Birkin. Clean, seemingly simplistic, but kind of irreverent.

  • ham

    from a design point of view, the proportions are really awkward but I appreciate the boldness.

  • oui

    It looks like Sac du Jour crossed with Geordi La Forge.

    • Sparkletastic

      ROFLMAO! Yesssssssss!

  • Sparkletastic

    For some reason this reminds me of a Transformer…and not in a good way.

  • Vincent Mosher

    When I first took a look at this bag, I immediately loved the design… But after I read your comment about the side bulges, and I took another look, and kinda blocked them out w/ my hands, I HAVE to agree! It would have been a much more sophisticated look without them!.. BUT, overall I still like the bag. Well done Givenchy!

  • Jamie

    Not feeling it. I love ‘boxy bags but this is way too boxy for me.

  • ellavanw

    Take a St. Laurent Sac de Jour (itself a Birkin knockoff), wrap an Ace bandage round the middle, and voila! the Horizon bag. Ugh.

  • Designerpuff

    Its a nice way of doing minimalism….but that price point is ridiculous.

  • psny15

    how ugly?

  • Stella2007

    At first I didn’t pay much attention to this bag, but now I really love and appreciate its minimalist style. The belt detail on the bag is the best part, it is meant to be a band that symbolises the line in the sky/skyline hence the name of the bag ‘Horizon’. The band around definitely sets it apart and makes it not boring when worn. I really love the Hermes Birkin and Saint Laurent Sac De Jour and this Givenchy Horizon bag has that similar style which I love. It’s definitely a classic style. I just need to try it on first to see if it’s roomy and practical.