At Givenchy, Matthew Williams Designs With Coolness in Mind for Resort ’23

A teaser at what's to come from Givenchy next year...

Unafraid of newness and willing to push the envelope, Matthew Williams continues to implement change at Givenchy while embracing the House’s history. Early on in his tenure, Williams made it clear that his background in streetwear would undoubtedly influence his work at the LVMH-owned French House, introducing an inaugural collection that oozed a certain edge not quite seen before at Givenchy. Givenchy’s innate aesthetic remained, but it was presented in new and interesting ways. Key shapes and motifs were championed, and with each season, Williams continues to hone in on his relaxed vision of fashion and design.

The Cool-Girl’s Givenchy

In the past, Williams has lamented that themes or specific aesthetics are not what inspires him; rather, his designs are focused on what he himself would wear. For resort 2023, we’re given a preview of what will come from the House with the full collection for spring. The result? Cool, relaxed, easy shapes that ooze an effortless feel. Williams himself told Vogue, “I really just design from instinct: what I think is cool; how I see women dressing.” The collection itself does feel like the ultimate cool-girl wardrobe, no fuss, frills-free looks that feel very downtown. There’s an element of nostalgia at play here, but nostalgia in a way that feels modern, like you could easily spot a Gen Z’er waltzing down the street in the baggy jean shorts or the black capri hot pants.

Reinventing the Icons

As for the bags, they feel easy too, modern yet classicly Givenchy and oozing a sense of unbothered elegance. Wearable shapes like an elongated east/west take on the fan-favorite Antigona, new versions of the Kenny and the new Givenchy hobo that debuted for fall. Animal prints juxtapose glossy leather finishes, and a new flap bag with Givenchy’s bold G logo is teased. View bags from the collection below via Vogue.

Givenchy Resort 23 1
Givenchy Resort 23 2
Givenchy Resort 23 3
Givenchy Resort 23 4
Givenchy Resort 23 5
Givenchy Resort 23 6
Givenchy Resort 23 7
Givenchy Resort 23 8
Givenchy Resort 23 9
Givenchy Resort 23 10

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2 years ago

they look like everything but Givenchy

2 years ago

I love so many pieces but I hope the clunky logo thing is detachable

2 years ago

Totally unappealing.