You might remember, back in December we partnered with Luxaholics to bring you the 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway. Thanks to the great partnership as well as the many designers who donated gorgeous bags, the giveaway was nothing short of amazing. Well, it is time for another great collaboration. This time Purse Blog and Luxaholics are partnering with the fabulous exotic handbag designer, Adriana Castro.

May Collaboration

While the actual dates for the giveaway are being ironed out (I will tell you that it will be sometime in May) we all thought our amazing readers would love to be part of the creative process. The giveaway will last for 5 Days and thus, you have the opportunity to select which colors you’d like used for the bags. How awesome is that? Not only do you have a chance to win, but also a chance to vote on your favorite colors for the bags. Enjoy and remember, your vote makes a difference.

Day 1

Day 1 Color Choices
[poll id=”25″]

Day 2

Day 2 Colors
[poll id=”26″]

Day 3

Day 3 Colors
[poll id=”27″]

Day 4

Day 4 Colors
[poll id=”28″]

Day 5

Day 5 Colors
[poll id=”29″]

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  • Nicole

    omg i’m getting so excited just looking at the material!! can’t wiat!!

  • mariah9999

    This is wonderful!

  • Jan Launius


  • Jan


  • Sarahsaurus

    Ooooh, exciting! I can’t wait to see what it is!

  • AZ

    Will this be open worldwide? Hope so!

  • Diana

    i think these giveaways a great hit! it gives many of us norms a chance to own something specials the rich take for granted…. a piece of luxury.

  • Thelma Howe

    They are all beautiful.

  • Jen

    This is exciting.

  • Melinda

    These are cool!

  • Patty

    What beautiful colors. Hope I win one!!!!!!!

  • elizabeth

    I can’t wait for this to start!

  • april

    love the colors

  • Bri

    The colors are so rich and pretty!

  • Lauren

    I can’t wait!!!

  • coach4me

    those colors- all of them… are gorgy! Almost impossible to choose favorites!

  • Laura

    Very exciting. I would really love to have one of her bags!

  • luvhautecouture

    Can’t wait to see which get picked!!

  • tina coleman


  • Lillie

    What beautiful colors! This is a great idea!

  • Queenmab

    The colors are all SO amazing! This looks just…
    I don’t even have the words! *faint*

  • Zarka

    Great giveaways…WOW…WOW…

  • D-

    Love the colors!!!!

  • D-


  • Cate

    Truly amazing colors, it was hard picking a favorite!

  • Joan Thomas

    The beautiful bright colors makes you feel like spring.

  • Joan Thomas

    I love the beautiful bright colors.

  • itsnicole

    The colors are all so beautiful! I’m especially loving the hot pink.

  • Shawna

    What a great way to celebrate spring!

  • Rochelle K

    I’m confused – is the voting closed? It says “The giveaway will last for 5 Days and thus, you have the opportunity to select which colors you’d like used for the bags. How awesome is that? Not only do you have a chance to win, but also a chance to vote on your favorite colors for the bags. Enjoy and remember, your vote makes a difference. ” – Where do you vote?!?!?

  • Rochelle K

    What the heck? Disregard last comment because for some reason as soon as I posted it – the options to vote opened up (it just stated results before). That was weird…

  • No problem Rochelle. I’m glad there aren’t any glitches! :)

  • Prada Psycho

    Looks like some yummy stuff coming our way! :D

  • The giveaway will be in May… so this is just for the color choices!!

    I wish I could enter to win!!!!

  • Bianca

    I love the purses

  • Lorraine levine

    They are just awesome,I have never won anything in my life,would be with just complete with these. Keep up the great work & wish me luck :) :)
    Rainy :)

  • Mrsshoegal

    I love these and the chance to win one as I would never buy one.

  • jamisa

    i think these bags are so hottt!!!

  • Michelle

    Beautiful colors! I love them all.

  • Jennifer

    This is amazing May is going to be a truly awesome month!

  • Kelly Burge

    I’ll take one of each :)

  • bgcutiepie00

    YUM!! I just loved all the colors honestly!!!!!! This is so exciting!!

  • terry oliver

    This is so great! I love these colors!

  • exotikittenx

    Wow, GORGEOUS! I can’t wait for this contest.

  • purplecoachgirl

    I voted purple all the way! (well, except the one where it wasn’t an option!)

  • Candice

    Loving the purples and the naturals…so gorgeous can’t wait to see the final results of these amazing materials!!

  • roie

    Love the colours, amazing python, esp the purple multi.

  • Anne

    Wow ! Love the colors can’t wait to see them.

  • KathyP

    That Azalea color is simply stunning. I don’t care what the bag looks like, just gimme that color!

  • darlinga

    Oh my goodness! Gorgeous gorgeous!

  • Pinkcaviar

    Very exciting -I’ve already voted, but my faves would definitely be an exotic in Purple and Hot Pink! ;)

  • Swank

    Day 4 didn’t work for me :( There was no “vote” option on that day only

  • Maria Cummings

    They are amazing and I’m enjoying my bags so much.

  • laurie

    wow great wonderful.

  • Beverly

    love the colors

  • carol

    This is fantastic!

  • TygerKitty

    OMG exciting!!!!!!! These choices are GORGEOUS, I’m not sure you can really go wrong with any of them… woo woo, thank you TPF and Luxaholics!

  • TygerKitty

    And, a VERY special thank you Adriana Castro!!!!!!!

  • Regina

    What BEAUTIFUL colors & materials! Wow!
    Thanks, Luxaholics & TPF. :-D

  • ladakini

    Just delicious. I love the self indulgence of skins. Thank you, Adriana, Luxaholics and TPF.

  • JennMSU

    hello gorgeous!!! :)

  • Kymberley

    I have great taste; my votes were the ones that were all ranked the highest!!

  • mariah9999

    I loved voting for all the colors!!!

  • ZG

    OMG, the swatches look gorgeous! I can’t wait!
    Thanks for letting us be a part of the process!!

  • Dana

    I hope I win, I am so excited!!!

    Good luck everyone else.

  • Wilma

    Good luck to everyone. I wanted an Adriana Castro bag for soooooo long xD

  • emm

    beautiful colors!

  • Julia

    I’m getting excited about the Adriana Castro bags tooooooo!! The patch of colors are exciting alone. :) After every vote I saw that I liked what many of you liked too. AWESOME

  • Sorry everyone, poll #4 was accidentally closed for a while, it is now open again!

  • Whitley_Gilbert

    Those were so difficult to choose from because the colors are all really pretty.

  • John 5

    The colors are so rich! The Unbleached color for Day 4 is breathtaking!

  • Ainhoa Ferrer

    The colors are all amazing!

  • Amanda Kreft

    the colors are amazing

  • Priscilla Moore

    These colors and material are so unique and gorgeous.

  • Elisa

    Wow! These are beautiful!

  • Liyah

    Wow….Purple is my fav color~!!!
    All colors r amazing!!

  • Luc

    The colors are just stunningly beautiful. My favorite is Unbleached.

  • willowsmom

    love extics & the color choices are just stunning!

  • Kelly

    plzplz let me win!!!!!!! the colours are so gorgeous!!!!!

  • Bubble

    These colors are just stunning!

  • Patricia

    Beautiful colors and textures – it was difficult to choose!

  • Charlie

    OH MY GOD!! Enough said XD

  • iris

    This is truly bag heaven. Sigh

  • Ohhh some of these are close!!!!!

  • Jean

    Wow, I actually played a small part of the creative process of a soon -to-be bag!
    TPF rocks!

  • Karen

    wow, these colors are so vibrant and wonderful!

  • betty_boop

    i love all the purples & the details of the material..

  • Kansashalo

    I really loved ALL of the colors so no matter is chosen, it will be HOT!!!!!

  • DebO

    I loved all the colors, so hard to choose!

  • izabella

    love the colors!

  • izabella

    love the colors,can’twait!

  • Stefani

    such hard choices! But I am so excited!

  • candice

    Ohhhhh… Hope I win!

  • Texas_glitterati

    This is exciting because you get to have role in the creative process. Love’s it!

  • betty

    gorgeous colors!!! wow!!

  • Anna

    Great color choices.

  • angel

    oohh i’m loving this!!

  • rorosity

    I love the purple multi!!

  • Nina

    Wow, all the colours are stunning! The azalea makes my heart sing!!!

  • eorchid

    what a fabulous idea!
    love the skins!!!

  • azureartist

    I’ll take one of each!

  • erinqq

    what an amazing event this would be!

  • Stella

    Oh this was a hard survey! They were all beautiful but my heart belonged to mostly the purples. Gosh it’s pretty. I can’t wait to see the final product!

  • hazel

    I voted! It was hard to choose though! So many lovely choices =d

  • Irene

    awesome – very exciting !

  • jessica

    I love the metallic and the unbleached python. The azalea is beautiful also!!

  • temo

    All of them are awesome!

  • Rashmi

    I never won anything so i’m really hoping that i’ll win this time. I love Adriana’s beautiful designs!

  • kirkcaldy

    the colours are amazing,but i have more chance of marrying george clooney,than wining,good luck to eveyone will be a great prize for whoever wins

  • Elsa

    Can Canadians participate in this giveaway too?!?! I hope so!! The colors look awesome.

  • catamount_judy

    I want to win even once!

  • girlvintage

    is this giveaway still only for US residents or is it now open world-wide.. ?

    because i was totally bummed i couldn’t join the last giveaway :sad:

  • ladamadelbosco

    All of them are fantastic, but the hot pink is awesome!!

  • plumeriarose

    The vibrant colors are amazing!!!

  • John

    The candy colors look really yummy!

  • angelbrtn

    Wow! These are amazing.

  • Louise

    Those colours are all so rich – hard to chose.

  • Merve

    I so love Adriana Castro ahhhhhh

  • Peaches

    Well looking at this contest from the point of view of a person who only had 2 hanbags at any given time I can hardley wait….

  • char

    Beautifully crafted bags, stunning colour palette’s

  • Mohnblume

    Can’t wait to see!

  • Lissett

    There really is NOTHING like an exotic bag….truly dreamy… :)

  • setty

    its one of the best opportunities, not only to win but also to get input on designers’ work and popularity.

  • snowshoe

    they were all so fab it was hard to pick

  • Roxana

    Wowwwie! That are some amazing colors and materials, it promises lots of good for that give away!

  • Mat Allston

    Love the hot pink!!!!!

  • belen

    The colors are gorgeous ….Can’t wait.

  • muggles

    Hot colors!

  • teddiescorner

    Great choices!

  • $hopstoomuch

    Wow, these are some great colors and some nice looking swatches! Can’t wait to see them!

  • pltprincess

    So hard to choice. So much loveliness … I love it all!

  • courtneyh

    LOVE THESE COLORS!!! Cant wait!

  • Sunshine

    Fabulous colors!!!

  • japskivt

    OMG! The skins and colors are incredible. Thank you TPF!

  • shakti29

    I love anything pink.

  • Suzanne

    The colors are so brilliant. I’m definitely looking forward to this contest!!

  • pink

    this is fantastic

  • NagaJolokia

    Looking forward to this event in May, and I’m surprised how I nearly 100 % consistently agreed with other voters on the top choices until the bottom poll which was almost a tie.

  • Arlene P

    I am drooling in my morning coffee already!!!!! How gorgeous!!!

  • karen

    Love the colours!

  • sammiekat

    I am loving all of the pinks!

  • ~bastet

    All the colors are beautiful! I loves me some python! ;)

  • lark_lulu

    The choice of colours and leathers made it harder than I thought to decide but the purple is my grand fav.

  • Voodoo

    OMG droooooooooooool!

  • M_butterfly

    ME ME ME Pick me!! Fabulous as always!!

  • bagaholic85

    the colors were so amazing that the voting was so hard! no wonder u guys pawned it off on us…

  • Chanel

    Beautiful colors! The python, the purple multi and the unbleached color are my favorites.


    love all the purples!!! <3

  • Cocoholic

    These colors are so hot!! sizzle~~~~

  • annabelle

    love all the colors!

  • susan

    They are all so gorgeous, it was hard to decide!!

  • jo

    woooow! i love this!

  • Kristin

    So beautiful!!

  • Juilin

    i really need an exotic skin leather bag and I think purple was it color for those leathers.

  • Christiflora

    I am in love!

  • serendipity

    Love these colors!

  • KissMeDeadly

    WOW!! Those patterns are incredible!! I cant wait to see the finished products in May!

  • ice-cream

    Amazing colors !!!!

  • smiles


  • songofthesea

    After a long, dark and cold winter, leaves off the trees and snow turning black, it is energizing to see such beautiful spring colors. They make the heart sing and remind me of all the blooming plants and new life that spring brings with her!

  • J.J.

    WOW, loving this for summer!

  • Threshold

    LOVE the textures and patterns… great summer colors for a seasonal bag.

  • MichelleD

    This was fun and exciting.

  • cartucci

    The unbleached and purple multi are very beautiful and different. I’m excited to see the finished product.

  • Winnie Ng

    They’r Awesome!!!Making use of beautiful leather,From vibrant to classy colours.To express different mood and attend in different occation…what can say?!?they’r to just too good!!!
    cant wait to be the lucky 1…*Drooling* =p

  • Colleen

    I would love any of these pieces! The colors are so gorgeous that they’d spruce up any outfit!

  • SkyJuicy

    Awesome! I fall in love with teh colors!!

  • Leslie

    This is amazing!!!

  • Bethr

    I love these colors!

  • ann

    These colors are out of this world!!!! Can’t wait to see how it pans out :) thanks for including us in the choosing :)

  • Jen

    This giveaway is on my birthday month! Love the gorgeous color choices. Hope I get something great for my birthday!

  • bindc

    Can’t wait to see the bags!!!

  • candace

    wow these are awesome- can’t wait!

  • pam young

    love all these, would love to win

  • Carolina

    Such fanastic colors, I am looking forward to hearing more!

  • Tara

    Hopefully Canadians will be eligible this time….. :(

  • Alison

    Can we have something for the rest of the world please?

    i.e. Europe
    Australia / New Zealand etc

    As there are lots of us who frequent the Purse Forum that don’t live in the US
    (the last giveaway was for US citizens only)

  • vikauz

    wonderfull colors, can’t wait to see what they look like



  • QueenCatherine

    I love seeing true deep saturated colors back into handbags. They become more of an accesory rather than just a place to haul all our treasures. The purple in any of the samples , is a refreshing and exciting choice…the color of royalty~yet so blendable and almost neutral when part of the big picture of an outfit.

    And in the snakeskin, in my opinion..the closer to natural the better. The snakeskin can be worn with anything and bring a touch of elegance to anything from jeans to cocktail dresses.

    Fashion is exciting now and accesories have never played such an important role in the look and feel of an outfit.

    Thanks for the chance to vote and enter…this was so much fun!

  • irishgrl

    Love them all!! So hard to vote…

  • Sarsi


  • Shoprat

    Any would really make my day…well, make that my month!

  • fabiana

    Can’t wait !!! beautiful colors!!

  • Vanessa

    May 9th is my birthday and that would make a lovely gift. Anyways I really like the color options and the python material is cool.

  • bella sarafina

    oh, wow! that was like choosing among gorgeous diamonds – the colors, the textures…pure sex!

  • Maria Cummings


  • gina

    These colors are so pretty! Love them!

  • Olivia

    Basically I love all the colors but my favorite one is those colors that are not too much in lighter, the reason is because of the texture of the leather. It’ll be so perfect at the end touched with not that light of color, make it become more exotic!

  • Alycia

    I love the colors and textures! I have always like the luxe look of python, and purple is so regal and popular this year. I love hot pink, silver, yellow and green as well. The multi purple python is a beautiful mix of colors as well. Can’t wait so see these bags!!!!!

  • berri


  • Ji

    OMG THESE are awesome colors!

  • Regina

    Purple is my fave – but I love them all! :-D

  • maida acosta

    The colors are amazing. Thanks so much. Day1-GREEN; Day 2-NAVY BLUE; Day 3- Red; Day 4-PURPLE; Day 5-PINK. Those are my picks.

  • Real Estate NJ

    All colors are gorgeous! But natural colors are my favorite in general. Somebody will be lucky!!

  • Donna Gwizdowski

    Love them all!

  • Tina

    I NEED those purples!!

  • Natalia D.

    Such a nice colors! Right for my spring!

  • Theresa

    can;t wait to get one. the colors are great. love it!

  • Debra L. Donlan

    What classy and unique styles! I would love to win one or two or three. lol

  • Jiwon

    Exotic skins are rock!!!!