Jimmy Choo Robin Biker Leather and Elaphe Snake Bag. $1,395

Ever since we started publishing our own photography works to spice up our Purse Blog and showcase products, I have not been completely happy with the ‘Bag Art’ category name. Hence, I propose the following:

Help me find a new, spiffy, edgy name for the category, leave your suggestions in the comments below. Top 5 picks will be rewarded with a $50 gift certificate to the store of choice, while the winning pick will also win a brand new handbag!

Post your entries until Sunday night 8pm EST, we’ll be picking and announcing the winners then!

Good luck, and may the best entry win!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • SKelly www.theworldlywriter.com

    The Art of the Bag

    A Moment, Captured

    Hot Shots

    Shots to the Heart!

    Point and Click

    Hot Flashes

  • chloebagfreak

    Bag Flash
    Bag Shots
    Purse alert
    Fab shots

  • Vikki

    Purse Exhibit

    Purse Museum
    Bag Museum

    A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Bags

    Purse Gallery

    Bag Mania

    Bagaholics Anonymous

    Bag Style


    A day in the life of a fabulous bag

  • roe

    Bag Capture
    Bag Point & Click
    Glam Bag Shot
    Bag Shot La La

  • SKelly www.theworldlywriter.com

    Rapture, Captured
    Lights, Camera, Action
    Picture This!

  • Kelley


    Photos of your Babies

    Lemme See It

    Bags in their Natural Habitats

    Self Purse-raits

    On My Shoulder Shots

  • aaa07

    The Purse Frame

  • hannah

    Glamor Shot

    Bag Snap

    Sneak Peek

    Zip Click

    Camera Time

    Close Up

    Zoom In

    Shutter Bugs


    Purse Porn (haha)

    Bag Shots

  • Leslee Kiser

    Moi Minaudiere

    Clutch Frames

    Let’s Play “Bag” Gammon

    Grip Gala

  • Nadia

    In the Wild
    The Craft of Couture
    Creative Couture
    Wearable Art
    Haute Oeuvres
    Haute Inspiration
    Mixed Bag
    Beautiful Bagatelles
    Purses on Parade

  • exotikittenx

    Master-Purse Theater

    “A-purse-ture” (kind of like Aperture, get it? haha)

    Foto A-purse-ratus

    Purse Galleria

    Purse Pinups



  • amanda

    Show of your Photographic Purse-onality

    Photographic Purse-onality

  • jesspgh

    Artfully Handled !!!!

  • Tammy


  • azureartist

    Candid Arm Candy

    It’s in the Bag!

    Handbag Gallery

  • Kelly

    Purse Paparazzi
    Purse Pictures
    Say, “Purse!”
    Purse Poses

  • rosiered

    Moveable art

    Visions of a Dreamworld

    A moment captured

    Contrasts in film

    Awakened Presence

    Living Life

  • Denise

    Bag Swagger
    Purse Pageant
    The Purse Array
    The Runway

  • pearl

    the fab life
    too much for words
    speaks for itself

  • simone

    mission imPurse-ible

    BAGtega VAINeta


    Beauty lies in the eyes of the bagholder!

    Bag appetit


  • Rachael

    Purse Portraits
    A Day in the Still Life
    Hit me with your Best Shot
    Warning: you will SMILE if you CLICK here
    Show me the money shot!
    Click here to meet my bag, she’s picture perfect!
    Rembrandt, Picasso, Louis, Chanel…what do they all have in common?
    International Gallery of Fine Bags
    Imagine all the people…looking at your bag!
    Strike a pose and let’s get to it!

  • spanish moss

    vlad’s vibes

  • Theresa

    Bag Exposure
    Bag Exposed!
    Purse Exposure
    Purses Exposed!
    Addiction Depiction
    Addiction Exposure
    Desires Revealed
    Memoires of a Bagaholic/Purse-aholic
    Confessions of a Bagaholic/Purse-aholic

  • Becky


  • anna

    Daily Obsession
    Arm Candy
    Purse In Real Life
    Purse Show-Off
    Handbag Heaven
    A Woman Can Never Have Too Many Purses!
    Style Gallery
    I Love My……
    Purse Party
    Desperately Seeking This Handbag

  • Jess

    Purse Ops
    Handbag Ops
    (As in “photo ops”)

  • NYC Sara

    Captured Couture
    Couture Exposed
    Style exposure
    Picturesque purses
    Snapshot Studio
    Photo Couture
    Works of art
    Masterpiece gallery
    photo Showroom

  • va_couturegirl

    How about….

    Pocketbook Portraiture


    Pocketbook Couture

    I know it sounds old-school….I used to laugh when my mom would call it a pocket book…

  • morgan


  • morgan


  • ingrid

    the Purse Portfolio (keeping in line with “the Purse…” as tpf and purse blog)

    Purse, Pose, click

    … thats all i got lol. there are some great suggestions so far!

  • Summer

    Crafty Purseonality
    Crafty Purseology
    Purse Portrayal

  • Rach

    Purse Pics

    Purse Pix

    Purse Picks

  • Mrsmeck

    MVP2 (Megs Vlad Purse Photos)

  • Leslie

    Bagged It
    A Little Piece of Handbag Heaven
    Bag Scenes
    Purse Scenes
    Tpf in Action
    Handbag Models
    Bag Brags
    Bag Bragbook

  • Mockinglee

    How about just “Snaps” (for both pics and the snaps on a bag)

    …but I like the Purse Porn suggestion, too…

  • Megusi

    In Focus

    Visual Aid

    Visual Vignette

    — Ever since I saw the first entry in this category, I’m so excited to see new ones pop up in my RSS feeder. It is a perfect addition, and I thank you for sharing your beautiful snapshots.

  • wordbox

    Candid Couture

    Lights, Camera, Fabulous

    Fashion Prints

    Focus on Fashion

  • tasha

    iconobag! like iconoclast (image breaking)

    Bag Icon

    Purse Indulgence

    Purse Hunger

    purse envy

    Thou shall not covet my purse! (haha)

  • katie

    Some suggestions:

    The Photoshoot

    Candid Captures

    Bags on Film

    I Spy…

    Candid Corner

    Portrait Studio

    Flash! Bang! Bags!


  • Steph

    Bag Swag
    Holy Grail
    The Luxe Closet
    Luxe Bag
    Bag Couture
    Bag Candy
    Couture Look
    Bag Attire
    Not Your Average Bag
    Couture Bag Gallery
    The Couture Purse Gallery
    Handbag Gallery
    Holy Grail Gallery
    The Luxe Bag Gallery
    The Bag Shelf
    The Purse Shelf
    The Purse Closet
    Bag Style
    The Bag Runway
    The Purse Runway
    The Purse Blog Picturebook
    The Purse Blog’s Family Album
    A Peek Inside
    The Bag Collection
    The Fabulous Collection

    Everyone has some EXCELLENT ideas!! Love them!!!

  • Ces-A

    Bags In Focus
    Arm candy
    Purse Portraits
    Shutter Bags

  • Joan

    Here’s what I come up with:

    Purse Art

    In the Bag shots

    Off the hook bags

    Cool pics of haute bags

  • Zoe

    Handbag Mug Shots
    Moneybag Montage

    Handbag Haven
    Provocative Purses
    Titillating Totes
    tantalizing totes

  • Melody

    ‘Worth 1000 Words’, ‘Worth 1000’ or ‘1000 Words’


  • aaa07

    The Camera Case

  • azureartist

    Some more….

    Looking through the Lens

    Digital Drool-Worthy Designs

    Digital Delights

    Digital Designs

    Caught on Camera

  • herblady

    The bag stops here!

    In Purse-uit of Perfection

    Shot From the Heart



    The Shutterbag

  • Danielle

    Carried Away
    Carried by Hand
    Purse Vanity
    Anything but a Bag
    Handle This!
    Bag Frame

  • Ally

    Purse Pinups
    The Bag Louvre
    The Bag Exhibit
    Bag Lust Gallery
    The Bag Salon
    The Purse Salon
    The Bag Scene
    Lusty Shots
    Click Flash
    Say Cheese
    Bag Closet
    Droolworthy Pics
    Bag Swag
    Want it, We got it

  • Katie

    Purse Pics
    Image Inspiration
    Fashionable Figures
    Picture Perfect
    Bags in Action
    Fashion Reflection
    Made to Model

  • azureartist

    the Purse Fotos

    Featured Fotos

    Caught My Eye
    Caught Our Eye

    Eye Candy

  • chuggie

    Purse Pix
    Purse Portraits
    Bag Abstractions

  • Sindy

    Purse FOCUS

    Purse portrait

    Purse shot

    Purse candid

    Purse show

    Flash purse

  • John 5

    – “Picture Perfect”
    – “It Should Have Been In Vogue…”
    – “Purse-onal Appearance”
    – “Up Close and Purse-onal”
    – “The Purse-uit of Happiness”
    – “We Purse-onally Introduce you to…”
    – “Let’s Get Purse-onal”
    – I’ve Been “Framed”!
    – “Can you handle this?”

  • janis

    Camera Candy
    Purse Project
    ***Bag Bulletin***
    Purse Shoots

  • Jo-Jo

    Snap that Bag!
    Bags A Lot
    It’s All In The Bag
    Not Without Baggage
    Bag That Bag!
    Have You Seen My Bag?
    Gimme That Bag!
    So Purse-onal

  • skyblue

    ~Essence of Bags Through Time…Visualize~

  • caitlin1214

    A Study in Purses

    Close-up Couture

  • caitlin1214

    Handbags at Dawn . . . or Sunset

  • Jocelyn B.

    The Purse Shot
    Purse Gallery
    Purse Candy
    Purse Snapshots

  • Desigeraholic


    “The Art of the Purse”

  • Gappgirl18

    Purse-onality Pics

    Purse Porn…lol, thats what they call good cookbooks, Food Porn!

    Purse-ology 101

    Couture Candy

    Megs Masterpieces


    Click Flash (inspired by sex and city the movie for bags caught on celebs)
    Bag Swag (for bags in action)
    Bag Budda (for leather bags)
    Bags with purse-onality
    Purse-onal picks
    Creme de la creme
    Getting my swag on
    just had to bag it
    We be Baggin

  • Shawna

    Eye Candy
    Bags in Motion
    Beggin’ for Bags
    Bags about Town
    “FAB” (Fresh – Art & Bags)

  • A-T-G

    Money Shots
    Accessory Porn (in case you shoot stuff other than bags)
    Martini Shot (the last shot of a day of film shooting is called this)
    V.I.A – Vlad in Action
    V.I.P – Vlad’s Impressive Photos
    Covet Catalogue

    That’s the best I could do, after traveling all day!

  • digitalgurll


    Bags r Us


  • digitalgurll


    Purse Imagery

  • reece

    Purse Paparazzi!
    Handbag Headshots!

  • Nicole

    Purse Shot
    flash of inspiration

  • Erica

    the goodie bag
    Picture this
    Snapshot Fashions
    The Purse Pulse
    Purse Page
    POP (pictures of purses)
    Luxe Looks
    Oh Snap
    Purse Roll
    Bag Buzz
    Bag these Bags

  • michelle

    purse collage
    collage of purses
    purse easel
    purse patchwork
    purse memoir
    purse studio
    purse scrapbook
    purse composite
    purse composed
    purse mosaic

  • Samia


  • MissG

    Le borse in foto
    Le sac photographie
    Bags Masterpiece
    The WonderRoom
    The purse portraits
    The vision
    The bag exhibition
    From bag to masterpiece
    The photographic closet
    Fashion photography
    The Bag gallery
    The bag Studio
    Purse shoot

  • Judy

    PB Portraits
    Image Studio
    Art Concepts
    New Contexts

  • Cindy

    the lap of luxury

  • Laura

    Purse on the prowl, or POP pictures!

  • Denise

    “Purse Buzz”
    “Purse Post”
    “Bag Bliss”
    “It Bags”
    “Bag Base”
    “Bag Central”
    “Purse Hub”
    “Bag Spy”
    “Purse Hunt”
    “Purse Report”
    “Bag Brief”
    “Bag Bazaar”
    “The Lowdown”
    “Purse Diaries”
    “Purse Chronicles”
    “Breakout Bags”
    “Purse Panorama”
    “Insider’s Picks”
    Purseblog Picks”
    “Bag Check”
    “Blow by Blow”

  • Kittybag

    In the Picture
    Pretty as a Picture
    Get the Picture
    Vlad’s Vision or Vlad Vision
    Bag Porn
    Captured Bags
    Bag Scene
    In the bag
    Bag of Tricks
    Bag Exposure

    Lot’s of good suggestions!

  • JenniferG

    Purse Extravaganza!
    Perfect Purse

  • Gin

    Fab Bag

    Glam Cam

    Arm Candids

  • PC

    VLAD’s designer studio
    Purses in Prose

  • Sandy

    Great designs and selection. Just wish the prices were a little more affordable.

  • Shari

    PB & J(peg)

  • Gin

    Bag snaps

    Eye candids

  • roe

    Bag Frames by Vladilicous!!!!!

  • Ji

    Bag clips
    bag shoots

  • Amanda

    Purse Pics
    Hallway of Handbags
    Purse Art

  • Christie

    i agree..”bag art” doesn’t really fit the creativity of the photos…good luck finding a new name! Maybe you could use:

    picture perfect purses
    haute shots
    arm candy art
    arm candy meets eye candy(or something like that)
    eye candy
    gallery of bags
    beauty in the bag
    beauty is in the eye of the bag-holder
    pictures worth a thousand words, bags worth a thousand dollars
    luxury through the lens
    purse portraits
    gala of gucci
    view from the clutch
    sac à main snapshots
    strap on the art
    look book
    snap happy
    designer frames
    luxury looks
    bag the art
    designer dedication
    clutch the luxury
    bag appreciation
    purse pride
    keep to the bags
    a work of art
    camera creations
    camera crazy
    picture wonderland
    in a show of hand(bags)

    thanks sooo much!!! good luck:)

  • Christie

    Ok, I thought of a few more…lol

    fab bag frames
    a bag frame of mind
    stunning images

  • Purrrfect

    Haute d’ Elegance

    Haute Purse d’ Elegance

    Haute Hangbag d’ Elegance

    Haute Photo d’ Elegance

    Art d’ Elegance

    Purse Haute d’ Elegance

    Handbag Haute d’ Elegance

    Photo d’ Elegance

    Photo Haute d’ Elegance

    Luxe d’ Elegance

    Vlad d’ Elegance

    Vlad’s Haute d’ Elegance

  • Lucy

    Purse as Muse

  • simone

    bagventures of vlad

    the vlad bagventures

    EYE BAG YOU (I beg you)


    baggin’ for more

    humble baginnings

    what are you baggin’ at?

  • simone

    for bagter or purse!

  • Gem

    How about the following:

    Purse Pix
    In the Bag
    Bag It
    Purely Pursenal
    Pursenally Yours
    Pursenal Picks
    Pursenal Pix
    Pick Your Purse
    Pursenal Collections
    Pursenal Choices

  • Gem

    Oooooh, one more:

    Pursenal Advisor

  • Gem

    and another one!

    Let’s get Pursenal

  • Ruth

    Purses Exposed

    Bag Spectrum


    I thought of Shutterbags but someone else suggested it

    Still life of a Bag

  • vikauz

    The Bag to Be Seen
    The Center of Attention
    A Beauty to Behold

  • renee

    purse-shoot of happiness

  • Debbie

    I’ll Show You Mine…

  • Ces-A

    Photo finesse

  • Rebecca

    Fab Bags

  • Sarahp

    Bagallery (or BaGallery)

  • Alexia

    objects of desire
    its in the bag
    inspiring bags
    tpf art

  • laloki

    I hope I haven’t repeated any – there are so many good ones and so many to read through!

    Purse Peeps


    Purse Flash

  • Toni

    The Art of the Bag
    BAG Talkin’
    The Bag Speaks
    The Bag photo-essay
    The Bag Essay
    Every Picture Tells a Story
    Every Bag tells a Story

  • ceetee


  • BagAngel


  • Addy

    Purse Exposé

  • Ces-A

    Sack I Am!
    Sack in a Box
    Sack Shots
    Sacks on the road
    Sacks on the go
    Sacks 24/7
    Sack Museum
    Sack display
    sack ‘n awe

  • bunnymasseuse

    The heart of a bag
    the heart of a purse
    The purse affection
    the purse focal point (or “the focal point” which would also shorten to TFP a mix of tPF :) could also switch it up to “The point of Focus” or “the Purse of Focus” )
    the purse quintessence
    the purse soul (or “soul of a purse”)
    It’s in the bag
    The Hide within (reference to hide of which is tanned for use in leather bags)

  • Ces-A


  • sinniebunnie

    frames of my obsessions
    glimpse of addiction
    expressions of my obsession

  • KissMeDeadly

    Bags, Camera, Action!
    Shutter Bags
    For the Love of the Bag
    Arm Candi-ds

  • temo

    Purse Shots
    Meg’s Purse Pik’s
    Bag alley
    Purse Poses

  • Ces-A

    sack-see-bit (as in, exhibit)

  • Hisgeekygrrrl

    The Dark Room

  • Alaska

    The Visual Symphony!

  • Ces-A

    Sack Studio
    Sack Poses
    Model Sacks
    Posin’ Sacks

  • nycbagaddict


  • jburgh

    Through the Lens
    Focal Obsession
    Shutter Bags
    Light and Luxury

  • Hisgeekygrrrl

    Past the lens cap

  • mothbeast

    purse porn
    eye candy
    purse pin-ups
    arm candy

  • Hisgeekygrrrl

    “Negative Holder”

  • lilsweetpea0826

    A Pop of Purses
    Handle Full of Handbags

  • Hisgeekygrrrl

    The Easel

  • lilsweetpea0826

    Look At Me Now

  • Hisgeekygrrrl

    Zooming in

  • Hisgeekygrrrl

    Urban Landscape

  • princessmom

    The Purse Portfolio
    Purse Paparazzi
    Purse Spectrum

  • Hisgeekygrrrl


  • joindc

    tpf ftp – the purse forum films the purse

  • LilTiffany

    – Digital Dusil
    – Vlad’s Viewfinder
    – Lights…Cameras…Bagtion!
    – Pic me up!

  • Ces-A

    sacks on the move
    sacks-o-rama (like diorama)
    haute sacks
    sacks and the city

  • Kylie

    brag bag

  • Isabella

    Purse behind the Lense
    Purse through the Lense
    The Purse Album

  • Orchidlady

    Purse Imagination
    Vision of Paradise
    A Moment Captured
    Purse Through the Lenses
    A Picture’s Worth a Thousands Words

  • xdianaax

    Caught by the Paparazzi
    Flashy Purses
    Flashy Bags
    Purse Flash
    Bag Flash
    Purse Collage
    Bag Collage
    Purses Captured
    Bags Captured
    Bag Photo Shoot
    Purse Photo Shoot
    Unzip for the Camera
    Picture Perfect Purses
    Lights, Camera, Purses!
    A Purse is Worth a Thousand Words
    Pose for me Purses
    Pose that Purse
    Purse Poses
    Zoom-in to Detail
    Purse Print-outs
    Purse Magnification
    Bag Magnification

  • Prisilia Paramita

    Purse-ter (Poster)
    The Center Stage
    Behind the Lens
    Purse Chromatic

  • magaly brodkey

    “Purse”istant Art
    The Bag Ladies Art
    As the Purse turns
    The mirrors image
    This bag is too bagilicious for you!!!

  • Tina

    Artistic Mastery of the Handbag
    An Ingenue’s Perspective of the Bag
    Handbag Abstractions
    Visual Handbag Abstractions
    Fashion Frames
    Fashion: Framed
    Exhibitions of Elegance
    The Art of Accessorizing
    Handbag Heaven
    Accessory Abstractions
    Handbag Artistry
    Gallery of Handbags
    Murals of Handbag Adoration

  • Prisilia


    Purse Flashed
    Purse Framed

  • Tina

    Couture Candids
    Designer Developments

  • TygerKitty

    Shutterbugs ‘n Bags
    Purseonality Pictures
    Pictures with Purseonality
    Shutter Shop
    Luscious Looks
    Handbag Evolution
    Fashion Focus

  • Tina

    Museum of Bag Lust

  • kimalee

    Shutter Bags
    Slick Pic
    Prints & the Purser
    Hot Shots
    MEGnificent Creations
    The Purse Prints
    The Purse Portraits
    Leather Icons

  • patchworkcat

    Arm Candy

  • chaussurewhore

    purse looksee


    bag looksee

    bags thru the looking glass

  • lilsweetpea0826

    Arm Art
    Dream Totes

  • Clearstatic/Renier

    Tag the bag!
    Kodaks du Sacs!
    Purse-onified Portraits.
    Sac Kodak
    A Sac Kodak!
    Kodak Snacks!
    Polaroid bag tabloid!
    Polaroid purse tabloid.
    Allure Brochure!
    Sac Couture Brochure!
    Vlad’s fads!
    Proper Bag shopper!
    V Photography
    The Purse, here first
    Knack for Sacs
    lusty photography

  • Toto too

    Hocus Focus
    Picture This!
    Freeze Frame

  • ikny

    Purseonal Gallery

  • jaena t

    Art of Purse-u-ation


    Bags captured in style

  • Lanie

    The Photogenic Purse
    Couture Capture
    Clever Couture
    Shoulder Folder

  • Sarah

    Bags To The Bone
    Click N Couture
    The Zoom Room

  • Missjenny2679

    Bag The Moment

  • PsychoBagLady

    meg’s jpegs
    powty! powty!

  • hiyall

    Vlad’s Bag-nab-it Pics

    Bag-nab-it photos


    Say Cheese

    Bagture Perfect

    L@@KY BAGstards :o) haha

    L@@K Bag for you Leap

    Panorama of Bags

    Purse Panorama

    Panorama of Bags

    House of Vlad’s Pics of Bags

    Purse Circus (haha)

    Purse Pinups

    pics, pics and more pics :o)

    See Bags Pics here :o)

  • Charmed05

    like these suggestions above: Bag appetit, purse porn, and the cute one…….money shots.

    or how about:

    It’s all in the bag
    Bag This!
    Bag Vogue

  • Maddy

    Visual Obsession
    Visions of Obsession
    Gallery of Obsession
    Shared Obsessions
    tPF Palette

  • Sasha

    “beauté de bourse”

    “purse beauty”

    “maze of purses”

    “handbag motif”

    “pocketbook power”

  • Rachel

    Purse Portraits



    Sublime Shots

    Vlad and Bag


    Purse Forum Photostream

    Frame by Frame

    Photo Posts

    Picture Posts

  • reneeluvscoach

    hippie chic
    mutual obsessions
    they speak to me…
    a part of me
    a window into my purse-onality
    chic obsessions
    we are one
    who am I today?
    who should I be today? (etc.)
    split purse-onalities
    swingin’ with my bag
    Me and my…
    multiple purse-onalities
    bag ladies
    access baggage
    love me…love my bag
    art’s in the bag

  • ikny

    Artistic Purseonality
    (Arm) candy store
    Purseonal Profile

  • samoxenina

    Bagzhibit…as in exhibit

  • Jayde123

    Purse-onal Pix
    Shutter Bag
    Glam Cam
    Glamorous Cameras

  • Charmed05

    a coupe more….

    Bag Vista
    The Purse Scene

  • ASB

    Art meets life

  • Eileen

    Famous Mugshots
    Fab Mugshots – Guilty As Charged
    Mugshot Madness
    Mugshot Masterpiece(s)

  • Ath

    purseonal portraits

  • Raquelle

    The Purse de Résistance

    A Purse is Worth a Thousand Pictures

    The Family Purse Album

    Purse Family Portraits

    Precious Purse Moments

    Picture Perfect Purses

  • hipnycmom

    Purse-uit of Beauty

  • hipnycmom

    In (or The) Purse-uit of Beauty

  • Raquelle

    ^^not sure why the accent mark over the ‘e’ didn’t turn up…^^

    ‘The Purse de Resistance’

  • luvhautecouture

    @PurseBlog top of my head: purse gallery, bag museum, handbag salon?? i’ll keep thinking!! haha

    those are the ones i tweeted, but never got received!

  • sneha khan

    bag glam
    purse ethics/ bag ethics
    bag it or square it
    blog the bag
    HBs in the house!
    bag it on

  • Henna

    Finishing Touches
    Accessory Art
    Pretty Pictures
    Handbag Heaven
    Style It Up
    Glam Gallery
    Candid Camera
    Hot Shots
    Share the Love

  • Henna

    PB Pictures

  • Charlie

    Vlad “Spy” eye (yes, pun intend)
    The Savvy Room (although it wouldn’t really apply because it is TPF not savvy)
    Purselicious Room
    Bags to the Future!
    The Purse Blog Big Shot Room
    Purse Track

    I give up because all the above names are pretty cool and mine will more likely not be chosen O_O

  • apsara85

    i dont know if its already in but..

  • hipnycmom

    Purse of the Moment

  • hipnycmom


  • C

    Arm Art
    hAuRTe couture
    tpg (the purse gallery)
    143: I love BAG
    The Purse Dictionary
    The Bag Dictionary
    Handbag Dictionary
    Handbag Lookbook

  • C

    Beauty is in the eye of the Bag-Holder
    Beauty is only bag deep

  • ZippyWho



    Monument of the Hot Bag

    Hot Handbag

    Handbag Photo

    The It Bag To See Gallery

    The Hottie Bag Photo

    Got To See That Bag

  • LVBabydoll

    “Purse Pictorial”
    “Centerfolds of the Purseblog”
    “Handbag Centerfolds”

  • Beautylicious

    Purse Point a View
    Purse in Depth
    Purse Zoom
    Purse View
    Purse Flash
    Purse Fashion
    Purse Power
    Purse Paradise
    Power of the Purse
    Purse A Go-Go
    Purse Delight
    Purse Exposure
    Portraits du Sac
    Viva La Purse

  • laloki

    Bags, Bagels & Baguettes (first 3 letters of each word = bag)

  • Piper

    Fashion Satchel
    Satchel Fashion
    Wicked Purse
    Hot Tote

  • laloki


  • Linda

    “Candid Purse” or “Candid Purses”

  • Piper

    Bag Craze
    Bag Fever
    Purse fever
    Purse to do
    Bag Rage
    Purse Rage
    Bag Trend
    Purse Trend
    Satchel Runway
    Bag Runway
    Purse Runway

  • N. Tosca

    Bagged and Mounted
    Shutter Bag
    Decent Exposure
    Portrait of a Woman’s Life
    Bag a Hag (ok, I was just kidding with that one ;) )
    Snap Shot
    Voyeur (*this is my favorite one, it says it all with a little naughtyness. Why not, bags are sexy!*)
    Le Sac Voyeur

  • Mango

    Traveling Bags
    Traveling Purses
    Purse-uit of Art

  • Piper

    Purse Addiction
    Purse Fad
    Bag Fad
    Bag Mode
    Purse Mode
    Clutch a Tote
    Bag Gem
    Hand Candy

  • Piper

    Bag Culture
    Purse Culture
    Bag My Life
    Purse My Life
    Bag Envy

  • laloki


    The Darkroom

    Expurseure (pronounced like exposure)

    Purse on Film

  • Socaltrojan

    Hot Topics
    Haute Topics
    Purse Party
    Gallery of Purses
    Handbag Showcase
    Handbags to Heaven
    The Galleria
    The Gallery
    Purse Gallery
    Gallery of Handbags
    Bag Gallery
    Popular Purses
    Purse Mania
    Purse Place
    Picture Perfect
    Picture Perfect Purse
    Picture This
    The Bag Showcase
    The Purse Show
    The Bag Show
    The Handbag Show
    The Handbag Showcase
    The Purse Showcase
    Bag Barn
    Purse Barn
    Project Purses
    PurseBlog’s Handbag Heaven
    The Handbag Heaven
    Purse Emporium
    Handbag Emporium
    Bag Emporium
    The Bag Emporium
    The Purse Emporium
    The Handbag Emporium
    Arte d’PurseBlog
    Arte d’Hangbag
    Arte d’Purse
    Purse Spectacular
    PurseBlog’s Purse Spectacular
    PurseBlog’s Purse Pics
    PurseBlog’s Purse Pix
    PurseBlog’s Purse Showcase
    PurseBlog’s Handbag Showcase
    PurseBlog’s Bag Showcase
    PurseBlog’s Bag Splash
    PurseBlog’s Purse Place
    PurseBlog’s Purse Gallery
    PurseBlog’s Handbag Gallery
    PurseBlog’s Pic Zone
    PurseBlog’s Purse Zone
    PurseBlog’s Purse Pictorial
    PurseBlog’s Picture Perfect Purses
    PurseBlog’s Purse Exhibit
    PurseBlog’s Handbag Exhibit
    PurseBlog’s Bag Exhibit
    Handbag Heap
    Purse Palace
    The Purse Zone
    Purse Verse
    Handbag Swag
    Haute Handbags
    Haute Purses
    Haute Bags
    Purse Land
    Handbag Land
    Bag Land
    Purse Pictorial
    Purse Exhibition
    Handbag Exhibition
    Bag Exhibition
    The Purse Exhibit
    The Bag Exhibit
    The Handbag Exhibit
    A Purse Life
    The Purse World
    The Handbag World
    The Bag World

    That’s all for now LOL!!! :-D I hope you pick one of mine VLAD!!!


    Purse Stories
    Diary of a bag
    The life of a purse
    Lifestyle of a bag
    In the bag
    Bag Culture
    Bag treasures

  • purse-nality

    a-Purse-ture (as in lens aperture)
    purse pose
    purse stills
    purse & shoot
    capturing purseverance
    bag xposed
    a bag’s life
    a day in a bag’s life
    through our lens
    a glimpse through our lens
    purse blog lens library
    caught on cam

  • sabine

    love at first shot

    glance away

    picture your bag

    a shot at love

    peace, love & bags

    picture this

    imagine all the bags

  • Leothelnss, Cassie

    Eye of the Bagholder
    Bagtography in Motion

  • Carolyn

    Purse Obscura

  • Erin

    Portable Art

  • [coco]

    Photo Phabulous

    Photo Fabulous

  • [coco]

    Pimp my Purse

    ….lol, sorry….

  • kerrie

    snap to it
    picture perfect
    mad bags
    dreaming of you
    bag center
    famous bags
    dont you wish
    bags are a girls best friend
    do you see what i see

  • mwill

    Posing Purses
    Eye Candy

  • mia bella


  • JJ

    I can only think of one and I don’t know if it’s been mentioned already (too many to read!!)

    Up Close-n-Pursenal

    (you know, a play on words — Up Close-n-Personal??)

  • JJ

    Shoot — I hit Submit too soon!

    I also meant to type
    Up Close and “Purse”nal!!!

  • mel

    valise de la mode
    sachet de la mode
    sac de la mode
    poche de la mode
    falzar de la mode
    emporcher de la mode
    mettre le grappin sur de le mode
    faucher de la mode
    piquer de la mode
    tuer de la mode
    mettre en sac de la mode
    ensacher de la mode

    these can be capitalised ^^^ if you wish!

  • purse-nality

    bag habits
    bad bag habits

  • Lauri Dewar


  • Debbie

    It’s in the Bag!

    Bag of Luxury

    The Bag Closet

    Purse Hangout

    Shoulder This

    Bag of Dreams

    Glory Bags

    Handle This

    Port of Bags

    Purse Luxury

    B – Beautiful
    A – And
    G – Gorgeous

    Lair of Bags


  • Katwoman

    Artsy Purse Shots

  • C

    photos don’t lie

  • pltprincess

    Shutter Bags
    Chic Shots
    Shoulder View
    Exposed to Light
    Vlad’s Visuals
    Designer Darkroom
    Snapped Sac
    Purses Posed

  • nillacobain

    Purse, say: Cheese!
    Our Purses as pieces of Art
    MOMP: Musemum of Modern Purses
    One shot, one new Purse

  • Lisa M.

    Purse Pics
    Picturesque Purse Moment
    Museum Moment
    Picturesque Purseblog Moment
    More than a 1000 words
    The Purseblog Portfolio
    Pictorial Purseblog Moment
    Purseblog Pictorials
    Captured Light
    Purseblog Pin-Ups
    Purse Pin-Ups
    Handbag Parade
    I Spy..The Handbag Spotlight
    Purseblog’s Macro Moment
    F-Stop Bag Spotlight
    Macro Moment
    Purseblog Close-Up
    Handbag Portraits
    Purse Portraits

  • sac-a-main

    Bag Shots
    Purse Parazzi
    Sac-It 2 U
    Sac-It To You
    Sac-It To Me
    Sac-a-main Central
    Bag Fix
    BAGstract ART
    Bag Luv or BagLuv
    Bag Love or BagLove

  • sac-a-main

    Bag View or BagView

  • sac-a-main

    Bag Views or BagViews

  • sac-a-main

    BagNews or Bag News
    Vlad Bag News

  • sac-a-main

    Vlad Bag Views
    Vlad Bag View

  • Andie

    Beauty is only leather deep

    Enabling Bag Addiction

    Bag Addiction Enabler

    Bag Ban – broken by beauty

    Manifestations of Lust

    Manifestations of Desire

    Purse Photography: To convince your husband to accept the charges

    Handbags: The model that’s easy to work with

  • sac-a-main

    Vlads Bag Views
    Vlads Bag News

  • sac-a-main

    Bag News

  • Gappgirl18

    Poppin’ Purses
    Sugar Shack
    I Want Arm Candy!
    Perfect Purse
    A Purse Speaks A Thousand Words!
    Picture Perfect Purses

  • sac-a-main


  • TygerKitty

    One more…

    Fashion Film

  • sac-a-main

    Sac Central
    Sac central

  • hindel


    Purse-inal Pics

    Our “baby” pics

    a pic worth a 1000 words or 1000s of dollars

    well spent

  • sac-a-main

    Bag Attitude

  • sac-a-main

    Bag-A-holics Aye!
    Bag-A-holics A
    Bag-A-holics I
    Bag-A-holics Eye

  • Linda

    Closet Envy

  • Habanerita

    Peek a Bag!
    Bagbabies uncensored!
    Bags Unleashed!
    L’image du Bag
    Objects of our desire!
    Share the Vision!
    Visual Bag Art!
    From the Eye of the Beholder!
    Obsessive images!

  • Habanerita

    Peek a Purse!

  • Jessica

    Purse Portraits
    Style Eyes
    The Show-Me Gallery
    Picture It

  • Kim

    Picture This Bag!
    Pic a Bag!
    Let me see!

  • NagaJolokia

    Bags of Pixels

    Purse “Angles” from Heaven

    Bags En Vogue

    Project Handbag

    The Purse Frame

    Shoot the Bag!

  • twdavis


  • chinkyi23

    Bag envy
    Purse Gallery
    Purse Showroom
    Lights Camera Purse
    “Say Purse” ( as in say cheese) lol
    Purse Couture

  • wendy

    Picture Pursespectives
    Picture Purse-fect
    The Artful Purse
    The Artful Bag
    Model Purses

  • Grace

    purse island
    purse aisle
    1-2-3 BAG!
    bag-a lisa
    purse file

  • NL3181

    Strike a Purse

  • lulilu

    Vlad bagged that photo
    Frame that bag

  • Cassiopeia

    Ok, here are a few of my ideas. Hope there are no repeats :)

    The Art of Obsession
    Handbag Journalism
    A Look Inside: Journey of a handbag

  • sheana

    “Bag Paparazzi”

    “Bag Portrait Gallery”

    “The Red Carpet”


  • Devon

    Handbag Captured
    Bag Culture
    Snapshots of Envy

  • sweet

    purse monologues



    bags and the city

    the chronicles of the purse

  • sweet

    i meant the chronicles of a purse

  • Rachel

    picture perfect

  • Irishlass1029


    Photo Op


    I’m Ready for My Close-up

    Show Your Pursenality

    Vlad Bag

    Conception d’Art


    Bag Artistry

  • eorchid

    Haute Photoure

    Portrait of a Handbag

    Les Tableaux Vivants

  • shopmom


    For Your Eyes Only

    The Runway Collection

    Picture Me Perfect

    Through the Lens of Time

    One Eye Shut

    Project Runway: BAGathon

    “Perfect! I like that shot!”

    The Artful Eye: Bag Runway

    Strike a Pose

    Click! All eyes on you

  • Brintee

    Second Skin
    Second Skin Shots
    Purse Paparazzi
    Purse Exposure
    Bag Exposure
    Bags in CMYK
    Bags in RGB
    Zoom Bags

  • renee

    shutter bag

  • bunnymasseuse

    purse al natural (any any variations of the word naturale)
    bag al natural (any any variations of the word naturale)
    pictures (or purses) of investment
    shots on the arm
    shots on the go
    the purse papperazzi (please forgive my lack of spell check)

    don’t forget fellow posters, do a ctrl-F and search this page to see if your suggestion has already been submitted.

  • the_bagaholic

    Haute Shots
    For Your Eyes Only

  • Arlene P

    I’m Ready For My My Close-Up!
    Point and Shoot
    Picture This
    Visual Arts
    Keep Looking!
    Our Best Shots!

  • Gina

    Glam Bag-jour

    Bag du jour

    Purse du jour

    Bag in motion

    Purse in motion

    TP Freeze frame

    BITC! (Bags in the City)

  • Sally T

    Purse Couture
    Purse Walk
    P-urr-se Walk

  • Sandra

    Whats in a bag?

    Bag Couture

    Smile please

  • Lizabeth

    Must Love Bags

    Love The One Your With….

    Love The Bag Your With…

  • Fei (Cindy05)

    Pixel Perfect
    Bagtastic Exposure

  • anne

    The Visual Banquet

  • Kristen

    Girls on film
    Money Shot

  • the_bagaholic

    Purse Perspective
    Bag Bliss
    Heavenly Handbags
    Bagaholics Unanimous!

  • the_bagaholic

    I Spy…

  • Fei (Cindy05)

    Up Close and Purs(e)onal

  • the_bagaholic

    The Purseonality Page

  • Margaret

    Leather Lust

    Purse Pinups

    Purse Pixels

    Bag Boudoir

    Peeping Purses

  • anna

    Purse Perfect
    Photogenic Purse
    I Leica Purse

  • Michelle Adan


  • the_bagaholic

    Accessory Alley
    Objects of Obsession
    Accessorize this!

  • the_bagaholic

    Haute… or not?

  • renee

    Pouchette vignette

  • Joyce

    -Bag Safari

  • Unbeknownst

    Purse Snapshots

  • Mika

    TPF’s Purse Closet
    Amanda’s Closet
    In Focus!
    TPF’s FAB – Fabulous Adorable Bags
    The Bags We Love

  • Pinkcaviar

    The Purse Gallery
    Purse Vogue
    Purse Magazine
    Purse Lookbook


  • Courtney

    The Bag Life
    In the Bag
    Purse Strings

  • Vida from Milan

    Too much purses
    Borse per la vita (Bags4life)
    Chicce dal mondo (Pearls from the world)

  • kathy

    Arm Candy for the Eyes

    Visual Delights

    Lustful images

    Bags of Art

    tpf Caught on flim




    Camera View

  • Vida from Milan

    The purse carpet
    Fruits of the shops

  • Zarka

    bag images

    Purse images

    Purse webphotomatic

  • valerieb

    tPF Photo Booth

  • the_bagaholic

    The Diva “StyleList”
    No Comment…
    Craving Couture?
    The Bag Blitz
    The Hautest Trends
    The “Must-Haves” for the “Have-nots”
    So many bags, so little time…
    The Vogue Voyeur
    Vive la Fashionista!
    Calling all Divas!
    To drool, or not to drool… That is the question!
    Anatomy of a Handbag
    Bagstract Art
    The Haute Spot

  • the_bagaholic

    On the Quest for Couture

  • the_bagaholic

    Got bags? (as in “Got milk?”, LOL!)

  • the_bagaholic

    Couture Cafe

  • Desi

    I like a lot of the ones mentioned above!!

    I think it should still remains in the line of “purse” as well…

    Purse Paparazzi


    Purse Snaps (from Mock!)

    Purse Couture

    Purse Envision

    Purse Fancy

    Purse Pix

  • the_bagaholic

    The Style Spot
    Style Watch
    The Cool Spot (as in “totally cool”)
    The Purse Post
    I’ll have what she’s having…

  • the_bagaholic

    Couture du jour

  • Ally

    the purse peepshow
    it’s all in the details
    lust worthy pics
    i wanna see you real close up
    the flashing lights

  • renee

    Vlad’s Vignette

  • the_bagaholic

    Haute Flashes

  • M

    Still life in leather
    Frame Bags

  • M

    Frame this bag

  • M

    Tote tableaux
    Hobo tableaux

  • Christie

    hmm..here are some more
    view from the top
    flawless photos
    purse-fect (like perfect)
    still frames

  • Christie C.

    hobo photos
    strap on inspiration
    image purse-pective
    art clasp (like art class)
    pretty in purse
    fashion photos
    purse-ography ( like photograohy)
    grab bag
    creativity corner
    pursue your craving
    purse passion
    blissful image

    thanks so much!

  • ZG

    Purse Flash!
    Bag Flash!
    Purse Shots
    It’s in the bag!
    Modern Purse
    Modern Bag
    Bag Art
    Purse Art
    All about the bag!

  • JenGal

    Purse Perspective
    Bags In Vision
    Bags in Focus

  • SKelly www.theworldlywriter.com

    Snap! Snap!
    Snap ‘Em Up!
    Zoom In
    Through the Lens
    Nikon-ic Bags

  • Gappgirl18

    Purse Seduction

  • Christie C.

    i thought of some more…

    the purse-uit of happyness
    penny for your purses
    penny for your purses but a dollar for your handbags

    thanks :)

  • Gin

    I didn’t see this one:

    Vlad bags

    Like glad bags