We know that some of you have already registered over at Ideeli and have had issues registering for this giveaway. Fear not, you are definitely able to register, just select the appropriate link below. GOOD LUCK!

For those of you are already registered at Ideeli, Click here to enter the giveaway.

Note: If you are experiencing issues entering, please contact Deirdre Sullivan at Ideeli directly, she will make sure to bump your status. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For those of you have NOT registered at Ideeli, Click here to enter the giveaway.

Are you suffering from the post-holiday blues? The holidays are over, the 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway is over and you still find yourself wishing for a new handbag. Well, this month, Ideeli is sponsoring an amazing giveaway. I am sure most of you have seen if not drooled over one of the the oh so coveted Balenciaga Bags. Ideeli brings you the Balenciaga City Bag in black.

Yes, you are seeing clearly. This month, you have the chance to win this gorgeous bag. Celebs love it, handbag lovers love it, let’s face it, this bag is a knockout. The downright soft and touchable vintage crafted lambskin looks will only get better as the handbag ages. This is the kind of bag that can handle as much as you might put it through. Whether you make this your staple or use it as a handbag you take out for special occasions, you are bound to proudly carry it for years to come. This giveaway begins January 5th, and will end February 5th. All you need to do is register over at Ideeli. Once you register, you are in the running and after the winner is randomly selected, we will notify everyone who won.

Good Luck and thanks again to Ideeli!

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  • Z&J

    OMG! This is an AMAZING prize!

  • Zarka

    What if you are already registered with Ideeli….You don’t get to enter the giveaway?… Just a thought…

  • Ruth

    OMG! This is my holy grail bag! What an incredible prize! My only question….I am already registered at Ideeli! Does that mean that I’m not eligible??!?!?!?!

  • Jae


    What do you do if you’re already registered at Ideeli?

  • Ruthie4

    This is my favorite, favorite bag! My “someday I’ll splurge” bag! This is so great. Thank you!

  • sophie-rose

    omg!! best give-away EVER!!!

  • i_wona

    Another amazing prize – surely this one will generate the same frenzy the chanel flap giveaway did that time?!

  • evette

    My favorite!

  • Denisse

    Amazing bag!! thanks for all these great giveaways

  • Sherry Gibbs

    Registered!! Thanks!

  • Zarka

    Please can someone tell the already registered members what to do for this giveaway….Or should I give up on the ” Balenciaga handbag” giveaway…:C

  • Aneike

    OMG this bag is to die for!! i have been shopping around for the best deals!!

  • Evelina

    Registered, now have everything crossed and hoping, hoping, hoping….

  • J Chaborek

    That’s a fine bag! I’m registered!

  • Kelly

    Again, can someone tell us what to do if we are already registered at ideeli???? Thanks!

  • Kim

    YES…please tell those of us already registered what to do! It doesn’t show up on Ideeli as a giveaway that we can sign up for.

  • Linda Criswell

    Nice Bag

  • Eliza@HoneyShed

    This bag is great and I want it super bad! Just signed up for the promotion – fingers crossed!

  • Katy

    I am already registered… Do I still qualify??? I love this bag!

  • Ashley

    Also wondering what to do since I’m already registered with ideeli. I’d still to qualify for the drawing!

  • anonymous

    yep me too im registered, how does it work for us members who are registered?

  • Black Beauty

    Perhaps soon this bag will be mine!

  • Amanda

    PLEEASE tell me we still have a shot at winning if we have alreadyh registered? (my HG is this bag so please make it possible megs/vlad)

  • Kristel

    I’m already a member.. is there a way members can sign up to win the City Bag?

  • Vq

    OMG! I want this bag!

  • Nessahhh

    Do I qualify if I’m already signed up for idelli? And how about if I’m in Canada? What are the contest rules!? This is such an awesome bagggggg

  • Kellan

    Ooooh, I always wanted a Balenciaga bag!!!!! That one is stunning! Good luck to all those who have entered!

  • MH

    Yes, can someone please tell us if registered members can enter this giveaway?? I’ve never won a giveaway and this would be a GREAT prize to win!!

  • Camille

    What do we do if we’re already registered?

  • apple

    i want it dearly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andie

    I know that generally winners of your contests can be international, but Ideeli only gives their prizes to people in the US. Go we have to be from the US to qualify because it is sponsered by Ideeli? Thanks!

  • gooddog

    Oh this is a dream bag for sure. I only carry black or gray bags, this would be a perfect addition!

  • suzzeee

    There seems to be a problem if you’re already registered and try to enter – when I click on that link, it times out and won’t connect to register me for the contest. Anyone else have this problem??

  • Cathy

    im having the same problem. its kinda frustrating. =[

  • Nanette

    same problem as well. i am able to get to the login screen from the link above, and click enter….but the next page errors out.

  • Azure

    This is an awesome prize! Thank you, tPF for allowing us an opportunity to win!

  • edanna

    I LOVE BAL!!! That bag is sooo smooshy soft and squishy it’s… it’s to die for! No wonder it’s so popular. It’s a cute bag and really stylish and trendy. I just signed up for it. Oh, my HG bag is part of a contest! I lust for her everyday.

    Thanks TPF and ideeli for this contest. good luck to those who entered. :)

  • Juilin

    I had registered by email…and became a 2nd row member, so it’s not necessary to be 1st row member to win this bag, right? Thx.

  • Cats

    Same problem here, if you’re already registered with ideeli, you can’t seem to enter this contest. What’s up with that?????

  • hong


  • L

    Ugh…Ya, same issues here. I’m already registered with Ideeli, but when I click the link to enter I get an error page/times out. UGHHHH! I really, really want to enter this contest!!!!!!!!! Anyone have any suggestions or figured out how to get this resolved…Ne1 having the same issue, but finally get to enter?? Thx!

  • Daniellesmommy

    Having same issues..its not working…why has no one responded to these problems we are having?

  • Silly B


  • Jean

    I registered my email address then it quit on me, I do not know if I got to enter for the Bal bag or not. There was no confirmation page. Sigh, I want to win it so bad!!

  • Melissa

    Ahhh **fingers crossed**

  • Julianne

    OOO great bag this month! I’m crossing my fingers!!!


    OMG! I can’t believe I almost missed this giveaway. A chance to win back my beloved black city bag!

  • Kitty

    Be careful what you wish for. I registered 2 days ago and have received 3 e-mails a day from them ever since.

  • Teri

    The new link for existing ideeli members still isn’t working. The first time it just bounced me back to the purseblog post; I tried again and it sent me to an error page. aargh.

  • JL

    Holy grail bag!

    Is this open to Canadian residents? I’m pretty sure it isn’t but i want to double check! Thanks!

  • L

    Still getting that same error….UGHHHHHHHHHH!! This sucks!!!!! >:-/

  • Melissa

    Just registered. I LOVE this bag!!! Thanks!

  • kaleetp

    I’m registered at Ideeli, hope I’M THE LUCKY ONE NOW….

  • erika

    I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED THIS BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am so poor and i would die if i could just touch it let alone see it everyday in my hands.

  • Threshold

    Stunning bag! Would love to sport it to all my meetings, events, and activities; show off to others who also enjoy “handbag porn.” :-D

  • lvmhgirl

    Gorgeous bag!!!

  • styleaddict

    I’d LOVE to win this bag! It would truly be a dream come true!

  • Jean

    I came back to try to register again as it didn’t let me last time. This time it’s not working, either. I am now registered at Ideeli which I did on their site but I still do not know if I’m in this BB drawing yet. sigh. It just bounces me back to tPF then times out.

  • Hannah

    I registered! What a beautiful bag… it’s gorgeous! :)

  • jennifer

    im registered but there seems to be an error. i hope there is mythical fairy dust on me cuz i sooo want this bag!

  • L

    Ya, I don’t know if I’m entered either. I’m already registered and keep getting an error/timing out. I emailed “Deidre” on 1/14 at the link above, but haven’t heard back as to whether or not I’m entered. No confirmation. So I don’t know what to think. Waahhh…. :-(

  • t

    I hope I’m entered as well. I’ll contact Deirdre to make sure. I would do anything for this gorgeous bag!

  • Helen

    omg, its my hg bag! I just registered, but how do you know you’re entered into the draw????

  • caL

    same problem!! how do i know i’m in for the draw?
    awesome bag… have been my goal to get one!

  • gloria

    i never won anything in my life ever !!! maybe im lucky this time , by the way i killed myself looking for tho old type of balenciaga but i haven’t found any and the one i was looking for was black 2 !!! i wish i could get it ……

  • Dolores Olsen

    I have never seen a better looking black bag than this one, It is perfect and I would really reallty like to have it.

  • alex

    do we know the winner yet?