Purse Blog/Belen Echandia Exclusive BagI know, I know, we’ve been teasing you for quite some time now. I bet there are some of you out there who have been waiting for the Purse Blog/Belen Echandia handbag reveal! Well, today is the day folks. You’ve voted on the aspects of this exclusive bag. We’ve told you about the winning dimensions. Today, not only do you get a chance to see what this bag looks like, but you also get a chance to win it!!!

Now that the Purse Blog/Belen Echandia bag has been created, we’d like to give you a chance to win it! Yes, we love doing giveaways, but one of the best parts of this giveaway is that YOU helped design the bag! Belen Echandia is a very popular brand over at the Purse Forum. Known for the great leather, attention to detail and amazing personal touch, your first Belen Echandia will not be your last.

Purse Blog Belen Echandia Exclusive Bag Inside This bag is fabulous. A fabulous purple hobo can be yours! And you know, this isn’t just any handbag. In fact, Belen Echandia recently launched their hobo design so you can be one of the firsts to own a BE hobo! The color and hardware combination is gorgeous. Supple, purple leather and bright blue lining go better together than any of us could have imagined. In fact, it is basically a perfect pairing of two uber popular colors.

So, enough about the bag right? Are you ready to win? Follow the simple directions below to enter to win this EXCLUSIVE bag!

How to enter: Click here, head over to Belen Echandia and on the home page, under Collections, find your favorite bag. Then come back here, enter your pick and why you like that bag in our comments section below this post.

When: This giveaway runs from Monday, May 18th through Sunday, May 31st.

How you can win: One entry per person and the winner will be randomly selected.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • renee

    Of course I love the new hobo! But, other than that I adore the Hold me. I like the simplicity of it and the fucia lining. I have been patiently waiting for it in black, but think I may just have to custom order it per Rose.

  • renee


  • Tammy

    I absolutely love the Hug Me in Black Crash. Wow. This beautiful bag oozes with style while being practical with its 3 compartments. Love it, love it, love it.

  • Carol

    LOVE BE!! I have several of the newer bags, but still love the “old school” Love Me; that’s my fav! But I am thrilled to see the new hobo, it looks great.

    The BE leathers are incredible and the BE customer service is the best. Jackie and her team work very hard to make sure her customers get exactly what they requested.

    It’s great to see BE in the spotlight!!

  • miko

    I love the Clutch Me in purple python.

    I also love Take Me Away in black or chocolate and the Take Me Anywhere in pink.

    These bags are hot!

  • Janet

    Ohhhh~~~ I Love the Black Crash Hug Me! The Take me Take Me Anywhere in pink is also a close favortie… All the bags look so yummy~!

  • Misha

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Take Me Everywhere in red and the Love Me in Turquoise comes in at a close second. I love how classic yet ‘new’ these bags are. They are not overdone, the colors are rich, and the size and shape are just delightful! I especially love the detailing on the straps – too cute! Love these bags!!!! :)

  • Rasha

    I really liked the take me anywhere bag simply Becauseit it is really take me anywhere :)

  • Tanis

    I am in love with the Black Crash Hug Me as well!

  • Merve

    I keep asking the black python to clutch me :)

  • eorchid

    Taupe TME Midi

    Perfect color on the outside and inside! Love the compartment separation in the bag and lovely colors. A perfect every day bag!

  • Christie C.

    I love this bag!!! The color combo is gorgeous, and it’s the perfect size:)

    I also love this bag:
    The Cobalt Love Me Midi…o-m-g! sooo fabulous!!

    Thank You Thank You!!!

  • Violet

    Take Me Everywhere Midi in Petrol – great all-around bag!

  • Dominic

    I like the “Love Me” design best. The shape of the bag is quite appealing and the great colors available really catch my eye.

  • Chi-Chi

    I’m in love with the Take me anywhere in tan. I’m planning a trip to Paris this summer and I think it would be the perfect bag to hold all my things for a day of sightseeing without looking like a tourist and allow me to go directly to a restaurant afterward and look like I eat there everyday :0)

  • Nadia

    I love the Pewter Love Me Mini – the proportions are divine and the metallic is eye-catching but still subtle. The lollipop lining adds a touch of whimsy. Gorgeous!

  • Ruth

    I don’t yet own a BE bag…but the Hug Me (especially in Dark Grey Glossy) is beckoning! It looks like a smooshable, yummy, huggable ball of deliciousness. The shape is brilliant in its simplicity, and I imagine that one day soon, it will indeed be part of my collection!

  • Michelle

    Love me, love me, say that you love me! Sorry, ‘Lovefool’ by The Cardigans played in my mind the instant I saw the aptly named bag. All the bags by BE are absolutely gorgeous but if I had to choose one, it will have to be Love Me in taupe with bright pink lining. I chose this bag because the colour, hardware, shape and size will match my travel bags perfectly and will make a fashionable yet roomy travel tote. Ah, gotta travel in style! :)

  • SKelly: www.theworldlywriter.com

    I love the Hold Me in mottled gold. The style is classic and yet not “stuffy,” it holds a LOT but us easy to rifle through. The mottled gold adds a bit of flair but doesn’t scream obnoxious as gold lame’ would, and it looks lovely with the pink interior.

  • kristen

    i love the whisper to me midi in pink, the color is fun and i like the different options you have to wear the bag!

  • Karen

    I love all the bags but I must say I keep turning to the Whisper to Me Midi in Pink! It’s such a beautiful color and I think the bag is so cute! I love how it’s the perfect size and the bag can be worn on the shoulder or on the elbow! <3333

  • Lancers

    the Love me!

  • Brooke

    I love the Take Me Anywhere in tan. The leather is beautiful and looks like a great everyday bag.

  • Denise

    There are a lot of great bags, so it was hard to narrow it down to just one, but I’d have to say my favorite is the “Black Crash Large Stroke Me” bag. I really like the unique, non-traditional shape of it and really love the fact that it has plenty of room to hold all of my many belongings!

  • Shari

    I love love love the apple green love me bag. It’s the perfect size and in my favorite color of all time!

  • Zarka

    This season, I loveeeeeeeee the plum crash Make me smile midi…Well I like all their bags…:D

  • Vera

    I love the new hobo! Of the current season, I love the Colbalt Love Me Midi! Nice marriage of beautiful, striking color and design with functionality. I can’t wait to see the new messenger bag!

  • Robyn

    Well other than the new Enchant Me hobo, which is my brand new favorite… I LOVE the Whisper To Me Midi in pewter with fuscia lining! Perfect!! :)

  • Fumie

    I love the take me everywhere midi in PINK! A nice size bag that is large enough of all of your stuff w/o looking too bulky in a very pretty pink!

  • barbarabaker

    I absolutely love the Whisper to Me Midi bag and would die to have it…I love it because it’s just the right size for what I want, the color is perfect for every outfit I put on and the bag is just plain beautiful to me!!!!

    Terrific bags (all of them). I would love to be the winner of your giveaway so please, please, PLEASE count me in!!!!!
    -barbarabaker :)

  • Mishie

    I love pink so I love the pink Love me with gold hardware the most!

  • Nguyen

    It’s difficult to pick one favorite but if I have to then it’s the Love Me. I love the details of the braided straps and the 2 front zipper pockets are both aesthetic and functional. It’s one of a few bags that also looks good when worn cross body.

  • Louise

    WTM – it’s got it all – but I love all the bags. The biggest attraction being able to have any colour you want. I really like the look of this new hobo – the stitching, like the straps on the WTM, really make it stand out. Congrats Jackie another beauty.

  • Jenova

    I love the Take Me Anywhere (TMA) because it is totally unique to Belen Echandia and strikes me as a completely timeless style.

    If I was to choose one from stock it would be the subtle and elegant Taupe. If I commissioned a special one via BE Couture, I would opt for Dark Purple Matte leather, with a red lining and silver hardware. I think that would be the most dramatic bag in the universe!

  • Dulce

    Love the bag you have featured…and love the TAKE ME ANYWHERE in tan. It looks like it would be fun to carry.

  • Olivia

    If I really have to choose a favorite BE bag, I would choose the Take Me Everywhere Midi in Black Crash. I love the shape, the handles, the leather and its versatility in terms on how and when I can wear it. Love it!

  • Rashmi

    Oh my GOD! I’m in love with the new Hobo Enchant Me!!! I could not take my eyes off the hobo. It’s simple, trendy and still has the quality of luring the eyes of passers by!! And I LOVE the color as well as the leather and the size looks perfect for a hobo.

    I hope I win this time.

  • Eastcoastgirl

    My favourite would be the Love Me Midi in tan. It looks like a great bag with just the right amount of detail and interest and I think the tan would be a versatile choice coming into the summer months. Having said that, the “Enchant Me” certainly includes elements of the “Love Me” and could also be warmly welcomed into my wardrobe!!

  • ChristineNY

    My absolute favorite is the Adore me in fuschia. It is the perfect size, nice shape and a fabulous color.

  • tlloveshim

    My favorite bag is the take me everywhere midi. It looks like such a plain jane bag but it is the perfect bag to show off beautiful leathers such as matte tan or pebbled chocolate glossy! It’s easy to carry, has plenty of room for all your necessities and more and is classic so it won’t go out of style any time soon! I love my tme midi!

  • Melody

    The Enchant Me HAS to be my favorite. The purple, the detailing, the straps, the tassels, EVERYTHING about this bag is gorgeous! Huge congrats on BE and Purse Blog for an amazing bag choice! :D

  • Davina

    My favourite is the love me mini is fuschia. It’s an adorable shape, holds tons and works as both a funky work bag and a great weekend bag!

  • Jenny S

    Ever since being a member here, I’ve been dreaming about carrying a hobo of my dreams.. and finally I see one today! “Enchant Me”, what a perfect name for a bag with a tasty style and color! I think all BE bags look effortlessly chic! But my all time favorite would be the Make Me Smile Midi. I can see myself carrying this bag for work and on the weekends, and imagine getting compliments by strangers.. :D I will certainly get my hands on it when I’ve saved enough, maybe for both pewter and black!

  • Weaslgrl

    Take Me Everywhere Midi in Fuscia!

  • 19yearslater

    Take Me Anywhere in cobalt or fuchsia because the slouch is great but not too sloppy because of the handles, I love the outer pockets, and it looks easy to take from casual to dressy. You could- well, take it anywhere. I really love the background for the shoot as well. I’m so pleased with the Enchant Me too! Purple was a really nice choice because it stands out but many women love it. BE has a great naming system. The bags have titles that are catchy and easy to remember.

  • Alyson

    The Stroke Me in Purple Crash. This is the most beautiful color leather I have ever seen and I love the simplicity of the SM.

  • Paula

    I absolutely LOVE the LOVE ME…..so much in fact I own several. I would definitely purchase the new Hobo for first choice, in that gorgeous pebbled glossy purple, but for a Love Me…hmmmmmm…I would love one in the pearlized lilac or pink, with purple lining……It’s a hard choice. Simply stunning collection of beauties!

  • starkfan

    I’ve got to say I love the Love Me! I’m a sucker for a big bag with good organisation, and the Love Me definitely has that, with the two front zipper pockets and the zipped centre divider. I love the braiding detail on the handles, too, and the grommets for the drawstring! Add the fact that it’s easily convertible to a messenger, and I’m completely in love. Am trying to save up for a dark chocolate pebbled glossy Love Me for the future, too!

  • Laural

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’d say that the LOVE ME is at the top of my list. I love the size, shape and edgy detail.

  • Suzanne

    I love the new hobo- everything about it including the tassels and the stitching! Gorgeous!

  • Sylvia

    Take me away is my favorite style. The leather seems supple yet sturdy enough to keep the bag in shape. The tan color is amazing and it will match anything in my wardrobe, size is perfet. Not to big and not too smaill. I got to say though, that I am impressed about the quality of these bags and I think the names used are absolutely amazingly cool!! I love the idea, I feel like this bags is really asking me to take her away, to steal it and make her mine. Well, maybe I will :D

  • fuchsiafury

    Undoubtedly, my choice is the COBALT LOVE ME MIDI! What a headturner! The cobalt blue is so striking and the size makes it a perfect everyday bag. Its fluid structure means that it holds a lot without looking bulky. Love BE!

  • herblady

    If I couldn’t have the Dark Purple Enchant Me bag, my next choice would be the Take Me Anywhere in Cobalt. I have to carry a lotta lotta stuff and either one would fill the bill, PLUS they are my two favorite colors! I’m a jewel-tone kinda gal. :)

  • Monica

    It was hard to pick a favorite bag, but I think the Hug Me must be my favorite. It’s so interesting! And it looks so soft. I really love the tan color, the one the model is holding. What a pretty bag!

  • Dana12

    Love the Whisper to Me Midi!! Perfect size and I like the Petrol color. The giveaway bag is fabulous too!!

  • hannah

    I have a Love Me Mini in apple green that I absolutely adore. The LMM is a great style! Perfect size, adorable hardware.

  • Kellyanne

    My favourite Belen Echandia bag is the Love Me Midi in cobalt. I have recently purchased this bag and love wearing it. The LM is such a classic and easy style to wear and the cobalt blue is a stunning blue which goes with lots of my summer clothes!

  • kaity

    The Hug Me looks casual and large enough to be a functional everyday bag. The style is versatile, perfect for both a dressier work outfit and a relaxed weekend of running errands.

  • kristen

    I have to say the Love Me Mini in purple. I have a full size love me in dark grey but a mini in purple would be wonderful. The color is a great year round color and the size would be perfect for those days when I don’t need to carry the kitchen sink. i love the interior organization and the exterior pocket, too.

    This is a ba I’d take EVERYWHERE!

  • wgs

    Whisper to me in Silver….very rocker chic and versatile. Love it.

  • Jane

    I love my WTM midi in black glossy it still looks as good as the day I received it despite heavy wear, being thrown around and a couple of downpours of rain!! Thats what I call value for money

  • Lindi

    Plum Crash Gold TME. Beautiful bag…and WHAT a color! I’m sooo into purple purses,and this is one color I haven’t seen before – a metallic eggplant!

    I had never looked at the BE website before how. I LOVE the new TPF-designed bag AND many other other items I saw on their website. I will be purchasing my first BE soon!

  • Merty

    I like the Stroke Me black. It has such an awesome shape!

  • Simone

    Besides the MMS Midi I also like the Hug Me and the Be Mine styles a lot. There are just too many beautiful handbag styles and colors to choose from ;-)

  • Marnie

    My favorite is the WTM Midi in taupe grey matte. It looks great and is comfortable when worn crossbody, and I love the design on the front. It is my go-to bag at the moment.

  • Gin

    Needn’t go any further: the Enchant Me hobo bag in Dark Purple is the bag I adore. And desire. I just want to hug it, it looks soft and cuddly! I love hobos and I love this hobo in particular!

  • BeBe

    I LOVE the Take Me Anywhere in tan. The outside pockets are so great for phones, keys, etc… This looks like such a versatile bag & who can resist that scrumptious BE leather?

  • MJ

    I am drooling over the “Make Me Smile” midi in pewter- it really does make me smile! And it would go with practically everything!

  • Debbie

    the hug me in black crash, or even better, the tan one the model is holding. it just has such an amazing shape–classic, but interesting in an understated way, and undeniably pleasing to the eye. LOVE IT!

  • Har

    Hug me! Adore me! I couldn’t possibly choose. Hug me! No, wait: adore me! I think I’d want to hug Hug Me under my arm, if I could get it up on my shoulder. If not, then Adore Me for sure. A metallic? Maybe pewtery. Wow.

  • Keri

    I like the Love Me in Petrol because it looks like a great everyday bag for me!

  • Debbie

    Loving the new hobo (great colors!) But I have my eye on a Love Me Mini…to me this is a classy bag, that is done with beautiful leathers (chocolate matte, wine cervo!) and can be a work horse bag in my collection!

  • Liz

    How to choose?! But if I had to (knowing that I can still keep my stash of BE bags at home as well ;-) ) then it would have to be the new hobo – Enchant Me. It is just exquisitely beautiful and the sort of bag that would make you feel elegant just by accompanying you wherever you go. Definitely the purple with light blue lining as well – inspirational choice of colours and they really do work. Good work team!

  • liz

    I love the enchant me bag! the color is amazing and could go with anything. I also love the smooth look of the leather. Purple is my new favorite color so I would love to have this bag! :)

  • Tarantino

    I love the enchant me – great new design – and very user friendly pockets .

  • CC86

    Pewter Clutch Me
    I love the shell like shape, and the gorgeous leather
    I want one!!

  • ann

    Oh, how I hate, HATE it when you tell me to pick a favorite!! I have been a die hard BE fan for several years now and thus have many of their styles gracing my closet. But i guessssss if i have to pick a favorite….it’s going to be the Love Me, that signature style that lured me over to BE in the first place where all of a sudden I realized that EVERY style was my style, and thus, BE is my brand for life!

    don’t even think about asking me to pick a color…

  • Heather

    I love the tan “take me anywhere” bag!

  • Katie

    I love the new enchanted, but hope my favorite is the full-size pewter love me that I have coming my way with the purple lining!!

  • Ji

    love whisper to me! love the size and shape, its casual yet trendy

  • Evie

    It’s so hard to pick one out; they are all beautiful. I would choose “Enchant Me” in purple. I have never had a purple bag and this one is enchants me.

  • Young

    HOLD ME! what a simple and classic look!

  • Hei

    enchant me! its the perfect color and is sooooo beautiful!

  • Pradameinhofgang

    it has to be the WTM, i’m a new BE fan but have been completely converted from other brands because it’s so usable – hand-held, shoulder or messenger style, it’s so lightweight and looks classic without being boring…adds an instant cool factor to my jeans and Converse but yet complements my outfit, doesn’t dominate… i love the details like the circles at each corner, the way it flattens against your body when you wear it, and the gorgeous leathers – i have a mottled gold midi and a tan matte large and can’t recommend this bag enough, its greatly exceeded my expectations!

  • AAJ83

    i love the “Petrol WTM Midi”
    loving it because it isn’t HUGE which will overpower my petite figure…and it is very spacious..and i am looooving this wonderful navy blue type shade! :)

  • Miss Jes

    Actually, my favorite is the Enchant Me! I love the color, the detail.. LOVE IT! Pick me! Pick Me! Pick Me!!

  • Ingerid Prebensen

    Love. love, love the new bag – both the shape and the colour!

  • Susan

    Ooh…love the new bag! Gorgeous purple with the blue lining! I also love the Take Me Everwhere bag – and I tend to like the Midi better, because I’m a bit short!

  • Calya

    I love the bordeaux python clutch me. The color is so beautiful.

  • emily

    Oh gosh- the Take Me Everywhere in Matte Chocolate has my name written all over it! It’s the exact bag I’ve been looking for everywhere, and now I know where to find it. Time to start putting money in the piggy bank again.

  • Cindy

    Take Me Anywhere in tan, hands down, is my very favorite BE bag.

  • msterling

    My favorite BE bag is the Black Crash Take Me Everywhere Midi. I have it and I love it! It is the perfect bag in terms of size, style, durability, and function. The leather is amazing and the lining is a fun color. I also love the new Enchant Me and the dark purple is such a beautiful color.

  • missy

    My favorite BE is my LMmini in fiamma red. In fact, it’s my favorite bag, period.

  • Tammy

    The giveaway bag is gorgeous! I also love the Whisper to Me Midi in Petrol. It’s a beauty, inside and out.

  • Pamela

    My favorite bag is the Stroke Me. I have 2 of these bags in the medium version. It is comfortable on the shoulder, soft, and squishy.

  • Angela

    My favorite bag is the Whisper to Me in Petrol. This is a gorgeous color and looks to be the perfect work bag, travel bag, all around bag!

  • Kimberly in CA

    I love the Clutch Me in mottled gold! It stands out as gorgeous and luxurious, and has room for enough to take me through the night.

  • Loan

    I really like the Whisper to me Midi because it can be worn as a regular handbang, as well as a crossbody.
    It comes in beautiful colors, very cute shape, and perfect size to put my junk : )

  • Katherine

    My favourite bag would be the TME midi in matte dark grey. It is such an easy bag to carry, lightweight and beautifully understated. The Matte dark grey is such a beautiful texture and goes with my whole wardrobe. I especially love how this bag looks messenger style!

  • bindc

    I am really loving the one being given away. I love the dimensions, the color, the interior, everything.

    So, I’m going to choose the Enchant Me as my favorite.

  • Anita

    I really love the Patrol Whisper to Me Midi. Of course, I would love to win the purple hobo. It’s gorgeous.

  • Natalie

    I’ve had my eye on the Hug Me for a while. It’s so cute!

  • Rhonda

    My favorite BE is anything in chocolate crash or pink! LOL! But if I had to choose, I would chose the Adore me.

  • Rachael

    I love the Whisper to Me in Petrol because of it’s flat body style that just molds right up against the body! This is my favorite of all of the styles.

  • chrissie

    My favorite style and color is the Whisper to Me in Taupe. Its a classic style in a great neutral that you could pair with almost any outfit. Also the pink lining is a cool touch and a bit of a surprise when you open the bag.

  • JenniferG

    My favorite bag was the Tan Love Me Midi. I love the color and fuchsia lining.

  • Barb

    I love the new hobo. but my next favorite is the Make Me Smile Midi in Cobalt. Love the name, love the vibrant Cubbie blue, and the simple lines just speak to me, just the right size. It even has a few tassells. And the blue with fuschia lining, I die!

  • michele

    Wow what beautiful bags!! The purple hobo is TDF!!! I also like the Choco Matte TME. So hard to pick just one!

  • jj

    Love Fuchsia Hold Me ,simple roomy.

  • Aria

    I absolutely love the Take Me Away in grey!

  • deb

    Like others, I am completely “enchanted” with the new Hobo! Other than that, I absolutely LOVE the LM! I love how it is so comfy, holds so much and is so stylish! It can be dressed up and go great with jeans! I love the handle and the double zippers!

  • Susan

    My favorite bag, hands down, is the Love Me Midi.

    Color? So hard to choose-I dont want to choose
    *pouts and stamps foot*

    Ok, ok….I’ll choose. I choose the Tan matte-love how this leather is so warm and looks like melted caramel, and the golden HW brings a simple touch of glam.

    Perfection. :-)

  • Tina

    I love the Plum Crash Gold Take Me Everywhere bag!

  • atrophia

    Aside from this new Enchant Me bag, which I love because of the gorgeous colors, my favorite is the Petrol Adore Me. It’s got a nice, interesting shape, lovely shiny blue color, and I love the hot pink lining.

  • Tammy

    I absolutely love the “Enchant Me”. It is so beautiful and perfect for me!

  • Melissa

    I love the Take Me Everywhere in Plum Crash. It’s structured, yet a little smooshy. It’s large enough to hold a lot, yet light to carry. In fact, I loved it so much on the website that I bought one!

  • Linda

    I would get the take me everywhere midi bag. It looks and sounds light. The leather looks like it will age well over time and can be placed in moratorium and when brought out will be a welcome friend. The new one designed for purseblog is amazing! Love the color and the shape. The everywhere has what I like as well. Gold feet to protect its bottom and a zipper to throw papers in. It’s a very functional bag! It’s two thumbs up for me!

  • Iluvhandbags

    The Love Me Midi is my favorite. It is the perfect everyday size for all of my needs and matches my casual wardrobe perfectly. I also love the grommets and the braided straps. Perfect!

  • bunny

    The Petrol Silver Take Me Everywhere Midi is my fave! It’s gorgeous and the medium size allows me to bring my essentials and more.

  • runner22

    I’m crushing hard on the Love Me Mini, particularly in purple!! I think purple is a fabulous color that adds a pop of color to my t-shirt and shorts attired and the Mini is the perfect for a mini person like myself! I think the shoulder strap and handles are two great options to carry this bag. It is the perfect size!

  • Suzanne

    I am in love with the Love Me in Turquoise – such an amazing color!

  • Elaine R

    I really like the Pewter Love Me Mini bag-gorgeous!

  • suziQ

    Since the very first day I saw the BE site, I’ve wanted a purple Love Me Mini! It’s perfect!! xo

  • wordbox

    The Take Me Everywhere in… petrol? Or any color, really. It’s just gorgeous, classy, and practical. Love it!

  • Debbie

    Wow! Loving the new hobo! The detail on the shoulder strap is mag, and I’m really feeling the purple and blue color combo.

    Of the already existing line, my favorite is the Stroke Me. It is one of the most unusual bags I have ever seen. I especially love the burnt orange or petrol options in the glossy leather for this bag.

  • Angelique Sinclair

    I really love Adore Me in Petrol. The strap is a work of art and I like that it packs flat. Perfect for travel when you want to have a chic yet lightweight bag.

  • chuggie

    My fav is the Take Me Anywhere because it looks like it could hold all of my stuff and still keep it organized.

  • Shawna

    The Chocolate Crash Gold MMS Midi really catches my attention.

  • Ana M.

    “Take me everywhere” in dark grey glossy TME, – because you simply cannot go wrong with it – you can take it, like the name says, everywhere; and this fabulous color and texture will work with any outfit!

  • Bonnie

    There are so many lovely models and leathers to choose from, and I go from one to another. Right now it is the Hold me, Love me and Hug me on my fav list.

  • hindel

    I Love and want ( need!) the Black Crash Hug Me!

  • Ali

    My favorites are the Whisper To Me and Take Me Everywhere styles. If I had to pick one though, I would choose the Take Me Everywhere. It is sophisticated and classic. It’s also a simple style that would look perfect at work and during your downtime. Pretty much all BE leathers, the matte, sheen, pebbled glossy, and crash leathers look perfect in this style. In terms of functionality and overall chicness, the Take Me Everywhere is perfect, no matter what color or leather you choose.

  • patchworkcat

    I’m really liking the Enchant Me in dark purple. Love the stitching and semi-fringe detail. Plus the color is gorgeous!

  • anna

    Fuchsia Love me Midi has it all- my favorite color, medium size, and a great shape. I also love the dark purple color- it looks so rich and i can tell that a lot of work went into creating all of these bags :)

  • Gar Sinn

    For me, I love the the Clutch Me in purple python. Gorgeous!!

  • Lisa

    I really love Make Me Smile Midi in Cobalt. I love blues period, and the hot pink lining is a really nice accent color. I love the size as well.

  • Joanna

    I just love Take Me Everywhere Midi in Chocolate Matte. This bag is perfect for everyday, when I leave for work early in the morning and come back home late night. It can carry everything and everywhere with me, but still I will not look like a turtle or a camel. Besides, it looks so luxurious and like it is gona last forever and ever.

  • Angel

    I am in absoulte love with the Whisper To Me Midi in Pewter.. It is the perfect everyday bag.

  • pearl

    the take me anywhere in tan
    it’s gorgeous!

  • Lori

    I adore the adore me how practical and versatile it is in its simple shape. Not a lot of designers these days think about the practicality of a bag…….I want something beautiful but also useful and not a deadweight :)

  • FTN

    I love the Take Me Everywhere bag in Dark Glossy Grey! It is just a really great versatile bag that can be perfect with many outfits. I especially love the pink pop of color the lining gives to the bag. As far as weekenders go, the Take Me Away bag in Chocolate Matte is pretty much perfect! It’s a great size and the leather has the most perfect worn in look that I love my bags to have!

  • Linda

    Love the Stroke Me, large size, it has a cool shape I’ve never seen before and drapes nicely. Would love this bag in petrol.

  • Melissa

    My favorite BE bag is the Whisper to Me Midi because it looks stunning worn cross-body, over the shoulder or hand-held. I think the pewter crash is my favorite leather followed very closely by the matte leathers.

  • Eva

    I love the Mottled Gold Stroke Me Lg – the colour and design is just perfect!

  • bri

    I love the Stroke me in Turquoise! I love the splash of color that the lining provides and how the shape of the bag shows it off!

  • Raspberry

    The Dark Purple Enchant Me featured in this post is a tie with the Petrol Adore Me bag. The shape is very functional, I can stuff alot of things in. Style is versatile, I can sling it over the shoulder or hold it in my hand. The materials and colour are luxurious with just a touch of fun so I can carry it to work and play. Tan and black are just to safe and boring.

  • fran

    I love Enchant Me as well! It’s functional for everyday wear and yet pretty different to the styles in the market these days. Loving the detailing woven-straps detailing on the body of the bag too.

  • Sarahp

    The Enchant Me–the leather “stitching” details are just so cool, and the shape and size are perfect.

  • My Tran

    I LOVE the ‘Adore Me’ in Tan!
    Perfect work, weekend, travel, shopping, EVERYTHING bag! :)

  • Christine

    My favorite by far is the Whisper To Me midi in cervo leather, perhaps in black. This is such the perfect balance between cool/contemporary and chic as it combines classic lines with a unique twist. What other bag can you wear 3 different ways, generating 3 different styles!! Plus the leather on this is indestructable and smells DELICIOUS!! Perfect daytime and evening out bag.

    LOVE, LOVE BE bags!!

  • Chan

    I LOVE this Hobo Bag, another great great Belen Echandia Bag!!!! My favourite Enchant Me would be in Glossy Leather Navy with silver hardware and pink lining.

  • Lianne

    I love the Love Me Mini, in either the Chocolate, the Petrol, or the Wine. Gorgeous colours, and just the right size for what I am carrying most days.

  • Lillie

    I love the Love Me Midi. I have it in grey and would love one in pink or cobalt!

  • Juanita

    So many beautiful bags to choose from but my absolute favorite is the Whisper To Me Midi in Pewter!

  • Rochelle K

    My fave is definitely the Love Me Mini in Pewter. It is a perfect size, the shape is unique but structured. It’s big enough to be well above the scope of useful, but not so large as to be inconvenient. I love the metallic color since it isn’t OVERLY metallic and I adooooore the pink lining. Everything about this bag is perfect and I love love love it.

  • rysch

    Adore me in Fuschia. Oh so gorgeous color for that soft leather… I love that the style is quite simple yet stylish and bold color will make the bag really stand out. Simple, stylish, yet practical for someone who always have more than necessary in her bag :D

  • fashionably broke

    I adore the “Take me anywhere” bag in tan. It’s look is very versatile and can be used on a daily basis like for work, school, or the mall. I love big bags and purses with pockets are a must for me because i spend too much time searching for things like my keys or cell in my purse

  • Marissa

    Love the stroke me in large in the wine color. It’s just a cool designed bag and has lots of room.

  • gloria

    i love Make Me Smile Midi in Pewter. the shape is cute and the metallic leather is awesome

  • Loquita

    I adore the Love Me Mini, becauses it works with both neutrals and brights! I have it in a few colors and it’s like candy…you own one, and you instantly want another…hip enough to satisfy, yet deceptively spacious, the Love Me Mini is perfect for the woman on the go.

  • NG00

    Incredible bags! I love Take Me Anywhere in Taupe!

  • Coco

    Black Glossy WTM Midi!

  • ASB

    The Take Me Everywhere is my current favorite BE, and I’d love to own it in pewter crash. Since that is not on the site my vote goes to the Love Me in pewter crash. It is SO true what they say…you can’t stop at just one BE bag!

  • FoggyMary

    Love Me Black would be the perfect bag for me. It’s classic and timeless!

  • JuJu

    Love Me Midi !! so cuteee

  • Carolyn Barnett

    I love the Whisper to Me Midi because it is big and beautiful like me.


  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Dark Grey Glossy Take Me Everywhere – a beautiful everyday shoulder bag that would take me everywhere, from work to weekend in a gorgeous leather

  • Maureen Parker

    The Cobalt Love me midi is my favourite-I adore the colour, the shape, the obvious attention to detail.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of these precious bags.

  • Amanda

    I’ve always liked the Whisper To Me Midi in Petrol color. I like it because of the size, the style, and the leather texture!

  • alogram

    Checked out their website, but the purple is still my fave! :)

  • ZippyWho

    Enchant Me!
    I love the slouchy look. I’ve been wanting a purple bag. The 13″ shoulder drop looks very comfy on the shoulder. I am a shoulder bag girl. That is a good size, my size….14.5″x8.5″x2.2″.

  • Pamela

    ‘Take Me Everywhere’ is pretty dang gorgeous.. in dark grey glossy or tan. Aptly named, too. I think the size is totally functional for work and carrying just everyday use. Basically… I could take it anywhere.

  • calimarie

    I really like the Fuchsia Hold Me. It looks great and can hold the ever-increasing amount of things I need each day. Thanks!

  • Jen

    I LOVE the LOVE ME mini in purple or pewter. It the perfect everday bag that can accent any outfit!

  • sena

    My absolute favorite would be the Love me bag in turquoise. It’s oh-s-gorgeous! Love the style and size.

  • Belen M.

    Take me anywhere in tan, definitely. It looks soo chic, yet so practical, that it would be really easy to carry all the essentials in style. This color makes it even easier because it can blend perfectly with any outfit. I love the style.
    Also, in belenechandia.org, I have seen the “Indulge Me” design, in tan, and I loved it.

  • Lauren

    Tan Adore Me, I love the lines and shape of this bag. Not over designed like so many other bags out there. Great for every day!!

  • Maria

    Personally, I still love the LOVE me – especially in that gorgeous apple green that the model is wearing! Stunning!

  • redskater

    I just noticed the “Adore Me”! this looks like the perfect bag, I like the one handle and the nice simple lines of this bag. I like the idea of a light-weight bag as well. It looks timeless and casual at the same time. I’m loving the new bag as well, I think they are both great additions to the collection.

  • Christen

    Pewter WTM midi. Love the lines and overall style of the bag

  • Tonya

    I LOVE the Love me in Petrol. It’s got a 9 inch shoulder drop so, it looks to be a very comfortable shoulder bag yet, the design would also allow for you to hold it on your arm if needed.
    Overall, it just looks like a very high quality, comfortable, practical, and stylish bag that would Look GREAT on anyone!!

  • Lauren

    The “hug me” in the camel color that the model has. It looks so beautiful and the shape is unique and perfect for the crook of my arm.

  • Jess

    Oh, the dark purple Enchant Me has my mouth watering… it’s exactly my favorite color! Plus the bag is the perfect size and shape to take everywhere. I am truly enchanted…1!!

  • Dee

    i am in love with the Take Me Everywhere because it is big and fabulous. I actually own the bag and for a New Yorker’s commute, the bag is a dream.

  • SavingDiva

    I love the turquoise stroke me (large)!

  • Carmen

    Black Python Clutch me. It is sexy and understatedly glamourous.

  • Amanda

    THIS bag is my favorite. I love the shape, the detail on the strap, and the color combination is to die for. Purple has always been my favorite color, ever since I was a little kid. This plum is perfect. Not too bright, and not dull…I am enchanted with the Enchant Me Hobo.

  • SweetSusan

    Absolutely in love with the BE Take My Everywhere (either the TME or the TME Midi – I would gladly wear either one!). Seriously, what’s not to love about BE bags, and this shape in particular? The color of the leather, the linings, the fact that these bags – in nearly every color – could truly be the “goes with everything” bag, make them truly stand out.

    That said, I am also loving the new hobo. The angled zip pockets on the front are so fantastic and give it just enough of an edgy vibe. I would love to carry that purple color all over the place. It’s delicious. I must say, this collaboration between PB/BE has been SO much fun, and has a gorgeous result. Talk about a smile-inducing bag!

  • SweetieWolfie

    Whisper to Me Midi in Cobalt is my favorite. I love all the details and the versatility with the straps so the bag can be worn three different ways. The color is rich and bright and I’ve always wanted a bright blue bag!

  • sooki

    “Take me anywhere” bag is TDF! Every color is gorgeous!

  • Marina

    I love the Plum Crash Gold TME. It’s so gorgeous and what a great color. I absolutely adore it. I hope I win this so bad.

  • Laureen

    I love the Hug Me in pewter! Such a cute shape and the color is neutral, but not boring.

  • GGA

    My favorite is the large Hug Me in pebbled leather, because it can be carried so many different ways.

  • Maria

    I love the TME, it is a great bag, can be used day or nigth, and the elather can make it clasier or edgier…

  • Bonnie

    The large Hug me in petrol! What a great bag!!! So gorgeous and the color is just tdf!

  • Leticia

    LOVE the Whisper to Me in Petrol

  • Leticia

    Oops! Last post was only partial. I love it because it’s a classy bag for dressing up, or a good combo with jeans.

  • Heather

    I love the pink WTM Midi. It is the perfect color and perfect size

  • Rebecca

    Love the “Love Me Midi” in Cobalt! Such a nice style and eye-catching color.

  • buzzytoes

    Can we pick this new tpf one?? I like it best!! Looooooooove the purple with the blue lining!

  • scoobiesmomma

    Take Me Anywhere in Pink…although I really do love the hobo as well, probably the best!

  • Natalie

    I love the Whisper to Me in Taupe. It’s beautiful & the color is very versatile.

  • Charmed05

    LM mini in black crash!! I have to have this bag soon.

  • Anh Duong

    Just love the “Take me anywhere” in pink. The color is so pretty and the bag just exactly suits it name.

  • Antonia

    I have always thought the HUG ME bag was hip and fresh! :)

  • Bernie

    I love the Dark Purple Surprise Me. Not only is it in a beautiful shade of purple (I’ve been looking for purple bags!) it’s also generous in size for a crossbody bag. A lot of crossbody bags are thinner than the average wallet, but this looks like it can take much more than that. Plus the outside pockets are a plus!

    And the detailing on the hobo posted above is amazing.

  • TygerKitty

    OMG the winning bag is purple!? WOAH very cool!

    As far as what’s on the BE website… what’s not to love!? But, my absolute favorite, eye-catching piece is the…. Love Me in turquoise and pink (I love them both equally!). Hmmm this might be a new bag for me… LOVE the Love Me!!!

  • Ainhoa Ferrer

    Oooh, the take me anywhere in pink!!!! Drool!!

  • kerrie

    Its the hold me bag!!!!!the bag is so versital and the money is so worth spending on that bag!!

  • kimmy

    Pink Love Me Midi – perfect size and i love the color!

  • Elizabeth

    The Stroke Me and Love Me are my favorite BE bags. Unique style, but not overly done. The spring sheen leathers are all pretty- I love the cobalt and turquoise.

  • Sandy

    My all time favorite has to be the Love Me Midi! The leather can be the pebbled glossy or matte for the perfect bag!

  • Maria

    I adore the Hug Me in the petrol color. It’s stylish, classy, and practical. Luv, Luv, Luv it!!!

  • Stella

    I love the Hug Me!! Such a beautiful and unique shape, the colors are neutral but somehow, so gorgeous and chic. Feminine, and I love how it’s carried. I’m loving that light tan color the model’s holding, I just wish I knew the name of the color though. I also like the Petrol color too. Seriously sexy and hot!

  • TygerKitty

    Sorry, I was too busy drooling I forgot to say WHY I love the “Love Me” bag… it comes in STUNNING colors, looks perfectly wonderful to throw over your shoulder, the grommets and threading are just TOO cool and I love that it has outside pockets! Gorgeous, gorgeous bag!

  • Barbara

    I like the Take Me Everywhere midi in taupe!

  • Kai

    I LOVE this new hobo! I pick the Enchant Me!!! I wouldn’t change a thing, I love the tassels, the whipstitching, the color, the lining…. it’s dreamy!

  • hokka

    Adore Me in Petrol. Lovely color, shape that won’t go out of style.
    Or, the purple hobo above!

  • Rachel

    I LOVE the Adore Me in Fuchsia! The subtle pleating in the front and the details on the shoulder strap are so pretty!!

  • v

    I can’t say this is my favorite for all time, but it has been my favorite recently. A black crash make me smile midi. It is so many things at once, classic, edgy, formal, ultimately wearable. It’s a hand-held. It’s a shoulder bag. It’s a cross-body. It is just the perfect perfect gorgeous chameleon.

  • GhstDreamer

    My favourite has to be the Make Me Smile Midi in Cobalt blue – the colour is absolutely stunning and attention grabbing in that unique style!

  • Tina

    My favorite BE bag would be the Love Me’s! I have had all three sizes and this bag is just so darn sexy!! I love BE’s range of colors and leathers and the Love Me’s is the one bag that made me fall in love with BE. I am loving this bag in the pebbled luxe leathers especially!

  • Raspberry Jam

    My fave is the take me everywhere because of the ruched detailing at the top and becuase its big enough for me to take everything i need!

  • chloe

    Without a doubt- Enchant Me in Purple. I adore the stitching details and the tassels… and purple is my favorite color!

  • Andrea8721

    that purple Enchant Me! Love the dark purple color, the tassels, the stitching, the shape….

  • Debbie

    I picked the Petrol Adore Me.

    There were a few that I liked a lot even though I don’t own any of these bags yet.

    The color sold me on this bag. It’s very pretty and understated. I like that it is a shoulder bag. It seems to have great organization inside too.

    Most importantly, it is a bag that I could wear to work or casual on the weekends.


  • JJ

    Stroke Me Medium in Petrol!!! Love the shape and colour.. perfect combo!!

  • Black Beauty

    I’m totally lovin’ the dark chocolate cervo Hug Me with silver hardware!!!

  • asl_bebes

    My favorite is definitely the new ‘Enchant Me’ … absolutely love the new shape and detailing, particularly love the purple against the turquoise lining! Simply stunning!

  • cakegirl

    I love the new hobo! And I had to pick 3 other favorites: Whisper to me in petrol, take me anywhere in tan, and the clutch me in black python.

  • Cassiopeia

    I love the “Take Me Anywhere” bag in Tan. I think it’s a perfect bag that can be used whether you are going to the office, or on a trip. And I just adore the outside pockets. That means no digging for my phone in that bag!

  • aznkat25

    I’m loving the Adore Me! It’s such a classic hobo style with a girlish pleat. With a cute side zipper details and the trademark handle it’s an instant classic. Paired with any of the luscious BE leathers, this bag is TDF!.

    Not listed as my #1 pick is the Charm Me. Definitely a lovely classic for work or play, comes in a mini size!

  • Irishlass1029

    I ADORE the Hold Me in Fuschia. A totally take me anywhere bag – grab and go. It was a difficult decision with all the lovely bags, but I would take a Hold Me in every color.

  • Black Beauty

    ^^Oop hit the enter key. I love the Hug Me because it’s super roomy and so stylish!!^^

  • ZG

    My fave is the “Adore Me” in Petrol. I like the shape and LOVE the color!!

  • Beth

    Hold Me, Mottled Gold. It’s just speakin’ to me tonight. Not even sure why… maybe it’s the cleanliness of the design… no froufrou, no hardware, it just is what it is! And in that distressed metallic softened gold, it looks like it would feel really rich and supple.

  • Jas

    Take me everywhere in dark grey is my fave! It’s edgy and perfect alternative to black for this season. I am dying for a fab gray bag right now!!

  • Christina

    From the website I liked the Stroke Me in Turquoise…looks like a great go-to bag (the name is pretty funny too). The prize bag is beautiful.

  • Magdeline

    I really love the Make Me Smile Midi in Dark Grey Glossy! It is perfect for vacations, shopping, running errands, lunch dates…. basically, anything! So beautiful & versatile.

  • Nanette0269

    I recently purchased the “stroke me” medium in matte chocolate and must say its the simplest bag ever and easily one of my favorites. I love the texture of the leather and the overall shape albeit a bit daring can still be considered a classic, even now :) I also love the simplicity of the bag….no obvious zippers or pockets and yet the bag does not appear dull at all. it simply lives and breathes by its shape and its texture, and the bold interior only adds a little extra something to the entire line. I love it!

  • Toy

    I like the pewter clutch me….the unique shape and color are so appealing.

  • ladakini

    The Purple Python Clutch Me has simple lines with the wow factor of the exotic. I see it as an evening focal point and a day time knock out with jeans.

  • LoveCoachMore

    Difficult to decide…they are all TDF!!! I’m currently on the hunt for a swingpack though (and I’m a BIG BAG gal) so I think I’ve found it.

    SUPRISE ME~Dark Purple is my FAVORITE!!!

    I love all the fabulous details, the silver hardware, the gorgeous color of the leather. I’m also LOVING the tassel’s, they add a bit of whim. I can’t say anything bad about this bag!!! Simply GORGEOUS!!!

    This maybe my 1st BE purchase, then if I win the contest I’ll have 2!!!!

    Gorgeous bags that look yummy enough to pet and squeeze!!!!!

  • Voodoo

    Adore Me in petrol….. that color! That sexy pleat! Yum!

  • Chelsae

    I like the Take Me Anywhere in cobalt. I love the color, and the bag looks fantastic! The outside pockets would be great no digging for keys or phone. :)

  • LCY

    My favorite is “Hug Me” in Black Crash. I love the distressed looking leather!! Very rocker chic, and the hot pink lining goes with it perfectly!

  • Linda Criswell

    My favorite BE bag is the WTM midi. I have 2 of them and they are the perfect bags. I also have 2 LMM’s and a few others.
    I would love to get a WTM midi in sand glossy. It looks beautiful.

  • Debbie

    Love the TME in dark gray glossy. Such a gorgeous color, and I love the size of the bag.

  • Carolina

    Love the Pewter Make Me Smile Midi, love the color and the size. Great “to go” bag.

  • Swank

    LOVE ME!!!

    Well, that or Enchant Me :)
    I like the petrol color and the pewter . . . they’re all fab really!

  • Nancy White

    Love the new hobo, especially the deep, rich purple color. I also like the Petrol Whisper to Me Midi because of the interesting details, the combination with the silver hardware, the size and shape, and that it’s a tote with the benefit of a drawstring top. I like all the colors this bag comes in, but Petrol is my favorite.

  • carolyn

    i simply adore stroke me. the heart-shape makes it different from the other styles available and it looks like it will fit just under the arms and is big enough to hold my things. it looks awesome in mottled gold and the signature fushcia lining. a perfect everyday bag.

  • Wendy

    The Enchant Me is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it in other colors…. My favorite after that is the Take Me Everywhere Midi in taupe. It’s looks versatile and radiates soft elegance, with the right amount of classic and modern. Also, the material looks buttery soft.

  • moth

    I love the Take Me Everywhere Midi in Taupe. It’s so understated but has that awesome pink lining and organization inside! It’s soo nice to see a lovely bag with some pockets.

  • audball67

    While there are so many to love, I am really taken with the Hold Me right now – maybe because those bags I have lusted after I have saved and saved and purchased LOL! The Hold Me is deceptively simple in design, but so luxurious at the same time. The choices of leather can mean that it’s a breezy weekend bag (matte tan), workday tote (dark chocolate cervo), or sexy night-time accessory (pewter, anyone?). Fabulous any way you look at it!

  • Francine

    Whisper to Me in yummy chocolate . Perfect all around bag…to work, to hang out and a great travel bag.

  • Valerian2223

    I really like the Stroke Me in Turquoise. The shape is so different and the pink lining with the bright turquoise is just beautiful.

  • Hisgeekygrrrl

    Love the Take me anywhere bag in taupe….beautiful.

  • Kris

    Hands down, for me it is the Take Me Anywhere in Cobalt. The Take Me Anywhere is an awesome functional bag and the cute pockets in the front with the little frills on the flap are just so darn fun! And cobalt is a to die for blue!!

  • Jenna

    The new hobo is hot and purple is my favorite color!
    Other than that I love the Love Me Midi in Cobalt. The size and all the pockets are perfect. Definitely a go to bag!

  • Pat

    I love the ADORE ME in Tan. Lightweight caught my eye–I’m always looking for bags that don’t weigh much before I put my stuff in! It’s simple, stylish, and classic-looking.

  • EB

    I just love the tan “Adore Me”. I wish the bag came in more colors, but it’s just a lovely fabulous style!

  • mwill1123

    I love the Enchant Me in Wine Colored Sheen Leather with Silver Hardware and Grey Lining. Dream, Dream ….

  • Leslie Gregory

    Love the Take Me Anywhere in Taupe. Looks like the perfect bag for everyday..simple yet stylish.

  • Hong

    I love the Tan MMS Midi. It’s very yummy.

  • Amy

    the dark grey glossy take me everywhere is my favorite. the size is perfect, and it looks so easy to wear!

  • Spinky

    As much as I love the giveaway selection, I think my favourite would have to be “Love Me”. I love everything about it – great style & size. The colours are beautiful.

  • Beth

    I love the Turquoise Love Me! I love the size that will hold anything but still look super stylish on the arm. I love the way it hangs and the accents. The entire collection is gorgeous but the fresh Turquoise color and style of the Love Me grabbed me most.

  • Tatyana

    I love the Taupe Whisper to Me because it’s a large bag, with just the right amount of detail and in a wonderful goes-with-everything color – definitely a classic bag to carry now and to carry later.

  • Jan

    I’ve been a BE fan from the beginning-in fact I think I introduced the Forum to Jackie and her beautiful bags a long time ago. I have the Stroke me and the Take Me Away in wine and petrol. I am loving the new purple Enchant Me-bright colors all the way with this lady!

  • Bethany

    I still adore the Fuchsia Stroke Me Medium…I own this bag and get AMAZING compliments every time I wear it! But I’d love the new hobo!!! :)

  • Ashley

    I love the Surprise Me! The purple color is wonderful, and the detailing is just gorgeous!

  • Monica Talaga

    I love the “Adore me”. I like the pleats and the drop length. I love the tan color on their home page. Just a stunning bag really. You can also tell it looks just like creamy butter. Yummy.

  • Mary Jo

    I really like the Taupe TME Midi. It is almost a cross between a satchel and a shoulder bag. And I love the pink silk lining!

  • Jess

    My favorite is: Love me in Taupe. The color is really versatile & the bag looks soo comfy!

  • malia

    The Take Me Everywhere in gray, very pretty bag

  • Rachel

    Love Me…all the way! It’s such a great style.
    It’s what made me fall in love with BE.
    Now, this style…I’m falling in love all over again!

  • Holly

    I love the Black Crash Hug Me! So gorgeous and beautiful. :)

  • Summer

    I love(!) both the “Surprise Me” and the “Enchant Me” bags! The names are so cute!

  • wander

    I like the Black Crash TME. Great size. I like that it can be worn over the shoulder. A great everyday bag! (I like the Purple hobo too!)

  • doppelganger

    I don’t know this brand but this bag looks cute. It is not the bag that is too cool to use daily, but it is definitely useful.

  • theresa

    cobalt love me midi-
    the color is to die for! perfect size too.

  • princessmom

    I love my Fuchsia Hold Me and I’d love to have a Love Me Midi in any color. It’s got nice, simple lines and it’s got the right dimensions for my needs. From all the posts in the BE subforum, the leather is TDF!

  • Asia

    my favorite is the Make Me Smile Midi – because that is exactly what it does when i see it!! i love the chocolate crash gold color and the shape of the bag.

  • Alm

    I love the “Take Me Anywhere.” The name just says it all, its one of thoes bags you can actually take anywhere..the size is perfect not too big not too small, and in TAN it would go with absolutley everything!

  • Leothelnss, Cassie

    Clutch me in black python since it’s smoking hot, what other reason would I need?

  • nessahhh

    Whisper To Me in Pewter!
    It looks like it could be fit for casual days or fancy nights! And it could totally pull off the whole grunge look too with certain outfits!

  • Sandra

    >> Fav bag: Make Me Smile Midi

    >> Why? It just looks like a very useful bag; leather looks amazing; and it makes me smile :)

    P.S. Everything on the site is beautiful.. and i love the titles for the bags!! so cute!

  • Jen

    Love all the strong colours – I’m thinking Adore Me in Purple…

  • Krista

    Enchant Me is my fav…I love hobos. The detailing and the dark purple colour are fabulous!

  • Mary

    I love the “Take Me Anywhere” bag in pink. The detailing on the pockets combined with the perfect pink color make it a feminine, classic bag perfect for summer fashion. I think Lilly Pulitzer prints on Sunday and Juicy Couture terry running errands. It is still sexy enough for a teeny halter and jeans on a Saturday night and sophisticated enough to punch up a suit on work days. This could possibly be the most perfect bag for summer ever!

  • Rufina

    I like WTM Midi in petrol-very sexy color and I totally want to cuddle the bag.

  • Lily

    i love the take me anywhere in cobalt and taupe. it has great details and is the perfect size to take anywhere!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite on the site right now has to be the Make Me Smile in Purple Crash leather! The shape is so versatile– easy to dress up or down– and the color is, of course, to die for!

  • pursemonkey

    Love Me Midi in cobalt. Versatile style and gorgeous color!

  • kattwoman42

    I just love the “TAKE ME ANYWHERE” bag. It has plenty of pockets to organize my stuff and would be great for eveyday and for travel. I work out in the field so I need to carry anything I will need during the day. I love a large stylish bag that can hold my stuff and still look great after work.

  • Rochelle

    Oh my goodness this is such a hard choice! There are several BE styles that I love but if I had to pick my favorite I would say the TAKE ME ANYWHERE especially in Tan with Gold hardware!! It is such a beautiful bag. I love the two cute little pockets that are placed just perfectly on the front. I love the slouchy bigness of it.. I just love it, everything about it! I literally feel like you can take it anywhere and will hold whatever you need throughout the day.

    Thank you Jackie for making such gorgeous bags full of love!

  • luvhautecouture

    The enchant me in dark purple. I love love love this shade of purple and the shape of the “enchant me” is wonderful

  • Katie

    I love the Stroke Me bag in wine. I’m a student so I take my school work loads big and my bags bigger and this would be a great bag to carry to class. I love the vibrant colour and it would be the perfect pick me up colour during a hard day. The detailing is perfect and not too much, nice and classic with a touch of luxury, kind of has a casual luxery feeling to it.

  • Elizabeth

    I would have to say a Taupe Stroke Me, regular size. This bag is pure, understated slouchy chic. Perfect for travel, perfect for everyday. Just the right size, and very very light. That said…if I won’t the purple hobo…I wouldn’t be sad at all! Vive Belen Echandia!

  • whoville

    Love Me in Petrol! Beautiful!

  • Alize

    Are you kidding I would just be so proud to wear this purple hobo.

  • Sheila

    My favorite BE Collection is “Love Me” in Turquoise, the color pops with the pink lining and I love the details of the double zippers, just gorgeous!

  • Kayla

    I loveee the whisper to me in taupe=p
    It’s stylish and classic and so nice you can wear it three ways! and its always a plus when it has cute pink lining on the inside =]

  • Luc

    I absolutely adore the Take Me Away, it’s so stylish and yet so classic. It is a timeless beauty that will be carried for years to come. And the color Chocolate Matte is TDF and of course, I can’t resist the Tan as well. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  • Sarah

    Take Me Everywhere in Turquoise – this bag is practical, stylish and bold.

    PERFECT bag for the Summer as the color reflects the blue waters on the beach. And it is large enough to hold all of your essentials!

    Two zip compartments to hold my valuables and luxurious pink satin lining. Sure to turn heads!

  • feifei

    i love the pewter clutch me! It’s perfectly sized and shaped for going out at night. It’s especially versatile with the detachable strap.

  • sarah

    I love the Hold Me in plum crash. The color is perfect to spice up my reg. color spectrum of white, gray and black. And the size is perfect for every day – just throw my waterbottle in, planner, etc. Also the straps seems very comfortable!

  • Christine

    Enchant me in Purple… it just looks so rich! Love a good hobo

  • Junkenpo

    Dark Purple Enchant Me… i love the shape & the color!

  • Margie

    The Enchant Me of course is my favorite. The leather is so soft and supple. I love the hobo style because I can load the world in it!!!

  • cartucci

    Mottled Silver WTM. It’s fabulous! I think I have a new obsession!

  • Kim

    I love the design of the WTM – I think it looks best in the midi but prefer the size of the regular – and I must have it in Pewter!

  • Rosanna

    My favorite bag by BE is the “Love Me Mini” in Apple Green. The color is the perfect shade for summer and I love the zipper pocket in the front.

  • Alre

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Love me in pink and turquoise! but this enchant me has also made me melt- I LOVE purple!

  • addictedtopurses

    My favorite is the Enchant Me because I love hobo style bags!

  • nauticalstar

    I love the petrol hug me. I think it would go with any outfit I have!

  • CaliforniaGal

    Make Me Smile Midi — !!!
    Definitely the bag for every day!

  • babyblue

    I love the Love Me Midi in Tan! It looks perfect for work and looks so classy in the modeling pics. What a fabulous bag! I am also in love with several others but this would be my first choice!

  • Jeanne

    I find it difficult to pick just one!! They are beautiful works of art. I’d enjoy wearing any & all of them!!

  • birkinbag

    I like the enchant me bag. the color is fabulous.

  • swags

    Hold Me in tan! I love the reversed tote look of this bag. The color was difficult to choose as they all look rich and scrumptious.

  • cheryl

    I love the Take me Anywhere bag! It looks like it has a nice comfy shoulder strap, beautiful squishy leather, and the front pockets are super cool for your cell phone, lip gloss, chapstick & stuff!

  • Lacey

    Stroke Me in Wine!

    Typical me. I love deep reds (sangria, burgandy…) the wine color got me! But besides the color, this is the most unusual of them all & I really like it xxx

  • Touch

    I love the Make Me Smile Midi b/c iits gorgeus green color certainly makes me smile. I’d still go with the Enchant Me though b/c purple is my weakness

  • Emily

    Well, I love them all and am desperately seeking one!!! My favorite is probably the love me mini in pearlized lilac!

  • wendy

    So many bags to love! I really love the dark purple Enchant Me. I love the shape and the color is gorgeous!

  • Pam

    stroke me medium in purple, cool structure

  • Teresa

    Love the Tan Stroke Me. Great size and really unique design. Never saw anything remotely like it.

  • Sheila

    I love the Make Me Smile midi in Plum Crash. It is such a beautiful bag!

  • jas

    My fave is Take me anywhere in dark grey. It is the perfect edgy alternative to a black bag this season. I am dying for a fab gray bag!

  • Deidre

    Wow I am very impressed by the Pewter TME Midi as I am a huge silver bag lover and the bag just looks like it will hold so much, which is what I need. The beautiful pink lining would just make me smile every time I opened the bag to see a great pop of color inside.

  • Veronica

    I love the Petrol WTM Midi it is super big and looks so roomy! and the colors are awesome!

  • Sara

    I love the Take Me Anywhere–especially in pink. I love the size and the details on the pockets, but I especially love that it has handles and a shoulder strap!

  • Leanne

    the Take Me Anywhere in tan. Just gorgeous. It’s big, it’s smooshy, it has lots of pockets. What more could I want?

  • Jenny Rothkopf

    Love the TMA; ideally would want it in Taupe Matte or Sheen and in Pewter Crash (already have Tan and Petrol.)

    Love the Love Me and the Clutch Me in Pewter Crash.

    Large Hug Me in Dark Choco Pebbled glossy.

  • Nancie

    i love the Bordeaux Python Clutch Me. Love the shape and perfect for a fun classy night out.

  • Selena

    I love the Love Me in all colors!

  • megan

    Make Me Smile Midi Tan is a perfect bag, I am tired of bags that I love and then move on from, this one would be a keeper!! It is a perfect size and would look even more beautiful in years to come. . .

  • angel

    i’m in love with the pewter whisper to me, it doesn’t whisper, but it screams “sophistication”!! i love the size, versatility, it’s luscious, soft and the metallic goodness of the leather. plus it’s the perfect size for me =)

  • christina

    I love the make me smile midi in plum. Leather looks divine!

  • Jean

    Whisper To Me in Mottled Silver is my pick. I’ve been wanting a silver bag and this one really intrigues me. I love the way it will turn heads with it’s good looks. It has plenty of room for all my things. It is like the silver lining in a cloudy otherwise mundane work day.

  • melissa ruch

    I love the hobo! I like simple bags with a little flair to make them different from every other bag out there! I also have a soft spot for purple!

  • Naomi

    The black Love Me is the perfect bag IMHO. I think it’s a “forever” bag, impervious to the passage of time and changes in trends and useful as a work, play or mommy bag.

  • Kathy

    It’s hard to nail down a favourite BE style as there are so many great designs and I haven’t tried them all. I do love though the WTM Midi. It’s the perfect size, kinda a bit rock ‘n roll and I love how you can wear it by the hand straps, the shoulder strap or the messenger strap! How many bags give you that many options. Not only that, the bag lies close against your body and doesn’t feel bulky! As for the leather … I’m in love with the matte leathers … they are all so fabulous! I have the WTM Midi in the Medium Purple Matte and this leather/style combo is seriously TDF!

  • Jennifer

    I like the whisper me midi in petrol! I like the shape and color of this bag. Looks like it fits perfectly over your shoulder.

  • Monica Asch

    Whisper to Me.
    The name is as seductive as the bag.

    In turquoise, of course.

  • Judy

    I have the TME Midi in Brown Crash and Glossy Wine. It’s hard to move onto another style. It’s a perfect messenger bag with it’s long strap and very easy to get into.

  • oscarcat729

    There are some GREAT bags on the site, but my fave is the Petrol Whisper to Me. It’s the PERFECT bag for school!

  • ayla

    Stroke Me in Black Crash – it’s like a giant fortune cookie!

  • Corrinne

    This bag is absolutely gorgeous! Who ever wins is going to be very lucky.
    I also really love the Fuchsia Adore Me. The color is so cheerful, yet the bag is simple but so beautiful at the same time!

  • Sarah Butzin

    I just love Enchant Me wow she looks great! I would kill for that bag!

  • karlynn

    The hug me in plum crash is beautiful and my favorite.

  • janis

    I am really liking the bag shown. The Enchant me!

  • Meredith

    I like the Make Me Smile; it comes in drool worthy colors and the shape looks great for casual Friday and weekends.

  • abby

    My fav BE bag (and the one I own ;) is the Love Me Midi in dark matte grey. It’s just perfect – so versatile, a great size and the color is a perfect neutral that provides an alternative to “basic black.” The little details – the grommets and braided handles, just make it divine!

  • fabiana

    my favorite is the chocolate matte hug me !!! like the color the compartments and the style is very cute !!

  • Luciana

    Adore Me in Tan!!

  • Heather

    The make me smile midi is perfect for travel!

  • Rachel

    I think I am mad at tPF for making me discover yet another GORGEOUS designer. All these Belen Echandia bags are gorgeous. I think this Enchant Me Hobo is my favorite but I am also loving the Make Me Smile Midi. I really love all of them.

  • Nicole

    The Whisper to Me Midi in petrol! Such a great statement bag. Love love love that color! All of the BE colors are TDF!

  • Annie

    I like the Take Me Everywhere in Turquoise. I love the shape and size!

  • bagsandmorebags

    chocolate matte take me away. great weekender. love the size.h

  • India

    I LOVE the Take me anywhere in Purple Crash Gold. It was really hard to decide since most of them were gorgeous and I’d be happy wearing any of the styles! I must say the “take me anywhere” is my favorite because it is extremely versatile.

  • KaliDaisy

    Ooooo, I’m loving the Adore Me line!! It’s simple but gorgeous, and I love the pleat. And it’s lightweight…perfect summer bag with a perfect pink lining!! :)

  • Laura

    This is a tough one…I have several of the different styles now and love them all! If I had to pick my favorite it would be: Pewter TME (full sized) with 2 zips and bottle pockets added. That is the bag I would order if I had the funds right now!!

  • Erin

    love me mini in pewter… love the color!

  • TH

    Dark Purple Enchant Me !

    The color is TDF!

  • Stella

    I love “take me anywhere” in Tan . it’s gorgeous!!. The colour is divine and goes with anything.. Very hard to choose. Stunning handbags!

  • Anne Marie

    I don’t own any BE yet, but I am truly in love with the Enchant Me, it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  • Limey

    I love the new purple hobo… but when I went to the website, I also liked the Take Me Everywhere Midi (Petrol Silver). The colour is one of a kind and the pink silk inner lining is to die for!!! =D

  • Loriw

    Well I’m a love me mini die hard gal. Have two and can’t wait for more – perfect bags but that new one – ooh la la!

  • ellen

    i love the love me (hehe) in turquoise! refined, sophisticated boxy shape but the details are so very daring…studs, grommets, extra-long zipper pulls that swish coyly, and corsetry-lacing even in the stitched handles

  • Rachael

    I love the “Stroke Me” in turquoise. The shape is unique and the color really pops. It’s an understated, yet noticeable, bag.

  • Jo

    I have three BE bags that I love and are each so different, so it’s hard to choose one as my “favorite”. So for the sake of this contest, I’ll just say it’s the one I’m carrying this week, which is my full size Stroke Me in Black Crash. It’s easy to carry, lightweight, and has such an interesting different shape. I love the way it slouches – looks totally different from stock photos after it’s broken in!

    Black bags have never been my cup of tea, but I LOVE the black crash leather. It is interesting and different and so easy to care for.

  • Rene

    I absolutely love the new BE Enchanted Hobo. I love the detailed stitching, the size and color! It looks like the perfect size for any day! This may also make a great work bag ;) Very nice.

  • Kim

    Dark Purple Enchant Me- This bag is perfection! I love everything about it! I’ve never owned a BE and would so love to have one!

  • Karen

    Love the new purple hobo! Also the Love Me in Turqouise, fab color!

  • Hannah

    Dark Purple Enchant Me. Not because it is what you are giving away but purple has been my new FAVORITE color for the past couple of months and I adore the shape of this bag. I would use it everywhere, dressed down or dressed up! I’m in loooooove!!!!!!

  • Lizz

    Take Me Everywhere Midi in Petrol Silver!!! Such a stunning color and the size is PERFECT!!

  • Tiffany

    I LOVE the love me bag in Turquoise, its soooo lovely! The bag is both young and sophisticated!

  • Vixnkitten

    WOW…it’s so hard to choose a favorite!!! I think mine just might be the black crash TME because of how stunning it looks being carried cross body!!! Second favorite…definitely pewter crash WTM!!! Everyone needs a little pewter in their lives!

  • Brandless

    I love the Love Me Mini because i think it’s the best sized bag that will suit my petite frame.

  • IrisCole

    I’m actually quite partial to the new “enchant me” — it’s fabulous!

  • Christine

    I love Clutch Me in black python!! It’s such a beautiful clutch!

  • Elsie

    I’ve always loved the Love Me Mini. It’s the perfect size and shape and is absolutely adorable!

  • Charla

    This is tough because I really LOVE the Enchant ME in the gorgeous purple BUT I also LOVE the Love Me in the same color with the long strap and also in blue:) I am partial to Hobo styles which is why I can’t decide between this gorgeous Enchant Me and I really like the modeling picture of the Love Me in purple and the way she’s wearing it with the long strap is striking….hmmmm, sorry, can’t decide.

  • Michelle

    The Whisper To Me Midi is stunning. It’s wearable, but unique and fun, yet sophisticated. All of the colours are gorgeous, as well.

  • peppy

    I love the Love Me (pun not intended!). It was the picture of the Glossy Purple Love Me in Israel that first got my attention, and now I’m hooked!!

    I love the 2 zip pockets on the outside (so functional and yet so stylish), love the drawstring detail, love the detachable central divider pocket (what a great idea!), love the braided handles (uniquely BE), and absolutely love the fact that it comes with a messenger strap!

  • Janice Johnston

    I love the Turquoise Take Me Everywhere w. gold. It’s the perfect size in a stunning color. The lining is TDF!!

  • angiela

    I love the Taupe Take Me Everywhere Midi. Taupe is such a unique, yet versatile color, and on this mid-sized bag with an outside zipper, you can truly carry it anywhere!

  • Belken22

    The new Enchant Me is divine! Those Tassels! It would have to be my first choice. Oh, and the deep purple color? Delicious!

  • grace

    I love the Hug Me in black crash.
    The functionality is perfect for an everyday bag, and it’s so simple, but so pretty at the same time.
    Great bag.

  • Sandy

    I love the Stroke Me medium in tan. It’s beautiful with the contrast lining, it’s a perfect everyday size and a very unique shape. It looks like a heart!

  • Karen

    I love Love Me Midi in Cobalt! Its the perfect medium sized bag for all my everyday essentials.

  • fr2nc1z

    I like the Take Me Anywhere. Mainly because you can use it in a variety of situations! It is not so big or so small, that you would be hindered by it.

  • Melissa

    The Whisper To Me in pewter! I love the different shoulder straps, and the shape is perfect. :)

  • Jordan

    I really like the Take Me Anywhere. It seems like the perfect bag- it would work for day or night, dressy or casual, and the colors it comes in are AMAZING!

  • Dawn

    Take Me Anywhere in Tan…I think this looks like a great going away bag.

  • Melissa

    I adore the Make Me Smile Midi in Tan. I think it’s such a great looking neutral color, and I love that it has hot pink interior!

  • sarahsar

    Oh, this is a tough one! I’m torn between the Hug Me in Petrol and the Take Me Everywhere in chocolate matte. I guess I’ll say the Take Me Everywhere, because I need a bag of that size right now.

  • Karen

    I love the Whisper To Me, all because there’re so many ways to carry it! Love its versatility.

  • Arlene P

    Hug Me! No doubt about it. Hug Me!

  • Becky

    I like the new enchant me bag! Its awesome! Looks comfy to carry on your shoulder and love the color!

  • Jenny

    i love the Plum Crash Gold Take Me Everywhere bag — so cute! i love the purple and that it’s a nice sized shoulder bag. and a pink silk lining? shut up! :P

  • missmary

    My favorite BE bag is the Stroke Me in Petrol. The color is a beautiful contrast to the fuschia lining, and the simple shape of the SM is elegant. The bag is lightweight, and easy to get in and out of, and yet holds a ton!

  • Addy

    I absolutely adore the Take Me Everywhere in Dark Grey Glossy. The shape is classic and I love the size and strap drop.

  • Robyn

    I think my fav is the Take Me Everywhere is Plum Crash. I love the color and it looks like it would be the perfect size, since I tend to carry EVERYTHING with me!

  • Carol

    I love the- Love Me Mini in Chocolate or Dark Grey, I wish i hadn’t seen them, now i will do nothing but think about them. This would be a great everyday bag for me, not real large, just the right size for me. Guess i will have to start saving.

  • Kristen

    I love the WTM in Petrol, just a really cool looking bag !

  • Midah

    ‘Fuchsia Adore Me’ is my ultimate choice! Love the colour, so pretty in pink. Love it to bits!! And it’s lightweight, great for mummies like me!

  • Vanna

    I’m crazy about the chocolate matte Take Me Away. It looks to be a great size and just looks so rich and buttery soft. Perfect for a weekend vacation.

  • paelaf

    I love the Love Me in dark grey matte. It’s a great size and strikes a nice balance between simple and interesting. It looks super luxe in this color. I’d love to have one some day!

  • Shalaine

    There are so many nice bags to choose from but I love the Hug Me in Pewter. The leather looks really nice, smooth & supple. Also, I really like the shape and size of the bag…it’s perfect.

  • Marcie

    Love Me Pewter is a beautiful bag.

  • Lisa

    I think the Black Crash MMS Midi is just lovely. It can go with you anywhere. Save zip closure and satchel style are sweet! :-)

  • jenjent

    the Whisper to Me in Petrol, possibly my HG bag!

  • Rae

    I love the Dark Grey Glossy Make Me Smile Midi. Everything about that bag is just yummy!

  • Theresa

    OMG! Definitely a Black Crash Enchant Me! That would be the ultimate bag! =D Love all of them though, they are so beautiful!

  • Necromancer

    It’s hard to choose just one, but my pick is the Petrol Whisper To Me.

  • Lisa

    I absolutely love the Whisper To Me Midi in pink! Super cute!

  • spamgirl


    My favourite item from their store is the Love Me Pink because it’s pink, and it looks so cute!

    Thank you!

  • Rai

    Take Me Anywhere in Pink, I love this bag but everytime I go to buy it I think “but it’s pink!”

  • Fobobina

    I think the turquoise take me everywhere midi has become my new HG bag, second only to the purple hobo that I would love to win. Pick me please…

  • NagaJolokia

    My favorite would be Clutch Me in any of the colors. It is a uniquely and nicely angular piece that looks like a cross between a beautiful seashell w/ the pleating detail and a futuristic piece w/ the “batwing” shape.

  • Amy

    I really like the Take Me Anywhere in pink. Love the dark pink color and the size and shape of the bag!

  • Amy

    I really like the Take Me Anywhere in pink. Love the dark pink color and the size and shape of the bag!

  • Stephanie

    Great contest!! I love the Make Me Smile Midi in Plum Crash!! I love the zipper, the pockets and the silver hardware!! This bag rocks!

  • Lisa Pike

    Loving the Hug Me in Black Crash!

  • Lana

    My pick is Take Me Everywhere. It’s a simple but beautiful design. The chocolate matte looks delicious!

  • karen

    take me anywhere in chocolate! love the smoosh of belen leather, and it’s especially great in a rich chocolate.

  • Christy

    I HEART the Make Me Smile in Plum Crash because it makes me smile :)

  • Michelle

    There are several that I love and want! I think I would have to pick the Take Me Everywhere in Black Crash. It is so pretty and classic. I love this brand!

  • Stel

    I love “Love Me” and “love me mini” any color anytime anywhere! It makes such a difference to see the bags with models! I see a Belan Echandia in my future -smile

  • Desiprinzess718

    WOW this PF exclusive hobo is so gorgeous! My favorite BE style is the Stroke ME! I love BE for their wonderful leathers, and ofcourse at the top of my list is glossy wine =D

  • Lainey

    I really love the black glossy Hug Me, I have been lusting after it for awhile. So gorgeous, love how it can look so classy as a satchel but also convenient to use with the messenger strap. It would be a keeper for me.

  • e

    My favorite is “Take me everywhere” in dark grey. Nice shape- looks like it can be broken in for a softer but still structured look. Very classy!

  • Elaine

    I love the simplicity of the Hold Me and the beautiful color contrast of the lining and exterior. On a side note, I also absolutely love that BE lets you buy messenger straps separately! I never noticed before!

  • Dee

    My favorite is the Make Me Smile Midi. I love the fun magenta lining (my favorite color) and the “frowning” profile. This bag really did make me smile when I saw it.

  • Sabina

    I wish Hold me in Chocolate would melt on my shoulder not in my hands! ;) Kisses!

  • Bay

    I love the Make me smile, that is shown in green. It looks very handy and classy, and the leather looks mmm..

  • Christine A.

    I love the Enchant Me hobo in Dark Purple! Love the rich color, the details and slouch! Beautiful work of art! I also like that Take Me Anywhere for travel!

  • Susan

    Love the Adore Me. Lightweight, cute shape, great variety of colors, and love that it can be folded flat for travel.

  • Karen

    My heart belongs to the Take Me Everywhere, or TME when speaking Belenista. Beautiful, functional, comfortable. If I could have one in every color, I would! BE makes the most beautiful purples…

  • Kara

    I am seriouslt “enchanted” with the new hobo and the cervo purple leather is yummilicious! THe dual sided surprise me is also a winner and so very very functional and best yet all the tassels on both bags!

  • Michelle

    Each Belen Echandia handbag seems to have something so distinctive and luxurious that it’s nearly impossible to choose a single favorite out of the collection. From the sumptuous leathers, to the striking colors, to the unique shapes and eye-catching details, there is something undeniably appealing about ALL of them.

    If pressed to choose, however, the Petrol Adore Me is the one that draws me the most. The attraction begins with the simple shape that somehow manages to look both exotic and funky. The center pleat keeps it from being just another hobo, although obviously that isn’t the only thing that makes this bag extraordinary.

    The color, texture, and sheen of the leather practically beg for a closer look, and the details revealed upon inspection make it even more stunning. The laced shoulder strap adds an artistic flair, while the brilliant pink silk lining practically begs to be touched.

    Is it normal to be so enthralled with a handbag? It must be, since this one has been so aptly named “Adore Me.”

  • Merry

    Love the Love Me in black crash! But I’m not the first to say so…

  • iceehott25

    I adore the Love Me bag because I have a thing for big, roomy bags and it looks so classic.

  • Gail

    I just adore the “Take Me Anywhere” in Cobalt with Nickel hardware. It is made just the way I like my bags…Large with thought to organization I love the little feet on the bottom to keep the bag from getting scuffed up. It is sturdy, chick and very versatile.

  • Ashleym

    I love love the Whisper to Me Midi in Petrol the color and detailing is amazing. Perfect size to carry everyday with options to carry as a messenger, over shoulder or hand. I couldnt ask for a more perfect bag.

  • Landspirit

    I really like the Love Me Mini because it appears to be able to hold a lot of things and it looks cute, it could be even cuter if it had the same color as the Love Me handbag, but the mini on the picture was good enough to make me fall in love…

  • DebO

    I like the Take Me Everywhere Midi in colbalt. The color is amazing and size is just right for me!

  • Laura

    My favourite handbag from Belen Echandia is the pink Love Me Midi. I think it looks like the perfect size, neither too big nor too small. I also like that the style appears to be very classic and can thus be carried for many years…it looks simple, but has a unique look that no other bag has.

  • Veyda

    Oh, I want a “Love Me” in Pearlised Cream. Its so pretty and perfect for the hot summer months. BE bags are beautiful and I would love to win that fabulous hobo!!

  • Asami

    The Petrol Adore Me is my favorite, though the purple on this hobo is absolutely mesmerizing.

  • Sass

    I like the Take Me Everywhere Midi, and I’m coveting the Pewter! It just looks so useable, but not utalitarian at the same time. Just because it’s handy shouldn’t mean it’s ugly, and this sure isn’t!

  • Tina

    Oh wow, I really love Enchant Me in purple. I love the deep rich purple color. It’s stunning.

  • Liliana

    I love the Love Me Turquoise. the color looks divine and turquoise/teal tones are my favorite!!!

  • Mella

    Wow, what yummy looking colors. It’s hard to pick, I really like the new hobo and the Love me in petrol and pewter. Great looking bags!

  • Tamara

    My favorite bag is the “Take me away mini”! What a great bag….with clean lines and sleek style.

    It would be a very functional bag for overnights, gym etc. Very useful as it has all the built in pockets and shorter handles which make the bag lighter & easier to carry than longer handled purses.

    Would love to own one! Will have to put on my wish list.

  • Kristin

    I adore the “Love Me Midi” in turquoise! It seems to be a very practical bag to carry around town. Not to mention, it is so chic!

  • Sharon

    I really really like the Adore Me – something about the shape just speaks to me!

  • Grace

    I like the Dark grey glossy TME midi. the shape, color and leather is beautiful.

  • Nonnie26

    I love the love me in turquoise–gorgeous bag and it looks like the perfect size.

  • Ethan

    Personally, I love the Belen Echandia “Take Me Away” collection. It conveys a subtle, sexy yet practical look. I particularly enjoy the functional detachable shoulder strap and outer zip pocket.

    :-) Pick me!


  • kingak

    I love the TMA, I have one in tan and just adore it, I also love my large black glossy Hug Me!
    BE bags are not only beautiful but very useful, and they go with everything!

  • pinkdiamond

    my current obsession is the take me everywhere in black crash. this would be the perfect chic work bag. i love BE!!

  • Jade

    I’ve always loved the Love Me design from BE, but I absolutely love, love, LOVE it in the Petrol color. It’s a versatile and practical bag, with easy access pockets, but it’s just amazing in this color!

  • bethany

    I have been in love with the Stroke Me in black. The size is divine and the V-shape is super comfortable. But this purple Enchant Me Belen with stitching is absolutely gorgeous!! I am thinking that I need to expand my leather collection to include a Belen color leather. Seriously, the teal blue lining so inviting!

  • Priscilla

    It’s so hard to pick just one but I love to try the Whisper To Me in Petrol leather…or even taupe. That would be pretty, too.

  • imonpurseblog

    I just had to check out the new Enchant Me Hobo. It is definitely my newest favorite! I love all the detail, the beautiful leather, so simple and yet so sophisticated at the same time. LOVE!!

  • Lindsey

    I love the Dark Grey LMM!!!!!!!!

  • Tanja Kuypers

    My favourite BE bag is the Whisper to me because it’s very versatile and you can wear it 3 different ways.

  • Annie

    I’ve tried 4 different BE bags and so far my favorite has got to be the Whisper To Me – it’s incredibly versatile as it can be carried on your shoulder, elbow, or messenger! Can you say PERFECTION!?!?

  • DL

    Take Me Anywhere midi and Love Me…because I feel like I can take the first truly anywhere and the second, because everybody needs a little love. ;o)

  • Mary

    I really love the Enchant Me in purple. The hobo shape is adorable and the tassles and detailing on the front and handle and a lot of interest. It is exactly my style and the color is so bright and beautiful. This bag would also be amazing in turquoise.

  • Irene

    Add me to the Whisper To Me fan club, please!

  • sjunky13

    Wow! I love the TME in the dark Glossy grey, acually love the light grey the model had on. I love a nice tote and this looks like the drop lenth is good. Like it hits at the perfect spot. The silk lining is gorgeous and the leather looks sturdy, yet totally body loving. Great price point too!!

  • Lara

    I love the Love Me in Pewter! I already have one in purple, as well as the Take Me Anywhere in Petrol, but I’ve always loved the pewter and covet it relentlessly!

  • wongy74

    I love the Love Me Midi in Tan. It is simple yet fashionable and has great pockets and dividers for organization!

  • Emma Campbell-Stanway

    I love love love TME Midi – a bag that goes everywhere with you and looks this classic is a must and BE have got it perfect. Need one in every colour. thanks Emma

  • Jayde123

    Love me! What a gorgeous big bag. I especially like the green colour in the modeling picture, but it’s not available. : ( So in that case, I adore the Petrol colour as well. The leather looks scrumptious and the bag looks lovely and functional.

  • Fiona

    The Love Me is my favourite BE style, it is functional yet stylish, a great size for holding everything I need when out for the day yet is lightweight for such a big bag. Despite its size it still looks fabulous when almost empty allowing the leather to puddle gently. As for the plaited handles – sublime!

  • Lemson

    I love the Take Me Everywhere bag in Plum Crash Gold. I love the richness of the metallic plum, along with the gold detailing which contrasts the plum but works so well together. I like how there are 2 shoulder straps giving more support to the bag, the metal closures for the bag ensures that the things inside are well protected. There are many pockets so it’s something that I would be able to put my textbook and notebook in. I would be able to protect my keys with the key strap, so that would give me peace of mind. This is overall a great quality bag with a lot of fun added to it.

  • Sharon

    Love the TME midi in grey…shape is great and details make it extra special!

  • NicoLJ

    the take me everywhere is great!.. but the enchant me is the best!!!

  • Samia

    Always loved the Stroke Me in wine.

  • StrawberryLatte

    I love the Love Me Midi in pink… perfect shape and color! Love all the little details also!

  • Pammy

    I absolutely LOVE the bag Love me in Turquoise. It’s such a beautiful color this year, and that bag is adorable with the pink inside the bag.

  • Rebecca

    I really like the Love Me Midi in Cobalt. The color is gorgeous and I love the shape of it. It looks like a great sized bag.

  • Anna

    My favorite is the Love Me bag. I’m a sucker for that Cervo leather as well! The Love Me bag is just calling out to be adored.. the style, size, straps, shape.. everything is love-worthy!

    Beautiful new BE bag. This would be a perfect first BE bag!

  • Carrie

    I am totally smitten with the new Enchant Me !! However, my
    first love is the Love Me Midi. Classic style, perfect size for an everyday
    bag. Looks great over the shoulder, in hand, or cross body. Also, BE’s attention to detail is impressive. ,,, the leather detailing on both the Love Me & the Enchant Me is simply stunning !!

  • Tracy

    I love the Clutch Me – the clean, geometric shape is just a little bit sci-fi!

  • Anna

    I like the “Stroke Me” bag because of it’s unique sea shell shape and the leather “Black Clash” just looks perfect for any outfit!~

  • liliana

    I love the chocolate “Hold Me”. Why? Because i am one of those people who needs a big bag and the hold me is not only spacious and but also stylish. Plus I love the contrast between the bag and the lining. I also like the clean lines in this bag and how subtle it is. Doesn’t scream:”look at me!”
    Just perfect!

  • hipnycmom

    It’s hard for me to choose as I love them all but my current favorite is the Take Me Everywhere Midi in Taupe. It is simple, lightweight, easy to wear and so stunning in person.

  • Kelly

    I love the Clutch Me in Pewter Crash because it is an extremely versatile bag and leather that can easily transition from just about any situation to another. It can be formal and accompany you to a black tie affair or it can be dressed down with a lovely pair of dark denim, a blouse, and boots for a night out with friends. It is the perfect size and fits every essential that a girl could possibly need!

  • Superqueen

    My favourite bag is the Take Me Everywhere in Red. Red is my favourite colour and the shape of this bag is so nice and basic.

  • irène

    Enchant Me is my favorite because I love this style, size and also the beautiful eggplant-colour<3 ! It seems to be very versatile and can be worn over the shoulder – I LOVE it <3 !!

  • Francesca Bostock

    I totally LOVE the ‘Take Me Everywhere Midi’ in Pewter. What a fabulously classy looking bag in a very usable size and great colour to jazz it up. I think this would turn heads. I want one!

  • Nectaria

    Without a doubt, the Whisper to Me in black.
    Funky and functional!

  • nillacobain

    The Purple Python Clutch Me is my favourite because I love python, I love clutches and I love this color!

  • Siyuan

    The dark purple enchant me is my favorite! The shape, the size and the color is just perfect!
    I am more a big bag girl…:)

  • Lauren

    The Love Me in Turquoise is my favourite – it’s just so bright and zingy with a gorgeous pink lining!

  • Janis P.

    I absolutely love the cobalt Whisper to Me Midi!

  • morebags

    If I had to pick one and only one it would have to the the Take Me Anywhere. It is the perfect size and works in both muted colours and bright happy hues.

    The Hold Me would come a pretty close second :-)

  • Pamela T

    I totally love the Dark Purple Enchant Me Bag. It’s so unique and the color is rich and vibrant making it noticeable. The leather is soft and the size is very appropriate for any ages. It has enough compartments to fit all your things and keep them organized while being stylish on the road. :)

  • melissatrv

    I was hanging out in a different designer forum and was looking at someone’s avatar. She had two of that forum’s designer bags and this other bag I had never seen before. I couldn’t sleep that night waiting for her to reply to my PM. I later found out it was the Love Me in dark purple glossy…..Wow! It took my breath away and I knew I had to have that bag!!!

  • Simone

    There are quite a few bags that I could see myself owing at one point. But my favorite at the very moment has to be the dark grey glossy MMS midi which is on its way to me right now.

  • Liz G.

    Petrol Hug Me is my fav. I love the color and the shape of the bag. I also like that it can be worn cross body.

  • Jo

    I’ve gotta say the love me bag

  • lara0112

    take me anywhere in taupe. love the colour.

  • LB

    love the hobo and purple is my favorite color

  • Mitzi

    I would take a Black Crash Hug Me in a New York Minute! Its stylish, yet practical. There are many BE bags that are gorgeous but the Hug Me is the best!

  • ashley

    I definitely like the Dark Purple Surprise Me bag. It just looks so fun and fresh! :)

  • vicki

    I love the Chocolate Take Me Away Mini. It has a zippered pocket on the outside that I can put my keys in for easy access. I could use it as a shoulder bag or a tote.

    Plus, it’s chocolate!

  • Jenn Martin

    I loved so many of them…but if I have to narrow it down I would say that I truly love the Enchant Me, and that Suprise Me in purple is a super close 2nd!!!

  • Danica

    Whisper to me in pewter!

  • mariabdc

    My fav BE would be a dark grey matte Take Me Anywhere.

    This unique style is both practical and edgy and it’d be perfect in the smooshy dark grey leather.

    I am seriously considering doing an individual bespoke for this bag!

  • Heather

    The new purple Enchant Me has really caught my eye. I love the shape, size, single braided strap, snap closure, exterior pockets, leather and color. In style and function, it’s a bag that really fits me.

  • Melissa

    It was difficult to choose, but my favorite is Hug Me. The size isn’t too big, which many bags today are…it’s the right size for an every day bag. I love the contrast of the lining…my favorite is the pewter bag with a pink lining. I like that it doesn’t have TOO many pockets. The shape is different than any other bags I’ve seen too. Overall, it’s a chic, stylish bag for every day essentials…and then some.

  • Shirlene

    I love the Black Crash Stroke Me Lg! I love the shape and the contrast pink lining. It’s definitely an every day bag that I would love to have if I had money to buy it but that’s a far fetch dream since I’m still in college.

  • shakti29

    Fuchsia Hold Me~I love the simplicity and the color.

  • spoilmerotten

    I love the new Enchant Me hobo! The purple is amazingly gorgeous and I love all the detailing, the tassels, the stiching. It is breathtaking. Hobos are my favorite style for their roominess and ease of use, love this bag!!!

  • rad

    I love a lot of these but i guess my favorite is Take Me Away.

  • Courtney

    I love the Love Me Mini in Petrol! I’ve been needing a smaller bag for times when big bags are not so appropriate and the color is to die for!

  • ack150

    Honestly, the new Enchant me would be my absolute favorite – the color is perfect – a true purple, and the leather looks scrumptious. However, a close second would be the Whisper to Me Midi in Petrol – which is such a great neutral, but so unusual!

  • shezarealgem

    I love the Hug Me in BLACK CRASH. Very practical in size and color. :)

  • bonnie

    “Love Me” in Pewter!

  • Cheryl

    I love the one you’re giving away!

    The Enchant Me is great style, and the dark purple color is to die for!!!

  • Linda B

    I absolutely love the TMA – it has been my HG for years and I’m so glad it had been brought back! But I am also a hobo girl and I love the vibrancy of the purple on the new Enchant Me. Ack! What can I say, I love them all!

  • Johanna

    I adore the “Whisper to Me”-bag! The design, the wow-factor, the name and everything else about the bag – it is definitely perfect!

  • Ashley

    I like the Love Me Mini. It’s the perfect size for me and the style is similar to what I look for in a handbag. Despite liking this style though, I think the new hobo is my favorite! I love the purple leather with the light blue lining of the first one. Hopefully there will be more to follow b/c I’d love one in a different color!

  • Shannon

    The one you are giving away is to die for and I also really like stroke me in black crash–looks so soft and a really comfortable chic bag to carry!

  • Lila Carroll

    Love Me Pink is my favorite. I love the shape, color, and the way it’s drawn or gathered in at the top. Interesting style and great color.

  • bagaholic85

    the enchant me is gorgeous and my 2nd fav bag to the hug me in dark grey glossy leather. the shape is perfect. i just want to hold it lol…and the pink lining is adorable!

  • robyn

    I Love the Take Me Everywhere in the Plum Crash Gold!! The color is to Die For and the size is perfect EVERYWHERE!

  • alex

    I just love me a cobal love me. The color is striking and the shape is very nice. I like a larger bag, the size is perfect for me.

  • Vivienne

    My favourite BE is the LM mini in purple glossy! It’s such a stunning rich colour and it’s just the right size for all your bits and bobs and making up your outfit. I never fail to get compliments when I wear it and the gold hw offsets the colour beautifully

  • Andrea

    I love the purple Enchant Me. The color, the slouch that it has… LOVE IT! :D

  • Elara

    I love the Clutch Me in purple python. The shape is so unique and elegant, and the python just adds such an amazing texture!

  • Katie

    I loooooove the Adore Me in Fuchsia. It’s so simple and elegant, but the color makes it a little wild.

  • Alyssa

    I absolutely adore the Love Me mini in petrol. The color is so unique but still versatile.

  • Carolina

    My pick is for the love me bag in the color worn by the model. The bag is a gorgeously bright and stylish and would be perfect for travel and work.

  • Jennifer (jenniletv)

    I absolutely adore the Love Me style especially the midi. It truly is the perfect size and I love the removeable longer shoulder strap. I have a LM midi in dark grey and this is the best bag and the leathers are like butter!! I love the organization too!!

  • Anna

    Well, I LOVE the Love Me mini in Black Crash – but that’s because I HAVE it! What a fabulous bag! I’ve also got a silver pony zipper clutch that I scored on a sample sale – it always gets compliments and it goes with anything. I think the new purple Hobo will be the perfect addition to my collection!

  • Kimmy

    I really like the Large “Stroke Me” handbag in Turquoise! The color is such a POP color and it’s the type of color that would brighten many people up (of course IMO). The leather also looks great! I just love the design and style of the “Stroke Me” handbag.

  • Janet

    My favorite by far is the chocolate glossy whisper to me midi. The bag is the right size and the leather is TDF.. So rich and classy looking. A gem to be carried any and everywhere!

  • Cynthia

    I was struck by the beauty of the bag pictured here, but vertured to explore more on the BE site. I also like the style and functionality of the Surprise Me purse. The laced detailing, line on the Enchant Me are my favorite part! The “Create your dream bag” feature is so fun! I played around with the Surprise Me and silver metallic leather, Purple Sheen Leather, and other fun and gorgeous varieties! I did not know about this feature before – This is going to be fun to play around with!

  • Lola24

    Love the Love Me bag in Turquoise, such a great shape, size, style and color!!

  • Alissa Hall

    I like the Take Me over the Love Me, but both are really close. Exterior pockets, or zipped pockets with exterior access, are really helpful I think. The taupe color fills me my own bag collection missing pieces. Love your stuff!

  • Anja

    My favourite bag is “Love me”! The size is perfect, looks like it can carry a lot. A shoulder carried bag is always convenient, and this bag can be a everyday and dressed up bag. It is very versatile. The pewter colour is the one I like the most, works with so many outfits and other colours. Love that there are so many zip pockets on “Love me”, and the Fuchsia silk lining is gorgeous. Definitely going to be on my wishlist!

  • Kanika

    I love the Whisper to Me Midi in pink. Such a wonderful bag.

  • kimberly

    The dark purple Enchant Me is so amazing-I don’t usually venture away from my brown and black bags,but this one could tempt me!

  • LV-nowwhat

    I do love that hobo shown in the purple. I never owned a purple handbag. The bag that gets my love is The Whisper to me in mottled silver. I love metallic bags and have not found one I wanted to own. This bag is great. I love the size and all the details. The leather looks lucious.

  • Maureen

    I love the Take Me Everywhere and of course I love the new hobo!! Wow!! They both look super luscious and so lovely!

  • Sylvia

    Adore Me in Petrol is a gorgeous bag! I don’t have any bags that aren’t black, or brown, and the leather and color are both so rich, I love it!

  • Nancy

    I love this hobo, but my absolute favorite on the BE website is the Take me Anywhere!!

  • andrea

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Take Me Everywhere in Dark Grey leather!! That is my dream bag!!

  • Julie

    I love the Whisper To Me Midi in Cobalt. Its a great size and I like to carry this color all year round!

  • Cheryl

    Whisper to Me Midi in Pink. I love pink and while I think all of the bags are beautiful. This particular bag speaks to me. I think it’s the perfect size and would be very functional.

  • DeeDee

    Whisper to me in mottled silver is absolutely gorgeous! But I think my favorite is take me anywhere in Tan, only because I’m a neutral kinda girl and I LOVE big bags that are also functional at the same time. This bag does both.

  • Raquel

    I really love the Tan Adore Me. It semms to be a very light bag and the colour is great for summer!

  • mel

    Dark purple Enchant Me….MMMMmmm, purple. THe leather looks wonderful!

  • Emily Leon

    My favorite is the Enchant Me in Dark Purple!!!!! I know it is the headlined bag but it took my breath away the second I saw it. The color rocks!!!! I NEED a bag in this color and this is IT!!!!

  • rainydaze

    i lovelovelove the whisper to me midi, in tan with fuscia lining. i have recently discovered the convenience of carrying a bag messenger style (i have three kids!) and the WTM is the most stylish and well-designed bag i have seen in a messenger!

  • Olivia

    The pewter clutch is to die for! I also love the “Take Me Anywhere” in tan. These bags are beautiful!

  • melissa

    I am completely in love with the large stroke me bag. I have been for about a year and half. I think the leather is stunning and the design is so unique. All of her bags are beautiful but the Stroke me is my favorite!

  • Mara

    I love the Hug Me in Pewter with the signature fuchsia lining. Such a great contrast and amazing year-round bag.

  • Mindy

    Along with this bag, I adore the Make me Smile Midi, in tan. It is a very classy bag, that could be worn with anything, dressed up or down. I also love this designer doesn’t make purses that are all screaming logos, but you can still tell that the purse you are holding is a nice, luxury one. :)

  • Lilliana

    I looooooove the Plum Crash Make me Smile Midi. But it was so hard to choose a favorite. They’re all gorgeous!!

  • Elise

    I love the Whisper To Me bag in Taupe because I love to have a bag with a ton of room. It is also an extremely beautiful bag.

  • Carrie Singer

    The Pewter Clutch Me is perfect for me, because I can carry my diabetic testing supplies with me.

    The usual testing supplies bags are ugly at best, and they have no room for anything else, such as a wallet or lipstick.

  • purplecoachgirl

    This bag up for grabs in gorgeous and my fave color! But if I had to pick my favorite I would say that I love the shape of Adore Me and would love to see it in Plum Crash. I’ve never wanted to win so bad!!!

  • Cates

    Most definitely the TAke Me Everywhere in Grey! It’s spacious and simply stylish

  • Melissa Philippou

    I just love the take me anywhere, I love it in any color!! it’s a great size and I love the style and design. The pockets on outside are very nice too! I love, love , love it!!!!!

  • Tracy

    I love the Make Me Smile Midi in Pewter, something about the shape of the bag makes it so beautiful to me!

  • Sara

    Love me in pewter! Useful zip fastened pockets and gorgeus color which goes with every outfit.

  • Kathy K

    Well, this is a challenge. I have long been a fan of the Love Me, but the new Enchant Me is pretty killer. I think I’m going to have to vote for this new slouchy hobo. The BE line is beautifully made and classic. No surprise that the Purse Forum members are such fans!

  • Wee

    I love Make Me Smile in black crash. It’s a classic for me that I know I will use it a long time to come. I am saving up to get the Make Me Smile for myself. But would be definitely ecstatic to win this new hobo!.

  • Christina

    Take Me Everywhere Midi! I love the shape, not too boxy and the drawstring and magnetic closure. In chocolate…mmmm

  • Lulu

    I love the Petrol Love Me Mini it looks like it’s the perfect everyday bag. It has the perfect strap drop (9″) so it’s easy to carry. The size is fantastic and it has an exterior pocket. The bag looks simple but it has got so many amazing little details. The color is a great vibrant neutral. It can go with anything. Easy to dress up or dress down. Oh and let’s not forgot the leather…..TDF!!

  • zeitgeist4

    My favorite is the Make Me Smile Midi in plum crash. I love purple!

  • marnay

    Oh BE…. A Love Me Mini in Pewter is calling my name!

  • angela

    Take Me Anywhere Midi in fuschia is my favorite

  • Vesna Zdjelar

    OMG, I LOVE Chocolate Matte Hug Me, I believe that this will be my favorite bag once I get it. vesna

  • Jen

    I don’t even need to go to the BE website (but I will later for a little fix!) to say that my DREAM bag is: the Whisper To Me in Dark Grey matte leather…which I guess is actually bespoke…

    Classic with a little bit o’ funk (look at the hardware and fuschia lining); a go everywhere and with anything color softer than pure black; versatile (look at the ways it can be carried, the pockets, the options, the size) and I am told (and do verily believe) that said leather is like butta!

    Someday (soon I hope) she will be mine…and I hope that she can sit next to the wonderfully colaborative PURPLE HOBO on the rare occasion that one of the two won’t be out for a ride!

  • Jeneen

    I love the Hug me in Petrol – it’s casual yet professional, classic yet modern, and I live the handles and the take it anywhere feel to it. I LOVE the shape and it is the perfect size for me!I honestly want to hug it and take it with me and show it off to all my friends!

  • Paula

    I love that dark purple Enchant me! Love all the details and the blue lining; was never a fan of the pink lining.

  • Maria

    Whisper to Me Midi in Pewter – great size and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color!

  • Contessa

    The Love Me has been my favourite from the get-go and was my very 1st bag in the infamous dark grey leather.

  • DJM

    The tan take me anywhere is my hands down favorite. I love the casual feel and the fact that it’s big enough to carry all of the unnecessary junk I can’t leave home without!!!

  • J. Mishka

    I love the Take Me Away! The tan is lovely or if I could have any color it would be the dark purple leather with a blue lining and silver hardware. So pretty!

    I also just adore the new Enchant Me styled hobo! That is just gorgeous!

  • katie

    I really, really love the new hobo but my all time favorite bag (ever) is the LM. I couldn’t live w/o mine.

  • T. Whitehead

    I LOVE the Take Me Anywhere in Tan & Grey. It’s the perfect bag for a mom of 3 like me. It can be handheld or a shoulder bag. Functional and Stylish. What more can a girl ask for???

  • Diana

    I love the Take Me Away Bag…I take many short weekend trips and this looks like it would be a very stylish weekend bag!! Love it!

  • Mariza

    I love the Whisper to me Midi!

  • chanel_lovver

    Hold me in Plum Crash!!! Love love love it~!

  • Erica

    I love the Love Me Midi!!! In Matt Dark Grey. What a beautuful bag!

  • Deborah Holbrook

    If the Make Me Smile came in a larger size than the midi, it would be my hands down favorite style. Since it is not, I am really leaning to the Take Me Anywhere. Love the new Enchant Me also. That purple has got to be the PERFECT purple – not too pinky, not too red, not too blue in hue. Just perfect.

  • faline

    My favorite is the LOVE ME in Taupe. I love all of the colors and styles. Fab!

  • Sheila

    Loving the Stroke Me bag in Wine! Hot with the pink lining and looks like GHW!

  • AB

    My personal favorite is the Take Me Everywhere. If I had the choice of color, I would definately pick the grey. I currently don’t own a grey bag so that would fit perfectly in my collection. I like the fact that it is a simple, classy, sleek bag that can be worn with a dressy outfit or dress up a casual outfit. I love it and would be proud to be the owner of it. Thanks.

  • honuhonu

    Oh wow – I just saw the Dark Purple Surprise Me and I just love it – it is the same color as the new hobo!

  • Karina

    The Bordeaux Python Clutch Me is to die for!!! The colour goes with basically everything and it’s the simple design that makes it somehow special!!

  • bloomdl

    I’m going to go with the Enchant Me, it’s just the perfect bag for me. Looks like it would fit everything I need to tote around with 2 yr old DD in tow, but still look chic & put-together. I would definitely put all those inside & outside pockets to use. I love the dark purple, but would also love to see this in cobalt or dark grey!

  • Krissy

    I LOVE the Love Me Midi in cobalt. What a beautiful bag in a knockout color. The size is perfect for an everyday bag, especially for a mom like me who not only has to fit all my stuff, but my son’s as well. I love the sturdy base, and the shape is really just sharp. I know what’s going on my Christmas list!

  • Gretchen

    I love the Enchant me bag. It looks wonderful and the deep purple is such a great color.

  • Tatertot

    I love the Take me Anywhere in Pink. I’m loving pinks and purples right now and BE has such gorgeous designs and leathers.

  • Belle

    ‘Enchant me’ does exactly what the name says – gives a surprise pop of color everytime you open it!

  • JenWV

    My favorite bag is the Whisper to Me Midi in Pink WTM. I love the color of the bag and the shape!

  • sndc99

    Whisper to me is wonderful. I love the color of the new hobo and who doesn’t love a hobo. I like a purse that talks to me. I want to look at it as well as touch it. I think all of these purses are delightful. I really like the styling of the whisper to me because it says pratical as well as have a flare of it’s own.

  • Susan

    I absolutely must have the Love Me Midi in purple cervo leather with the twin pockets on the front and the zipper pulls! This leather is luxurious and so durable. Coupled with the zingy purple lining makes it a must have. Oh the choices! Every BE bag is gorgeous and so well made that I really want them all….. How can you expect me to chose just one? Jackie you must stop tempting me…….. Let me just have another look……………………….

    BE is to die for
    Its not just an urban myth
    Everybag will Make you Smile and cause your spirits to lift.
    Whether its the Take Me Away, Angel Purse or any BE
    I know my favourite is…….. a purple Love Me!

  • Dana

    I love the “Take Me Anywhere” in dark grey glossy.


    It’s functional but chic and roomy but not too large. Grey has been my favorite neutral for a while now and my love for the color isn’t going anywhere.

  • daen

    enchant me is my new fave…if i don’t win, i will buy one…someday

  • Marian

    I thought I posted on this thread before, but can’t find it. If this is a duplicate, please remove. My favorite bag is the TME Midi in glossy wine. Since I received a number of months ago, I’ve been wearing it nonstop! It holds everything, goes with everything and molds to the body. It’s both chic and practical. Now, I think I should change things up with a hobo. Come to mama you sweet thing!!

  • Margaret

    I love the Take Me Everywhere because it seems so simple and classic.

  • monroe

    My favorite BE has got to be the Hold Me bag in scrumpous choc , its so funky. The design is fabulous , i would use this all the time . Like its name i would want to hold and hug it all the time

  • purseaddict**

    I love the turquoise stroke me. The color is fabulous for summer to give the right POP and the shape is so unique. Definitely a head turner.!

  • JCB

    I absolutely adore the tan adore me. It looks like a perfect everyday bag in such a versatile color to go with just about any outfit.

  • Mimie

    My fave is the Love Me. It’s just a very pretty shoulder bag. It’s functional yet flirty.


    I love the new Hobo. My Favorite is the Love mebag . I love the shoulder bag style which i would be able to use as an every day bag. BE has many great styles so it was hard for me to choose just ONE.

  • Yun

    I love the Love Me. In any colours!!!

  • CJ

    I love the new hobo, one of my favorite types of bags for casual wear and its in purple my fave color!

  • Maha

    I love the TMA!!! Such a unique design and I love the weight!

  • Jean

    Love the black crash hug me…it’s just versatile and gorgeous!

  • ChaiLatte

    My favorite bag is the Whisper to Me because I love the details in the design of the bag. Also I love big bags since I carry my life with me lol.

  • Shana

    My favorite is the Choco Matte Take Me Away — the perfect size and shape for an overnight/carry-on bag and more gorgeous than anything!

  • Melanie

    I love the dark purple Surprise Me. The color is fabulous, and the purse looks super functional!

  • Ecthelion

    Of course the Enchant Me hobo! It’s both functional and stunning!

  • Erica

    Love the Cobalt Whisper to me Midi, absolutely gorgeous… The color is so rich. That bag is to die for!

  • Jennifer

    That giveaway bag is so gorg I bet it feels as good as it looks! My favorite is the Whisper to Me in Pewter. Looks like something I could carry around forever.

  • Tamara

    I adore the Take Me Everywhere Midi in Pewter with the gorgeous pink silk lining. Beautiful color, great size…oh la la.

  • Christina Torres

    I love the Take Me Anywhere bag. I love the front pockets and am a bigger size bag type of gal. Very nice.

  • Karen

    LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!! It’s an awesome shoulder bag (in Petrol) that looks like it would hold everything and be easy to sling! Love the Love me!

  • fiveclosets

    My favorite is the Take Me Away. The messenger stylling is fantastic. I would love love LOVE this bag in electric blue with silver hardware, or plum with brass hardware.

  • Stephanie

    I love the Love Me in Turquoise! I love the shape of the bag and the deep rich color. I also love the details of the zipper pulls. It’s such a great bag!

  • Stephanie

    My personal favorite is the Love Me in Turquoise. First, I love the rich deep color. I also love the overall shape of the bag and the details of the zippers. Such a gorgeous bag!

  • Josephine

    I love the Take Me Everywhere Midi in Black Crash. I love the subtle texture of the leather and how it’s not your typical looking hobo, definitely a head turner!

  • Myra

    I love the Hug me in Petrol. I think this bag is a great everyday bag yet so hip! I love the color. Such a beautiful bag

  • Gabriela

    Black Crash TME MidiBlack Crash TME Midi

    This is just a beautiful bag, both inside and out. Very sexy, classic & all around gorgeous bag. I really like the shape & style of the bag and the fact that it’s not a huge bag or a bag that is too small. It’s perfect!

  • chirley

    Hold me, in brown is beautiful. I love the simple elegance, and the color is stunning.

  • mintpearl

    I have always loved the simplicity and the unique shape of the Stroke Me!. I’ve always thought it looked a bit like a large heart! I also tend to love larger bags without any compartments inside, so the Stroke Me seems perfect for me!

  • Dyanne kelly

    OMG! I love the enchant me in purple. This is the most gorgeous bag I have ever seen! I had a stroke me midi from Belen Echandia and love it. I have been waiting forever for them to have a hobo. Please Please Please let me win this! I’ve never won anything in my life

  • Candice

    I can’t help it. I love the featured bag, the Enchant Me in Dark Purple! It seems like the perfect size, the perfect slouch, and the goooorgeous blue lining yum! It’s got the perfect amount of attention to detail while making a statement – my kind of bag!

  • cindy

    Got to have it!

  • JaneD

    My favorite is still the Love Me – in the biggest size! I have it in Pewter and it is a scrumptious bag with all the trimmings: big enough for everything, great design with plenty of pockets, and buttery leather that just gets better with every wear. Can’t wait to win this new bag and love it just as much!

  • Laura

    My Love Me still rocks my world!! The new bag is absolutely fabulous!!

  • S W

    Whisper! Beauty in blue!

  • lulilu

    Take me anywhere

  • LL

    both clutch me and adore me are wonderful! I can’t decide.. if I had to absolutely choose it would be adore me… I so do!

  • temo

    The “Hold Me” in Fushia, is the one that calls my name! I love the simplicity of this bag and the color would be fabulous for summer, with a white outfit!

  • Raychel

    I love the Fuscia Adore me, it looks like a great size and I LOVE the color!

  • Liberté

    I really like the Make Me Smile Midi in Tan colour. It’s so versatile, it’s got a classic shape that surely will stand the test of time while having that little extra charm only a bag with a little slouch can have!

  • Hiyall

    Wow, what a HARD CHOICE to ONLY choose ONE (of my favorite BE bags) from their collection. I’ve seen quite a few that I absolutely LOVE and must have. Well, since I can only choose one, my favorite is the “Take Me Anywhere” bag in Tan. This bag is PERFECT for the Diva SAHM with a couple of small kids in tow, who I still loves to look “jazzy, sexy/sassy, sophisticated and RICH and this bag says all of that and more. It’s HOT and yet understatedly elegant–just like me. It’s a style that I can wear when I’m oot and aboot shopping with girlfriends or taking care of business in a gorgeous suit or out for an elegant evening with my love. It will looks equally stunning yet practical when hauling the little people around in a pair of cute jeans to museums, zoos, art galleries, etc.

    So, that’s why I love this particular bag best.

    P.S. Thanks for making this contest available to us…Purse Blog and BE–YOU ROCK!

  • hikarupanda

    I love the Bordeaux Python Clutch Me. It is a very vibrant color and very SEXY!

  • capulet

    I like the Surprise Me because I’ve been looking for a practical messenger bag and this one looks very practical and functional. But the Enchant Me is gorgeous too–I have a soft spot in my heart for hobos, and in either bag the purple is TDF, one of the most gorgeous purples I’ve ever seen!

  • Polly

    So many gorgeous bags, not least this new Enchant Me! However if I have to pick just one favourite, I’ll go with the Love Me in pink. Why? *The* perfect blend of practical and drop-dead gorgeous in the most beautiful colour. “Love Me?” Why, yes, I do!

  • Vanessa

    I like the Dark Purple Surprise me bag its a side bag and the leather looks super soft and amazing. Never owned one of her bags but I like the simpleness of the hardware. She makes great everyday bags I could see myself owning one in one of those gorgeous colors.

  • Tracy

    My favorite BE is the Love Me in Petrol or Black Crash!

  • Andrea

    Take me anywhere! Because I could do that with this bag!

  • Jane

    Take Me Anywhere in tan. It would make a great weekend bag!

  • CJY

    I love the purple hobo!!! Just a yummy color. I have also been wanting several of the hold me clutches. I love her clutches! I love all her bags I just really love the design of the hold me clutch and it is an affordable bag, but looks much more $$$$. I would take any and all colors!

  • Kristin

    I like the LOVE ME style the best! I’m really obsessed with drawstring bags these days and the two pockets on the outside look really handy! I like all of the colors!

  • Dara Carr

    Take me Everywhere…in any color….
    Or….Enchant me….in that gorgeous purple

    Love the soft leathers and the bags look so comfy to carry.

  • Melissa

    I love the Take Me Away Mini in Chocolate.

    The design looks slightly vintage but still modern…and the leather is so rich!

  • Robin

    The cobalt Whisper to Me Midi! I love its slim profile–perfect for those times when you don’t want the look of a big, bulky bag under your arm.

  • boobeary

    The Stroke Me in Mottled gold is in such a fun shape and color – funky and so cool!

  • Natalie

    My favorite Belen Enchandia is Love me, I like it’s versitility: a crossbody, wear it on your shoulder or carry it as a satchal, the details of zippers and it’s classic styling. This is just one of my favorite Belen Enchandia, there are so many beautiful bags to choose from!

  • LV Rawks

    I love the ‘Whisper To Me Midi’ in Petrol.
    Such a cute bag…they are all so pretty!

  • Judy

    Wow..what a gorgeous line!

    Though the “Stroke Me” and the “Love Me” had me drooling, my very favorite is the “Enchant Me”!

    Love its shape/style, size, color (shown here) and its description as being “light”!

    Once I fill my bags, they can weigh me down. Being light to start is a major advantage. I also like the shoulder drop (roomy and tight up under the arm) and the neat leather hand threaded detailing.

    This is one good looking yet practical bag!

  • Judy

    p.s. I meant “roomy and NOT tight up under the arm!!”

  • Kara

    I love the Whisper to Me in petrol!!

  • sara

    Hug Me in Taupe. Or Navy. Probably would find them hard to stop wearing.

  • Carley

    I took a look at all the beautiful Belen Echandia bags and I was impressed with the leather and all the rich colors. However one bag really called out my name. It is the Pewter Love Me Mini. I love the shape of the bag and the lining is tdf. I think it is a classey bag that could be worn with jeans or even dressy clothes for a night out on the town.
    I am smitten with that bag!

  • Cindy

    My first choice would be the new Enchant Me Hobo! I am a Balenciaga gal so I love the slouchy hobo-type bags. The blue lining is so pretty – plenty of pockets – and I love the leather stitching on the handle and the pockets. Gorgeous! I’d love to see it in white for summer!

  • sigi

    I love the Take Me Everywhere Midi in Petrol Silver. Practical enough for an everyday bag yet still chic enough for drinks after work and the color is unique and beautiful!

  • Alyssa

    I’m loving the Make Me Smile Midi in Plum Crash — gorgeous!! :)

  • Mosemom

    Ah, the petrol Hug Me – mysterious, haunting, unforgettable bag. The leather glows! It strikes the perfect balance between relaxed elegance and structure and is an ideal size.

    If it were mine, I’d indeed treasure it! The leather looks soft enough for a pillow…:)

  • NicoleW

    I love the Take Me Anywhere in the plum crash gold — I love the shape and size of the bag, and that color is just gorgeous, especially paired with the red lining. The bag you’re giving away is lovely too.

  • Minmin

    Love the take me anywhere in tan. It’s neutral, fun and of the right size. The top strap and front pocket make it special.

  • Susan Kleiman

    I love the new Enchant Me Hobo. It’s my favorite style of bag, and the size is perfect. The purple leather looks gorgeous.

  • merrygold

    My favourite bag is the Surprise Me. I love crossbody bags because they keep my hands free!

  • spacytracy

    Definately the Enchant Me in that beautiful purple color!! oh yeah baby!!

  • C A Peterson

    The Enchant me. But if I have to choose another it would be the grey Hug ME. Love the three sections.

  • Sabrina

    I really really love the “Love Me” bag. Not sure what color is my favorite. I like the pink one but the pink lining looks really cool in the turquoise colored bag. Very very cute!!! I love the shape and the size is perfect! The outside isn’t too plain and the inside is perfect for organizing your stuff! Its the perfect bag I’ve been looking for!

  • Tonia

    This is the first I have seen these Belen Echandia bags. I love them! Especially the Take Me Everywhere in Chocolate Matte. I wish the website gave a few more shots of the bags and also a look inside the bag. Really happy they have a live model holding each bag though, some don’t do that. If you can’t see and hold the bag in person, you really need some sort reference point. Thanks so much for the contest! Hope I win. It will be my first!

  • Tonia

    After reading some of the other posts, I realized I must have missed something. So, I went back to the BE site and actually clicked on the photo of my favorite bag and lo and behold! All the missing info. I was wishing for, was right there!! Don’t know why I didn’t try that before. Thank you!

  • mariko

    I like the Whisper to me in silver best!

  • Joann

    I really love the Take Me Anywhere in Taupe and Tan. I think both colors are so perfect for the bag.

    I now understand why it is called Take Me Anywhere. It definitely looks like it can be a great everyday bag, simple but fancy. The leather looks so supple and soft. The price is not bad either. It definitely looks like it could cost more.

  • Nadia

    I love “stroke me”, its a shape I have never seen in a bag which makes it very appealing. It would make a fabulous going around town or going out bag.

  • abigail

    One day soon, I am going to OWN a full sized love me in dark purple matte or turquoise. i want it, i want it, i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annie

    love looove the TPF x BE collab – purple is my favorite color! The Enchant Me! All the names are so cute! Although if I were to pick my favorite one that isn’t the Enchant Me, I’d want to Make Me Smile Midi in Plum Crash. :)

  • Bali_girl

    Enchant Me….baby! I love this bag….hmmm maybe something exotic……

  • Rebecca

    I’m loving the Enchant Me in dark purple, although I’d also go nuts for anything in the apple green color. My favorite things about the Enchant Me are the lovely color and the stitch detailing on the strap.

  • Emma G

    I love the Hobo best, it would be the perfect bag to update my look now I am a mum of two and bags of space for all the mummy essentials.

  • Sunshine

    I am in love with the mottled silver Whisper to me bag. The shape is great, looks big (I love a big bag!) and its so unique looking. LOVE IT!

  • chris kilper

    Love BE! I would like to own all your bags- each one of them is gorgeous, functional and unique. But if I had to choose one……It would be the Dark Grey Glossy MMS Midi . Something about it just calls out to me. It’s classy and beautiful and I haven’t seen another grey bag yet that compares to it! I have been searching for months for the perfect grey bag, and I think this is it :)

  • Christy

    It is so hard to choose from all the great bags Belen Echandia offers. The Take Me Everywhere and Love Me have been my favorite styles. But the new Enchant Me with the purple luxurious leather and blue lining is stunning! I love the tassles and the topstitching. It is just a fabulous hobo!

  • Kitsunegrl/Lorretta

    I like the Adore Me in Fuschia the best.
    I think the shape is well suited for daily wear.

  • bagdemon

    I’m crazy about the Love Me in turquoise. Such a simple, functional bag with style and a gorgeous color!

  • Jessica

    I love the Enchant Me bag!!! I love the color purple and the lining is so eye catching. I might have to pick this one up if I don’t win it!

  • bamua

    Fabulous!If I win will you send to Turkey? :)

  • bamua

    Can I take a Whisper to Me Midi Pink colour.I love it!Because it’s useful,the shape is perfect,and the colour is gorgeous!!!

  • Denise Otterson

    I LOVE the PETROL HUG ME bag! A GREAT compromise between being the woman i want to be and the mother i need to be!. Not too big, but can get everything i need (plus what ever my two boys and husband throw at me:) ) and i like how the handle will keep the purse close to me, where i can easily access whatever i need to grab. It’s funky and modern, but not so that ican’t show up to a little leauge game!.It’s hard for a mom on a budget to look stylish and functional.This would be a great bag,and a really cool clor to carry! :) I would look sexy and fierce carrying it;)

    Thanxs for listening-

    Denise Otterson

  • sheishollywood-melissa

    I LOVEEEE enchant me! The deep purple is beautiful and it is PERFECT to wear casually or even during work! It looks like a great functional bag because you can fit the essentials and the shape will still look good. yum!

  • CoachJunkie1908

    I ADORE the Stroke Me Medium, particularly in Wine. It’s a huge, gorgeous bag with a unique shape, and tons of personality. For a career woman on the go, it’s a dream and suits me down to a T! Now, to save my pennies and make that dream a reality!

  • Barb

    I really like the new Enchant Me in the purple, but without the stitching. The color is divine!

  • tiha

    OH MY GOSH. I love the take me anywhere in TAAAAAAAAAAN. It fits my laptop and i can use it as a diaper bag even. I wouldn’t have, wouldn’t even want to change to a laptop bag or my diaper bag when i go out with my kids.

  • Chrys

    I’m in love with the dark purple Enchant Me! I love the color, size, shape, and lining. :)

  • Elizabeth

    I love how this hobo turned out!

    I also love the Take Me Everywhere in Black Crash; so versatile!

  • Zoe Wilde

    For me, it’s the ‘Hold Me’ in tan.

    Why? Because, when you look at this bag, it looks like my tan vest!


  • Melly

    I really like the Love Me in Pink! It looks like a great big bag that could hold a lot of things while remaining comfortable on the shoulder. The Take Me Everywhere in Dark Grey isn’t bad either!

  • Dawn

    LOVE the Chocolate Crash Silver MMS Midi. Love the style and color, looks very comfortable, practical yet super stylin’.

  • Steve

    My favorite is this bag. I love the purple (have been searching for a purple bag), the style and size. Looks very functional. I like the leather weave on the strap and around the top of the bag. Also the wide strap! The tassles give it a great finish. My second is the Love Me in Petrol. Again looks very functional, the color is great and like the outside zip compartments.

  • Tony W.

    It’s much harder to choose a purse when you don’t carry one! I’d be giving the bag to my girlfriend, so in picking a bag, I have to choose the one that I think she will like the best.

    My two finalists were the Love Me in the green pictured on the main “Love Me” page and the Whisper to Me Midi in Petrol. I also thought the grey coloured (Matte Leather Taupe?) Take Me Everywhere shown on it’s main page was very nice, but I think it was the colour that I liked more than anything else.

    The best feature of the Love Me bag was the central zip compartment – my girlfriend often doesn’t like some bags because they don’t have a zip compartment in the middle for valuables.

    In the end, I think I would have to go with the Whisper to Me Midi in Petrol as the extra straps (especially the messenger style one) would make it more multi-functional so that she could also take it to work as well as out on the town!

    Thanks to the folks at Belen Enchandia for such a cool contest and again to all the great contributors at the Purse Blog who are always so helpful to fashion challenged guys like me!

  • Aleks

    I like the Take Me Anywhere in pink. I love the bright shade, yet the shape of the purse is pretty casual, it’s a great combination.

  • Phyl

    OMG!!! Take me Anywhere in Tan… I just love the detail in this bag, and the color is so rich!…SOOOOO Classic and will go “Anywhere” with just about “Anything”!!

  • Shana Levin

    I have been lusting after the “Take Me Anywhere” style for a couple of years (BE didn’t have it on the site for awhile and I’m glad to see it back!). I really like the bag in cobalt. I love the bag because it is big but is designed not to be overwhelming. I also love the cute outside pockets!

  • Mette

    I fell for the purple Enchant Me att once, it hang so beautiful, and the color is perfekt – me want!

  • Lynn

    Whisper to Me in Black Glossy. Would be great for a laptop!

  • Cornflower Blue

    I’d go for either the tan or taupe LM Midi OR maybe a TMA/Midi in either taupe, tan or (if it was there) chocolate!

  • Bouncin

    That Purple on the Enchant me bag is gorgeous!! I love the 2 slanted outside pockets.

    I also love the LOVE ME bag in apple, purple, and petrol.

  • Lauren

    I love the Adore Me in Petrol. The color is gorgeous and the shape is perfect.

  • Zuzanka

    I absolutelly adore the WHISPER TO ME MIDI, would choose Sheen Cobalt with red lining, that would look so FAB!!! I love large bags as I carry lots of my own stuff as well AS stuff for my 2 toddlers. This bag would make THE BEST DESIGNER / CHANGING bag EVER! And without having to compromise on taking 2 bags.

    Would customise it with lots of pockets (bottle pocket, detachable zipped compartment and outside pocket), and tassles!

    The shape is stunning, perfect proportions, lovely detailing, the tassles are really in now.

    Definitelly best bag by all means.

  • Colleen

    I have been admiring the Whisper To Me in Pewter for a while now because of the design and practicality. I love that it can be hand carried and also worn messenger style, while still looking chic. I’m trying to save up for one.

  • ID

    Apple Green Love Me

    It’s a nice bright summery colour so it’s fabulous.

    As far as purse design, I love the extra zipper areas on the autside – convenient for storing receipts, notes, make-up and all the random little things that tend to go in my purse.

    [I do LOVE the purple colour on the Enchant/Surprise me so they would be my runners up]

  • Jo-Anne

    I LOVE the Love Me in Petrol! The color is beautiful and the style is classic.

  • Linda

    Simple yet sophisticated bag made for me!! Love the color and style!!!

  • Marlene

    Well, I love the purple hobo, but the Make Me Smile Midi in Plum Crash is right up there too. Very Classy , functional with beautiful color combos…

  • Danielle

    Take Me Everywhere in Petrol Silver. I love the size—not too big, not too small. I like that it has a definite shape (I prefer structured bags over slouchy ones). It’s the kind of bag that you can use day or night, in the city or for weekend getaways in the country. LOVE IT!!!!!

  • ETenebris

    My pick is the “Love Me” because it has the perfect length shoulder strap on a utilitarian chic bag. The perfect size, and an easy cross-body bag, this is the perfect city or travel bag.

  • sharon sorken

    I like the the Make me Smile bag especially in the bright green. It is exactly my style!

  • Madame Rose

    My pick – Stroke Me in fuschia. Simple, elegant, beautiful, striking color with almost anything!

  • Diana

    Take Me Everywhere Midi in taupe. Love the color and the shape and size. Perfect for me!

  • adapt

    My favorite out of the collection is the Hug Me in the dark grey glossy color. The silhouette is a modern interpretation a slouchy hobo, all of the room and supple material but with more structure in the construction. The color combines a classic neutral with the resurging trend of a glam metallic. I think it’s a versatile bag that can become a wardrobe staple while still having a fresh look with any ensemble.

  • Kristy

    My favorite bag is the Whisper To Me and Whisper To Me Midi – they are edgy and unique and modern, yet very functional (they can be worn three ways!).

  • kimberf

    The Take Me Anywhere in the dark grey glossy is my favorite. It’s a great size, color, and style. Very versatile and a great use it all the time sort of bag. Big enough to carry a lot but still look chic and un-sloppy.

  • Audrey

    I think my favorite is probably the WTM, because it is so versatile. I love all that room in a bag that is designed to create such a sleek silhouette.

  • Jane

    The Stroke Me! awesome shape, colors everything!

  • matchka

    I really like the Hug Me in Pewter!! So COOL!!!! All of the BE bags have the yummiest leather!!


  • Susie

    I really like the Whisper To Me bag in tan because it looks very roomy, has great detailing without being over the top. The detailing on this bag is really what makes it interesting to my eye, it looks tailored and neat but still could be casual which is hard to do in some cases with a larger bag. Some of them end up looking frumpy and oversized pieces of leather without any elements to tie the bag together. Simple may be great for some people but in a larger bag I prefer some detail.

  • sunshine

    love the apple green love me

  • annie

    The enchant me dark purple hobo. I love hobos and the simplicity of it is sticking!

  • Patricia

    I absolutely love the Adore Me in Fuschia! Perfect shape and an amazing colour for summer…LOVE it!!!

  • laura

    The “enchant me” bag is my favorite color combination and I would truly feel enchanted if it was on my shoulder- hiding my mommy arsenal of baby wipes, hand-sanitizer and Hot Wheel cars. It would be GREAT to be a stylish mommy of 3 kids under 5!

  • Jaimie

    Purple Love Me Mini….
    I LOVE this bag – the leather looks supple, and the lines on the bag are classic yet contemporary –> YUMMY!!! Tempting, tempting, tempting… lol :)

  • Amanda Kreft


  • Kimberly Aron

    I really like “Hug Me” because the shape is very unique and it looks to be an extremely versatile bag!

  • Twin Mom

    I’ve always wanted an Angel Purse.

  • suzzeee

    It’s a tie between the full size Stroke Me and the full size TME – both are fabulous bags and I already own several!!

  • Jessica L.

    MAKE ME SMILE in PLUM CRASH is super cute and beautifully unique. It’s my favorite of all of the bags on the site; except this newest one is amazing.

  • Rosemary

    The Make Me Smile Midi in Tan is my favorite. I love the shape of the bag, the go with everything color and the fabulous pink lining!

  • Annette T.

    I actually love the Enchant Me Sassy purple hobo that is up for the prize. It’s a fabulous color, first of all and the hobo is always a classic “Around town” bag. It’s the kind of bag that will take you all over in a chic way. Toss it over your shoulder, grab your keys, sunglasses, jump in your car and drive. It’s casual, yet sexy and cool looking and the color just makes it pop. I’d love it and name it and give it a sweet home in my closet when not in use, which probably wouldn’t be too often considering I love it and have been looking for a new, cool bag.

  • zuzu maxx

    I really like the cobalt Love Me. The color is so cheerful; carrying that bag would brighten any day!

  • Michele

    I love the Enchant Me – it’s style is quite classy. My favorite color is purple – what a perfect bag!

  • Heidi

    My favorite has to be the Take Me Everywhere in Chocolate Matte. It’s such a practical style & color for everyday use.

  • Nicole

    in love with the Hug Me in Black Crash so pretty!

  • anne gordon

    The `Make Me Smile Midi`in Tan is my new favourite bag which I seriously don`t think I can live without in this depressing downturn! I especially love the fuschia pink lining which complements the rich tan leather divinely and the inside compartments are a real treat for someone who regularly routes around the bottom of her handbag for lost car keys and mobile phone! A very satisfying combination all in one gorgeous, beautifully made and very stylish bag.

  • JudithM

    I’m in love with the Black Python Clutch Me.

  • Judie Hurtado

    The Adore Me bag looks lovely. Based on the description, it has many of the qualities I seek in a bag- lightweight and not terribly large. I would love it if it came in purple- I LOVE the color purple, but my next choice would be Petrol.

  • Isabell

    I love the ‘LUV ME’ bag, and would love to win it and give it to my mother as a birthday present (June 15th) – purple is her favourite colour!

    Thank you for the oppurtunity.

  • Beth

    My favorite is the Love Me bag in green. The other colors were nice, but none stood out like the green.

  • Toni

    I love the ‘Whisper to Me’ in Black – so stylish. We don’t get these bags where I live and I would love something completely different from everyone else. Thank You.

  • Paula

    I love the Tan Adore me, it looks really stylish and the color will look great with jeans, a dress…everything.

    Thanks for the give aways

  • Valeen

    I really like the “Love Me Midi” in Turquoise. Its a fun summer bag with a lot of function. I like how it can be messenger style if you wanted it to be and having all of those pockets in a bag is the BEST!

  • Gina

    My favorite is still my big purple Love Me. I would use it all the time but it’s already getting worn out because I love it so. :(

  • Meredith

    I love the “Take Me Anywhere” bag. I would get it in either purple or green. My job requires me to tote a big bag around New York everyday and it’s the perfect size and shape for what I need.

  • tina

    i absolutely love the whisper to me in petrol. it has the convertible strap and a nice structure to it, without being too structured. Plus, it has all the space that i need! thanks for the giveaway! i love the color and the shape of the new bag.

  • Connie

    Love the new hobo – wish it came in bright fuschia !!

  • CathyFitz

    TME midi. This is the perfect size, compartments and style. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t received a compliment.

  • smallfry

    Very hard to choose just one…but my favorite is the Dark Grey Glossy Take Me Everywhere Midi. Thanks for another great giveaway!!

  • GottaShop2

    I LOVE the Hug Me bag as I LOVE satchels!! The Black Crash is my favorite color in the Hug Me design!!

  • Mair

    I adore the Fuschia Hold Me . Just love throw it all in bags.

  • Madame Rose

    Elegant, simple, pizzazy as well. The Love Me in fuschia. I love it and would love it win it!

  • Terry Bessuille (KnittingFan)

    I think I like the dark purple “Enchant Me” the best. Hobos are my very favorite and this looks beautiful. I would love to win it!!

  • androsek

    ENCHANT ME ! dark purple colour as featured here! Love the slouchy look, plus imagine when it will break in… :))

  • Cynthia Lim

    My favourite love will have to be – Taupe Whisper To Me~
    The 3 different styles of carrying it, is suitable for formal as well as causal.

    With Taupe WTM, a lot of people will definitely whisper & tell me how beautiful & wonderful my bag is..
    And i will surely be the envy of my friends~ :D

  • Lisa

    There are so many BE bags to love it is almost impossible to choose a favorite. I find that I am not ordering anything because I can’t decide which one is my favorite! They are all so amazing! For the sake of the contest I think I will say that I am really loving the Enchant Me in the puple cervo leather and that may be my favorite. I am just curious how it would look worn messenger style. It says that it comes with a messenger strap and I would love to see how this looks! Good luck to everyone!

  • Larke

    I love the new bag. The style, color and cervo leather look to be delicious. Can’t wait to have one. nunnla on TPF

  • Amanda

    My favorite bag is the take me everywhere midi in pink that’s featured on the model. The shape and structure of the bag are simple yet refined. The leathers look so lush and the linings are in such fun complementary colors. This would be the bag I wish I owned…I could take it into the office or out for drinks with the girls and it would easily adapt to both.

  • coco13

    ‘Whisper To Me’ in mottled silver; this is my favourite bag because, as mentioned on the website, it is called WTM as it is not a bag that shouts its status. Despite this the mottled silver gives it a bit of ‘welly’ and coupled with the fact I could fit all my daily needs into it (I really do carry that much) it is stylish enough to not look like a holdall. Large, silver and stylish; what else does a girl need?

  • Kairi Tammoja

    I absolutely adore the *Take Me Everywhere Midi
    Taupe* bag! I love the elegant grey and the shape.. how it sits on your shoulder and how I can fit all my essentials in there.. there is a room for my small umbrella even which is handy living in UK ;) I can slip my MacBook Air in there if in need to! Lovely lovely lovely!

  • Natalie

    I love the Love me in turquoise or Taupe. Stunning bags! Love them but this one is my fav

  • Cats

    It’s a toss up.
    The Love Me mini because I like the size and the shape and the idea that every time I pick the bag up to go out on a sales call, I will be telling myself “Love me!” in my head. And perhaps that will translate into a smile, a boost of self-confidence and a closed sale.
    And the tan Hold Me appeals to me since I like the openness of the bag, and that exciting red interior!
    Lovely bags. I will be investigating this line further.

  • Shari

    The Love Me Mini in pewter crash with midnight blue lining. Perfect size for dinner out with DH, plenty of pockets to organize stuff and the color adds instant zip to anything even jeans and a simple T.

  • Kim

    I love the TME in plum crash!

  • Loquita

    I have many favorites in the BE collection, but at the moment I am in serious love with the Love Me Mini in Fiamma Red with the fuchsia lining. The bag is deceptively small, yet carries *everything*, and the rich red leather is a fantastic neutral. I want one in every color!

  • Wealtheow

    The Love Me in pink is gorgeous! What a nice profile it has–casual but tidy.

  • Lori

    I love the ‘Love Me’ in Pink, such a beautiful color!!

  • Anna

    I love the Turquoise Love Me Midi…I just can’t get enough of that color!

  • Jennifer

    The hug me is very nice!

  • Kristina

    My heart belongs to the Love Me in taupe gray. I can use that bag with anything I wear!

  • rosiered

    Whisper to Me Midi In Pewter is just the perfect size to carry/haul all my stuff!

  • Melody

    Love the black python CLUTCH ME. It’s super sexy and just perfect for a night out of dancing

  • Caroline

    I love the Take Me Everywhere in plum crash. Such a beautiful color adds a elegant sparkle to any look, and the bag is big enough to carry all my essentials…and maybe a bit more.

  • Sharon

    OMG…I absolutely love the purse being given away, so I have to go over to the website and find out what it was called. It’s the Dark Purple Enchant Me. Wow…it’s like butta….a whole sticka butta….

  • Misa

    I like the Whisper to Me Midi (Mini?) in Cobalt, because it’s such a lovely shade of blue, and a compact size that would still fit a lot. I particularly like the convertible straps and how they detach from the belted part of the bag! Such details make me think a BE might be in my future…=)

  • Diane Frichol

    I absolutely love the Bordeaux Python Clutch Me. It has a flair of sophistication but the design makes it wonderful versatile. Would work well with evening wear as well as blue jeans.

  • Barbara

    Love me in turquoise. If that bag came to live with me it would be my BEST friend!

  • wendy

    I personally like the chocolate matte “stroke me.” I like the combo of a nice multifunctional color such as chocolate brown with a chic hobo type bag :)

  • Cristi

    My favorite definitely has to be the Petrol Adore Me. It’s girly, but with such a chic edginess to it. The color combo with the pink lining is to die for, and the detailing on the strap is gorgeous. Love it to bits !

  • Katy

    The new hobo is beautiful – it’s hard to top! I’ve been admiring the Love Me Midi but can’t decide between black crash and lipstick pink…it’s definitely a HG bag. I dream of BE!

  • debbie

    hold me bag. it looks gorgeous and perfectly sized to carry my daily essentials and magazines…

  • Maria

    I feel like all bags are gorgeous but if I need to pick one it would be… Hold me! It`s so elegant, perfect for any ocassion!

  • Carlie

    I love the Hug Me in Petrol! The shape is amazing, it’s a great size, and the color is unusual and stunning. Looks like a versatile style too.

  • Nelly

    my fave was the Stroke Me in Turquoise. the color is fun and the shape of the purse is very unique. not your ordinary square bag.


  • Shirley

    My favorite Bella-Enchandia bag is the Take Me Everywhere Midi. This bag has it all: tailored, yet modern; obviously well-made but no logos; practical size and design; timeless appeal but absolutely in style, not to mention just plain gorgeous! Carrying this bag would be such a pleasure – comfortable, with well-thought out features, top quality workmanship, and tons of class. What more could you ask of a bag?

  • Little Tiger

    The Fushia Hold Me…it’s such a gorgeous flash of colour and a lovely deconstructed shape.

  • silkstarh

    Love, love, love the pewter Love Me. The perfect bag.

  • dooneydiva

    I adore the “Whisper To Me” bag in silver metallic! It is just the kind of bag that suits my personality: catches one’s eye without being too obvious.
    It’s great that it can be worn messenger, forearm and shoulder (who DOESN’T appreciate versatility in a bag?) plus it’s just the right size for a petite girl like me.

  • alpengold

    My pick is Hold me. This bag is so different and has special design. . I like to be different. I’m simply in love!

  • Kamille

    I’m loving the Love Me in tan! It looks like the perfect size to carry all of my junk/essentials :) &&& its color is ideal for an everyday purse, but the two outer zippers give it a slight edge. Love it!

  • beyond

    I do love “Take Me Everywhere Midi” in red. As it says it’s easy to match any color of clothes and shoes, and still has a lot of space.

  • jams1fan

    I love the Hold Me in fuchsia. It’s big and bold. Use is limited only by the imagination. I like the wide opening, too.

  • coachbagmama

    I like the BE Love Me in Petrol. Looks nice and roomy. I like the 2 zippers in the front. Can throw my keys in one, lipstick in the other. I would like it to wear with my blues. Also I like the straps, shoulder or carry. Beautiful color inside and out. WOW!

  • Jenn

    I LOVE the Take Me Everywhere Midi! It is a perfect size for all of my “must haves” (which is a lot). It looks gorgeous and you can use it everyday!

  • AnnJon

    Take me Anywhere tan is heartrending gorgeous! When I see the bag my heart starts beating and I feel a spiring happiness that gives a tingeling sensation right out in my fingertips. I applaud it! It sounds crazy, but it is not! This is art, truly art!

  • cciele

    I love the Love Me in Apple Green. What a springy color, and I love the shape of the bag — classy, not too boxy, fits perfectly over the shoulder. I like the two front zips and drawstring closure too.

  • Lori Lockard

    I love the “take me everywhere in black” Lots of room for the things we need and and want to take everywhere. Wonderful rich look and soft feel of leather.

  • Amber

    I LOVE love me in turquoise. It looks like such a practical, functional bag. I love the bag/lining combo. The colors are so yummy and bright!

  • Rowena

    I love the enchant me. I like the size, the style and all the pockets!

  • miss sooky

    It’s got to be the Whisper to Me – I am all about bags that don’t shout and when yet when I look at my two, although it is quietly classy and chic, there is some ‘shouting’ going on and that is because for the first one I bought, Jackie and Maya worked amazing magic to ensure I had it in time for a deadline when the postal service went awry.

    Gorgeous bag that whispers style, but shouts ‘remember that amazing customer service’ every time I see it!

  • Lynn Alvarez

    I love Whisper to Me Midi in Cobalt WTM Midi. The leather looks very good, and the design of the bag looks so functional yet sassy. I have not heard this brand before, but I think I would like to purchase one especially that it is my deceased mother’s name. Having this bag in my possession will always remind me of my dearest mother. Great selections and great prices!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  • Gianna

    I really like the “Whisper To Me” in Pewter because it looks extremely roomy and stylish at the same time. And the color just really pops!

  • airedale3

    I will always think the Stroke Me Medium in fuschia is the coolest bag ever. Although, I would be happy to have one of each of Belen Echandia’s bags in a rainbow of colors. Really well made handbags. I love purple!

  • pea

    i’m partial to the first BE i ever saw – the LOVE ME Midi in apple green matte. so cute, so practical, so stylishly simple! it’s such a “me” bag, too. some people long to own hermes…i long for a BE. the hobo is cute (i’m so into purple bags right now) and i’m excited to *finally* see the new hobo and messengers from BE!

  • Lorraine

    Love Me in green is as fabulous as a bag can get! It just looks like a dream – the perfect size and color – I would take one in every color IF there weren’t so many other beautiful bags in the world!!!

  • getnfit

    What an amazing opportunity to win a beautiful handbag such as this. All the bags are uniquely fabulous so it is difficult to simply chose just one. After really researching all the features and styles I have chosen one that would be perfect for me & my lifestyle.
    The “Take Me Everywhere Midi” in Pink or the Matte Grey. It has such a distinct style and would be so easy to wear. I could certainly fill it with all my “required” items and then some. I love this bag for it’s unique appearance and it’s fashion forward style. And all the storage places allows me to take this on any trip. I love lots of pockets both zippered and open. I can see getting lots of complimnets on this bag and lots of inquiries on who the designer is and where they can buy one for themselves!!
    I would love it in the pink color for the summer and I could also use the Matte Grey year round. Wow…just found a new bag to love!

  • Nancy DiPaula

    The Love Me Mini in Petrol is very lovable! It is very cool and the leather colors are hard to pick from! I would really be proud to carry any of the styles!

  • BagLuver

    I am loving the Make Me Smile Midi in every color! I especially like the Dark Grey Glossy. I love the simple elegant satchel style, and it’s a great size!

  • jenny

    actually the Enchant Me Sassy purple hobo that is for the prize is my favorite. I love hobo bags and I love the tassells on this one. I actually wanted a purple bag and this shade is beautiful!!

  • Cara

    Love the ‘Take Me Everywhere’ bag! So practical but chic at the same time.

  • Jackie

    Wow — interesting…

    The color ‘purple’…

    I just did a bit of research on this color since the “Enchant Me” really caught my eye — especially due to the color…

    Here’s what I found: “purple is the color of healing and cleansing, and its presence in a human aura indicates the soothing of pain in conscious and physical planes” …

    After a 17-year relationship I am find myself a divorced mom of a 15 year-old daughter and entering a whole new chapter of my life. Not what I envisioned as a young girl — but I’m a true believer that things happen for a reason. I am ready to be ‘enchanted’ with a new path — new experiences — new joy — engulfed in a vibrant purple bag to add to my aura! :-)

  • Lanie

    My favorite has to be nothing else but the new Enchant Me hobo. It is pretty, purple and perfect!!!

  • mathsinger

    Pewter Hug Me! The silver one!!
    This is really hot! I love it when I first saw it!

  • Emily Goodenough

    I love the “Hug Me Large” bag in black…the sheen leather or Pebbled Luxe Leather.. and red interior with silver or gold hardware. This purse is fantastic…I love how roomy it is and it looks so soft and it just has excellent style. The design of the purse is great, its so unique and Ive never owned a bag like this before…nothing compares to this bag. It is truly my dream bag..I’m glad I discovered this bag from this forum.. I love how you can modify the bag and choose different types of leather or interior..

  • Tia

    oh my oh my these purses are like attidues 1 is very loving 1 is very exotic and wild i really love these but my favorite is the pewter love me mini please pick me Ms.Echandia!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melody

    i’ve been in love with the Love Me bag for a long time, i just wish i could afford it! i originally lusted after the wine color, but i love the new cobalt blue, it’s amazing!

  • Kristin

    I’m totally loving “Take Me Away” in Chocolate Matte, the name alone makes me think of a romantic weekend getaway or a sudden spur of the moment date to Paris. It looks like the perfect weekender, and somehow it makes me reiterate, “perfect, perfect, perfect!”

  • M

    It’s a tough pick between the Make Me Smile Midi and the Adore me, but I think the Adore me is winning. I’d love to have that in the same purple as seen above. What I really wish BE would do, though, is bring back the simple East-West bag (don’t know if it had a special name) that they were making a few years ago. I rented a beautiful dark red one through Bag, Borrow and Steal and really wish I had bought one while they were still available. BE, are you reading?

  • gr8ful1

    It’s hard to pick a favorite because there are so many I like. I’d have to go with the one in the contest though~ the Dark Purple Enchant Me.

  • Danya

    My favorite bag is the Adore Me in tan because it’s design is simple but not plain- the pleat gives it a point of interest. It is versatile and the tan color is very natural looking.

  • Brooke

    Whisper to me Midi in petrol makes my heart sing. It is a beautiful bag, perfect color and perfect size. It was love at first sight. This bag literally took my breath away. It is a classic that I can wear to work or to the mall. A real stunner.

  • Julia

    Stunning bags!!! But I have to go with Enchant Me in Dark purple because it looks soooo soft and the smooshy and the color is PERFECTION!

  • Keisha

    I love the new hobo! But, other than that I adore the Hold me. I like the simplicity of it and the fucia lining. I have been patiently waiting for it in black.

  • Lucy

    LOVE the Dark Purple Enchant Me! The tassels are great and I absolutely adore the color!

  • suitup

    My love me is still amazing. Hands down my fave.

  • rhonda

    I love the Stroke Me. Its simple and versatile, a perfect bag for all occasions.

  • Gayle

    Don’t just like the purple Belen Echandia, I am toally in love with it. Wll absolutely take me any where at any time of day. Totally classey! Head over heels.

  • tiffany d’virgilio

    I love the enchant me bag the best. The color combo is fantastic and it’s a great looking hobo.
    I’ll have to save up for that whisper to me bag as well!

  • Marjorie Meleton

    I loved the Petrol Silver TME Midi. It was beautiful and the proportions were perfect. I loved the pink one on the model!

  • Patricia

    Well, just give me one of each in every color, I absolutely love all of BE’s bags!! But, my very favorite is the “TAKE ME ANYWHERE” in tan. OMG!!!! this bag can take me anywhere, it matches with most of my wardrobe and my luggage, can be used anywhere….. traveling, business, out to dinner, just everyday.

  • Emily

    I am loving the take me everywhere in dark grey glossy. It is so stylish and cute. A great everyday bag.

  • zucca

    I really Love the Black Crash Hug Me!!! But all the other styles are so hot!!!

  • zucca

    I Love the Black Crash Hug Me!!! So hot****

  • Dale

    I love the Stroke Me Medium in Black Crash. It looks like such a great everyday bag!

  • Kylie

    I really like the make me smile bag. I love the shape and jeez it looks great in plum crash. very beautiful bag

  • Kim

    My favorite is the Love Me in Pearlised Cream (but it’s out of stock). It has a simple, elegant design that would look outstanding with both casual and formal outfits.

  • Jean

    I went to the Collections page and instantly fell head over heels for BE’s Stroke Me. Its insolently slouchy air – irresistible; yet clearly this mood has been achieved without sacrificing any of the bag’s structure or its (arresting) underlying design… it’s got the best of both worlds, truly. I daresay that if you were to place Stroke Me (even the name’s got a bit of cheek! ;) ) atop a table, it wouldn’t collapse into an unremarkable heap the way so many other fashionably slouchy bags tend to do these days…
    and the leather, per the name, looks fantastically touchable evne through pixelations on a computer screen. ‘battered’, sure, but never old. I rarely say this about objects in general: but this, it seems, is a bag one could fall in love with. Make history with.

    I could see BE’s Stroke Me being an in-the-know favorite (even an heirloom!) for the discerning connoisseur. Exquisitely crafted to begin with and, as the copy points out (& for once I can imagine this holding true) its worn-in shape, the beautiful leather finish, all will only get better & more desirable with age and experience. Oh, the stories that this bag will have to tell, given a few years! :)

    Clicked through all the other collections, which were gorgeous & adorable (harkening back to the French etymology of that particular word – adorable – well able to be loved & adored, and how!) But I keep returning to the Stroke Me. I like it in classic Black Clash and Mottled Gold especially. As a former student of design, I can attest that the BE Stroke Me pings all three Vitruvian criteria for a useful object of beauty: firmness, commodity, and delight (– & *how*!).

  • natalie

    The MMS Midi in Dark Grey Glossy is my favorite of BE’s collection because the shape, size and opening seem very practical for day to day use and easy accessiblity, while the straps look ultra comfortable and I can picture myself not whining about the shoulder straps hurting on a long day of errands; walking about town, etc.

    The color is perfect for spring, summer outfits that have a touch of grey. Also, this color bag would easily transition into fall and winter too, making it more of an investment handbag piece to be worn annually.

    Lastly, I just LOVE this effortlessly stylish bag. It’s completely gorgeous. Love, LOVE, Love it.

  • azureartist

    I like the red hot Take Me Anywhere in Red. The leather veining looks so nice… the design is sophisticated… I want one!

  • Joy

    I love the Take Me Everywhere in the dark grey glossy. It’s the perfect size for a busy mom like myself. It looks easily accessable. Can be carried on the shoulder and has a messenger strap as well and the grey glossy color is perfect to wear year round. The color is so rich and is the perfect shade of grey.

  • Jamie Lynn

    I am loving the Petrol Love Me Mini. Such a pretty blue and I am a sucker for blue bags but I really don’t need anymore. I need some new colors!
    I love the leather too, such interesting patterns.

  • Dominique W

    I love the Take Me Anywhere but I can’t decide which color. Triple tie between cobalt, pink and tan!

  • cindylu

    The whisper to me Midi

    I love a handbag that speaks of elegance and style without being a breast beating financial statement. These days that is so important to me as so many are out of work or thinking of loosing their job’s. The last thing I would want to do is have a bag that says I cost more than your last paycheck. Don’t get me wrong, I know quality and great design when I see it.
    Its just some brands are so popular that everyone knows how much they cost. And most people know an expensive bag when they see one, but a bag that does not scream I cost x-amount is the bag I want to carry and have always wanted to carry. Our handbag’s say allot about us, I always want to make sure mine conveys who I really am. I think the “Whisper to me Midi” is that bag.

  • Marielle P

    The Cobalt Love Me Midi is my favorite! The color is TDF and the shape is wonderful! Not to big and not to small

  • Lori O

    I <3 the Stroke Me medium in Wine. The leather is gorgeous. It’s a classic bag that goes with anything and everything. I was introduced to B&E from the girl on tpf and I have been a fan ever since! I also love the new reveal on the purple hobo..I hope to own it soon!

  • Amy B

    This is simple, ENCHANT ME, My favorite colors inside and out, my favorite style in the perfect size. I simply love it and must have…
    Beautiful, sexy, stunning and the perfect purse for me…I cant say much more other than it truly is an ENCHANTING purse and is calling my name….BEAUTY AND ENCHANTMENT JUST FOR ME, couldnt ask for anymore, other than maybe more then 1 of these bags…I feel this bag was made JUST FOR ME…

  • Kathy

    The new Enchante me is delicious!!! That would be my NEW favorite! Before that it was the Love Me…
    I just love the scrumtious leather, the double handles, beautiful lining….. Mmmmmmmmm

  • gapaholic13

    I LOVE the Love Me! The pink is my favorite color, it’s the perfect shade for me. The leather looks amazing and the inside is so spacious. Adore it all around. I think I need it :)

  • sulii

    Love Me in pearlised cream. Delectable name and bag!

  • Connie

    I love the Take Me Anywhere in cobalt. I’m a fan of bags with convertible handles, and love the cute pockets on the outside. The leather looks like it will wear in and age beautifully, and the leather color is very nicely saturated.

  • JT

    My favorite is the Whisper to Me Midi- and I can’t choose a color because every one I look at zoomed it looks better than the last! I really like that it is a flatter bag without the stiff bottom so it is less bulky when holding it, and I think it’s great they offer both shoulder/elbow straps, or the choice to convert it to a messenger style bag. Plus, the story of the name is clever- the bag wouldn’t immediately draw the eye on the street, but anyone looking at it would have to be impressed with the subtle weave of the leather!

  • karolyn

    Love them all. but plum crash wins!

  • Samantha

    I love the Make Me Smile Midi bag, it’s gorgeous and a great shape! Perfect size to carry essentials and a little bit more! I especially love the Apple Green color in the main modeling photo, but since it’s not available, my next pick is the Dark Grey Glossy – not too dark, but not too light, perfect! I could see myself carrying this bag daily without ever getting bored of it! It seems so versatile and can be dressed up or down. Love it!

  • cilipadi

    The Bordeaux python Clutch Me is stunning! Elegant simplicity.

  • Regina

    My favorite Belen Echandia bag is the Chocolate Hold Me. I love the mottled exterior, and the contrasting hot pink silky linking. Yum!

  • Wilmie

    I love the Take Me Anywhere in Cobalt. The size & color are fab.

  • Michelle

    The Love Me in Green was my favorite

  • Capris

    I love the Make Me Smile Midi in tan. It looks so sophistocatd and sleek. This bag would compliment many of my outfits.

  • bunnymasseuse

    The Love Me in Pewter, the Make Me Smile Midi (in the green on model, color not indicated elsewhere), Tan Hold Me are a few of my favorites. There are plenty beautiful bags, but those items hold my fancy the most, and would fit well with the lifestyle I have, and how I use my bags :)

  • Priscila

    The Hug Me is perfect! Good size and gorgeous design. I finally got one in Petrol and I’m in love! :)

  • Denise

    The Love Me in Petrol just really strikes my fancey. It’s a beautiful basic-kinda bag, casual enough for everyday but also could be quite dressy. Love the size, the design and especially the color. That Petrol just calls my name

  • saragleave

    I absolutely love the new Enchant Me! This could be my first BE bag!! I’m a sucker for hobos, and the deep purple is absolutely stunning.

  • Claudia

    Turquoise Take Me Everywhere w. gold

  • Diann

    Hug Me in Petrol….

  • sals

    I’m a big-bag person so I love love Love Me in Black Crash!

  • Crystal P

    I like the Apple Green Matte Love Me Mini!

  • Shannon

    I love love LOVE the Take Me Anywhere in Tan. Perfect color, perfect shape, perfect size, and perfect exterior pocket for the cell. Can this bag *be* any more perfect? :0) I’m in love!

  • Milsy

    I really like the Love Me in turquoise. It’s so large and practical and anything in turquoise is a winner!

  • Vanessa

    Make Me Smile Midi in dark grey because I love the shape and color.

  • Sunny H

    Love Me Midi – perfect size, lovely toffee color, understated and elegant

  • Vicky

    The tan MMS Midi – perfect size, love the interior color because it makes it easier to find what I need, the tan compliments any clothing or color – casual or dressy, However, the give a way bag would be great because purple is the color of our football team…..
    Go Ravens!!!

  • Jessica

    My favorite is by far the Love Me in pearlised cream. The color makes it perfect for summer and winter – it’s not too white and not too cream! It also looks like it’d hold all of my daily necessities!

  • Sophia

    I love the Take Me Anywhere Cobalt bag. The color just pops and can be paired with any outfit. It can MAKE a plain outfit garner attention, and this is why I love it!

  • Luci

    The Love Me mini in fuschia…

    I like the shape and color. ; )

  • sofia

    i would love to win it! i really love the purple color and the big bags:) it is so pretty and stylish please=)

  • Amy

    I love the take me everywhere bag in Plum crush gold because it is a beautiful shade of purple in a great shaped bag that can be used with allot of outfits.

  • suejean

    The LOVE Me Midi in TAN or PINK!
    I don’t have any designer bags and I would LOVE to share this bag with my mom and sister! It definitely makes a statement and adds that splash of style and chic/classy look! I am absolutely in LOVE.

  • bianca

    I just love the Cobalt Love Me MIdi, it’s so beautiful.

  • lizzie

    I just love this new Enchant Me hobo. It’s stylish and yet so practical.

  • Christine

    My favorite bag is the “Hold Me.” It reminds me of the Hermes Picotin but the size of the Hold Me is more practical definitely!

  • J Chaborek

    My favorite is the Love Me in Turquoise. Love it because it would go great with my spring and summer wardrobe and also there’s nothing nicer than digging in your bag for that misplaced tube of lipstick and feeling a nice, silky lining.

  • cathealey

    I ove the take Me Everywhere in Pink. Beautiful.

  • Sarah Tea

    I adore and need and want the dark purple Enchant me hobo! It is what this purple lover needs! I also terribly need a new purse so I would flip out if I ever won this! That would be a dream!
    I also loved the purple Love Me mini. So cute!
    Good luck to all! :)

  • Abby

    I like the “Make me smile” Midi. Great color, big and perfect amount of compartments.

  • Jenn

    I like the “Hug Me” Midi. It’s simple for everyday use or nice enough for an evening out on the town.

  • txcoachgirlie

    I love the regular sized Love Me in turquoise! I also like the cobalt color, but that is only in the midi size.

  • Kim

    The bags are all so beautiful, but I’d have to say that I love the Take Me Away and the Take Me Away Mini in any color. The shape, the size, the styling… all gorgeous! Scary, I might have to get one of each!

  • Nique

    I like the Plum Crash MMS Midi because in it’s plum metallic color and spacious self ,it defines itself as well as whoever wears it as an everyday glamourous and confident individual. It also screams fun and hardworking that’s why I picked it …it defined me without words.

  • IZZI


  • Fiona Bevan

    I now have 3 B E bags, and its a tough call! I think my favourite has to be my WTM Midi in Cobalt with silver – such a stunning combination. The new hobo looks amazing and I would so love, love, love to win it! xx

  • hareisland

    i love the ‘Take Me Everywhere in red color’. the size is just allright for daily use and the color is lovely.

  • Suzanne Semago

    Choosing one is hard, but I like the new hobo because I love hobo bags and the purple is so amazing! I need some color in my bag collection and that one is wonderful. Colorful but not too crazy for me to get away from all black with.

  • Karlyn

    Love the LOVE ME in petrol. It is beautiful, versatile, and can hold everything you need.

  • Rachel

    The Purple Python Clutch Me all the way! The color is absolutely stunning and I love the structure of the bag. It would actually fit my cell phone and chapstick, unlike most tiny wristlets.

  • Tonisha

    I love the Enchant me in purple. I love large hobo bags and that purple is TDF!!!

  • Archie

    Call me a purist – but I love, love, love, love, love this chocolate matte Take Me Away ….


    It is gorgeous ….. and has both the handles I like – the shorter shoulder straps and the longer strap ….. and of course, like all things I tend to fall for, this one is pretty high-priced (the most expensive bag I own is the Kate Spade I found on sale for $108) but mmmmmm!!!!

    It looks sssoooo good, I would want to eat it …. yummy ….

    If I had to pick favorites, the Hold Me in any color would be equally yummy …!!!!!

    God – love all the bags, actually ….

  • Lauryn

    I love the Take me Everywhere in Pink or Plum!!! The Pink is so cute for summer…and the bag is so functional and would be great as an everyday bag.

  • Pam

    I love the Whisper To Me Midi in Petrol. The shape and size are perfect & the Petrol is such a unique color! The new hobo is incredibly gorgeous as well.

  • Jennifer

    Wow..I looked at them all and I have to go with the “Enchant Me” as my favorite!! The deep color, size, tassels, stitching, and shape are all just so fab! Way to go BE!

  • Bridgett

    I love the Take Me Anywhere in Cobalt. It is such a gorgeous color and I love the design of the bag. It would look great with a casual outfit as well as for a night out.

  • Jackie

    I love Whisper to Me Midi!!! It’s edgy, it’s chic. I am a tote kind of girl and feelt hat I wear this bag with a suit, or with jeans. It’s has some really deep primary colors in whcih I absolutey adore. The blue and fuschia are my favs. Please keep up the good work!!

  • Berlina

    My pick is Ben’s Love Me in pewter because well…what’s not to love about it? It has an amazing tough chic exterior, with a little bit of class and personality to take it everywhere. You can be at a rock concert or a soccer game and still work this bag into your ensemble.The color is amazing and complex, like that famous Lancome Erika F. eyeshadow everyone coveted but yet no one truly knew how to describe in words. It’s sexy and modern, but also tamed & yet playful. It’s the layers of today’s fashionista, the modern girl who is mysterious, seductive, creative, nurturing, forgiving, loving, warm yet icy cool and anything in between.

  • Susan

    I’m enchanted by the rich purple enchant me hobo. It is such a great neutral color that will go w/ all of my black outfits and the leather looks delicious. Pls pick me!!!

  • jona

    my favourite is whisper to me in black glossy! it looks like a bag you can carry everyday but stylish enough! it also looks very chick and it looks liek it would carry its form well :)

  • Daphne

    The charm me in red… my first and favourite!

  • Gloria

    I love the Enchant Me in dark purple!

  • Kimberly

    I am in love with the whisper to me! Great bag! But I’m absolutely head over heals for the Enchant me in Purple.. would make my year to carry that bag!

  • randomloser

    whisper to me in black

  • megan


  • Ellerie

    my pick would be love me in petrol. it looks very classy and very functional at the same time. but i’d take anything :)

  • Marsha

    I need this to wear with everything.

  • sanghu

    my favorite is the Love me, its a bag for all times and all seasons

  • ZZ

    I love the Whisper to Me Midi in Petrol. BEAUTIFUL color. It’s big enough to hold all of my stuff but not so big that it is overwhelming.

  • Elizabeth

    Take me everywhere in hot pink is awesome. It looks gorgeous with browns

  • My

    I really like the TAKE ME EVERYWHERE MIDI in chocolate, petrol or black. It really looks like the perfect everyday bag. Perfect size, spacious and light. Absolutely the perfect everyday bag. Love it!!!

  • Zee

    The hold Me in apple green. Striking and simple.

  • Gloria

    I love ‘suprise me’ soft leather light weighted messenger bag that I can use alot when I go to go shopping :)

  • Denise

    I love Take me Everywhere in gray.

  • Amy

    I love love love the “Take Me Anywhere” in fuschia with gold hareware. It’s definitely a bag big enough for all my daily junk and still look great with it.

  • alyne

    to be honest… I can’t decide between ‘Enchant Me’ or ‘Adore Me’. I loveeeeeee them. It’s cute and the color is amazing… The size, well, I can put all of my daily stuff in there and ready to go.
    All in all.. PERFECT!! Love it so much…!!!

  • Kristin

    I LOVE this Dark Purple Enchant Me!! It looks like such a great shape, and the colour is to die for! I also adore the Love Me bag!

  • Debora

    I love the Make Me Smile Midi in the beautiful neutral tan color. It’s a classic style with a classic leather…timeless. I have a MMS in the black crash and love it. It’s versatile and scrumptious. For me it’s a perfect size and I love the double handles and the messenger strap.

  • Cristina

    I love the Take Me Everywhere bag in turquoise. The color is very bold and the bag can really hold a lot of things.

  • Cindy

    I love the Enchant Me bag. The color (Dark Purple)is divine, the detailing, the size. What’s not to love about that one.

  • PorscheGirl

    The Take Me Everywhere in tan is just divine!

  • camilla


  • Kirsty


    I love the Chocolate Hold Me bag – its big strong independent and the box bag is classic and timeless! It will be fashionable everyday for ever!

    I Love it!

  • Trayler

    I dream of owning he Take Me Anywhere in dark Grey…how do I love that bag! Let me count all the ways….

  • Nishi621

    I adore the Love Me in petrol! Great shape for a bag, perfect size for me and I love any shade of blue in bags!

  • Jeni

    I love the Love Me in black. It is classy but still edgy!

  • Lakritze

    I fell in love with the Dark Purple Surprise Me. What a beautiful bag and color.

  • goldie21

    This was a tough choice to pick my fav, all of the BE bags are georgeous! I have to go with the Take Me Everywhere in Plum Crash Gold – ah the color is to die for!

  • jennifer driver

    breathtaking! this purse is named correctly, “ENCHANT ME”. I can’t get the picture of it out of my mind. It would make the evil witch look enchanted. AH….the purple is the color of a succelent plum, just makes anyone’s mouth water! I have had back surgery and been out very little, this purse makes me want to get back out into the swing of things and ENJOY LIFE while advertising your purse!

  • kay

    My favorite BE is the MMS in any crash leather. It’s the perfect combo!

  • Tina

    Honestly – I LOVE the bag you’ve pictured in this blog! The dark purple Enchant Me bag looks hearty, is big and is my kind of size, and this rich purple is literally enchanting – it’s making me drool!

  • Teri

    Definitely Whisper to me in Mottled Silver. But Stroke Me Lg in Turquoise comes in a very close second.

    Thanks y’all!

  • Suzi

    Hard to pick but my favorite is the Love Me Midi in Turquoise with the silver hardware. Gorgeous bag.

  • Allie

    I absolutely adore the Take Me Anywhere in Dark Grey Glossy! It’s a fantastic style in a fabulous color. It’s truly a gorgeous bag!!

  • Marion

    I’m absolutely in LOVE with the Pewter Make Me Smile Midi.
    It looks like we can put a lot of things in it, but in the meantime it doesn’t look too big. It has just the perfect size.
    Also, the color is stunning! And the shape is very stylish and attractive.
    I have to win that bag haha!

  • MichelleAntonia

    The Black Crash TME Midi !!

    The size is perfect, the handle is big enough to put over your shoulder, and the style goes with anything- dressed up or down. Love it!

  • Kimberly

    I love the Plum Crash Make Me Smile midi as a fun, casual, everyday bag…who cares about color coordination?!? This bag looks super soft and lovable and the color is GORGEOUS!

  • dorothysmo

    I love the ‘Love Me’ – in the lime green that the model is wearing. I love the ‘tassels’ hanging from the outside zippers and the grommets around the top of the bag. Beautiful!

  • Sadie

    My favorite is the Stroke Me Medium in Fuchsia, but the Pewter Clutch Me is also adorable.

  • Denise

    After viewing every style and color choice on their website I can honestly say the new Enchant Me would be my first bag of choice.

    It’s perfectly sized, functional and the tassels and threading detail gives it a bit of attitude. I can easily see this bags design working well in any color or type of leather.
    Personally I wish BE offered this bag with contrasting tassels and threading detail,it would make it even more desirable.

  • Lainy

    I really liked the Love Me in pearlised cream, what a great color! Holy!

  • Michelle

    I love love love this new one, but my second fav is
    Take Me Everywhere Midi Pewter

  • Nancy

    I love love love love love love love the enchant me bag……i think that its the most gorgeous, prettiest, stylishest bag ever! i always wanted to be a fashion designer so this bag really goes with my style and i love big bagsss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary

    TAKE ME EVERYWHERE MIDI…. Perfect, classic bag. I love this bag the most in Pink and Petrol.

  • grayxie

    I’m really liking the “Enchant Me”, the leather looks so smooshy and gorgeous!

  • Laura

    I love the “whisper to me” in taupe. The geometric details and classic color in a wonderful take-all bag that can go from day to night with style.


  • Lisa

    I love the “whisper to me midi” in petrol. Its absolutely gorgeous but totally functional at the same time. The size is perfect bag for everyday use!

  • gina1023

    It’s gotta be the Adore Me in Petrol. That bag is just gorgeous!!! Good size, practical and in a fab color.

  • shonn

    I love the “love me” in turquoise mostly. I also love the pink too.
    And of course I love the hobo ^^, it is to die for.

  • Kathy

    My favorite bag, though VERY hard to decide, is the Take Me Anywhere in Pink. This is the most gorgeous bag ever!!! If I could afford one of these bags this would be the one that I would pick. I love colored bags. Everyone has black and tan. Colors are what stand out in a crowd and get you noticed. This bag is the one!!

  • lucy

    i love the Chocolate Matte Hug Me !!! so pretty. although it is a simple-ish satchel, the leather looks delicious!

  • Benita

    The Love Me bag is my fav.-All the colors are spectacular.

  • charlotte mcglinchey

    apple green love me bag is so cute because the color is absolutely drop dead fabulous!

  • addictedtopurses

    I am completely in love with jackie’s enchant me in wine cervo…

  • michelle


  • Wendi

    The LOVE ME in Pewter. Classic. Stylish. Perfect. The I Know I Look Good Bag.

  • luvsoftleather

    My favorite BE bag has always been the Indulge Me in Tan. It’s not available anymore, but now the Enchant Me is hands down my favorite!!! Beautiful shape, love love love the stitching!!!

  • karester

    I’ve always love the Bordeaux Python Clutch Me, although I wish I could splurge on a bag I’d only use on fancy occasions.

    This new hobo looks gorgeous too!

  • Stephx0

    the new hobo!! LOVEE… actually ADORE IT! the woven piece adds such elegance and fun to the purse.

    i also am in love with “take me everywhere” in black.. actually pretty much any colour. i love the pink inside .. i love how all of the bags have such a contrasting bright inside!

  • Kiki

    I love the Whisper to Me Midi BE bag it glossy black! It’s so versitile that you can take it from day (jeans and t-shirt look) to night. I just love their bags on the whole!

  • JJ

    Take Me Everywhere (specifically the grey one the model is carrying!)

    the shape, size and color are perfect for an everyday bag! (and the leather looks scrumptious!)

  • xnplo

    My favorite bag is the Love Me in Taupe.
    It looks completely versatile in color, shape and usability.

  • Hong

    I love the Take Me Everywhere in any color, so beautiful and functional.

  • Jennifer Jones

    Just discovered BE on Daily Candy and I am so excited! I am really picky when it comes on choosing a bag so this is perfect for me. I really like the Love Me is a soft silver with fuscia lining. But, it would also be really nice to have a strong colored bag that makes a statement like the new BE Hobo!

  • Jo

    The dark purple enchant me yummy

  • Annie

    How do you choose one bag?? I love them all but the Stroke Me in the beautiful red or purple just grabbed me. It is such an unusual shape and I love the bright splash of fuschia lining showing itself. The colour combinations this makes are spectacular.

  • Phillip Cunningham

    Take Me Everywhere as it’s the perfect size for my wife as she’ll be able to fit literally everything in it and more that she carries around now.

  • Catherine

    oh definitely , absolutely Take Me Anywhere pink… the perfect bag for every woman of elegance . An everyday bag which will surely be an everyday favorite , any handbag collector will be jealous . The detail of the stitching and the front pockets is just beautiful and will come handy for celphone and car keys…
    i will be the happiest girl ever having this in addition to my collection..

  • Kathy

    Take me anywhere Taupe … the color just loooks so yummy. You dont get to see such color on a daily basis . Everything I am looking for any handbag is given to this Take me anywhere style , the shoulder drop is just perfect to bring her anywhere , shopping, office , day in-day -out …

    Thank you

  • Kellybag

    Take Me Anywhere! I love the pink and fuchsia because they are such gorgeous colors – versatile too. This bag looks fun and great multi use style.

  • Miriam

    I love the Hug Me! It is so simple, yet so special due to it shape… Such a cool and original bag!

  • Ellen

    The Hold Me in Cobalt. I need to order this bag!

  • patricia

    I love the Whisper To Me in Black Glossy.

  • Candy

    I love the ‘Whisper to me” in pewter! It is quite lovely with the soft leather that looks so chewy! My favorite colors are neutrals so this bag reall stands out to me! And the shape looks great and elegant!

  • porsche mama

    I love the take me anywhere in tan. the pockets are just so adorable!

  • Andy

    Plum Crash Gold TME is just perfect for me. I love the color and that it has a lot of space plus all the pockets. Love at first sight!

  • liquefiedstars

    Take me everywhere in plum is so devine. It is just stunning! I love the look!! I think it has a classic style but stands out in this colour. mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Raelene Hornby

    Take Me Everywhere! Pink or Purple- can’t decide but I love ’em!!!!!

  • Rachel Goyder

    Take me anywhere in any color! I can’t get enough~!

  • Mary Lee

    Hug Me in Black Crash. Wow. Simply an amazing bag. Beautiful design, and style.

  • Anna

    My fave bag is the Whisper to me Midi. The straps are just the right length, the dimentions are perfect, and it’s a wonderful travel bag!! :) The Petrol color is my favorite! Love love love! ( I also really love the bag that TPF designed :)

  • Lee

    The Enchant Me! In purple – gorgeous. All the bags are, but when I that one takes my breath away!

  • Rebecca

    Whisper to Me Midi in Mottled Gold. Very nicely designed bag, great detail!

  • judith ayala

    I love the TAKE ME EVERYWHERE in mottled gold. I really like the shape, it’s the perfect size and can be carried on the shoulder or in the hand. But my favorite thing is the color. It would go well with any color: black, white, brown, etc. The inside color is the icing on the cake, it would make me smile everytime. You can dress this bag up or down. It would be my go to bag and I would carry it proudly.

  • Ellen

    I just love the Petrol Love Me Mini it is the perfect color and size to go with jeans. I need a bag like that. Love them all though.

  • noodles1

    I love the stroke me medium. Not only is it bold in color, the shape is very unique. It’s just a very sassy fun purse!!!!

  • Nancy

    I love the “hug me” bag but I want that medium golden tan on the model and they don’t show it in the colors available!!

  • Jennifer Bram

    The Enchant Me hobo bag is stunning!! Easily my favorite of all of these beautiful bags.

  • Kindra


    “Stroke Me Medium”, hands down…
    I looooove the shape, size, color, and the look of texture.

  • Wendy Rashall

    The Enchant Me hobo has totally ENCHANTED ME! I love it, I crave it, I want it. It would so fit into my active busy life style. Yum, purple will make me feel Royal!

  • Amy

    Easily the Hug Me in Black Pebbled Glossy! Classy, timeless, and versatile. Love it!

  • mugdog

    whisper to me in pewter!!

  • workerbee

    Take me Anywhere in Tan!! It is just a wardrobe staple-perfect carry all bag in the quintessential golden tan color. I love the side pockets-they make the bag!

  • elena

    Adore me in Petrol. Just perfect.

  • kbandit

    Definitely the Enchant Me hobo. Love the shape and color.

  • Grace

    Whister to Me Midi in Chocolate. I like the shape and that it has handles as well as a messenger strap.

  • Crystal

    I like the enchant me hobo. Fabulous!

  • HandbagAngel

    I like Hug Me the best. I love its clean design, the shape, and the perfect lenght of shoulder strap.

  • candace

    I love the Love Me in pewter. Fabulous color!

  • CJay

    My favorite is the Love Me in apple green. It stands out in a crowd!

  • cocolee

    Absolutely love Make me smile midi in Cobalt! Love the shape of the bag!

  • Isabel Realica

    *Taupe TME Midi* is my favorite. Loooove the color, shape, and the hot pink lining makes such a great contrast!

  • Elle

    My favorite is “Take Me Everywhere Midi”. Gorgeous bag and perfect size for me. Best of all, makes me want to take her everywhere!!!

  • digitalgurll

    oooh! i love the hug me bags!! =)

  • digitalgurll

    oooh! i love the hug me bags!! =)
    shape is so cute and rooomy =) stylin!

  • Sook

    My favourite is the Take Me Everywhere Midi in petrol – the perfect size for daily use, a versatile and unusual colour and all in all a workhorse of a bag.

  • marie

    Enchant Me. Love the color and the fringe.

  • sandstorm

    Enchant Me is THE BAG for me!

    The color is absolutely beautiful and definitely worth a second, third and more looks!

  • fauziah bt che lat

    I LOVE Take Me Everywhere..mmm!pretty in pinks. Just like the name suggested. I can take it everywhere at anytime and still remain in style. Totally outstanding, LOVE IT!

  • Kate

    I have WAY too many purple bags now but I really love the Dark Purple Enchant Me~


  • Patti

    I really like the Love Me Midi in tan, taupe, or turquoise. It’s the perfect size and has a middle zip divider to keep things organized!

  • Raquel

    I adore the Petrol Hug Me. This color of blue is so universal and stands out from the other colors. I have alot of neutral color purses and would LOVE to change that by adding this to my collection.

  • Mandy

    Oh my… I LOVE the LOVE ME in Taupe… so much room, style, gorgeous color….
    goodness that bag makes me smile!

  • LuLu

    I’m in Love with Adore me in Fuscia, just has the simple and laid back look, perfect size and color shoulder handbag

  • Jaelle

    I absolutely love this purple hobo, it’s so beautiful and spacious!!! <3

  • Batgirl77

    I love the new hobo shape and the leather and lining colors! My fave bag is the love me in turquiose with gold hardware – TDF!

  • Katy

    My favorite is the Love Me in PINK!!! It’s beautiful! I have yet to own a BE bag and would absolutely love to win this stunning purple hobo!

  • Jenn

    I’ve always admired the Whisper to Me Midi. It’s the perfect size for me and I love the drawstring look at the top. It looks good in every color too! Out of the current colors on the site though, I’d want it in Petrol.

  • Stephanie

    I love the Enchant Me in purple. It’s just a great design and gorgeous color!

  • Berta

    I saw the HOBO Purple Purse & loved it… gotta have it….

  • Julie

    My fav is the Love Me in Dark Grey. I love lots of zippers for organization, plus this handbag looks like it’s a shoulder bag and/or satchel. Very versatile- love it!

  • Alycia

    My favorite is definitely the dark purple enchant me bag!!!!! My favorite color is purple, and lets face it, this bag is so beautiful. I love, love, love it!!!

  • Kathryn

    I am completely enchanted with the “Enchant Me” purple hobo…purple is the neutral of the future!!

  • debbie

    I have to say I love all of the Belen Echandia collections any one of them would be a dream to own.

    If I had to pick I love the shape of the Love Me (petrol or black), the smaller version Love Me midi (turquoise), the Love Me mini (purple), or the Enchant Me (purple) who doesn’t love that bag! The black crash in the Take Me Anywhere midi is also a hit with me. Too hard to pick just one!

  • Olivia Ziegler

    I absolutely LOVE ALL the bags..they are so elegant and classy. My abSOLUTE favourite would have to be LOVE ME in turqouise or green. it is classic, yet funky. a bag that would go well with any outfit. an essential to ANY womans wardrobe.

  • irishgrl

    I love them all…but if I have to pick just one….it’s….Take Me Anywhere in Turquoise

  • BattyBugs

    I’d have to say that my absolute favorite is the Love Me in Petrol…but it is such a hard choice. The color stands out, yet is neutral enough to go with anything.

  • Azumie

    Love enchant me in dark purple! I’ve been looking for a purple bag and this bag is perfect

  • Timofey( tima)

    I like all of them … But i fell in love with ” Pewter WTM”
    I don’t know why…. I think it’s love <3

  • tasha

    I like the enchant me hobo pictured because its the most wearable.

  • Janis Weems

    The “Make me Smile Midi” blew me away, especially in the chameleon. The fact that it was light in weight just added to my wanting this bag.

  • Erin

    Stroke Me. Stroke Me. Stroke Me!!!! I Love Love LOOOOOOOOVE that purse! The leather looks so soft, and the sharp edges contrast with the softness of the distressed leather… LOVE IT! Just beautiful! I need it :-)

    All of the bags are beautiful. Color selection is classic, and they will never go out of style… Kind of like Chanel:-)

  • Cadence

    What a difficult decision to make! They are all gorgeous! I drooled over the colors, shapes, accessories! I would instantly buy the Love Me Midi in either turquoise or cobalt. However, the make me smile is lovely in the lime green. SIGH!

  • Nessa

    My favorite would have to be the Love Me bag in either pewter or pearlised cream… both colors are gorgeous. This would be the perfect everyday bag, as it is large enough to fit everything I normally carry, and it is stylish and can go with any of my outfits for work!

  • Amelie D.

    The Hold Me in fushia, because it is bold, yet super simple and functional!

  • Jen

    Funny, it’s been said that design by committee ends poorly… but I beg to differ! The Enchant Me would absolutely, positively be my #1 choice! Color, style, and functionality… this bag has it all!

  • Caroline

    The Apple Green Matte Love Me Mini is perfect for me! It’s small enough to not weigh me down, but large enough to hold all my things. The colour is funky and different but can be toned down by an outfit enough to bring to work. Perfect!

  • Roslyn

    I absolutely LOVE the “Enchant Me” bag!! The purple color is beautiful deep & rich…It’s my favorite color. The size of the bag is perfect to throw everything in. Awesome Bag!!!!

  • Michelle

    I absolutely LOVE the design of the Whisper to Me midi. It’s the perfect size – and I love the shorter handles coupled with the longer strap. Beautiful and practical!

  • amanda

    I love the Love Me Turquoise the strap and the size and the leather is gorgeous!!!

  • Alexis Thorough

    Well personally, I like the Charm Me Mini, but it’s not listed under collections. Not sure if my entry will still count, but it’s always worth a try. I think this bag looks very convenient and I would love to have it. I’m not going to go into a huge rant as to why I “deserve” (if you will) to win this giveaway. Straight to the point: I’d love to win this bag, because it looks hella awesome, was created by us, and I need a new bag.

  • Candice Lockie

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Take Me Everywhere bag!!!! It is such a great bag because it literally can go anywhere with you, but still look chic and cute. It is such a fabulous bag, that cannot only be a day bag and very casual, but you can easily switch it to a formal event bag that can with you to everything and anything!!

  • Jady

    I simply love the Pewter Hug Me!!! So nice!! That will be my best shopping buddy!! heheh!!

  • Jenny N.

    Oh my gosh, the Tan Adore Me and the Enchant Me are gorgeous! I can’t decide between the two! I love them both! Since the Enchant Me only comes in purple, it makes it hard, b/c I’m not much of a purple fan. If the Enchant Me came in tan, pink, fuchsia, I’d be drooling all over it, and definitely would pick the Enchant Me over the Tan Adore Me!

  • Sher

    Love me midi!! in tan I think.

  • deathcookie

    I love the take me away mini – I like the bowling bag look! Plus the hardware is cute.

  • Sandy S.

    The Love Me bag is my absolute favorite bag! :) I think the Glossy Pebbled Leathers are wonderful…. I love Belen Echandia!

  • Patricia O.

    I’ve wanted a BE bag for a long time, and since my one and only purple bag has broken, I want this one! The BE bags on my wish list are:

    1. For daytime use: Love Me in pewter

    I tend to go for bags that fit comfortably over the shoulder, and I love the pewter tone.

    2. For travel: Take Me Away in tan

    This bag looks like it has character. My dream travel bags would be the LV suitcase set from the Darjeeling Limited. :)

  • Lisa

    I love the Take Me Everywhere Midi in Petrol Silver. I think the drawstring gives the bag a unique edge and the color is so versatile with any outfit! The size is perfect for everyday use too!

  • Renee

    The Take Me Anywhere is my dream bag – love and adore the pink!!!! I am also loving this new hobo – what a beauty!!!

  • minz

    Black Crash MMS Midi is “THE BAG” for me . Love how simple yet stylish it is .

  • Tika

    This is the first BE that has interested me. The color, style, size and features are all perfect.

  • Shikin Gani

    Given the choice to swing any of the beautiful Belen Echandia arm candies. I would love to adopt the Love Me Midi in Tan. I love Bags, and Love Me Midi is absolutely for me.


  • Prisilia

    My favorite is the Dark Purple Enchant Me. And the reasons:
    1. Purple is my fav color.
    2. I LOVE shoulder bag.
    3. Strap can be removed and bag can be used messenger style.
    4. Magnetic closure – I don’t like my bag opens.

    Hope I win, or maybe I should buy one myself someday ;)

  • bearhug

    I think the Enchant Me hobo bag is BEAUTIFUL. It looks like it molds itself to your body in a cosy way, so it must feel great as well as look great. It seems also like it is quite functional in the placing of the pockets and its roominess. The way it closes securely is great and the beautiful color and detail work top it off to be quite a work of art.

  • Ashley K

    I really love the Take Me Everywhere bag in dark grey glossy. It’s big enough to hold all my stuff, has internal compartments so I can actually find my stuff when I need it, and a perfectly sized handle that I could hold in my hand or put up on my shoulder when I need my hands free. Also, love that there is a pink silk lining, how fun! The absolute perfect bag, in the perfect color too!

  • Sylvia

    I love the “Love Me” in black! The hardware is great. The zippers and the fringe are wonderful. And the size is perfect!

  • Sophieees

    I love “Dark Purple Enchant Me” !!!!The colour is gorgeous and I like that it can be worn messenger style as well and it has enought space for me.

  • gad1zzz

    My favorite is the “Take me Anywhere taupe”. It’s so versatile and the color is perfect for me.

  • Sam K

    Enchant me in purple is mine.

  • Angela

    ‘Take me everywhere’ in Red.

    The color is exquistie, so bold and really stands out, and i like the shape of the bag, it’s not too big or too small, great everyday piece.
    I love the twist on a classic shaped bag- the strap that goes though the front.

  • socaltrojan

    I like the love me! It’s a classic shape and so functional!

  • Chloe

    Pink whisper to me midi.
    I love the design. It’s simple yet funky and the pink is perfect not too bright but not too dull and insipid.

  • Erica

    I love the love me in pink! It is the perfect color and shape for my body type, style, and to hold all of my stuff.

  • Cass Lopez

    I love the wine love me mini! The color is elegant and the purse is perfect for everyday.

  • Chandeen

    The LOVE ME in Lipstick Pink, the HUG ME in Purple and the ENCHANT ME in Dark Blue are my favourites.

  • Heidi

    I love the Enchant Me because it would be a welcome departure from the baby bag I’ve been carrying for the past 2 tears!

  • Claire

    Ohhh, the Take me Away in Chocolate Matte! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • Amelie

    Wow! I absolutely LOVE the Clutch Me in Black Python!
    Every woman should own an amazing clutch, and this one seems like a good choice!

  • Jennifer Nayak

    Hands down: Take me Away in chocolate. Makes me want to hit the road. Beautiful. A classic. One look at me in this bag and I would have instant upgrades.

  • Karen

    Make Me Smile Midi in taupe. This is a great bag!

  • Amanda

    I like the lobe me midi in Cobalt. Perfect size & color.

  • Kiley Smith

    I love the black crash hug me. Its so elegant yet chic. I love it! I am in need of a new bag and this would be perfect!

  • Lacey

    Stroke Me Wine for it’s color & unusual shape. I love <3

  • Barbara

    The black python clutch me…I’m usually a clutch/mini gal.

    But, I do love the color on the giveaway bag.

  • lillian

    the tan take me away! i’ve been looking for a travel bag. this is just perfect!

  • Jennifer

    stroke me wine

  • Callie

    The take me away in chocolate is the ultimate bag!

  • Angie

    I LOVE the Whisper to Me Midi.. and i just can’t pick the color.. they all are so rich and gorgeous! I love this bag because of it’s structure. Great bag for work & play!

  • Vanessa

    I ADORE the Taupe Love Me! It is the perfect size for an everyday bag! I love having a center compartment to separate my school/work items and my essential items. The color is one of my favorites and I love the silvertone accents and the silky smooth fuchisa interior. The leather is soft, yet the bag holds its shape. I love the padded handles as well.

  • Liza Thomas

    I really like the “Love Me” bag. I love the relaxed, slouchy look of the bag and it’s big enough to fit all my things in it. Not to mention it looks great in all the colors, especially the brights and metallic!

  • Melissa Baker

    Take Me Everywhere Midi in Taupe because it’s a great size for me, love the neutral color, can be carried on the shoulder, has outside and inside pockets to stay organized, and silver hardware! I could easily carry this bag to work and into the weekend in style!

  • Summer M

    I absolutely love the Take Me Everywhere purse in chocolate brown. I think this bag is one of a kind and is very fashionable as well as practical. Perfect size and amount of outside zippers for keeping my blackberry close. Would make great use of this piece of art!!!

  • wendy

    Wow, what a line!!! So many beautiful bags it’s hard to pick just one. I love the new hobo. I’d like to see it in more leather choices. The make me smile midi in either chocolate crush with gold or the pewter are great every day bags. The take me away is great in both colors. It’s such a classy bag to travel with. For summer I’d love the hobo or enchant me made up with the pearlized cream. There aren’t enough dedicated, great looking, basic go with anything summer bags. If I had to pick just one it would probably be enchant me in the pearlized cream, just because of need. I’m thrilled that these purses are so light weight. I’ve never seen this line before. I think I’ve found a favorite.

  • Karla

    I want a Love Me in purple with a messenger strap. After seeing pictures of a tPF member with this bag in Israel (on their site and in a thread here on the forum) I fell in love with this bag. This bag is beautiful but also very practical for a mother of a toddler as it could hold his stuff and mine and be hands free – PERFECTION!

  • Ellin

    Love Me in Petrol or Pewter are my favorites. Honestly though I love them all- too bad I’m not in a position of purchasing every single style. I’d choose a great color in each – yeah, daydreaming again. Mom always told me I was a daydreamer.
    All of the BE bags are to die for. Keep ’em coming.

  • Chariot

    I love the Take Me Anywhere in Cobalt. That bag is TDF! All of the bags are awesome though.

  • Meredith

    The Take Me Everywhere in Dark Grey is the perfect bag. Just the right size and room for everything I need to carry with me. Plus I love the glossy color!

  • Cat

    I love the Love Me in black… TDF!

  • Natasha22

    I love THIS bag that you’re giving away, the Enchant Me. Love the style, the size (perfect), the tassels, the dark-purple color…EVERYTHING about it!!!

    Purple is my favorite color!!!

    Hope I win….

  • muggles

    Make me smile midi in pewter!

  • Kathy

    Take Me Everywehre Midi in Pewter or Black Crash – The design rocks and the size is just right….holds everything and even more that any girl could ask for.

  • chris

    the take me anywhere tan is so pretty! it’ll make the perfect work bag and the two exterior pockets are a great idea. no more fumbling for the cell or a transit pass.

  • Pursegrrl

    I’m ready!!

    I’m so in love with the Black Crash TME Midi. Great size, love the styling…and you can’t ever have too many black bags. I could use this one for both work and play and that’s important to me!!! Love it!!


  • June

    Whisper to Me Midi petrol, simply beautiful.

  • Patricia

    After hours of drooling over the fabulous styles and colors in the Belen Echandia website I absolutely LOVE the Take Me Everywhere Midi in Chocolate with the hot pink silk lining. It is very functional with a nice sized opening for easy access to my essentials. The chocolate color is complementing to my wardrobe and the hot pink lining appeals to my wilder side. I did not see it in the hot pink or turquoise in the Midi size but I am sure they would be HOT!!! The name of the bag is very fitting for the style, makes you want to take it everywhere. Just enough details to say “Look at me, I know you want to take me everywhere….”

  • Susan K

    Take Me Everywhere bag in Chocolate Matte – luxurious looking

  • Alex

    I love ‘Enchant Me’. It fits to my life style, and I like its shape, and it looks really comfortable to wear it.

  • tina divello

    Aside from that beautiful purple masterpiece, I love the Whisper to Me in Taupe, because it’s a beautiful neutral shade and the style of the bag is unique without being overwhelming. I think it would complement any outfit.

  • Kaelee

    My favorite is the Take Me Anywhere Tan bag.

  • Staci K

    My fav is the take me anywhere bag in pewter. I am a huge fan of these bags and would love to add another to my collection. Leather is so soft and luxurious!

  • Karen

    If I have to choose just one, it would be the Hug Me in Petrol. What a darling look – smart and sassy! I love the color and would love to feel the texture. Thank you for creating such beautiful handbags.

  • Lisa

    Take Me Everywhere in Mottled Gold TME . I want a bag that is versatile enough to take everywhere. I can carry it as a day bag and the gold is striking enough to make a scene at night. It’s also a good size to carry everything I need.

  • kansashalo

    Definitely the Purple Love Me! I love how it can be carried crossbody or on the shoulder. And I love the color!

  • Elizabeth Cordova

    I love the Enchant Me Hobo. The Cervo leather is so smooshy and puddly. The lacing detail is very chic as well. I love Hobos so for me it would be a very functional bag.

  • marciamayb

    Take me Anywhere Tan is my perfect bag. Large enough for the weekends, and perfect size for everyday. I am going to have to get this one…I LOVE IT!!

  • Cheryl

    The purple Belen Enchandia is by far my favorite purse here. I was searching this morning for a gift for my niece’s 21st birthday. This Christmas everything I gave her was purple (her favorite color). I know she would be so ultimately estatic owning a Belen Enchandia purse. This style and color is so perfect and trendy. It’s spacious interior is perfect for her to carry all she needs to and from her college classes. A 21st birthday gift she would never forget!

  • Kelley

    I love the Take Me Everywhere, in chocolate matte. It is gorgeous and big, and I would take it everywhere.

  • Megan

    Whisper to Me would have to be a real eye catcher for me!
    I love the structure, and the ‘texture’ the leather weaving in and out of the bag like that! The Metallic is as well really eye catching, so many colors, I love big bags, this one fits the bill for me defiantly!

  • Joanna

    My favorite would have to be the ‘Take Me Anywhere’ bag, because that’s exactly what you can do with it! Especially in taupe or cobalt. I love a purse you can use with a cute dress, and even on those days where you just want to wear jeans and a t-shirt.

  • Anita S

    I love my AP in Pewter. It is really beautiful and handy. Perfect to put in my canon digital camera , cell phone and keys when watching my daughters at school performing ..
    My MMS in Turqoiuse is beautiful too..I love all my BEs.
    Now I am lusting the Hobo in Purple Leather…with Grey lining and silver hardware…

  • Francy

    I love Take Me Everywhere in Dark Grey Glossy!It’s big and easy to wear!I love it!And it’s so comfortable,with the internal compartment!Love love love it! <3

  • Jenn

    I love the Make Me Smile midi…..It’s been said “”We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. “…..This bag is cute and amazing and can do wonders….simple enough to make a statement!

  • Diane

    I Love my Love me in petrol. It is the perfect size for my busy life of job, PTO, Scouts & dance class. I can find what I need when I need it – and that’s not a thing I can say about most of my bags! And then there’s the color – it goes with everything!

  • Adrienne

    The Take Me Anywhere in Petrol is divine and I love the pink silk lining.

  • Justine

    I really like the Love Me in turquoise. Such a pretty color and the bag looks great for everyday.

  • Lynne

    I love the Black Crash Take Me Anywhere. The size, design, and convenience are perfect for me in dealing with my day; fashion and function!

  • leslie

    suprise me.

    perfect for disney world.

  • Susan Langley

    This bag is beautiful and classy. I love beautiful things, especially in my favorite colors! I would adore to own this beauty. It would be a complete luxorious pleasure to carry this wonderful grape bag and be so proud of it.

    I love Purse Forum!! Hope I win!!

  • Susan Langley

    Oops!! The name of the bag is “Enchant Me”!!

  • Jasmine

    I love that Take Me Anywhere!!! Just Gorgeous!

  • Penny Honey

    I love the Take Me Everywhere in red!!

    This bag is just beautiful! Love it!

    The details are beautiful. Very lovely bag indeed!

  • Evie

    I absolutely love the purple Enchant Me bag. It is so beautiful and I’ve never had a fabulous purse before.

  • Lavi

    I love “Take Me Take Me Everywhere”. These bags are beautiful, elegant and sexy.
    It has the perfect size, elegant design, and absolutely convenient.

    Just Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

  • freeteyme

    love love love the Take Me Anywhere bag in Pink. It has the perfect shade of pink, the size is perfect to hold all my stuff for me to take from work to grad school. The outside pockets are genius – I can put my car keys and cell phone in it!

  • Lanie

    My favorite bag is the Enchant Me! It’s pretty, purple and perfect!

  • Lanie

    ^oh oops, I already had an entry on May 24th and completely forgot! Please disregard this one! Sorry and thanks!!!!

  • Sweet Pea

    I love the Make Me Smile in green!!! It is absolutely stunning and is perfect for me!!! Take Me Away is a close second in chocolate!!!

  • Christy

    My favorite is the Take Me Everywhere midi bag in taupe. This bag is appealing because it is practical, classic, stylish, and just the right size for all my miscellaneous crap!

  • kristin

    All the bags are so beautiful. But… if I had to choose I would have to have the Love Me because of it’s size, shape and fun, stylish looks–of course it would have to be in the deep purple color that the Enchant Me comes in. I would also ad the optional messenger strap for those times when you need hands-free (shopping).
    I hope I win so I can show off your bag. Perfect for business meetings, nights on the town, and just being out and about!

  • Socaltrojan

    Love the Love me! Great shape on a classic bag!

  • christina

    the love me in turquoise! i love large shoulder bags and the color is gorgeous for summer!

  • KoobaMe

    It’s just to hard too choose! ~sigh~ However…if I have to pick one (aside from the new and fabulous Enchant Me, that is) it would be the Love Me midi. It is the most incredible bag – rich leather, phenomenal colors and the perfect size!

  • holly

    I love the Take Me Everywhere Midi in Taupe, I love grey bags and I like the drawstring closure.

  • Pam

    My gosh, it’s so difficult to choose! The BE styles and leathers are absolutely fabulous — they are timeless, classic, with updated detailing, stylish, and extremely functional. I love the new Enchant Me hobo and the color — purple is one of my all time favorites!

    I have to say that my absolute favorite BE is the Love Me. The name really says it all, doesn’t it? I have it in Fuschia and the color is so eye-popping that I can’t seem to go anywhere without people stopping me to compliment me on my gorgeous bag. Naturally I tell them it’s a Belen Echandia, and then proceed to tell the BE story to anyone who wants to know! The new colors are beautiful as well. I think the next one I’ll buy will be the Love Me Midi in Cobalt. The color is so rich and saturated, and the Midi size is appealing when I want to carry a smaller version. It’s a toss up, though, as the Take Me Everywhere in Red just shouts “Take Me Everywhere”! I couldn’t stop looking at it. I’m so drawn to it, that as soon as I finish this post I’m jumping right back to the BE sight to pick my next set of bags!

  • Coachchica

    My favorite bag is probably the Take Me Anywhere in cobalt or tan. I’m a teacher so I need a bag that will hold the kitchen sink.

  • Kiah K.

    Love the double sided messenger bag!

  • Marilyn

    I love the Hug Me in Black Crash. This beautiful bag is so stylish yet practical.

  • amanda r

    I love the Love Me in Turquoise! Such a beautiful shade of blue.

  • Kate

    Every bag seemed nicer than the one before, but the chocolate matte Take me Away bag made me say “niiiiice” outloud!!! That’s what made me realize that bag won out over the others!!

  • Mandy

    Wow, what fabulous bags! Totally functional but also have gorgeous leathers and great colors that include a wide range of neutrals and some fun brights. I had a hard time choosing, but ultimately love the Love Me in tan. I am perpetually searching for the perfect camel bag, and always prefer a style with outside pockets. This bag also has that coveted three section interior that I need for organization. Totally, totally love the Love Me!

  • Stacy

    My personal favorite is the “Take Me Everywhere” in Red TME!! I love the color, the size of the bag is perfect and I love the middle compartment. This bag will hold as little or as much as I need. The shape of this bag is very pleasing to me. It’s not too ornate and it can still make heads turn. LOVE IT!!

  • JamieH

    The Hug Me in dark grey glossy is gorgeous, but I really love the deep purple of the giveaway bag!

  • Lorie Nieva

    I didn’t know about BE until purseblog and I am so grateful to you guys for introducing me to such a classy brand! My favorite has to go to the “Love ME” in Turquoise. The leather looks scrumptious and the bag looks very stylish and elegant at the same time.

  • Tammy

    l love the Enchant Me in dark purple. It is perfect in every way :)

  • Kate

    Love the Whisper to Me Midi!! In any colour!!!

  • Tanya

    My favorite is the Stroke Me-Medium in purple. The geometrical shape and classic leather texture makes it very stylish and versatile. Plus, I can fit all of my things in it because it is the perfect size. Just carrying it would make me look like a celebrity!

  • Cory

    I’d love to be surprised with a Surprise Me bag!

  • Roxy

    I adore the Chocolate Crash Silver MMS Midi. The color is classic, but the metallic gives it an extra pop to stand out in a crowd! The size is perfect.

  • Melanie

    Wow it’s gotta be the Fiamma Red Love Me Mini – hot hot hot!!!

  • Bonniesgirl

    I heart Take Me Away in tan.

  • kkongji99

    I love the new hobo! But the black and the pewter.. these two colors I adore and the style truly “Make Me Smile”!!!

  • gina faulkner

    I like the hobo style.

  • Lily Rose

    My favourite bag is the the Whisper To Me in Mottles Silver. I also like the Petrol colour but silver is my fav because it’s unique and would go with everything. You would really stand out with this bag

  • CM

    I wasn’t aware of this designer and wow, very impressive. There are so many beautiful bags in the collection, I would be so thrilled to own any one of them.

    Handbags are my passion. I’m not a rich woman by any means, so when I do invest in a quality handbag its a huge decision for me. One I want to be happy with for many years. I look for features like quality of leather, quality of the straps and their connections, organization, quality of zippers, appearance and of course colour. And of course reasonably priced. (I’ve never spent more than $200 on a handbag even though I’ve been tempted many times :)

    To own a design bag of this calibre would be a huge luxury and a dream come true.

    The bag I’m most infactuated with in the Belen Echandia Collection is the “Hug Me” Its beautiful. I love the unique design. The short handles are perfect and the leather appears so soft and luxious. I would have a difficult time making a colour choice, they are all so beautiful. This bag would be perfect to take to the office, lots of room to hold all my stuff! Oh to own a bag like this, I only dream about.

    If I were chosen to win the fabulous Belen Echandia handbag; oh my, what an honour it would be. I’ve never won anything before in my life nor owned anything this luxurious. It would truly be a dream come true.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate and for introducing me to this wonderful designer.

    (Now I need to start saving to buy the Hug Me bag.)

    Great fun. Thanks again.

  • Annie

    I love the surprise me bag- it spoke to me with it’s practical messenger style, deep gorgeous purple color, perfect size and interesting two-sided design.

  • Jaime

    Perfect for my big move to NYC! I can just see myself with the Black Python Clutch Me strutting down Broadway.

  • Maria

    WOW!!! What a collection of beautiful, practical, luxurious, enchanting bags. “Enchant Me” would be my pick for everyday bag, and I see myself carrying it everywhere, and everytime – I’m in love, and what a perfect giveaway.
    “Take me Away” is a bag that I have been looking for in a long time. It would perfectly translate from work to the gym, and can be a great carry on bag for the international traveller in me. It perfectly fulfills all that I have been looking for to meet my needs — It is chic, the size is right to carrry a zillion things, the colors are yummylicious. Most importantly, I want to feel sexy even at the gym — and an average gym bag won’t do for me. This bag is UBER sexy and practical at the same time, a must have combination for any bag.

  • Geethanjali

    Oh i just cant get enough of the Stroke me Medium bag in Wine color. I have lot of bags that are large in size and so this one would be a perfect addition. The shape is something to die for !

  • Laura

    The Clutch Me in purple python is awesome.

  • Ivy

    The Enchant Me in dark purple..I love the color (my favorite) and the stitching is amazing..

  • arusha

    It is so hard to find a favourite amongst your absolutely stunning collection at BE. So hard in fact, that in order to choose I had to resign myself to picking a favourite of the moment. And that would be the Whisper to Me midi in pewter or petrol blue. Overall the design impressed me because it offers the grandeur statement of a bag with larger dimensions that stays close to the the body; the midi is perfect for my small frame and height of 5,6″.

    In pewter this bag is the perfect blend of modernity and tradition. The impeccable craftsmanship is visible yet understated, the myriad details there to be admired without appearing ‘fussy’ and the pewter finish elevates it to ‘uber cool’ status. This is the bag of the present and the future.

    In petrol blue it is the ultimate city bag. Perfect for work, perfect for drinks, perfect with a white t-shirt and jeans, a suit, or with a printed floral dress. And perhaps perfect for a tour around a favourite city, sittings snugly against he hip worn messenger style.

    Ah, perfection!

  • Olivia S

    The colour and the style are great, love the purple and the size is great too, could carry everything I needed in the bag. I love the hobo look for the summer! Should look at this website has some great stuff for the summer http://www.julesb.co.uk ! Love it!

  • Charlotte

    Its a great size to travel with, looked on the website listed above and found another cool bag to travel with.


    – i loooove the tan colour this season as it goes with everything and the slouchy style is defaintly a must for holiday to carry everything in! And this fabulous purse to use with the bag also in tan on the same website!


    Going to have to purchase them myself!

  • SmT

    I love the Whisper to Me Midi in petrol blue.. what a gorgeous, sophisticated, mutable color. Yum! http://www.belenechandia.com/luxury-handbags/collection.asp?intColId=117

  • Nancy

    I would love to carry this Belen Echandia bag in purple. it is cute cute:)

  • Danielle

    I love the Whisper to Me bag in all colors. I love its versatility and the detail on the bag.