We’ve been meaning to run this quick and easy giveaway for a while, so here it goes. We’ve giving away these four Coach key rings to four lucky winners. The winners will be selected randomly from all entries on Thanksgiving Day, November 25th.

How do you enter? Comment below on this post and make sure to enter with a valid address in the email form field, so we can contact you in case you win. Only one entry per person please.

Your email address remains private and will not be abused in any way. Good luck!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Amanda R

    SO CUTE! I’m having a hard time deciding which one is my favorite!

    • morgan

      i love the fish

  • Jen

    Oh I love them!!!! Yay!

  • A. R.

    Too cute! I love adding pops of color to my otherwise very boring loop of keys – these are just perfect!!

  • shirley l

    the teddy bear is absolutely adorable!!!!

  • Dee

    Oh, I LOVE especially the crab! <3

  • Melissa

    I love how coach always creates the cutest key rings.

  • Jennifer Devitt

    Oh, now those are the cutest ever!!

  • Xiao Yan

    Adorable! The fish is my fave~!!

  • Kelli

    How adorable! I love them all!

  • Mai

    absolutely cute! Love the teddy bear!

  • cindy champion

    Super Cute Key rings!


  • Alma

    So So Cute….

  • joy

    i’d love one! my wedding is saturday…. :] pick me pick me!

  • KateV

    Those are all adorable, great choices!

  • Elyse G.

    They are adorable! My current key ring is about to die, so winning this would be amazing!

  • Rachael

    Love these, so adorable and anything Coach is great!


  • Holly

    They are so cute… especially the little crab! Love Coach keyfobs!

  • Rhonda

    adorable! I especially love the fish!

  • JSF

    Too cute!

  • Kristi

    My brother called me Cricket as a little girl…. I think I deserve one for my keys!!

  • Sooz

    So super cute!

  • Brooke Milne

    Coach is timeless and classic… a key ring is the perfect accessory for a coach bag.

  • bindc

    SUPER CUTE!!! I tend to keep my keychain very clean but a cute fob would be great. :)

  • Melinda Craig

    I hope I win! :)

  • monica carbajosa

    How great I love them all! I follow on twitter @momtodanielle and I like you on fb :)

  • Rachel

    So cute!

  • Lorie

    Absolutely adorable! Thanks for the contest!

  • Jennifer

    Wow, so cute.. I like the fish since my maiden name was Fischer :-)

  • Kimberly

    I love the fish and the crab!

  • september24

    ME! PICK ME!

  • Leslie Burns

    I love the fish one!

  • Amy

    These are so cute!!

  • Davina

    sooo cute!!

  • Jocelyn

    I’m addicted to Coach key rings. I have a ton of them. I would love to win and add to my collection.

  • Rachel R

    So cute!! Another great giveaway!

  • Sharon

    Would love to give the bear to my baby sis who just had a baby boy this morning

  • KM

    Cute! I like the little crab!

  • shirley joseph

    I LOVE IT! :)

  • My L

    Love the fish and the crab one!

  • Jessica

    I love the teddy bear! Thanks for the contest tPF! As always, you guys rock!!!!

  • Nichol Houser


  • Katie

    I love the fish!

  • Paula Rose

    I need the crab! My birthday is in July!

  • Anna

    These are so cute! :)

  • Heather

    I love the fish! I may have to go out and buy one if I don’t win.

  • Ruhee

    I love the red crab…So cute!!!

  • Sara

    I LOVE the fish!! Fish is my nickname!! Soo cute! Colors are so vibrant!

  • Carolyn

    awww they r soo cute! i love the crab and bear!

  • 4vryng

    Love COACH key fobs, they’re the best! Especially love that studly little fish!

  • Hellen Araujo

    My favorite one is the crab with a heart, I love them all!

  • Miranda

    Ohhhh I love the Legacy striped bear! Been on the hunt for it for my mom!! And the crab too!! Soo CUTE!!

  • Sharon Whitaker

    I love them all!

  • ElleCee

    Those are so cute!

  • Danielle

    These are so cute! I am obsessed with Coach :) I love the crab when I’m mad my boyfriend calls me a crabbatron the crab totally reminds me of him haha

  • Michele

    Those are SO cute! They all have such vibrant colors. I love them all!

  • Des

    The crab reminds me of Mr. Pinchy! So adorable!

  • hfxshopgirl

    love the grasshopper, so cute!

  • carla reed

    I love the little crab. It reminds me of crab fishing. I use to go with my Dad when I a little girl.

  • Isabel

    they are all adorable!

  • Sarah

    I love them all! Thanks!

  • Samantha

    They are all adorable. I love their bling eyes!

  • Bethany

    I love all of them! But I have to say my favorite is either the crab or the teddy bear! (:

  • 19yearslater

    I have a small collection of Coach key rings, absolutely love them. A snowman was my first Coach item.

  • Sasha

    They are all so cute :)

  • Yun fan

    The crab is tooo cute!! Love love!!

  • Gabby

    all of them are so cute but the fish is definitely my favorite! it has so many details!

  • K*x

    Those keyrings are lovely. My favourite is the little crab and the little bear.

  • Anna

    Too cute! Thank you for having perks as being part of this community :)

  • Jessica

    Loving the grasshopper :-) and wishing for spring

  • Maria Fishman

    They are all too cute!!!If I had to pick one, I would have a hard time picking.

  • Kay

    SO Cute! Such a great giveaway idea!

  • Su

    Very cute! I like the bear and the crab! The fish is cute too…

  • Jenn

    I love them all, but the fish is my favorite. Coach has the best keyfobs and charms!

  • Heather

    They are all adorable!

  • Holly

    Love all of them – great for a pop of color on a bag – especially love legacy teddy bear!

  • COHgirl

    They are so cute!

  • Paulina

    ME ENCANTAN TODOS!!! I definetly like all 4 of them, just couldn’t choose only one…..it’s the perfect balance between luxe and humor! =)

  • Sylvia

    They are adorable! Love them all:-)

  • Tink

    I love them all!

  • Thuy

    So cute!

  • Ria

    I love it all! My favorite is the Fish and Grasshopper!

  • Lori

    I love the crabby crab!

  • creighbaby

    Jiminy Cricket!

  • Emily

    Everything Coach makes is fantastic!!

  • AhCapp

    They are so cute! Espeically the crab with the sparkling eyes! It will be great if I win one as I lost my hang tag for my legacy Garcia shoulder flap. It will be a good replacement. :))))

  • Diane

    Very cute keyrings! Any of them would look great on any of my 3 new handbags!!!

  • Crazy for bags (coleen)

    I love Coach keyrings. They are so detailed and cute. I especially love the legacy bear! The 2006 Legacy collection has got to be the best collection Coach has done to date. The legacy linings are to die for and this cute little bear is wearing the legacy stripes!!!

  • Mei

    The Teddy bear’s super cute!

  • JenG

    All of them are cute!

  • Jersey Girl

    They are all cute. But my favorite is the Teddy bear!

  • dya91101

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the cricket keychain! Crickets are lucky and I HOPE that I am the lucky one who wins the cricket! All the charms are wonderful! Thanks!

  • liloh

    my favorite is the crab!

  • ponytail

    I love them!!! So whimsical!

  • Lauren

    Love them!!!

  • Charline Young

    Fabulous :)

  • wendy

    Love them all! So adorable!!

  • Diella

    I love the red ones! It would be a great pop of color against my Parchment Zoe!

  • Maria

    Yea, what a fun giveaway. I love them all.

  • Dawn

    They are all cute!Thank’s for thinking of us:)

  • Caroline

    Great display + photos! Thanks!

  • Erin

    So cute! Love the fish.

  • SEA

    super cute! Love the, they’re all my favors!

  • Sheila

    Love them all! Thanks for doing this give away!

  • Delaine

    love the teddy bear, but they are all cute (and would look great on one of my bags!)

  • Toni

    The grasshopper and fish are my favorites! Utterably adorable!

  • Brandi

    What a wonderful contest! Y’all rock!! And the key fobs are adorable! Great choices!

  • Sue

    Such a great idea – thanks!

  • Joanne

    These are all TDF!!! I love Coach and TPF!!!!!!!!!

  • Sze Sze

    Bear and I belong to each other. Please.

  • Deana rooks

    Love them! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Jeanne

    OMG so cute! I’d love to win any of the 4 but the bear and fish are especially cute (^__^)

  • Jywoi

    Love them all ! <3

  • Jessica

    Oh, how adorable!

  • mariam

    the bear trumps the other animals !

  • Kim

    These are too cute! Winning one would make a wonderful gift for my 50th birthday on November 30!

  • Karen

    Wohoo thanks for giving us a chance to win these keychains. They are all so kyuute! :)

  • Jessica

    awww so cute! really appreciate the giveaway! :)

  • Monica

    So cute — thanks!

  • Debbie

    Now if you loose your keys it’s a tragedy.

  • Kymmie

    I think the grasshopper is the cutest!

  • Stacy

    They are all fabulous. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving Day to get here!!!!

  • Helen

    Love these keychains! Super cute! Thanks so much for the giveaway. Pick me! ;)

  • Liz Gibson

    Loving them all! I need these for my collection!

  • Elizabeth

    I love the teddy bear and the fishie! Really cutee

  • Mary

    Awesome giveaway, I love the charms!!!

  • nicole

    A nice way to liven a bag up. I love the crab and the bear best.

  • Donna C.

    It’s hard to pick my favorite. They are all great.

  • kirsten

    Thanks for running this giveaway! These are adorable. I especially like the grasshopper and the crab. Darling.

  • Simar

    I love the grasshopper and the fish….too cute!

  • Chineka

    All of these keychains are cute in their own way. I especially love the legacy bear.

  • mary lou

    What great Summer keyfobs..I live in Florida so every day is Summer. Great keyfobs. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Jie

    They’re all oh-so-adorable but I have to say the teddy bear charm has completely stolen my heart! So cute!

  • April

    Love these very cute!

  • Jen

    Ha, ha! I love the crab!! Really cute.

  • Lisa

    I think the lobster is my favorite but they’re all cute!

  • manolita

    I looove the crab!

  • Marnie

    OMG! Yes, please!

  • Rita

    These key fobs are so cute!! Great addtion to any of my bags!! TPF is a wonderful site with great people who share the love of what else…..Coach!!!

  • Andrea

    The bear is my favorite
    Thank you!

  • iza

    The bear is my favorite.


    I love the legacy bear. I need it in my life

  • Lisa

    Love them all. Nice giveaway!!

  • Olivia

    Wow, this is an awesome giveaway! I’m a huge Coach fan, and I think they’re all adorable! =)

  • Rachel

    I love them all! Cute.

  • Christine

    ohhhhh i hope i win!!!!

  • Heidi

    Love the bear!

  • Kerri

    Love all of them – esp. the fishy!

  • sally

    Purseblog rocks!

  • Cynthia

    Love the cute little bear!!!

  • Judy

    The Legacy teddy bear is just too cute for words!

  • Carol

    LUV the glitter of these cute charms!!!!
    Pick me please-the grasshopper is my fave

  • tiffany

    the fish is great! enter me, please!

  • Violet

    Ahhhh! Gotta have the Legacy Stripe bear!

  • Lala

    These are so cute. Ooh I want one.
    I love the legacy teddy bear the most. I hope I win one.

  • Christine

    I love all of them!!

  • Tonya

    Awwwww, they are all adorable! love the legacy teddy bear

  • Carol Jones

    They are all so cute, but I think the fish is my favorite.

  • Erica

    LOVE that crab!!!

  • susan

    Coach makes the cutest keychains. I love what they do so people can collect them

  • Julie

    I love the Coach key chains! They always give such interest to my handbags. I love the legacy bear the most though!

    • BeBe

      These are all adorable! I was not aware Coach made such cute key chains…these would be great X-mas stocking stuffers. Please enter me…I would love to sport one of these babies on my bags!!

  • renee

    ahhh… how adorable, coach has the best charms!!!

  • Cid

    I love the Coach key rings they are too cute. I need a new one, so please enter me!

  • Jessica Bog

    They are all so bright and cute. I love accessories for my Coach purse and I change them out with different moods or matching outfits. I guess it gets to be kind of an addicting. I love to express myself with purse bling and my friends love to see what my newest little lovie is for the week. I really like the fish and the Legacy bear the most though!

  • Kendra

    Love the crab and the fish!

  • L

    The teddy bear is so cute!

  • Michelle

    I want the grasshopper in the worst way!!

  • Graefka

    I adore the fish and the grasshopper! Please enter me. Thanks! :)

  • BunnyMasseuse

    I have all 4 already, but I could always use one to gift out ;)

  • Zahra

    The bear key ring is absolutely adorable!

  • chloehandbags

    I don’t normally enter many comps, as I’d rather let someone who really likes the item in question win it; but these keychains are lovely, so I couldn’t resist, this time! :D

    Particularly like the crab and the grasshopper.

  • coachie1975

    I’m lovin’ the legacy striped bear!!

  • elizabeth

    I soooo need the grasshopper, he’s too adorable!!!

  • Mandy

    Very cute keyrings!

  • Elaine

    Oi Fishie fishie fishie fishie fish! I’d get a blue bag and attatch the fish charm to it and call it a modern fishbowl.

  • Laura

    Adorable! I need the crab! He is too cute!

  • Varsha

    I would love to win one of these! They are so so cute, especially the crab and the fish!

  • Lynsey

    CRAB!! Just like me LOL and.. I’m a cancer ;)

  • Caroline

    All are adorable. I hope to win the bear, so cute!

  • codegirl

    Coach has the cutest key chains, I’d really love to win the fish!

  • Jackie

    I like them all but the grasshopper is the most unique to me!

  • Ladyash

    I love the fish!! Would love to win any one of them though.

  • Debbie

    Coach makes the most adorable key rings. I love all 4 that are pictued here.

  • Mukik

    I love it! Enter me please

  • CoachObsession

    I LOVE that crab!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme… LOL

  • heidi

    i love all of them!!! the crab is my fave!

  • Stephanie

    I’m torn between the crab and the fish. I just went to the Coach store at the Toronto Eaton Centre a few days ago, the new tartan print is so lovely.

  • Laura Major

    Love the fishy keychain!!

  • Sue

    Ahhh! I love them all!

  • marissa maxwell

    love it!

  • beril

    So cute! I want them all!!

  • Mercedes

    Just keep swimmin’ :)

  • Giavy

    I LOVE coach keyrings! they’re so cute!

  • Stefani

    the fish is so cute!

  • Marissa

    Oh I love the grasshopper. Its sooo cute. And soooo different. My boyfriend calls me grasshopper in spanish which is saltamonte because he is older and he says I’m his young grasshopper because I have a lot to learn from jokingly. Lol. So I’d definitely love to get that one. :-)

  • kg

    pick me! too cute.

  • Lene

    They are all oh so cute and I’m sure any one of them will look great on my Coach purses :)

  • Jill

    Love them all!!!!too cute!!!!

  • Nikki

    These are adorable!

  • Nyssa.

    Please enter me :)

  • Joyce

    These are way too cute, they would look so good on my Kristin!

  • Chris

    LOOOVE the grasshopper!

  • Hannah

    these are cutee! i’d love the crab :) reminds me of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid!

    • Car

      Very fun!

  • SilverSea

    I love them all!!!!!

  • Mokona

    So adorable!

  • Mai

    Aww, the teddy one is super cute. I want it!!! :)

  • Nicole Brown

    Love all of them!!!

  • Christine

    Very cute!

  • cgui

    awww so cute!!!

  • Aimee

    They are all so cute! The crab is my favorite.

  • Jamie

    Love them all!

  • Melissa

    The crab is so stinking cute!

  • tony

    the bear is so cute! i want it!

  • Dayzley

    Vibrant colors!!!!! Interesting design!!!! love it! :)

  • kim

    I love them all, especially Mr Krabs!!!

  • Annie RIgali

    hahah i love these! im turning 16 soon and these would look so cute on my key chain…. i love the fish one (reminds me of summer in these cold dark days :)

  • I usually like my crabs on a plate, but for this one, I could make an exception!:)

  • Rebecca

    I love all of the keyfobs! Especially the fish and the bear. They will all add a little uniqueness to any bag.

  • Latiffia

    The grasshopper takes me immediately to the “Karate Kid” Jaden Smith is such a cutie pie! Love it!

  • Anna

    The crab! So appropriate for a Marylander :)

  • wyh

    I like the crab, fish and grasshopper…the grasshopper is the best , rarely we see any accesories in a grasshopper design!

  • Redgirl

    I love them all and I have a bag ready for any which one! :)

  • Staci

    I love them all!

  • Tasha

    I loooove Coach key rings-the fish is my favorite! Totally <3 it!!! Btw, love your blog!!

  • Jennifer

    I love the Grasshopper! He’s so cute :)

  • Michelle

    those are cute key chain charms….just adorable!

  • Christina

    cute! grasshopper and crab are my favorites.

  • kemilia

    I love them all but the crab is the best!

  • Fiona

    I love that little grasshopper!!!

  • Sonya

    Very cute. Love the bear and crab. Your photographer takes wonderful pictures.

  • Courtney

    the little bear is so cute!

  • Kathy

    They are fabulous !!!

  • mrsjones

    owhhh, coach me to heaven with these fobs!

  • Samantha

    The fish one is adorable. Perfect for a swimmer like me!

  • Juliani

    I adore all the key rings !

  • Becky

    They are all SUPER CUTE!

  • reneeo

    These are so very very cute! I hope I win one!

  • Kristi

    Love that cricket, so cute!!

  • Shannon

    So cute!!!

  • Kelli Davis

    They are all VERY cute :)

  • Qian

    They look so cute!

  • MrsPink82

    Hoping Turkey Day is my LUCKY day! They’re all awesome but I’m a sucker for Legacy stripes! :)

  • Desaria

    these are so cute

  • Sarah F

    Adorable! I love the crab!

  • Kathleen Pearlman

    I love that bear!!!!! Although that crab is so cute, too!

  • Shawna

    They are so cute.

  • Tawny

    They are all adorable!!

  • Izzy

    I love Vlad!!!!! :-))

  • NJC

    Super cute teddy bear!

  • Melissa

    OMG the grasshopper and fishy are about the cutest keyrings EVER! Great giveaway :)

  • Marnie

    Love the crab!!

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    They are all so cute!! But my favorite is the fish!

  • Heather

    love these keyrings!!!! maybe there is a lucky grasshopper in my future!!!! ;)

    • Kim

      I love the crab, being born in July, a Cancer..I think it’s adorable!

  • linda

    They are all adorable.

  • Nurman

    Wow, insect clashes with sea creatures, simply adorable

  • Melissa


  • Ra

    so cute!!! I have the Legacy Stripe Bear and I love him!!

  • Stella

    Love them all!!

  • Monica

    very cute =P

  • Jenny

    I love the crab the best.

  • Susan T.

    I love the fishy keychain! Hope I get a chance to win it. It will look good with my little Coach bag.

  • Rachel

    The only time you’d ever by happy to get crabs…

  • Lakeisha

    I could use a new keychain. Thanks for the chance at a drawing :) *Fingers Crossed*

  • Victoria

    Those are all so cute !!

  • Leticia

    I love the grasshopper!

  • Jessica

    In love with these key chains. Love the crabby one :)

  • Anita

    that bear is beary adorable

  • Jill

    Love them all!!!

  • Beth

    Super cute! I love fobs!!!

  • Yana

    So cute!

  • Zaali

    Great! cute key rings!

  • Chandra Roberts

    I love all of them but the crab is my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sapandip Chandi

    I wish for a fish, a bear that cares, a crab that is fab and a grasshopper that’s a showstopper.

  • Mindee Larsen

    These are sooooo darling!!! Hope i win one!! xoxo

  • Moudane

    Cutesies !

  • Whitney

    Ahhh!! Love the little animals!

  • Kellie Wilson

    HOW adorable..would be so happy to win!! :)

  • Grace B.

    Love them!

  • Joy

    The keychains are adorable!

  • susie burrows

    Love mr.crab:)

  • Chrisitne

    The fish and crab are my fav!!

  • jackieblue


  • Barb

    Looks good! All look happy!

  • Denise

    That crab keychain is the cutest!!!

  • Siti

    Cute! Love the teddy the most!

  • Donna

    adorable little things…

  • Jennifer

    <3 the fish!

  • Kate

    So cute. Love the crab.

  • Stacy Burleson

    I love these!! How cute would these look on my coach bags!

  • Regina

    They are all so cute!!!!!

  • Miranda Gagne

    Great timing! I just posted all my Coach keyfobs on my blog today!

  • amber

    anything but the grasshopper… :)

  • Christina

    Awww! Loving the little bear. Too cute!!

  • JJ

    I’ll take any of these. Very cute.

  • Anetra

    These are all great. I love COACH products.

  • MrsLinas

    They’re so cute!! I love Coach key rings <3

  • Ali

    So cute! I love the grasshopper and the bear!

  • Jamie

    I bet you are missing that pool in the background about now! :)

  • Myra

    i love them all! and they would look awesome on my purse :)

  • mochababe73

    Coach has always had the cutest key rings. I am a diehard Coach fan. My favorite is the crab.

  • Julie

    Love the adorable Bear!!!

  • Terri

    Ohhh my mom would absolutely love one of these! The crab is so adorable!

  • Janis

    Looking forward for a new keychain for our 1st house! crossing my fingers for it….just waiting for the house to be finish….this month…

    • Amanda

      We just moved into our first home (relocated from NYC to FL) so i totally agree! Right now my housekey is on my carkeys ><

  • Melissa

    Love the fishy!

  • Kim Yeager

    Adorable! Love Coach…I would LoVE a Coach Keychain even more

  • Tiffany M

    Ooooo… I would love the fishie!

  • sadina


  • Megan

    i loveee the crab!!!!

  • Jeanette

    Love the crab!

  • Kimberly Bowen

    Very cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Tommy

    My wife would love this!

  • Amanda

    I posted to the FB forum as well ~ Its awesome to see a giveaway! I love the Coach keychains – ive never bought one tho as they’re so pricey! The beachy theme (crab, fish) is adorable!

  • Joan

    What a great contest! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • Jennifer

    Aww those are so cute! I want the fish one lol.

  • Ann

    The crab would be perfect for me as I’m a Cancer :)

  • Callie

    I would love to win any of these keychains! They would look so cute with my Coach bags! The little crab or fish would make a nice companion to my Katherine Kwei fish charm!

  • pw

    i want one! cute!

  • Annalisa

    They are all so super cute!

  • kelly huchala

    The keychains are so cute,,,,love them all and hope to win one,,,,tnaks for an awesome contest :-)

  • Agatha D

    How adorable are those??? Grasshopper is so eccentric! I love it

  • CathyFitz

    I may be a bit older than most of the gals here, but never too old for some Coach fob love!

  • Julia

    The crab is so loveable. Love the *bling bling* as eyes.

  • Jeanine

    They’re so cute. I love the crab!!

  • Candace

    I <3 them all!!

  • The key chains are awesome I love them
    All ! Thanks coach for making great things that we all cam afford. Happy holidays !

  • Reni

    The studded fish is so cute!

  • Donna

    I would love to win any of these they are simply beautiful!!!

  • Tracey

    The grasshopper is so different and unexpected!

  • I V Y
  • Carol

    Love all of them! The fish is so cute! Any would look so cute on my Coach bags.

  • Yvonne


  • Anita

    So cute. They’re all cute, but I would love to get the crab or the fish.

  • Melissa

    I adore the fish keychain!! My nickname is Melthefishy and this would look perfect on my brand new black coach tote!!

  • debi

    Fish and the teddy bear are to cute!!

  • Barb Perley

    Love them all, I would be happy to win any one of them!

  • sunflower

    Aw, these are so cute! I love the grasshopper, but if I won, I would be happy to use any one of them.

  • andi

    These are ALL adorbs. Seriously cute!

  • Judiane

    They are all too cute!!

  • Jocelyn

    The little crab is my favorite because it’s shaped like a heart, but I love them all! Fingers crossed for one!

  • Stella

    so kawaii!! I want the fish or teddy bear!! ^_^

  • Princess

    OOOOOH love the grasshopper!!!!!

  • Cathy

    Love the fish! Thanks for the chance!

  • Julieann

    4 daughters in the house, all Coach fanatics and 2 now with their licences, I could definately put these to good use !!

  • Jessie C.

    They are pretty!

  • Julisa

    Oh they are so pretty.

  • Connie E


  • LadyTofu

    Super cute!

  • Jenny P

    These are adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Megan

    I have loved the crab since I first saw it!

  • Amy C

    So cute

  • Sylvia Ang

    ooooooohhhhh lovely crab!!

  • katie

    I simply adore coach charms/keyfobs.. they are always SO adorable and detailed, plus they really last (and are affordable)! i have carried my lovely ladybug Coach keychain for over 6 years now and it’s still in great shape!

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  • I just moved to a new place too, it would be fab to have a new key ring for the new keys! They are all adorable!

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    Thank you, purseblog!

  • Adrienne

    I’ve never had a keychain that cost more than 2 bucks!

  • Mollie

    I LOVE the little Legacy Stripe bear – that would match so many of my Legacy bags. They are ALL adorable, though! I hope I win! You guys are great for doing this for us! <3

  • Ana Liza

    They look so cute! Oh please pick me! ;-)

  • Shawna

    What a fun way to have a “pick me up” before the holidays. All the key fobs by Coach seem to be such a hit.

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    Great for gift tags this holiday season too!

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  • HS

    I always adore Coach charms. They don’t have a huge price tag like LVs and Hermes. Unfortunately, Coach charms are hard to come by in my part of the world since the stores here carry extremely limited design.

    My favourite is the goldfish. Love the XMas-y color combo!

  • Sarah Hirsch

    very cute, I would love to win!

  • PL

    I <3 the crab key ring & purseblog!

  • Kara

    I love coach charms but these seem destined for me my mom is a cancer (crab) what a fab christmas present for the most self less person I have ever known, I am a picses (fish) and my son, well I call him bear and he would love to attach that bear to his key chain!

  • Lindsay

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  • P

    I absolutely <3 the crab key ring, & of course, <3 purseblog too!

    • Brenda Hough

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    especially love the crab and the bear!

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    So yea, look at me! Always thinking about others before myself :)

    Pick me!!!

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    purseblog tocks! :)

    • leanne sung bennett

      ummm, whoops. meant to type “purseblog ROCKS!” :)

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  • wendy

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    hope they – purse blogger let me win one of those.
    thank you…

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  • Natasha Essertel

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  • Linda

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  • Elizabeth Elfman

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  • Elizabeth Elfman

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    These are gorgeous! I can’t tell which one I like the best. The fish or crab would be my top choices. Living in a cold place, would be nice to be reminded of warm beaches :) I think even my husband would try to take it away from me, and he’s always complaining of my key chain collection, lol.

  • Melissa Witt

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  • Hannah DeVine

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  • Melissa Kelley

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  • Amanda Ostrow

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  • Patti

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  • Kristenmi123

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  • Kristenmi123

    They are adorable ~ I love the fish…..actually I love them all!!!!!

  • I love coach key chains! My favorite is the snowflake key chain from a few years ago. I recently put it back on my keys for the winter!

  • Racquel

    These key chains are truly adorable, I never enter contest but these caught my attention and made me look at my lonely car keys and think maybe I need to add some fun to my keys! :)

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  • April Cruz

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  • Ann Dean

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  • How fun is this? It is so nice of you to share these adorable key fobs.
    If I were lucky enough to win I know exactly the person I would give mine to… But that has to remain a secret, I don’t want to spoil a surprise. Thank you for sharing. Happy holidays!

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    Have a wonderful day to everyone =]

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  • Ott, A

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  • Adriane

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  • Lisa


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  • lora

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  • Larae M


  • Larae M

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  • blueteapot

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  • Jolene Rech

    Ohhhhhh the grasshopper is soooo cute!!!! But I would have to say the crab is the cutest and would go great with my nickname since people call me crabby hahahaha!

  • Shannon Bell

    I ADORE the little bear!! It would look so cute on my barren keyring.

  • Launa Schuller

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    What a great way to add a splash of color to my basic black accessories!!

  • Nits

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  • Alexis

    Love the crab(my husband’s zodiac sign) & the bear!

  • Mariquel

    I love the Legacy bear…….diamonds in his eyes just like mine!

  • Lily

    *eyes popping* they’re all so cute. I want them all! Haha.

  • Carlotta

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  • Cansu

    all the key rings are so adorable!!!

  • karen

    my friends will definitely be jealous if they see me bringing the cute bear or fish or crab or grasshopper around!!

  • Maeve

    They are so awesome- the grasshopper and crab are my favs

  • Theresa

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  • Nicole

    I NEED THIS- So so cute!! Very hard to pick a favorite but I think i’m leaning towards the crab ;)

  • Win

    Love love love

  • Shauna

    I would love to own a coach keychain!!

  • Leigh

    I love these! I hope I’m lucky enough to win one!

  • Mike

    My sister has the crab! And I have a purple owl one.
    I just needed a big keychain for my car keys, that I would not lose.

    They’re very cute!

  • Chris

    Absolutely adorable!

  • Melissa

    so cute and eye-popoing! would make it much easier to find my keys in my big hobo bag!

  • Deepika

    We are purchasing a new home and these are a must-have! :)

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  • Riina


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  • Shivah Ruiz

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  • Karen

    I love the crab makes me think of the Little Mermaid and Sebastian!

  • Jen

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  • Sharlah

    Love these key rings, they’re just darling! Creative, fun, and sophisticated! Thanks for having a contest!

  • Justina

    Love Coach keyrings! Always the most creative keychains built to last, especially love the fishes they do. Thanks for the contest!

  • Elaine H

    I purchased my very first all leather Coach keyring many years ago. It was Bottle Green (to match my very first bag),with brass ring. I still have that same keyring and it had been more than ten years. Now that, my friends is quality. I adore the little crab keyring. Your styles are cute and modern and last almost forever =)

  • Nicole Harris

    I love them all!!!

  • shel

    Adorable..the fish is my favorite.

  • Liz


  • Darcie

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  • Stacia

    I love the detail in each Coach key chain. I’ve never seen the Legacy stripe teddy bear key ring; too cute!!!

  • lauren

    I LOVE the fish! It reminds be of “The Rainbow Fish” book from when I was young (except this fish is red instead of blue). :)

  • Liz T

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  • Tatiyana

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  • Carly Waldman

    I love the teddy bear it’s so different. But I have an attraction to the crab as well.

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