We are always giving full-on bags lots of loving, but small accessories are just as integral to our daily lives. From wallets to wristlets to card cases to makeup pouches, small accessories hold the necessities that we carry with us daily. Both handbags and small accessories are meant to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they need to lack style.

So with all of that in mind, I scoured the web to find you 9 of the best small accessories that will make amazing holiday gifts.

Valextra Credit Card Holder | Price $500 via Barneys
This is the perfect gift for the working professional. When you hand out business cards you want to make a statement, and this card holder will do just that.

Comme des Garçons Polka Dot Embossed Pouch | Price $190 via Net-A-Porter
I always carry a couple packets of sugar, some Benadryl, and band-aids in a pouch in my purse. This would be the cutest little accessory to hold an emergency kit.

Balenciaga Giant Mini Cosmetic Case Nickel Hamilton | Price $505 via Barneys
Carry your everyday cosmetic go-to items in a fashionable Balenciaga Cosmetic Case. This little case has every Balenciaga touch I know and love.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hip To Be Square Wristlet | Price $130 via Net-A-Porter
Wristlets do not get enough love, and they should. A wristlet is the perfect night-on-the-town accessory, and Marc by Marc Jacobs knows how to add the right amount of sass to this design.

Kate Spade New York Glitter Little Gia Pouch | Price $75 via Neiman Marcus
This pouch can be handheld as a small clutch or slipped into your bag to hold some small essentials. Kate Spade continues to be one of my favorite brands for a plethora of items.

Proenza Schouler PS1 Continental Wallet | Price $585 via Barneys
Turn to the boys of Proenza Schouler for a totally cool accessory in vibrant colors. I love the green wallet, but there are so many more choices if this wallet doesn’t suit your fancy.

Diane von Furstenberg Harper Wristlet | Price $245 via ShopBop
Another wristlet, only DvF brings refined elegance to this patent leather clutch. This works for happy hour with the girls or date night with your love.

Rebecca Minkoff Neon Lizard Little Louie Key Pouch | Price $65 via ShopBop
Attach this key pouch to your house and/or car keys. It makes your keys easy to find in your bag and also works to take to the gym, grocery shopping, or out for a quick errand.

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Wallet | Price $730 via Net-A-Porter
A long zip-around wallet is the only wallet I will carry, and Bottega Veneta offers a beautiful option with their classic intrecciato woven leather.

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  • Erik

    the Rebecca Minkoff pouch is cool… love the studs the color and the embossed leather

    • My Bag Addiction

      Easy color to find in your handbag while searching for your keys… we LOVE it too!
      xoxo MyBagAddiction

  • Dana

    I love Valextra–one of my favorite leather goods makers! I hope you guys show more love for that brand.

  • susan

    I love little pouches and wristlets I love the kate spade

  • Suzanne

    I adore small leather goods! I never should have opened this blog post, LOL.

  • Anita

    I like the last 5 the best, especially the Proenza Schouler.

  • Simpaus

    I looove these!! :D

  • Debi

    I am partial to green, so I love the Diane von Furstenberg Harper Wristlet.

    • Nadia

      I love them all, but I’m a sucker for Balenciaga only I don’t think I’d dish out that much for a makeup bag!

  • Mari

    Wouldn’t mind the sparkly kate spade! But luckily I got the cheaper zara version earlier so I’m ok. Also, the proenza wallet would be a good summer-reserve for my black miu miu!

  • J Umm


  • Kat

    I love the color on the Proenza Schouler one. I can’t resist a bright Kelly green. I’ve expressed my apprehensions about designer wallets before, but if ever I get one, the PS is a strong candidate. And the Botega of course, although I’d probably be to scared to wear out the intrecciato.


  • styleezta

    that RM key pouch is to die for! great stocking stuffer!

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Love, love, love, love the Balenciaga, Rebecca Minkoff, Comme Des Garcons, and the Marc by Marc Jacobs! A great way to inject some colour without shelling out thousands. And it is definitely a great idea for that special someone who isn’t allowed to wear any colour at work, just hiding the holiday cheer in her purse away from her boss.

  • rose60610

    The Bottega zip around is lovely. It’s my favorite.

  • Shereen

    The Balenciaga and PS1 are definitely my favorites of the bunch, but all these small accessories would make great gifts.

  • Katia

    Comme des Garçons Polka Dot Embossed Pouch is my favorit! but wouldn’t say no to them all!

  • Karen

    love the PS1 wallet!! And the cute Marc by Marc box wristlet!

  • Shirley J

    love love love the Proenza Schouler PS1 Continental Wallet …and its my fave color!! :)

  • Christina

    love the small leather goods! i love the PS1 wallet and the marc jacobs wristlet the most!

  • Roya

    I seriously need everything on this list, its a little distressing.

  • designchic

    love so many of these – the balenciaga…fabulous!!

  • Jennie

    Loving the CdG pouch, its so quirky!

  • ninjaninja

    Love the Comme des Garçons coin purse!

  • ninjaninja

    The Valextra card case is crazy expensive!

  • ninjaninja

    The Kate Spade would be amazing for NYE!

  • 19yearslater

    Some nice choices. The MbMJ is really cool, and the Balenciaga make up bag is nice too.

  • AW

    love the kate spade one especially for this time of the year! And the bright neon MbMJ is always adorable even though the shape is a bit awkward to hold.

  • Samantha

    I like trifold wallets, but some of these look cute for a change of pace.

  • bonniesgirl

    I can’t make up my mind. I love each and every one Of Them!!!

  • CS

    love designer bags! here is a great deal on an Aleya NY handbag – just in time for the holidays! :)


  • Chris

    The blue Comme de Garcon make me smile. I love the blue. And the dots add so much fun.

  • Dawn

    Ooh the Kate Spade pouch is great! Good price!

  • BLynnT

    I love the BV wallet. It’s a classic that you could use for years and years.

  • ninjaninja

    Love the DVF one, but I can easily see the color being dated in a couple years.

  • ninjaninja

    I think everybody needs a little something from BV – so classic!

  • ninjaninja

    Love the color on the Bal, but not the shape.

  • ninjaninja

    The MJ looks like it was made for a raver from 2001.

  • ninjaninja

    RM just looks like it was made for impulse purchases at the counter.

  • ninjaninja

    Something is missing from the PS1 wallet…but I’m not sure what…

  • Katrina

    Love the MJ small bag!:)

  • Mayan K

    I think I really, really want that Balenciaga cosmetic case! Hello pretty thing!

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  • kathryn

    Ahh I’ve been wanting the Bottega Veneta wallet for a long time now. a christmas present to myself maybe?

  • Shana

    Not to found of Rebecca Minkoff’s key pouches. To me they always look like the chain is so thin and can break if there is any weight from your keys. I would go Kate Spade.