Here’s AnnaSophia Robb carrying another contemporary (though 80s-tastic) bag while filming scenes from The Carrie Diaries on location in NYC. In this case, it’s a hot pink Diane von Furstenberg Flirty Lips Mini Crossbody Bag. Last time, it was a bag that is absolutely notorious amongst S&TC fans – the Fendi Baguette. The Carrie Diaries is, of course, an S&TC prequel now in its second season on The CW. You can get AnnaSophia’s/Carrie’s bag for $245 at Saks.

We can forgive little wardrobe inaccuracies on the set of The Carrie Diaries, of course, because the show’s costuming department is obviously pretty fab. The 1980s have become one huge, puffy-sleeved fashion cliche in the last 20 plus years, and being able to make that decade look fresh and appealing (fashion-wise, at least) to a modern audience at this point in the game is truly a feat.

Handbag transitions can be hard. Not only do colors change from season to season, but so do textures and shapes. All three of those elements combine to give a bag its overall feel, and finding a finished product that can straddle two seasons is no small feat, especially when you don’t have an unlimited handbag budget. If that sounds like a problem you’re trying to solve, look no further than the Diane von Furstenberg 440 Mini Shoulder Bag.

First, the color of this bag is perfect if you’re looking for something to carry literally year-round. It’s somewhere between winter white and beige, with a slightly lighter central panel and a bit of very subtle lizard embossing on the top flap. This is the type of color that mixes well with either cutoffs or a chocolate brown wool coat, and there aren’t a lot of colors of which the same can be said. It’s a fine line to walk.

Then you’ve got shape. Summer is the season of mini bags, and often the same type of tiny purse can look out of place when the weather turns cooler. At 11 inches wide, this bag calls itself “mini,” but that’s only true relative to the satchel from which it takes its name. In reality, this is more of a medium-size shoulder bag that can be carried either as a crossbody or with the chain strap doubled, which means that the feel can be more casual and summer-appropriate or formal and fall-like. Also, the texture of the leather plays into the shape nicely – it’s not too rigid, but structured enough that the bag won’t look like a sloppy summer option that got carried over a little too far into October.

What’s nicest, though, is the price. At $295, this bag barely moves the needle as far as handbag prices go, and for that price, you get a versatile, well-designed bag that’ll be in your rotation well beyond the end of summer. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $295.

Spring might not quite have sprung outside (at least in New York – you may be luckier than we are), but it has definitely sprung inside Saks Fifth Avenue, circa the Diane von Furstenberg handbags. DVF’s spring bags have arrived in stores and online, and with materials ranging from raffia to lizard-embossed leather, they’re just the thing to get you through the seasonal transition and onto the right track for the weather ahead.

The bag collection is themed around spring wanderlust, and the bags themselves (an ever-growing part of Diane’s brand) are a study in how just the right note of color can transform a look. Most of the bags are rendered in combinations of ivory, grey, black and gold, but throughout, you’ll find notes of coral that make these easy-to-wear neutrals perfect for spring. If you’re more the type of woman who wants her entire bag to be the bright accent, well, DVF’s got a few options for you as well. Take a look at our picks from the collection below or shop the new DVF collection at Saks.

Diane von Furstenberg Tonda Crystal, Satin and Leather Small Clutch
$395 via Saks

Diane von Furstenberg Tonda Crystal, Satin & Leather Small Clutch

Diane von Furstenberg New Harper Charlotte Satchel
$595 via Saks

Diane von Furstenberg New Harper Charlotte Satchel

Diane von Furstenberg Carolina Lips Canvas Satchel
$345 via Saks

Diane von Furstenberg Carolina Lips Canvas Clutch

Diane von Furstenberg 440 Colorblock Lizard-Embossed Top Handle Bag
$645 via Saks

Diane von Furstenberg 440 Colorblock Lizard-Embossed Top Handle Bag

Diane von Furstenberg Sutra Lizard-Embossed Leather Clutch
$345 via Saks

Diane von Furstenberg Sutra Lizard-Embossed Leather Clutch

Diane von Fursenberg On The Go Colorblock Raffia and Leather Tote
$345 via Saks

Diane von Furstenberg On-The-Go Colorblock Raffia & Leather Tote

Diane von Furstenberg Olivia Patchwork Embossed Leather Clutch
$495 via Saks

Diane von Furstenberg Olivia Patchwork Embossed Leather Clutch

Diane von Furstenberg Lytton Abstract Printed Sequin Clutch
$325 via Saks

Diane von Furstenberg Lytton Abstract Printed Sequin Clutch

Diane von Fursenberg Raffia and Leather 440 Tote
$495 via Saks

Diane von Furstenberg Raffia and Leather 440 Tote 34-15

Let us all take a moment to ponder the crazy-amazing Christmas that A-list infant Blue Ivy Carter just experienced (and has already forgotten). Photographers snapped celeb super parents Beyonce and Jay-Z exiting Mary Arnold Toys on the Upper East Side a few days before X-mas, where they were presumably buying some last-minute gifts for their one-year-old daughter. (What does one buy for the baby who has everything?) On Beyonce’s arm is the embossed croc and stingray Diane von Furstenberg 440 Bag, which you can snag at Shopbop for $895.

And because we know you’ll ask, those spectacular sunnies are the Prada Baroque Sunglasses. If you didn’t find a pair under your X-mas tree, you can treat yourself for $290 at Neiman Marcus. Sadly, those exact Marni pumps aren’t available online, but you can pick up a similar pair for $479 (on sale!) at Neiman Marcus. As always, if your stocking was stuffed with designer goodies, we want to hear all about ‘em!

Last week, Megs and I had the pleasure of previewing the clothes, shoes and handbags from Diane von Furstenberg Pre-Fall 2013, and we’re excited to be able to give you a look at the collection’s full handbag line today – think of it as our early Christmas present to you! Thank us later.

You might have noticed over the last season or so that DVF is really getting her handbag game on lock. The collection feels focused and modern, but with von Furstenberg’s signature wearable glamor. Among the highlights are the sleek, colorblocked 440 Totes, which now comes in a mini shoulder bag version that I’m already coveting. Also keep an eye on the clutches – they start at $195, which makes a chic night-out ensemble seem that much more achievable. See something you’d like? You can expect to see these bags arrive in stores this summer. You can shop DVF’s current collection via ShopBop.

As we’ve mentioned around these parts quite a few times lately, clutches are more important during this time of year than any other. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah festivities give way to glitzy gatherings for New Year’s Eve, and odds are that many of you will find yourselves carrying evening bags more often over the next three weeks than you do during much of the year combined. As we speak, I’m trying to mentally cobble together an outfit for tonight, including a clutch.

If you’re doing the same thing and coming up empty handed, I have some good news for you: Diane von Furstenberg has some truly awesome clutches available right now, and almost all of them can be your for less than $500. From a basic black flap clutch with a shoulder strap to a beaded globe on a wrist loop, we think she’s offering a little bit of something for everyone. Check out our clutch picks below or shop the full DVF assortment via Neiman Marcus.

Today is one of those really nasty and gross days. You know the kind; they suck out any motivation you might have had to be productive. These kind of days are the ones that encourage staying in, watching a movie (preferably a great RomCom, obviously) and ordering in dinner. You know, come to think of it, I now have my night planned. But I digress.

So, while I initially found myself in a bit of a gloomy mood today, all of that quickly went by the wayside when I stumbled across this Diane von Furstenberg Gracie Eclipse Snake Clutch. The bright fuchsia snapped me out of my gloomy mood and put me in a much better one. I mean, look at this bag, how could it not? (more…)

All these years later, my all-time favorite DvF bag is still the Stephanie. I own two of these bags, they’re my go-to when it comes to traveling. I love that for this bag, the shape is crescent-like, which means it’s so roomy that it fits everything I need. Furthermore, every time I carry my Stephanie, people praise it. It should follow suit that DvF continues to pump up her handbag game; she’s churning out lust-worthy bags each season.

Right now, my attention is drawn to the Diane von Furstenberg Limited Edition Box Clutches, which are so cute and quirky that they’re giving Kate Spade and Olympia Le-Tan a run for their novelty bag money. (more…)

Diane von Furstenberg‘s clothes have maintained an almost staggering level of popularity for decades, largely because they’re so wearable. Diane has a keen sense for what stylish women want to wear in their everyday lives, and coupled with a somewhat attainable price point, she sells clothes, shoes and housewares hand over fist to exactly those women. The era with which von Furstenberg is most closely associated, though, is the 1970s – she launched her company in 1970 and introduced the iconic wrap dress in 1974. It seemed appropriate, then, that Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2013 would so strongly reference the shapes and colors of the era that shot its designer to fame. The clothes were every bit reflective of the jetset summer social schedule of a young princess.

At the same time, though, DVF’s collection looked forward. As we reported over the weekend, the runway show was dotted with participants and spectators (and Diane) wearing Glass by Google, a slim pair of glasses that takes in the wearer’s point of view with a tiny camera attached to the frame. The footage will be edited into a video that will debut on the official DVF YouTube page later in the week, but until then, check out the collection through our lens. (more…)

Over the last five years, the role of technology in fashion has absolutely exploded. Not only have blogs emerged as a huge force in the industry, but magazines are racing to bring their online content up to their offline editorial standards and brands are using digital printmaking, three-dimensional printers and a whole slew of other technological advances to enrich their clothes and accessories. This afternoon at New York Fashion Week, the intersection of tech and fashion reached a new point: powerhouses Diane von Furstenberg and Google joined forces to debut the much-rumored Glass on DVF’s Spring 2013 runway.


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