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Fashion can be divided into two groups: conceptual and literal. Conceptual pieces hint at their inspiration or theoretical underpinnings, while literal things just go right out and tell you where they came from and why they’re here. For the handbags of Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2012, things got very literal.

That’s neither praise nor a critique; as a descriptor, “literal” is value-neutral, and whether it’s good or bad depends entirely on the intent of the designer. With clutches in this line ranging from clocks to hearts to dominoes, I can say with confidence that von Furstenberg very much meant for us to chuckle a little bit when we saw what was in her models’ hands. Indeed, the cute little clutches were the star of the show, but I’m more interested in the richly textured burgundy bags, trimmed in fur and contrasting leather. Those are the kinds of pieces that get you through a long, hard winter, even if a little cloud clutch might be cute to see on the runway.

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  • The Von Furstenberg with the “lips” reminds me of YSL’s Lip’s from Tom Ford. Really cool and retro.

  • these seem really moschino-ish.

  • DorianGray

    They seem Elsa Schiaparelli.

  • Those bags are really fabulous. and I find to add it up on my collections this year. Well speaking of fashion it is the one that I really treasure as of this days of my young age because when you are old enough you cannot spend a time for that luxurious things that you have. Fashion is in every people and the way you fix yours self is a part of fashion.

  • Marie Martell

    Very cool.. Love how fun they are..

  • 19yearslater

    I’m digging the literal in this case. Cute bags.

  • Nnedinma

    all gorgeous….alll