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  • RR

    I have the Francesca and I do love it.  The leather is incredibly soft and it fits a lot of stuff.  Great mom bag actually.  Recently I’ve been hoping to switch jobs (fingers crossed!!!), which got me thinking about interviewing. The Francesca, which easily holds by Macbook air, is not ideal because it does not sit.  I was thinking of the PS1 large keep all but so far the idea of purchasing another expensive bag has held me back.  The Tory Burch option may work – I’m not sure it would fit my Macbook?  The price point is certainly better.

    • The Tory Burch bag should hold your MacBook Air easily! I have a 15″ MacBook Pro and got out my trusty tape measure to see if even it would fit (we consider ourselves a full-service blogging operation here), and at about 14.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep, I think it would. The bag itself is 16 x 10.5, so an Air or iPad should be perfect inside of it.

      • RR


  • 19yearslater

    Great choices! The thank you notes idea is great.

  • Ale Semenov

    The fucsia wallet is my favorite so far

  • they’re all appropriate but who can resist a phillip lim?


  • Laurakasbaum

    I love that stationary set! So cute!

  • I was thinking about this problem a couple weeks ago… graduating in october (europe..)! I was thinking about the celine luggage tote though, because it’s sort of classy and adult-y and it stands up straight, right? I know it’s expensive but as a present to myself for being such a good student (haha). What do you think – is the luggage tote a good idea for work? Or would you think it’s too heavy maybe?

    • After a bit of usage, my Celine Luggage Tote actually didn’t stand up on its own anymore, although I think mine was made out of softer and more pliable leather than the one’s I’ve seen recently. As for whether it would be a good idea for a recent grad, that sort of depends. If you’re going to be taking public transportation to work, I’d suggest something that can hang on your shoulder. If you’re going to be working in an industry where people are generally well-paid and/or stylish, I’d choose something a little more discreet. The Luggage might not be logo’d, but I think it’s become popular enough that in certain industries, someone is probably going to notice it. Being a 22-year-old with a $2400 hard-to-find bag at her first job could potentially give people the wrong impression about you – that you’re frivolous, spoiled, etc. It’s not a fair judgment, of course, but it’s one that I’d try to steer clear of at the outset of your career until the people at your new job see that you’re smart, hardworking and a good addition to the office.

      • Thanks so much for your answer! I always thought of the luggage tote as more of a working bag. To me it seems too big and heavy to just carry around town while shopping. But you are probably right and I didn’t think of the fact that you can’t carry it other than on your arm. Carrying a notebook, wallet, papers, etc. on your arm might get annoying (and again heavy!) after a while…

  • Vaishna Shah

    This is a 

    • Prada can be a little tricky for work because of its highly recognizable logo, but if you’ve been at your job for a bit and you feel comfortable with your coworkers or have carried expensive bags before and gotten no negative reactions, then I think Prada is a great pick. The brand offers lots of options that are chic and businesslike, and if you don’t have to carry files or your computer back and forth with you, that one’s very nice and should be versatile. If you really want a tote, though, wait a few months and save up the extra money. I’m a firm believer that it makes more sense to spend 1200 or 1300 on something you really love than 900 on something that you think makes a good alternative. 

  • Lynnie

    Could you also do a feature on graduation gifts for high school and middle school graduates too? I would love to see your picks!

  • Saaraneth

    I’m graduating in 1.5 weeks and I bought myself a Kate Spade Bow Bridge Helena! Despite the huge bow I like to think it’s interview-appropriate…! Well my friends have been loving it at least XD