There’s been a big move at PurseBlog that I’m happy to share with you all: After four years full time in New York City, Vlad and I have decided to head back to Florida. South Florida is where we lived before our move to NYC and where I spent most of my years growing up. I never thought I’d call NYC home, but it became my home over time, and leaving it is so bittersweet. So much so, in fact, that we aren’t leaving for good. We’re keeping our office in NYC, our team in NYC, and Vladi and I will be splitting our time between Florida and NYC.

The biggest change you will see is more photos featuring tropical locations (I’m actually serious–that’s the major difference!), and of course we will be featuring the bags of South Florida alongside those of NYC and wherever else our travels take us. We are excited to start this journey of our life, combining sand and skyscrapers, which are two things that we totally adore. Vlad lives for the fast pace of city life, and I find the beaches of South Florida to be perfect to balance out the hustle and bustle.

Our move has been much more work than anticipated (they always are), that’s why you’ve seen a bit less of me posting. I’ve found that all of my ideas for our new home take so much time, and nothing is ever done when you think it will be. I’m trying to get our new home ready for us in Florida, and Vlad is in NYC right now for Fashion Week.

We’re just about to hit our ten year anniversary for PurseBlog, and we feel so incredibly lucky to have you along for the ride!

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  • T Tara Bagnista

    I’m so jealous! Best of luck with your uni-coastal lifestyle.

    • We were laughing in the office trying to figure out what to call this set up and we came up with uni-coastal as well :)

      • T Tara Bagnista

        I see great bag minds think alike :-) (When I lived in Jersey City, I coined it nycadjacent (a la Beverly Hills adjacent)). Of course, with two households now, you’ll have to buy two of every bag so that you don’t have to drag them up and down the coast. :-)

      • YES I totally need more bags now, of course!!!! ;)

  • missarewa

    best of luck to you both!!

  • 10 years already! Congrats! Really jealous of your move to Florida :) Hope to see lots and lots of fancy bags and beaches.

    • That’s the plan!! I will def love it down here in the winter, I was never made for cold weather ;)

  • Sarah

    That’s awesome for you two!

  • fashion.foward

    Thank you so much for keeping us bag lovers up with the latest accessories in stores and styles on the streets. It has been a great 10 years and I hope more to come. Thank you purse blog for educating me on bags and also for purse blog allowing us bag lovers connected. I hope your move is safe and easy. Best of luck! :)

    • Thanks so much! It’s been such a great journey for us, we love sharing with you all and learning with you :)

    • Ary

      Welcome to south Florida! Funny I wish I was in N.Y. ;)… Please Bring some Ny vibes down our beautiful beaches.

  • Abbey

    what bag is in the picture??

    • Gucci Bright Diamante Bucket Bag – a personal fav. Here it is :

  • Rashmi

    Megs and Vlad good decision you made! Even though I like Nyc, it’s too fast paced and overcrowded for me and I can’t understand how people can live there. Well, people say once you live there you’ll be engulfed to the core of the city, the beauty of it will envelop you yada yada yada but I still won;t understand. I live in the upper midwest and I too have been sick and tired of the snow and bitter cold weather here so i’ve made a goal to hopefully move to California within the next five years, i.e if I’m able to expand my food business. Anyways good luck with the move and congratulations to you and your whole team for completing ten years! That’s quite an achievement! Perhaps someday you could organize a PurseBlog Festival so we all the Purse Blog lovers could join you and your team, get to know one another and enjoy the event!

    • I love NYC, but it is very fast paced and having a place where we can be a bit more relaxed is so exciting for me! I hope someday you get to move to California for your dream as well :)

      I would love a PurseBlog festival, how fun does that sound!!

      • Rashmi

        Megs I’m already imagining a humongous closet in your new Florida home dedicated to your lovely collection of handbags! If you do a Purseblog Festival, I’m in! :)

      • I don’t know if I’ll ever have a closet big enough ;)

        We totally need a PurseBlog festival!

  • Mya Wilkes

    Awww, Congrats to you two, that must be so exciting! Florida and NYC are two such beautiful places for different reasons. Bet the NYC team will miss you guys much.

    Looking forward to the varied posts that shall come with your uni-coastal lifestyle. All the very best and congrats on the 10 year anniversary, love PB all day!

    • We totally miss our NYC team, but are happy we will still get to see them often!

      I’m really looking forward to how we can find new people to feature and work with down here and still in NYC as well :)

  • Chris

    That sounds super exciting. Congratulations.
    Also, congrats to 10 years of Purseblog, you and Vlad can be so proud!

  • Elisa

    Best of luck in your new home and life!

  • Nina

    Congrats ! Are you and Vlad a couple? Just curious :P

    • We’re married! We’ve been married for 6.5 years, started PurseBlog together and still run it together with our team :)