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  • Lori

    Not loving all her shoe choices, but she certainly looks amazing in all her outfits.

  • Stephanie


  • as

    honestly i think the obsession with her is a bit too much. she’s incredibly accomplished and clearly very intelligent. she deserves an immense amount of respect for that. However, i don’t think she’s the most gorgeous woman ever like people/the tabloids like to claim. its a classic case of money making a person look more polished and overall better. I’m not trying to bring her down at all, it seems like she’s a great person, but thats my opinion on the “amal clooney hype”

  • Sandy

    I found it refreshing that after all the bimbo”ish” girls he dated he married the smart accomplished normal looking women. i think over all she dresses nicely.

  • Susie

    I’d rather read about Amal than the Kardashians!

    • bongbong

      True that

    • Guest

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  • Mona

    Am I the only one who thinks she can’t dress ???

    The jeans are ill fitting and some of the tops so drab and the shoes are terrible and nothing is coordinated . She is a serious type I suppose and less into fashion but I do think she can do with a stylist here and there !

    But good on her for getting clooney to settle down ! I’m sure there’s something special in her, just not her outfits !

  • Finem Lauda

    Plz comment more about how unfashionable, and ‘not that pretty’ she is, while she makes so much fucking cash it’s uNREAL and her husband is gorgeous, and her wardrobe makes yours look like a bunch of burlap sacks. I’ll wait.

  • Jennifer

    I think it’s refreshing to see someone actually covered up & not trying to be ‘hot’. She snagged one of the most eligible bachelors with less is more. Plenty of celebrities could take a lesson or 2…

  • disqus_WLov3bfPS2

    It’s sad a woman wrote this article, yet she had to throw shade at Taylor (for writing break-up songs) to give Amal a point of leverage.

    • Guest

      The article was simple and well written. Throwing shade at anyone is YOUR interpretation, not the writer’s words. She was trying to make a point that Mrs. Clooney’s achievements has “nothing to do with the entertainment industry”, and rightly too.

    • Swimfan

      Taylor Swift fan alert!

  • I love Amal and yes she is over-exposed but we are talking about a world where Sandra Bullock was just declared the most beautiful woman in the world (!). Of course it’s about popularity and wealth, but I like that smart little girls can look at Amal and realize that it is possible to be great, before, during and after finding the right man!

  • Smithy

    I just don’t see her as being any kind of fashion icon. Yes, sometimes she gets it right. More often than not, she gets it wrong. The black socks and brogues….ugh. The Ash wedge sneakers…..double ugh.

    When you weigh 100 lbs. just about anything looks good. She gets it right….then just as quickly she gets it oh so wrong.

    • John

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  • Imgoingbroke

    Geez, she has fantastic style. Very feminine and classic. Every outfit is better than the next. I’m envious!

  • She is the most stilysh elegant woman ever!!

  • Liliali

    Let’s be unest with each other! The only special point about her is being George’s wife!

  • Carn Waxler

    I won’t wear mis-matched shoes, even if they’re supposed to be that way. But I did learn something from Slide 11 — Mme Clooney and I have the same luggage :-) (from Bric’s, the Bellagio collection — maybe she bought it because of the association with her husband’s villa on Lake Como, which, of course, has a view of beautiful Bellagio…)

  • Aoedele

    Geezus, she is thin, too thin.

    She’s smart, accomplished and seemed polished, wonderful traits. But a fashion icon? Really? She’s just another case of what the media wants us to believe, like Kate Middleton and her middle-aged boring outfits is what every woman want and must have. Please. Her shoes are cute, I would rather haver her purses.

  • Daphne Lemonis

    Can anyone please tell me what shoes she is wearing in this outfit?

  • Ashton Sauer

    There are a lot of times I wished I have her wardrobe! I love her collection of shoes, too! She’s such a fashionista!