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  • fionaly

    :lol: Want to buy new model of the Coach handbag..
    any idea?? thanks

  • Winnie

    I saw a discontinued Gucci tote at Vogueland. Are the products at authentic? Anyone purchased from them?


    • KELLY

      Did you buy the bag – are they authentic as they claim?

      • Lauren

        Wanted to get this out so someone else doesn’t get ripped off.
        BEWARE of

        I browsed the replica websites for months, debating on which to order a bag from and finally chose Exquisitebag. I was nervous since I knew the bag would come from China, but then again, I also know that most of the actual designer bags are made there. They promised satisfaction, said they used identical materials and the bags were 99% mirror image…and if I wasn’t satisfied, there would be NO restocking fee when I sent it back.So, I ordered.

        The bag was expensive (for me) but I figured it would be good quality, as they advertised. $170.00 plus $20/shipping.

        First, the bag took much longer to get than they advertise. I understand, coming from China, that things can take some time, but put it in your website that delays can happen rather than specifying a short time and then the bag doesn’t arrive in twice that amount of time. While you are waiting for your merchandise, your credit card is charged, too – so you’ve got this charge, but nothing to show for it!

        When I finally received the bag (Chanel replica) the box in which it came was ripped open on 3 corners. You could, literally, stick your hand inside the box at any of these corners with absolutely NO problem! Before I even unpacked the bag, I took photos in case it had sustained any kind of damage (like water!) because of the rips. The bag was in a dust bag (poorly stenciled “Chanel” in the middle). When I took the bag out, I was SO disappointed. Now let me say that the sewing di look VERY GOOD. However, the bag was the wrong color! I ordered a BLACK, medium shoulder bag with SNAKESKIN CC’s and they sent me a dark chocolate bag with beige leather CC’s and a triangular beige leather patch on the lower right corner, which, in their online photo, is black. Not only that, but the handles of the bag WERE black. It was like they took left-over materials (chocolate brown, beige, black) and made my bag. It was insulting to have received something that was so obviously wrong – that bag didn’t even exist in those colors on the website! Even if the handles were the same color as the bag, you couldn’t have ordered that bag as it came to me because it was not pictured on their site.

        I immediately contacted the company (it took them several days to get back to me) and they told me to ship it back – no apologies or explanations for the completely wrong colors! I had to ship at my own expense ($40.00!), but sent them a message that I wanted my shipping reimbursed along with the cost of the bag. Why should I have to pay shipping for their mistake!? It wasn’t that I just didn’t “like” the bag – it was a completely wrong order they sent!

        I am waiting for my refund as I write this, but “disputed” the charge immediately with my American Express when I saw the bag (love them!) as well as the shipping charge, in case there is a problem. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY – You’ll most likely end up with a patch-work bag like I did.

      • Traceyonley777

        Hi, sounds like a bad experience! I use mylittlesecret box ( or cheap designer handbags on facebook)  and have never had a problem. I have apx 20 bags from chanel purses to Hermes  Birkin. All have arrived within the stated time and have always been packaged properly. I would highly recommend them. If you like them on facebook they sometimes give a discount code out.

    • Norma

      I want to buy a miu miu bag from vogueland but I am concerned about authenticity. Did anyone ever buy from them and are their bags “real”? Thanks

  • Witnica

    World Food Programme Feed Bag

    I’ve just bought one and had it delivered a few days ago.

    This bag exceeded my expectations. The size is much bigger than I thought it would be. The fact that it’s reversible helps and made of organic products is wonderful. :)

  • Karla

    I’ve found a website called who claim to sell authentic designer handbags. Does anyone know if this is true? The bags are a quarter of RRP which usually indicates a fake right?
    Not sure about all this :???:
    Thanks for your help.

    • Monika

      They are FAKE FAKE FAKE. and expensive fakes at that. I returned mine a month ago and have yet to recieve a refund. You ought to see the the broken English emails I get from them. I don’t think that they have good understanding–or are playing dumb. Don’t waste your money like I did.

      • Louise

        i’v also bought a fake bag from, but I can’t find an address to return it to? Can you help me?
        Best regards Louise, Denmark

      • SM

        When I inquired about returning a bag which I knew was a fake I was given a woman’s home address somewhere in China. Since it took me over a month and multiple emails to even get the fake in the first place, I determined I was not likely to receive any sort of refund and thought it best to just keep it- something was better than not have ANYTHING AT ALL I decided :smile:

      • Sandy

        THANK YOU!!!! I almost bought a bag from citi vogue, but thought I should do some research first.

      • unhappy customer

        :twisted: I received my bag from citivogue which I follsihly spent 200 dollars on and opened it up and releaized it wasn’t even close to the right color. When I finally contacted someone via email, she refused to give me a return address and kept offering me 20-30% off discounts. This place is awful and someone should shut them down!!!!!

      • Gigi

        I was thinking of purchasing the tiffany’s jewelry stuff there…I am assumming it’s fake but it’ll look legitimate…has anyone tried it? I bought some tiffany jewelry for cheap at this site and it was pretty darn good! but they don’t have all the stuff citi vogue does. and it’s more expensive at the tiff site.

    • Sharon

      Fake!! fake!! fake!! Stay away..No run while you can..

  • Nyambura

    Hi there

    Just came across this forum a very interesting one I must say. Is there a place for me as I am into African bags which are kiondos, kikoy bags, hyacinth bags, reed bags, bark purses, raw leather bags and raffia bags. Which is so different from the oens you have listed.

    African Galore

  • S*

    is this bag real or not? i rly don’t want to spend $$$ on a fake. thnx.

  • Bape is a dying brand its too expensive for something that isnt really worth it, you might as well buy a fake, type in bape in google there are a lot of fake sites,

  • Phoebe

    I like this topic.I know some replica handbag site there are really good. quality good . size and color to my satisfaction.the price is also to my budget . I like the designer bag. :smile:

  • This thing is ugly I would reccomend you not purchase this ladies.

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m just came across this forum and found it to be interesting. This gonna be good place for everyone handbag lover to share tips and advice on shopping the right handbags.

    I’m into fashion handbags, with the brand of Beethoven.


  • Eddie

    :!: I would like to warn all you handbags lovers,not to order anything from a website named: Handbag outpost. I have ordered a Gucci bag from them the begining of october. They charged my credit card and emailed me the delivery date would be on or before october 31. needless to say no bag has arrived. What’s more infuriating is that there in NO way of contacting them. Phone calls go straight to voicemail, but not even one phone call was returned, the same goes for emails.So basically they take your money and never hear from them again. I filed a complaint with the better Business Bureau. So Beware!

  • Sandy

    REPLICA! Our shop, has anyone bought from this site. do they look horriable??

  • Bape

    Every kid had a cool BAPE t-shirt or hat and I just had to have one.

  • gina

    whatever you people do…do not purchase anything from STYLE RUNWAY. the website is completely fake. i purchased a purse, never recieved it. they give you no tracking number, their phone lines are either down due to “technical difficulties,” or the call goes right to voicemail, and they don’t answer e-mails. i tried cancelling my order and no one got back to me so i had to call my credit card company to get the charge reversed. i did some research and found hundred’s of people posting similar complaints. the site is totally a scam!

    • maria

      I wish I knew this earlier. I also ordered from this website this month and got no where. No tracking, no response to emails or down website chats. This was a ridiculous procedure with this website. I’m so aggravated, how else can we spread the word about this bogus website??

    • KELLY

      I too purchased (tried to) from Style Runway – COMPLETE FAKE COMPANY – they gave me a tracking number which does not exist – I have been emailing them constantly about a refund – no refund yet. They now do not do the live chat on their website. COMPLETE FAKES AVOID

  • robojoe

    watch out for also — the site content is identical to STYLE RUNWAY!!!

  • Blue

    I wish I had seen this style runway info. I paid for a bag and it was delivered. However, it’s very obviously a fake. The postage sticker was in Chinese. It was delivered by a generic courier van and there was no addressee or delivery slip on the package. The courier said it had fallen out or some such rubbish. How could they deliver it to me without my name on the package??? Out of pocket $500 – an expensive lesson. :mad:

  • Nicole

    I wanted to also right about Handbag Outpost…this company is a total fraud. They charged my card for the full amount and the bag has never shipped. They NEVER answer their phone or email. Beware….save yourself the hassle and don’t buy from this online FRAUD company.

    • Patricia

      Nicole, have you received your bag or a refund? I am thinking about buying a clutch from handbag outpost butI do know how to do… :???:

      • chris

        everyone that has bought from Handbag Outpost and has been burned please email me I want to put a case against them. They still have my wife’s money.

  • lotus

    Hello everyone,

    I have came across and wanted to purchase a Versace handbag from them. However, I’m quite wary about their genuine business or the authenticity of the products. Any advice?

  • handbag

    ouch, cool forum articles and the like)

  • Wendi

    Has anyone purchased a handbag from Citi Vogue? Are the handbags really authentic?

    • san

      dont buy from citi vogue – completely fake and scam artists.
      i ordered a gucci bag when it arrived it was completely different shape then the one online. very poor quality. emailed them back and they gave me some line about how it costs them more to ship it out to me then it does for me to return it to them. after that it took a month of constant emailing to have a return delivery address. im now into my fifth month of emailing them and have still not received my money back for the bag i ordered.

  • Ande sells fake dags but states they are authentic,if you buy , then you are not able to return it , they start offering you discount if you refuse , disapear
    Baware those scumbags!!!!Chinese pigs!!!

  • Nicholas

    Be ware of ! :evil:

    I’ve ordered a gucci bag for my gf on this website. They took my money $500 and I didn’t recieve anything. So I google “voguelande” on the internet and find out some people have been ripped off by them. I decide to call my credit card issuer, luckily, I get my $ back from my credit card issuer and they also send me a new credit card. If you guys paying by credit card, contact your credit card issuer & report fraud transaction. Good luck.

    • Tanya

      Same thing happened to me. I just called my credit card company to dispute the charge because even though they charged me a month ago I still don’t have a bag. After a couple of days of e-mailing back and forth and their most ridiculous excuses as to why I still don’t have it I have decided to stop that nonsense. Be aware..scam, scam, scam!!!!!!!

  • pretkit

    Euro Bella is awful FAKE!!! :evil:
    I bought their “Gucci” handbag yesterday and now I see that this Euro Bella sells fakes!!!
    Never buy fron Euro bella!!!

    Help me please!!! How to return my money back?

  • Sophilar66

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  • Clarkson

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    • SC


      • Xia

        The yoyobag website now directs you to voguelande. So don’t buy there!

  • Xia

    The website now directs you to So don’t buy there!

  • Epopshoes

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  • Limpan


    I would so love a Alexander Wang Brenda inspired/replicated bag, but are not familiar with any good shops.

    Maybe you know some?


    The Swedish Girl :)

  • Honeyyear8866

    want to buy Longchamp France handbag, how about its Le Pliage series???

  • HandbagsMartStore

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  • John

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  • John

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  • len_Y
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  • Hzieeyong


    I want to buy a replica chanel 2.55 bag for my friend,could anyone recommend a good online shop?
    I bought replica bags with cheap price from before,but i think it is not good quality.

    I found many online shops sale replica bags,for,
    the price of the bag is about 200USD,and they said it is 1:1 replica quality.
    I want to know if anyone used it or not?

    Thanks for the help.

    • Colleen G

      Go check Poshmoda. It’s the most trusted online store I know because I got a Louis mono from them. I was astonished by the look and feel of my bag. My friends got so jelly they purchased a few purse and clutch and we are now saving money for the holidays. we love their bags :)

  • John

    muahah jsut got a discount code for some handbag organiser’s JN10PER. im not sure if it ever expires

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  • Shoppaaholic

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