Time to give away more free stuff!! Two fun bags from La Neige Purse can be yours if you swing by our forum and let us know why you and your daughter or you and your mom should deserve the two bags. Good luck!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Amanda Juarez

    My mom and I deserve these bags because we have the exact same taste. We also love different kinds of purses. We Have a really cool relationship with each other and I think it’s about time for me to do something good for her. Since she does enough for me already. I consider myself a lucky girl to have a mom like her. Thanks a lot!!!
    Amanda Juarez

  • Dawn

    My mom and I deserve these purses because she raised me on her own, put me through college, and still buys her purses in Kmart. She deserves more than that for all that she’s done for me. I’m getting married this year, and i would love to have mom and daughter purses for my bridal shower. She would do anything for me, and I want to be able to do something for her, for an especially happy Mother’s day!

  • elnst2

    My mother and I deserve these purses because we are not mother and daughter, but best friends. She has been by my side through thick or thin. There were many times when I felt as if my world was falling apart, many nights I called her from college crying to quit and come home, and many problems we’ve faced together, and yet not once did she turn on me , but held me and made everything better. We deserve these purses because like the purses, we are like the purses are fun and almost identical. She has taught me alot about life, and now I want to do something in return for her. Winning these purses would make my mother and I very happy, and just another reason to bond us together. She deserves the best, and I want to give her the best, not the cheap purses she buys at wal mart, so that she can afford to buy me the expensive purses I want. Having a brand name purse would make my mom feel like she is on top of the world, and that is where she deserves to be.

  • Naggy

    This sounded like a good contest to get into, but I’ve never been close enough to my mother to participate in such a thing. (ipad)