After hours of counting all the candy we used (literally it took me hours and a stomach ache afterwards) we came up with 32 York Peppermint Pattie’s, 175 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and a whopping 2201 M&M’s. Add these together and our total was 2408! We had one person who was just one under the total (and an unfortunate who was one over!). Ayla is our grand prize winner, who will be receiving the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. Our second place winner, Chessmont, will be receiving a $1000 gift card to Hayden Harnett. And our third place winner is Celia who has won the stunning blue Adriana Castro Crocodile Zippered Wallet sponsored by Lux Couture.

Thank you to everyone who signed up! We will be posting our January giveaway later today. :mrgreen:

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  • CluelessHusband

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    That was fun Megs and Vlad. One question….what happens with all of that delicious chocolate?

  • labag

    I loved the contest but when you said you spent hours counting all the candy I felt like you gave the bags to who you wanted. I mean after all you seem to come up with a number that could easily have been for the one PF ER YOU WANTED TO WIN. SORRY NOT MEANT TO OFFEND- but I thought you had counted the candy when you put in the glasses, and therefore new the amount firsthand-before any voted.
    I love this forum , but just felt the way you got the winner could have been or seem to have been a little devious.
    Baha-I reslly wanted to win- Congrats to those who did. :sad:

    • We counted the candy the day we started the contest. The candy was counted the day after the pictures were taken- the number has been written down for a month now. So it did not change. I *did* eat the candy while putting it into the containers, not while counting.

      I would not ever pick the PFer I wanted to win. As you can see, we have always mailed all goods on time to winners and given to the person who has won. Many have never come back to say thank you and many have.

      Sorry you feel that way, but that is not the case. So no, there was nothing devious about it. Spending our money on a $2350 bag is not easy, so really, I’d love to keep it for myself. But this is going to the lucky winner, who is just that, lucky!

      • labag

        Thanks Megs for setting me straight! I appreciate your response and really thank you for honesty.
        I will continue to play the ‘giveaways’ and hope to win!
        You and Vlad are doing a wonderful job and this blog gives me many hours of enjoyment.
        By the way I had 2008- no were near the winner,
        I would have died for that Chanel-Congrats to the winner!

      • No problem! I just want everyone to realize we would never just pick the winner by who we like. All three winners have very different post counts; with one only having 2 posts. It just is the way the contest falls! Thanks for participating and we hope you continue to participate!

  • pursechazer

    My guess was 1800 i guess i wasn’t too far off :cry:
    Congrats to the lucky ppl who won. :razz:

  • Shannon

    Just out of curiosity, what were the 2nd and 3rd place guesses- I want to see how close I was.

    • 3rd place was 2400… so only off by 8. Second place was 2401. First place was only off by one, guessing 2407.

      Were you close?? :?:

      • Shannon

        Not even, I had 2987.

  • FashionAddicted

    I guessed there were 31 patties, so i was so close!! but in the end my final guess was 1841…lol i wish i wouldve just went a bit higher!

  • eve

    Congrats to all winners! Megs n Vlad can’t wait for another round of this kind of contest. :smile: Megs Vlad what’r ur guys job to be able to support such a lovely first prize gift and buy almost everyday premier designers bags?

    Anyway thanks Megs Vlads and Hayden and Lux Couture for the contest giveaways! Hope more premier designers would participate in the coming contests.

  • tiha

    too bad. i guessed 799. lol. i was so far off. gosh! thanks megs and vlad for everything.

  • pinkbags

    I don’t even remember what my guess was but it’s too bad for the person that was one over!! :sad: so sad…

  • Angie

    I was this|close to upping my guess by 50% — which would have put me at 2,403. But then looking at so many of the previous guesses, I thought I must be on the high side already. Oh well, lesson learned! Now I need to find another count-the-whatevers-in-the-jar-to-win contest!!

  • Sateen Dura-luxe

    Whoa there. The phrases “Peppermint Pattie’s” and “M&M’s” should be punctuated just like the phrase “Reeses Peanut Butter Cups” — withOUT an apostrophe.