Zac Posen Bo Small Shoulder Bag
Zac Posen Bo Small Shoulder Bag

Love his clothing, love many of his bags, but Zac Posen has totally fallen off the wagon with this one. It is an awkward handbag, this Zac Posen Bo Small Shoulder Bag. The Bo part might as well be the name of the cat that it is designed after, because right when I looked at this fug bag I saw an animal’s face. There are whiskers, eyes, a nose, just add the mouth and ears and you are set. Everything about it is off, and the dimensions are huge; 17.5″ (at base)x 9″x 2.5″! That means this will eat up your body and you either get it in the honey/yellow, a-la-Garfield, or the slate/multi. Sometimes is just all wrong. The bag looks off on so many levels. Sure, the materials are great and Zac Posen is an amazing designer, but I am hoping he signed off on this without looking at it, because it is so totally fug to me! Through eLuxury for $1,195.

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  • william

    I could not agree more, this bag is horribly ugly. The solid coloured version is a small step up but still very strange looking.

  • dana

    Sooooo ugly!!!!

  • Kelley

    How very ugly. I don’t know what he might have been thinking with these.

  • CJS

    Posen Bo….Pus In Boot??? :mrgreen:

  • mette

    If a designer doesn´t have an idea for a bag ,why in the world does he have to toss something this ugly to the waiting customers?

  • purseloco

    Good Grief! :roll:

  • shevy

    I wonder if your comment is merely an interesting coincidence – another bag review site said the Bo bag looked like a mouse on Jan 10th…

    I’ve noticed that a lot of the exact same bags get reviewed by the various bag sites within a few days of each other, even when the bags were not just recently released. I think there’s a lot of copying going on…

  • Luella

    Oh~ :O I actually like this bag. I really like it, in fact.
    I’d buy the black version if I could. :)

  • Jordi

    So very wrong, that it’s hilarious.

    So much Wrongness in two purses.

  • Caitlin

    Look, everybody! It’s Suri’s First Handbag!

  • Kathey

    lol the right side one looks like a cute animal. wow.

  • mcguinn

    O.k. So I’m over 1 year late in my reply, but my obsession for this handbag has not diminished!!! I like the multi colored bo-bag, and posess the honey colored bag (aka yellow). It seems as though all the negative comments have driven the poor bag underground and out of sight and I can’t track one down no matter what. Very sad, for me, indeed. And, why did Lodis quit making the small ballet wallet? Do I need a check-up from the neck-up? Why am I attracted to things that repulse others? Where is the bo bag and why did Lodis take away my favorite wallet!???!