Don’t even ask, because I have absolutely ZERO idea what is going on with this bag. Is it a joke? It is for real? Is it for the kid at school that likes hunting? Is it actually intended for a grown-up? I have no idea and for the life of me I can not see why Stella McCartney paired with LeSportsac to create this thing. Actually it has indeed been quite a while since I deemed a handbag a fug bag, and now here I am baffled and confused and checking this one right into the fug category. I typically like the simplicity of many LeSportsac bags, but then we have this rendition of a handbag, the Stella McCartney for LeSportsac Deer Rucksack. The only cool thing about the bag is that it is designed with recycled polyester, from there it goes incredibly downhill. The dimensions are not really large enough for the bag to fit comfortably on a grown body, 8″W x 14″H x 1″D, so maybe the argument is that it is intended for a child? And even then, would you want your kid to be *that kid with the deer backpack*? I am all for kids defining their own style, but sometimes, you have to put your foot down. This bag is just all kinds of wrong. What do you think Stella and LeSportsac were thinking? Am I missing something? Buy through Nordstrom for $85. Hey, at least it is cheap (both in price and looks).

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  • jng2b

    LOL! $85 is not at all cheap for this bag! It should be $6.99 in the discount bin. :shock:

  • this bag is not ok. seriously, sometimes i wonder what was going on during the final “ok to mass produce” discussions.

    • Jaclyn Renee

      WOW- This is out of control, I think there was a serious ACID or ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE break prior to OK-ing this DEER bag? This might prompt Abercrombie to mass produce a MOOSE bag. This could become an epidemic. IT MUST BE STOPPED!

  • Black Beauty

    :mad: Just looking at this thing pisses me off!!! :mad: And the nerve to charge $85 fo this mess!!! :mad:

  • LOL!!!! The first thing I though of when I saw this, was one of those awful, tacky thongs male strippers use… Yuck!!!!!
    It’s just wrong. Wrong.

  • bambi

    is stella mccartney being serious????? this bag should be sofa king binned it’s unreal.

  • Cindy Maher

    Oh deer, er, I mean oh dear…what were they thinking? This is one trophy that needs to be stashed far, far away in that closet that no one ever wants to enter.

  • Bonnie

    All that comes to mind is ‘WTF?!’

  • amanda

    I actually think it’s kind of funny (not cute at all, but amusing). It’s just horribly impractical though. I mean, the shape really isn’t conductive to holding a lot of stuff, which a backpack should. As a student, i can’t really tell what type of person thi9s is for as no one i know could carry about books and pens and whatnot in that. If it was normal backpack shaped with a deer print it MIGHT be better.

  • How is it meant to be used? that’s if it was meant to be used at all. I mean what’s the point of the bag…it’s not even good for show talk more of carrying stuff around. I think with all round gusset, all round zip, pouches and pockets it might be a less annoying.

  • me

    This bag reminds me of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. I honestly cannot think of anyone who would carry this. Even my three-year-old cousin would probably reject it.

  • lyns

    I am peeing myself looking at this bag, only because my bf would love it! He just doesn’t get my bags, the croc, and patents and such, but he’s an avid hunter, so he would love it! I think this bag is great! it’s manly LOL

  • Ellez

    whne i first saw this bag all I could say was HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Dawn

    I can’t believe someone has the nerve to charge $85 for this horrible looking thing. I wouldn’t even take it if they gave it to me for free!

  • Toni

    I’m not a fan of Stella McCartney’s bags. It annoys me that she is considered a “Premier” designer on most sites. uggghhh…

  • V

    Hey, look on the bright side. The best way someone can use this bag is to carry a head of Deer after it’s been freshly hunted. *vomits*

    Really, this bag is pathetic. It wouldn’t be so bad though, if she just took a basic backpack shape and printed the deer design on it. You know what I mean? Then it wouldn’t be so non-functional/versatile. Something like that.

    For shame, though. The only thing you can fit in there is a water bottle. That’s it.

  • I laughed out loud at the picture and all the comments! Maybe Stella McCartney thought it was for a runway show. It’s so hobo but not in a good way.

  • Merve

    I really get mad when i think of all the rubbish thats produced and people are supposed to buy into it because it was designed by someone or other. I mean sorry thats not a bag, thats barely a design. It reminds me of the Koala fuzzy backpacks we used to have as kids but they were actually cute.

  • Corinne

    Oh Stella Stella Stella…. what happened here? :?:

    I’ll be sure to wear my flourescent orange jumpsuit with it in case a hunter mistakes me for Bambi.

  • oh my, that is horrid…i doubt stella had the hunting thing in mind, she is an avid animal rights person and i am sure frowns upon hunting…not sure what she was thinking…

  • Empress

    I thought it was a baby carrier at first. (Sorry, I’m still stunned by the Gucci post I just read.) This bag should not be $85, it should be $8.50. I’m sure LeSportSacsofcrap mislabeled the price tag. It would probably go over well in WI though. I’d buy it for a hunter. He could fit like one beer in it.

    • dyjann

      Yeah, I thought it was a baby carrier too! Yikes! Who would wanna buy that bag anyway? You call that a designer bag? Urgh!

  • Judi

    Here in deer-hunting country where everyone goes a bit crazy in the fall(it is not uncommon to see cars with dried blood running down the sides from carrying home Bambi strapped to the top) wearing something like this on your back would be an invitation to get shot.

    I can see Joe Hunter looking at this and complaining “But it’s not even big enough to hold all my ammunition!”

  • elka

    All you need is a knitted Christmas sweater and youre set…

  • Windy

    In one word – horrible………

  • kinny

    Yuck! This would get a child beaten up or shoved in a locker in grade school. Stoned or pelted in middle school and shunned in high school. College and above? They have no friends…

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  • Marion

    In some places this would get your shot at and that would be in the city.

  • I think, if you turned it upside-down, it would be perfect as a designer jockstrap…

  • Maryann


    I’ve been on this blog before, although it’s been a while. One of the reasons I haven’t been here is, to be perhaps too frank… you’re a snob.

    I know you’re a handbag aficionado, and that’s cool if you’ve got the extra
    “bucks” (sorry, sorry, I know!) to do it, but if you think $85 is cheap… especially for an epic piece of crap made out of freaking polyester… the economy crisis ain’t hittin’ you like it’s hittin’ me.

  • addie

    Is it still called recycling if you take refuse and just make refuse with it??

  • Leah

    isn’t stella supposed to be vegan? what is the message she’s sending with this? there are no words to describe how horrible it is. stella is usually completely lost on me.

  • Kathey

    This bag is for the kid inside but not for everyone.

  • Erin Deshey

    Here’s the funny thing… I live in Idaho, and I’m pretty sure this would be a hit out here in the sticks! Practically everywhere I go I see big trucks and Carhart suspenders!!

  • C

    I am glad I am not alone here… My son just rec’d one of these from my MIL. I have no idea what to do with it. I can’t bear to have my child carry it in public. Oh, and he’s TWO for heaven’s sake. Who gets this for a 2 yo??

  • Handbags

    Thanks for the advice!

  • Anita

    Trying hard to be special. joke?

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